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Universal Studio Florida Harry Potter World

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Restaurants In Diagon Alley

How to Experience The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Diagon Alley consists of the main restaurant, The Leaky Cauldron, and a variety of smaller eateries, and carts.

Offering quick service dining, The Leaky Cauldron offers classic English foods, like Cottage Pie, Fishermans Pie, a full English Breakfast, and more. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there are minimal plant-based dishes here. Check out the Leaky Cauldron Menu.

And if youre looking for a sweet treat then the Florean Fortescues Ice Cream Parlour should be on your list. This restaurant serves up unique ice cream flavors you would expect to find in the world of Harry Potter. Chocolate chili, sticky toffee pudding, and lavender are on the menu. Choose your favorites before you visit on the Florean Fortescues Ice Cream Parlour Menu.

Home to the Gillywater, and four specialty elixirs, this is a stop to make for the true Harry Potter fan. Eternelles Elixir of Refreshment includes Fire Protection Potion, Babbling Beverage, Draught of Peace, and Elixir to Induce Euphoria.

Fishy Green Ale, Wizards Brew, and Dragon Scale can be found at Fountain of Fair Fortune, and you can also grab Butterbeer Ice Cream here if you dont want to wait in line at Florean Fortescues.

The Hopping Pot is found in the Carkitt Market and serves up Pumpkin Juice, Peachtree Fizzing Tea, Otters Fizzy Orange Juice, and more.

Do You Have To Pay Extra For The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

No, the Harry Potter theme park areas are included in your ticket price for whichever Universal Studios park youre visiting . However, to get the full Wizarding World experience, youll need to purchase a Park-to-Park pass that includes same-day admission to both Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida. Thats because the Hogwarts Express ride connects the two parks and can only be accessed by those who have passes to both.

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You should also consider splurging on a Universal Express Pass that will let you skip the long lines at the rides in Harry Potters Wizarding World in order to have the very best experience. And, you may want to consider staying at a Universal Premier hotel in order to take advantage of Universals Early Park Admission perk. Because the only thing more magical than the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is having the whole theme park practically to yourself.

Knockturn Alley At Diagon Alley

If youre not looking for it, you will not find it. Knockturn Alley is the famous alley dedicated to all things dark arts. On your visit to the Diagon Alley, look for the small sign that guides you there.

Once you find the sign, pass along the dark and winding corridor to reach the place where you can use your interactive want you bought from the Ollivanders. Youll also find Borgin and Burkes gift shop here. This shop is filled with quirky dark arts gifts, skulls, souvenirs, and t-shirts.

Do you need a park-to-park ticket for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

You need a park-to-park ticket if you wish to experience Hogwarts Express and visit both parks in a single day. However, if youre visiting each park on different days, you dont need a park-to-park ticket.

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Diagon Alley Spell Locations For Your Interactive Wand

Where can you use your Interactive Wand in Diagon Alley? There are 16 spell locations, and 2 secret spell locations in Diagon Alley. In order to uncover the magical happenings in Diagon Alley, you will need an interactive wand, for purchase at Ollivanders, and time. Once youre ready simply stand near the spell maker on the ground and point in the direction of the markers tip.

  • Tarantallegra: Pilliwinkles Playthings Window
  • Metelojinx- Horizont Alley Restrooms Umbrella
  • Silencio- The Magical Menagerie Birdcage
  • Dark Detectors- Wiseacres Window, facing Gringotts
  • Specialis Revelio- Wiseacres Window, near the front door
  • Wingardium Leviosa- Scribbulus Window, with the feather quill
  • Reparo- Brown E. Wrights Blacksmith Shop, suit of armor
  • Locomotor Bellows- Brown E. Wrights Blacksmith Shop, pump
  • Aguamenti- Carkitt Market, near the Mermaid Fountain
  • Descendo- Weasleys Wizard Wheezes, shop window
  • Slug and Jiggers Apothecary- window, secret spell, ask a witch or wizard for help
  • Scribbulus- far right of the shop window, secret spell, ask a witch or wizard for help
  • Locomotor Chimney Sweep- Chimney Sweep Elf Sign, Knockturn Alley
  • Moving Skeleton- Window across from Borgin and Burkes, Knockturn Alley
  • Mimblewimble- Dystyl Phaelanges, in the window of the shrunken heads
  • Incendio- Birdcage around the corner from Borgin and Burkes
  • Alohamora- Courtyard around Borgin and Burkes

Which Park Has The Most Harry Potter Rides

The Dos and Don

Another popular question we receive is, which park has the most Harry Potter rides? And, Islands of Adventure in Universal Orlando has the most Harry Potter rides with it being home to four rides. These four rides are Flight of the Hippogriff, The Hogwarts Express, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, and Hagrids Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. Its also important to note that technically both Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida share the Hogwarts Express.

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Phase : Universal Studios Florida

The opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter saw attendance at Islands of Adventure rise by as much as 36% in 2010. According to Jason Garcia of the Orlando Sentinel, this saw resort executives pondering “when to expand Wizarding World and how to keep business balanced between Islands and Universal Studios Florida”. In April 2011, Brady MacDonald of the Los Angeles Times speculated that an expansion of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter would see attractions such as Diagon Alley and a Gringotts-themed dark ride replace Islands of Adventure’s Lost Continent themed area.

On December 6, 2011, Universal Parks & Resorts announced that they would be expanding The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The expansion was described as “significant” by officials however, no further details were released at the time. The announcement came just four days after Universal Studios Florida announced that they would be closing their Jaws ride on January 2, 2012. On January 25, 2012, the Los Angeles Times stated that Universal Studios Florida’s Jaws ride would be the site of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion. The aforementioned attractions would be complemented by a replica of the Hogwarts Express to transit guests between the two parks.

The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Schedule

Universal Studios Florida and Universal Islands of Adventure are open 365 days a year. Opening hours usually start at 9:00 am and closing times vary. Arrive early and try to be the first person. If they open at 9 am, wait in line at 8:30 a.m. Make sure that your admission ticket is ready beforehand. You do not need to book a Universal hotel, but youll want to apply for the Universal Studios packages, which include accommodations in Orlando hotels, and vacation homes rentals.

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Escape From Gringotts At Diagon Alley

All hell breaks loose when the dark lord appears with his loyal follower.

Experience the thrill and terror in this indoor simulator rollercoaster ride as you twist your way around, trying to escape from Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange in the vaults of Gringotts Bank. This ride is one of our favorites and brings the much-needed thrill you might need after your butterbeer break!

Visiting The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter For The First Time

FULL TOUR of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter | Universal Studios Orlando

Hopefully, this guide has helped you get a handle on ALL THE THINGS you can do, see and eat at the Universal Orlando Wizarding World of Harry Potter. From Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley to the Hogwarts Express, there is so much to do. We hope you take some time to take in the magic and love it as much as we do!

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Take The Hogwarts Express Between Parks

If you’re going to Universal Orlando mostly for the Harry Potter parks, you want to make sure to get a park-hopper ticket so you can visit both parks in one day. Then you can take the Hogwarts Express between Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade!

Get on at Kings Cross Station in Universal Studios, and get off at Hogsmeade Station in Islands of Adventure.

It’s a fun way to travel, and actually can save you some time walking between parks .

The ride itself is fun, too, but I won’t give away why you’ll have to ride it yourself to see!

Harry Potter Rides Universal Orlando 2022 Ranked

In this next section, we will be ranking Harry Potter rides at Universal. When we typically talk about the best rides in Universal, we rank them by assessing the storyline/theme, queue and overall experience that guests have while enjoying these attractions. So without further delay, here are the best Universal Studios Harry Potter Rides ranked!

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What If I Cant Get Early Park Admission

Guests without Early Park Admission can still get some advantage over everyone else, if theyre willing to get to the front gates just as early. If early admission is at Universal Studios Florida, team members will usually though not always start processing visitors through the turnstiles during the EPA period and allow them to queue in the front of the park, typically by Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. This enables two time-saving strategies: if Despicable Me Minion Mayhem is operational that morning, guests can actually ride it right away, before the park officially opens and then, afterwards, they can start lining up for Rip Ride Rockit, Shrek 4D, or Transformers: The Ride 3D. Considering how long Minion Mayhems line can grow as the day goes on, this can really save you a good chunk of time.

For more tips and strategies for visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, we recommend that you read through our page on making your trip to the Wizarding World a success.

Diagon Alley Touring Tips

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Diagon Alley at Universal Studios ...

Diagon Alley is still the queen of the hop in the theme park world more than two years after its debut. Because of the crowds, experiencing Diagon Alley without interminable waits is a challengeif you visited The Wizarding World of Harry PotterHogsmeade during its first three years at IOA, you know of which we speak. Hogsmeade opened with three rides and Ollivanders now it has four rides plus the wand shop. Diagon Alley has another upsized Ollivanders and only two rides, one of which, Hogwarts Express, it shares with Hogsmeade in IOA. Because only half of each days total train passengers can board at the Studios station, Diagon Alley in essence has only one-and-a-half rides, plus Ollivanders and the various shops, to entertain the expected masses.

In other words, it’s crazy, y’all.

When early park admission is offered USF admits eligible on-site resort guests one hour before the general public, with the turnstiles opening up to 90 minutes before the official opening time. Early entry is a tremendous perk if youre staying on-property, but youll still be competing with thousands of other resort guests, so arrive at least 30 minutes before early entry starts during peak season, showing up on the very first boat or bus from your hotel is recommended. If youre a day guest visiting on an early park admission day, Diagon Alley will already be packed when you arrive.

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Can I Use Early Park Admission On My Check

If you are eligible for Early Park Admission through your hotel, you can use it each day you are checked in to the venue, including your check-in and check-out days. If you book one night at, say, Cabana Bay Beach Resort, you will get the benefit of two days with early entry: both the morning you check in and the morning you check out. We have helped many guests book one night at a resort even an economy partner hotel just for the two days worth of EPA to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Volcano Bay.

Butterbeer: Offered In A Few Varieties

  • Cold Butterbeer
  • Diagon Alley: Leaky Cauldron, The Hopping Pot
  • Hogsmeade: Three Broomsticks, Hogs Head, Butterbeer Street Carts
  • Frozen Butterbeer
  • Diagon Alley: Leaky Cauldron, The Hopping Pot
  • Hogsmeade: Three Broomsticks, Hogs Head, Butterbeer Street Carts
    • Hogsmeade: The Three Broomsticks and Hogs Head

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    Final Words On Harry Potter Universal Studios Florida

    Potterheads around the world wait for the day they can make the pilgrimage to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. If youre one of those lucky ones whose time has come, you dont need to waste any more time planning the perfect trip. Especially if you have limited days, you can simply use this guide to enjoy the best experiences the Wizarding World has to offer.

    And theres another thing that can make your day, and that is a discount. Head to the Orlandovacation to find Universal Studios discounts on everything from the tickets to the vacation packages and rentals!

    Arrive Early To Have The Best Experience With The Interactive Wand Spots

    EVERY RIDE at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter | Universal Studios Orlando

    Once you have your interactive wand from Ollivanders or Gregorovitch, open the box and youll find a map inside. The map marks the magical wand spots in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade where you can test your wizardry. Each spot is marked by a golden medallion on the ground that shows which direction to move your wand and what spell to recite.

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    There are also hidden wand spots you wont see on the map. To find them, ask a witch or wizard working in the area if they can point you in the right direction . Team Members can also give you a few pointers if youre having trouble casting spells. If even that doesnt work, your wand may be faulty and you can get a free repair at Ollivanders.

    What you really need to know about the interactive wands and wand spots, though, is that they quickly become crowded and overwhelming on a busy day . If casting spells is tops on your kids list of activities , make it a priority to arrive early to the Harry Potter lands and get your spellcasting in before the crowds really fill in . Nothing will make your magical experience feel less magical than waiting in line to cast a spell, and unlike the Harry Potter rides, there are no Express Passes for the wand spots.

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    What Are The 3 Harry Potter Rides At Universal Islands Of Adventure

    Another common question we receive is, what are the 3 Harry Potter rides at Universal Islands of Adventure? The 3 Islands of Adventure Harry Potter rides are Hagrids Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, Flight of the Hippogriff, and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Its also important to note that Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida share a ride in the Hogwarts Express.

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    Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Tips For Hogsmeade

    After visiting both parks, I have to say that Im still a little partial to the first Wizarding World location Hogsmeade. Maybe this park has had time to mature, or maybe its something else, but here are my tips and secrets for Hogsmeade.

    Ride Hagrids Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. I do not give the following praise lightly. This is hands down, the BEST roller coaster Ive ridden. EVER. Stay on property. Get up early. Be one of the first at the turnstiles. Then head with as much speed as safely possible to this ride as soon as the park opens, because you want to experience this and wait times can be two hours plus, pretty much all day long, and as of this writing, you cant use an Express Pass for this ride.

    Why is Hagrids so good? You are either on Hagrids motorcycle or in the sidecar on a three-minute ride through the Forbidden Forest. Its a real roller coaster, not the simulator rollercoaster like the Forbidden Journey or Gringotts. Its super smooth and has moments of instant acceleration similar to Rockin Roller Coaster or Slinky Dog at Disney. There are twists, but the thrill isnt in going upside down and corkscrews. You go forwards. Backward. And one move that was totally unexpected!

    We rushed through the first time, did the ride and then went around again much slower. The attraction itself is pretty intense and a combination of simulator and ride. If you have it, use your Express Pass once youve seen the queue.

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    Early Park Admission To The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

    Typically, Early Park Admission will allow guests into either The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure or The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley in Universal Studios Florida. To find out if you will have EPA at Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade during your visit, click on the relevant dates in our crowd calendar.

    How Many Days Do You Need To Plan At Harry Potter World

    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando The Wizarding World of ...

    Another popular question we receive, is how many days should I plan at Harry Potter World? And as you can imagine there are so many amazing things to do in each section, you should give yourself at least two days to experience everything the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has to offer. Thats not saying that you cant see a ton of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in one day, however we find the best way to see Harry Potter in Universal Studios is to not feel rushed. As even guests who purchase the Universal park-to-park ticket to ride the Hogwarts Express will want to ride the train twice as the attraction is different going both ways.

    Two days at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will also allow families to enjoy some of the other experiences such as the Harry Potter interactive wands and also all of the fun themed shops. Taking your time will allow your family to take everything in and bring the magic of Wizarding World of Harry Potter home.

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