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Harry Potter Bath Bomb Set

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Glow Bath Bomb With Hagrid Approved Surprise

Mystery Harry Potter Surprise Bath Bomb Challenge / AllAroundAudrey

This is such a fun bath bomb! Not only does it LUMOS , it also has a very spooky, Hagrid approved surprise inside, a baby Spider! In the Chamber of Secrets Hagrid revealed that he has a pet living in the forest named Aragog, a rare giant spider known as an Acromantula. Now we couldnt fit a giant spider in here, but perhaps one of Aragogs offspring is hiding inside waiting to erupt from the bath bomb!

Imperial Candles Bath Bomb Harry Potter 925 Charm

After a busy day at the office or running errands, you may want to spoil yourself with a relaxing bath. The imperial candles bath bombs are perfect for anyone who wants a magical bathing experience. The portion of this bath bomb contains green tea, juicy raspberries, and mint to bring your tired body back to life. The imperial candle bath bomb dissolves to reveal an exquisite silver-plated charm inspired by Harry Potter. This fantastic effect of the bath bomb Is ideal for both adults and children. The product has a warning for allergies and skin irritation.

Sorting Hat Harry Potter Bath Bomb Gift Set

When you want to offer a unique gift to your loved ones, look for further. This particular set is a perfect gift for both children and adults. This gift set contains bath bombs that are made with vegan-friendly ingredients. This gift set is beautifully presented with delicious smells of bath bombs made of high-quality materials.

The products packaging will help you play your role in saving the planet since its friendly to the environment. Despite the product being made with high-quality ingredients, it is crucial to do a patch test, especially for sensitive skins.

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Boots Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Collection

The Boots Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Collection is £42, however its currently on a special offer of £21. Its not known when or if itll go back to full size, but for £21, its an absolute steal.

Show your school pride with the HARRY POTTER HOGWARTS CASTLE COLLECTION. inside you will discover the HARRY POTTER GOLDEN SNITCH Highlighter Palette featuring four beautiful shimmering highlighting shades and two of the HARRY POTTER Cosmetic Brushes to use with it. Drop the HARRY POTTER GOLDEN SNITCH into your bath to immerse yourself in a fizzing bath experience, fragranced with notes of lemon, melon and sandalwood.

To enhance your bathing experience you can light your HARRY POTTER HOGWARTS candle and the velvet HOGWARTS Eye Mask and Scrunchie are the perfect accessories.

Keep your treasures safe inside the shimmering HARRY POTTER HOGWARTS CASTLE COLLECTION Tin.

The Boots Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Collection is amazingly presented, and comes with a large metal castle tin. Its a really big tin , with a roof which slides off the top, and the entire castle has a holographic finish to it.

I honestly didnt expect the Boots Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Collection to be so well made, and luxe. It would be the perfect storage tin for bath bombs or bath fizzers, as the lid closes so securely.

So what is included within the Boots Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Collection?

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Bath Fizzer 240g

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Glow Face Palette 4 x 3.5g

Harry Potter Bath Bomb Christmas Stocking Filler Gift Birthday Novelty

Bath bomb_harry potter _ bath gift set _ Bombs _ fun bath _

Looking for a memorable gift for your loved ones who love scents they can easily relate with. This is a Harry Potter-inspired bath bomb with aromas of fruit salad sweets. This product is ideal for children above the age of three. You need to place the product into a bathtub of warm water and wait for it to dissolve. Ingredients such as citric acid, kernel oil, mica are used to make the product. Be sure to check for ingredients that your childs skin reacts to or makes them sensitive. It should be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, not one that will cause itching and possibly medication.

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Patronus Hidden Charm Inside Harry Potter Inspired Bath Bomb

Popping this bath bomb in your bath tube will reveal your Patronus. The huge Charm bath bomb is almost the size of a tennis ball. It is scented with the unique fragrance of Unicorn Poop that has amazing smells compared to delicious treats such as strawberry, ripe raspberry, cotton candy, and sweet peach. All the beauty of this particular bath bomb is concealed inside a charm that is selected randomly. Different charms may be used, including peacocks, dogs, deer, horses, and tigers, among others. This bathy bomb contains essential ingredients such as detoxifying activated charcoal, skin-safe mica, and non-staining skin-safe mica.

Sorting Hat Bath Bomb Harry Potter Inspired Butterbeer Scented

This fantastic hot bath will sort you to any of the four houses. The Sorting Hat Bath Bomb has a pleasant butter beer smell. The Hat bath bomb will reveal its contents and sort you into one of the houses, creating great suspense for people looking forward to enhancing their bath time. Sorting Hat Bath bomb fizzles, releasing its beautiful contents that include butter, oils, and unique scents. The bath bomb is hand-painted with a combination of Dutch cocoa powder and skin-safe gold glittering mica.

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Bath Bombs With Harry Potter Toys


6 Bath Bombs Kids Set with a Harr Pttr Toys inside each bath bomb


  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: You are covered by our ironclad Money Back Guarantee! If for any reason you are not absolutely thrilled with our amazing product we will refund every penny or resend to you new Bath Bombs Set for free!
  • ABSOLUTELY SAFE BATH BOMBS made of organic ingredients including natural essential oils, our bath bombs do not cause an allergic reaction and are totally harmless for kid`s health may the fun during bathing be safe!
  • FIZZY EXPLOSION OF COLOR AND SMELL each bomb reveals bubbly foam, makes the water bright and colorful, fills the room with a delicious aroma and
  • PERFECT GIFT SET this kit of colorful and diverse in smell bath bombs will be a great gift for your kids they will adore bathing with our bombs!
  • MADE WITH LOVE IN USA our Relaxcation organic bath bombs were handmade especially for kids of age 3+. Money-back guarantee.

Take A First Look At The New Harry Potter X Ulta Beauty Collection

Making Harry Potter Inspired Cauldron Bath Bombs

Update : Please be aware that some of the Ulta products are currently sold out online.

While well never be a Metamorphmagus, this brilliant new collection, created by Ulta Beauty, invites you to magically transform yourself with Wizarding World themed cosmetics, nail and skincare products, along with bath and body accessories.

Inspired by the stories of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World, the collection features everything from bath bombs, body lotions and beauty masks, with some magical surprises woven in.

The collection caught the imagination of Harry Potter and beauty fans alike, calling it ‘every Harry Potter fans’ dream’, with others saying, ‘the line truly has it all’. dubbed it ‘more exciting than a trip to Hogsmeade!’, while praised the collection for its ‘ultimate nostalgia’ feel, promising the range would ‘add a little Lumos to your life’.

Heres a first glance at the whole Harry Potter x Ulta Beauty collection, available from their official website now for US-based fans.

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Where Can I Buy Harry Potter Inspired Gift Ravenclaw House Gift Set Hogwarts Wizard Handmade Bath Bomb Candle Handmade Soap Free Spirit Bath And Body Online At The Best Price In The India

desertcart is the best online shopping platform where you can buy Harry Potter Inspired Gift Ravenclaw House Gift Set Hogwarts Wizard Handmade Bath Bomb Candle Handmade Soap Free Spirit Bath And Body from renowned brand. desertcart delivers the most unique and largest selection of products from across the world especially from the US, UK and India at best prices and the fastest delivery time.

Homemade Bath Bombs For Kids Budget Friendly And Educational

My kids LOVE their bath bombs, the fizzy, bubbly, fragrant additions to their bath always brings a smile to their faces. But if you have ever purchased bath bombs you know they are super expensive. This recipe calls for some ingredients you may not have readily on hand, but I highly recommend ordering or finding them. If you start making bath bombs at home it will save you a lot of money and give you a chance to explore the chemistry behind why bath bombs fizz. And if your kids are like mine, they are always asking why? To help answer all their questions, Ive included some of the science behind the magic of our Harry Potter Bath Bomb at the bottom of this article.

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Harry Potter Bath Bomb Christmas Stocking Filler Gift

This is a perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones. The Harry Potter Bath bomb Christmas stocking filler gift is ideal for your loved one as it is made with high-quality materials. The recipient will appreciate the thoughtful gesture of wanting them to experience the great bathing experience while soaking in the bathtub. Soaking in the bathtub with this bath bomb can be refreshing and also leave the skin feeling good.

Troubleshooting Diy Harry Potter Bath Bombs

Bath bomb_harry potter _ bath gift set _ Bombs _ fun bath _


If you live somewhere with high humidity or it is a rainy day, the bath bombs will take moisture from the air and could start reacting. This could result in frizzing or puffing up. Reduce the amount of liquid used in the making of the bath bombs and, if at all possible, chose a drier day to make them. Once made, ensure you store your bath bombs in an airtight container or wrap in plastic.


On the other hand, if your bath bombs are too crumbly and not holding their shape, you will need to add a little bit more water. Also, make sure when you are packing the molds that there are no air pockets. You want to pack them tightly so it sets into a nice, hard, solid ball.

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Xl Harrypotter Platform 9 Butterbeer Scented Geeky Geek Wizard Bath Bomb

These premium geek-themed bath bombs are made of the highest quality. This bath bomb by Poplustrous is inspired by Harry Potter and has a butterbeer scent. Butterbeer is a combination of caramel, vanilla, wheat, and milk fragrance. The Epsom salt, which is one of its ingredients, offers various benefits to your body that include relieving stress, improving sleep, and working wonders on your muscles. This bath bomb contains organic coconut oil that helps ins hydrating the skin.

Geek Gear Harry Potter Butterscotch Bath Bomb

Consider buying the bath bomb that enhances your bath time. This is a sizable ball-like bath bomb pink in color. It contains a butterscotch scent that fills the house with this lovely smell. It has essential ingredients such as citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. The ball fizzles once its immersed in water to reveal its contents and this pleasant smell for anyone looking forward to that amazing bath experience.

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Harry Potter Golden Snitch Bath Bomb Mystery Surprise Inside

Any quidditch lover will love this Golden Snitch. Do you love surprises? The Golden snitch is ideal for anyone looking forward to new surprises. Every golden snitch has unique contents inside. You are going to love the details of this particular bath bomb which lasts up to 15 minutes. Each bath bomb is soft to the skin, and you are going to love the experience. Every bath bomb has a surprise inside. This bath bomb will not stain your bathtub.

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Disabled or chronically sick people can claim VAT relief on purchases for personal or domestic use that are applicable to their disability or sickness.

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Harry Potter Cauldron Bath Bomb

If you want to enjoy a scented handmade bath bomb, this is the perfect one to get. The Cauldron contains five-ounce, and each one has a hidden house color underneath. The five ounces in each package are scented randomly, allowing you to enjoy different scents from a single purchase. This is ideal for anyone who wants to explore and test a variety of scents. The Cauldron contains essential components such as Epsom salts, mica powder, corn starch, among others.

Harry Potter Hedwig 3d Bath Bomb

When looking for the right gift for any Harry Potter lover, The Hedwig 3D Bath Bomb may be the best product to consider. This bath bomb contains an adorable Hedwig snow owl keychain inside. Once it hits the water, its contents spread out, changing the color of the water. It contains essential oils that help in skin nourishment. Your loved one will feel loved after experiencing the great relaxing feeling once they use the product.

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Harry Potter Body Lotion

Again, themed around the Hogwarts houses, these body lotions are individually flavoured to match your house traits. Gryffindors lotion is flavoured with the bold scent of blackberries, Slytherins lotion smells like soothing rain drops, Hufflepuffs scent has floral notes, and Ravenclaws is flavoured with cucumbers.

Cauldron Bath Bomb With House Reveal

Harry potter dragon egg bath bomb set in Market Lavington for £33.74 ...

Not sure which Hogwarts House you belong to? No problem! These Cauldron Bath Bombs include a house reveal and are so easy to make. Young witches and wizards will love brewing up this simple recipe that comes packed in a cute little cauldron so you can take your bath bomb and go! Perfect for a Harry Potter bath bomb making party or as a gift for your favourite Potterites.

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Harry Potter House Sorting Bath Bombs

Buying bath bombs that bring a magical effect to your bathroom can be so refreshing. If you want to experience the world of magic, consider purchasing the Harry potter house sorting bath bombs. There are perfectly made homemade creations with amazing smells that you will love. This bath bomb is made with fragrance oil, coconut oil, water-soluble dye, and glitters. Other materials used to make the bath bomb include citric acid and baking soda.

Golden Snitch Bath Bomb

Quidditch is the sport of witches and wizards which has them racing through the air on broomsticks. The most important part of a Quidditch game is the Golden Snitch. It is the Seekers job to catch the snitch which gives there team 150 points and ends the game, often with that team winning. Harry Potter ends up landing the coveted role of Seeker on Gryffindors team and helps lead them to victory many times. Enjoy your own special snitch with this gorgeous Golden Snitch bath bomb recipe.

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Hogwarts House Themed Eye Shadow Palettes

Next up, these eye shadow palettes, with different wizarding world colour schemes. After all, why have boring old brown eye shadow when you can now have Chocolate Frog brown matte?

Each set is once again coloured around your Hogwarts house, with Gryffindor championing strong autumnal shades, Hufflepuffs boasting golds and rust-coloured tones, Ravenclaws shimmering with baby blues and silver glitter, and Slytherins celebrating shades of sage greens and silver shimmer.

For those who arent so sure where they belong, you could always get all four palettes, boxed up in this special vault.

Hogwarts House Bath Bomb

Harry Potter House Reveal Bath Bombs

Which house are you fated for? These magical Hogwarts House Bath Bombs are white on the outside and filled with color on the inside. Red for Gryffindor, Blue for Ravenclaw, Yellow for Hufflepuff and Green for Slytherin.

  • A magical gift for Harry Potter fans
  • Handmade 6 ounce bath bomb
  • Available in Dragons Blood or Phoenix Tears fragrance
  • Dragon’s Blood – Rich Amber scent with a Vanilla undertone
  • Phoenix Tears- Crackling firewood, Raspberry, and Vanilla

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Quidditch Golden Snitch Bath Bomb

The iconic Hogwarts game of Quidditch inspired this Golden Snitch bath bomb covered in gold cosmetic mica powder. To make it you will lightly spray your bath bomb with isopropyl alcohol and roll it in gold glitter. This will create a sparkly golden snitch ball that will turn your bath water into shimmery gold.

Golden Egg Bath Bomb Recipe

In the Triwizard Tournament, one of the most iconic items was the Golden Dragon Egg that Harry had to rescue from a Hungarian Horntail dragon, then figure out the puzzle. Just like in the story, these Golden Dragon Egg bath bombs share their magic underwater! But no singing this time, just a wonderful, golden fizzy bath with a wonderful bubble bath follow up. I love this bath bomb recipe so much!

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The Science Behind The Fizzy Magic In A Harry Potter Bath Bomb

In our previous bath bomb making activities the kids learned about the chemical reaction that takes place to cause the fizz. The reaction between an acid and a base is facilitated by the addition of water. Carbon Dioxide is released in gaseous form, creating the loveable and enjoyable fizzy, bubbly bath bomb. In this bath bomb recipe the chemical reaction is between citric acid and cream of tartar and baking soda .

If you compare our previous recipes to this one, the big difference is the addition of Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate . SLSA is a surfactant that helps create a LOT of extra bubbles when used in bath bombs. In a side by side comparison between our recipes using SLSA and those without, the ones with SLSA have way more bubbles. This results in a bath bomb fizzy fun to kick off your bath but then a wonderful, fragrant, bubble bath after. Another big benefit of using SLSA is that it helps trap the fragrance of the essential oils, helping the wonderful aromas last longer. So although it doesnt play a role in the chemical reaction, it does make a big difference in the bath time experience.

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