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Who Is My Harry Potter Best Friend

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Quiz: Who Would Be Your Best Friend At Hogwarts

Harry Potter quiz | Your Best Friend at Hogwarts
  • Who do you want to be your friend?
  • A.& nbsp
  • What two words decribe you?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Smart… I got nothing else

  • J.& nbsp
  • What animal is your favorite?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Do you mind falling in love with a friend?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Uh, I guess not.Boys only answer

  • G.& nbsp
  • NOOO! I’m OPEN!!!!Girls only answer

  • I.& nbsp
  • Bring em here!Girls only answer

  • L.& nbsp
  • Um… Depends, if they’ll eat my head off.

  • N.& nbsp
  • No, no, I don’t mind.Boys only answer

  • P.& nbsp

    Uh, I guess not. No I don’t, bring em ‘ere.Girls only anwer

  • 5. Who do you want as your best friend?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Who do you don’t want to be your friend?
  • A.& nbsp
  • What do you think about this quiz?
  • A.& nbsp
  • I like it, but let’s end it. Show the results, already!

  • C.& nbsp
  • I said, end it here!

    • Sample QuestionA first year from your house is being bullied. What do you do?Leave it, it’s not your problemYell at the bullies to stopButt in and hex all the bullies
    • Sample QuestionYou enter a magical garden. What do you look at first?A silver tree with golden applesStatue with a twinkling eyeLuminous Pool with something in its depths
    • Sample QuestionLet’s start off with an obvious one: What is the most important quality you look for in a romantic partner?Intelligence

    Have You Ever Wondered Who Youd Be Best Friends With If You Went To Hogwarts Well Now You Can Find Out

    Everyone has wanted to go to Hogwarts at some point in their lives, but have you ever thought about which Harry Potter character you would hang out with while there?

    Take our quiz down below to find out which Harry Potter student would be your best friend.

    Let us know in the comments who your Hogwarts BFF would be!

    The Beauty And The Beast Actor Formed A Close Bond With Her Driver Nigel

    Yes, I love Nigel! Watson shared when asked about her driver. You know, he drove me to that first audition, and hes been driving me ever since. Hes like my best friendhe knows everything about my life. If you have to sit in the car with someone for two hours a day, you had better like him! I get very jealous when he drives someone else.

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    If You Are Resilient And Able To Pick Yourself Back Up When Things Are Tough Then Youd Be Best Friends With Harry

    In this image:

    Harry Potter is someone who has faced more than his fair share of obstacles and tragedy. The death of his parents, being brought up by the Dursleys, bearing the weight of being the chosen one and fighting Voldemort are just some of the things he has had to handle. All of that is enough to make anyone want to run away and hide. But not Harry. Every time he has been knocked down, he has got back up and fought even harder and helped to make the wizarding world a better place.

    If you are someone who is determined to keep moving forward when things are tough, then we think Harry would be a fantastic friend for you. It takes a lot of strength to face hard situations or the unknown, but we can just imagine the two of you supporting and encouraging each other to be able to face anything that is thrown at you and were sure youd do it brilliantly.

    If You Just Like To Have A Laugh And Worry About The Bigger Life Moments Later Then Youd Be Best Friends With Ron

    Who is your Harry Potter best friend?

    Are you somebody that is able to find light and laughter in any situation? Are you able to focus on the here and now rather than worrying about what may or may not happen in the future? Then Ron Weasley is the friend for you.

    Ron is a character that often brings welcome relief. His colourful language and witty one-liners could make anyone smile. Even after the Battle of Hogwarts, in which he lost Fred, he still managed to find a light moment. Who can forget his droll response to Peeves little ditty?

    Though he would have been feeling awful and grieving, Ron still found a tiny moment of humour to help slightly lift the mood. If youre someone who also knows how to walk that fine line, then we imagine you two would get on like a house on fire.

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    Which Harry Potter Character Would Be Your Best Friend

    In the Magical world of Harry Potter, there are loads of characters. There are dark wizards and witches like Bellatrix Lestrange, Lord Voldemort, and Draco Malfoy. There are also brave ones like Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Harry Potter. There must be at least one character that you would be best friends with.

    If you went to Hogwarts, who would be your best friend? Would it be the brave and famous Harry Potter, the wise Hermione Granger, the troublesome pranksters, Fred & George Weasley, the evil, sly, racist, prejudice, but hot Draco Malfoy, the popular Cho Chang, or the noble and kind Cedric Diggory? Take this quiz to find out!

    Watson Eventually Bought Herself A Car

    Of course, Watson eventually got her license in 2008, when Watson was filming the sixth Harry Potter movie. To celebrate her achievement, Watson chose to buy herself a car. Given how much money shed earned by that point, she could have easily brought herself a luxury vehicle. However, Watson opted for something that was far more modest and purchased a Toyota Prius.

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    Best Harry Potter Time Travel Fanfiction

    Best Harry Potter Time Travel Fanfiction is a fanfiction that I wrote for my friend, Harry Potter, who is best known for his role in J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter series. The fanfiction was inspired by my love of Harry Potter and the movie franchise as well as the Harry Potter books themselves.

    Ive been meaning to write a Harry Potter fanfiction since I first heard the news of the film, but sadly the books didnt have a fanfiction that I could read. I suppose I could have written something in my head about how the movies are a great story and how the books are better than the movies, but that would be like comparing apples and oranges.

    My love for the Harry Potter series is well documented. As a young adult Ive devoured all four books series, some of their movies, and even the fanfiction itself. The Harry Potter series is well over 70% pure fantasy. Its not like the movies or the books are realistic depictions of real life. I know that the books are written by J.K. Rowling, but Im not sure that she actually wrote them to be realistic.

    The books and movies dont even touch on the very real issue of time travel. Sure, the Harry Potter books are based on real events , but they were written in the 1980s. Theyre not as richly detailed as the earlier series, but still very real. Harrys father died in the first book, his mother died in the second book, and Harry was born in the third book.

    If You Are Intelligent Driven And Determined To Always Do Your Best Then Youd Be Best Friends With Hermione

    Taking the Who’s Your Harry Potter Bestfriend Quiz (FIRST VIDEO!)

    In this image:

    Hermione Granger is certainly intelligent, but she doesnt take it for granted and never rests on her laurels. She always worked hard to be the very best that she could be. Her drive was unapparelled who else could have pretty much memorised all of their textbooks before they even started at Hogwarts?

    She also encouraged those around her to do their best too . From drawing up revision timetables, to checking Harry and Rons homework, there is no doubt that she helped them to become better wizards. With her ability and determination, its really no surprise that she eventually ended up as Minister for Magic.

    So, if youre someone who doesnt settle for mediocrity and is always striving to learn and do more, then Hermione would be your best friend. We reckon we would find the pair of you holed up in the library, discussing ideas and challenging each other to always be at the top of your game.

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    Emma Watson Considered The Harry Potter Cast And Crew Family

    Though Watson got to work with a number of actors on Harry Potter, most of her scenes were with Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint. Of course, Radcliffe and Grint played Harry Potter and Ron Weasley in the films. While the three actors got on very well, Watson viewed them more like brothers than friends. This is why she found it so challenging when she had to kiss both of them in the final two films.

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    Watson has even admitted that she didnt spend too much time with Grint and Radcliffe when they werent on set. According to The Perks of Being a Wallflower actor, she made it a point to have other friends. One of Watsons other friends was actually her long-time driver, Nigel. In a conversation with Interview Magazine, Watson shared that she had the same driver throughout her entire Harry Potter tenure. Because of this, Nigel got to know Watson pretty well. In fact, the actor even joked about being possessive over him.

    What Is The Scariest Harry Potter

    Which Harry Potter Movies Are The Scariest?Every Film, Ranked

  • 1 Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1.
  • 2 Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban.
  • 3 Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets.
  • 4 Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire.
  • 5 Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince.
  • 6 Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.
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    Fred And George Weasley

    Harry had a great friendship with Fred and George Weasley, and they were basically the older brothers he never had. They gave him guidance , and gifted him the Marauder’s Map. Harry gave them his Triwizard winnings without a second thought, and they always remembered and appreciated how he supported them.

    Who Would Be Your Harry Potter Best Friend

    Harry &  Hermione

    Have you ever wondered, who would be your Harry Potter best friend? If so, you have come to the right place. Answer the questions about yourself on our quiz and we will pair you up with your Hogwarts BFF. Possible results include Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Luna Lovegood, and more. The goal is to match you with who we think your personality would gel with the most.

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    Who Would Be Your Hogwarts Best Friend Harry Ron Or Hermione

    Harry, Ron and Hermione all complement each other perfectly. While the trio may fit together like puzzle pieces, that is not say they dont have their own distinct personalities. Where Harry wants to dive head-first into something, Hermione is there to ground him. When Hermione is wound up and tense, Ron is there to lighten the mood. But how do you choose which one would be your best friend? It feels almost impossible but luckily for you, we have thought long and hard about who you would be your perfect pal based on your personality.

    In this image:

    Who Is Harry Potters Real Friend

    Ron Weasley1. Ron Weasley. Hermione is an amazing friend, but in Goblet of Fire its clear that the thing Harry would miss most will always be his BFF: Ron Weasley. Ron is Harrys first true friend at Hogwarts, and even though they fight and Ron eventually leaves, Dumbledore knew the truth Ron would always come back.Oct 14, 2016

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    Harry Potter: Which Character Would Be Your Best Friend

    Ever wondered who your best friend would be in the Harry Potter World? Now those wonders can be satisfied with the Harry Potter “which character would be your best friend” quiz! Starring Hermione, Luna, Ginny, Bellatrix and Pansy.

    • You see someone being mauled by a vampire on the school grounds. Your reaction is:
    • A.& nbsp
    • Aren’t vampires allergic to sunlight?! Better consult a book…

    • C.& nbsp

      Hello Professor! The Wrackspurts have taken your mind, did you know? Oh, and someone’s being mauled to death on the school grounds. Bye!

    • D.& nbsp

      Oh my god, I’m going to KILL that bastard for hurting that dude!

    • E.& nbsp

      Hm, a pink bow or hot pink bow…oh my god! YOU GOT BLOOD ON MY FAVORITE DRESS!

  • 2. If you were to date anyone, who would it be…?
  • A.& nbsp

    Date? DATE?! I don’t date! DIE!

  • B.& nbsp
  • Your ideal DADA teacher would be…?
  • A.& nbsp

    I’m out of schood, idiot!

  • B.& nbsp
  • Professor Lupin, he taught more!

  • D.& nbsp

    Oh, a Blibbering Humdigger, perhaps?

  • E.& nbsp
  • DEATH EATERS! Choose different and you’ll DIE!

  • B.& nbsp

    Dumbledore, of course! He’s the smartest wizard of the century!

  • C.& nbsp

    Dumbledore, he attracts the Snorlacks.

  • D.& nbsp


  • E.& nbsp

    The Death Eaters, of course! Who was winning the last war? And Draco’s with the Death Eaters…

  • F.& nbsp

    Who wants to Eat Death? And Dumbledore was loosing! I’m fine to just stay here…

  • 5.
    • Sample QuestionWhat quality do you want your partner to have?Kindness

    If You Were A Student At Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry Who Would Be Your Best Friend Simply Answer A Few Questions And Find Out

    Harry Potter – My Best Friend

    Well done you’ve been admitted to Hogwarts, which of these subjects are you most looking forward to taking?


    Defence Against the Dark Arts


    History of Magic


    Before you get to Hogwarts you’ll need a wand, but which type of wood do you think it will be made from?


    Which House would you like The Sorting Hat to put you in?




    Which of these members of staff would you and your BFF have a major crush on?

    Argus Filch

    Rubeus Hagrid

    Gilderoy Lockhart

    You and your BFF are off to visit “Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes”, but which Wheeze are you going to buy?

    Skiving Snackboxes

    Rubby ‘O’ Chicken

    Pygmy Puffballs

    You spend a night at the cinema with your BFF, which of these films do you choose to see?

    The Wizard of Oz

    The Blair Witch Project

    The Others

    Which of these staff members are you and your BFF going to dislike the most and mutter “hate him/her” as they walk past in the corridor?

    Mrs Norris

    Gilderoy Lockhart

    Horace Slughorn

    It’s Dobby’s birthday and you and your BFF come up with a plan to pull your resources and buy Dobby a pair of socks, what colour do you get?

    Green football socks

    Black bunny rabbit 5 toe ankle socks

    White tennis socks

    Multi-coloured squares

    Yellow batman ankle socks

    It’s Work Experience Day and you and your BFF have to pick a shop in Hogsmeade to work in for a week, where are you gonna choose?

    Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop

    Wizarding Wireless Network


    Red Beach, Panjin, China

    Your BFF is Peeves ….

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    How To Play

    Quizzes come in many different styles, and this style of quiz aims to match your individual characteristics to the closest possible match.

    There is no right answer on this type of quiz, so relax, look inward, and try to choose the answer that most closely relates to you.

    Once your responses are all in, we’ll tabulate your results, and our algorithms will reveal your closest match. This quiz style is a ton of fun for us to make, and we love it when we get the right result for you!

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