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Harry Potter Studio And Oxford Tour

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Getting To The Tour By Car


The Harry Potter Studio Tour is only 20 miles away from London, and can be reached via the M1 and M25 motorways. For those travelling by car, the tour offers free parking on-site, and extensive satellite navigation information can be found on the official website during your stay at the Piccadilly London West End.

Stay Overnight On The Durmstrang Ship

© Provided by Wanderlust CrewTake a visit to the Golden Hinde , a replica of Sir. Francis Drakes ship, AKA the Durmstrang ship from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. You can even spend the night on the ship! The ship is actually getting some work done right now, so its dry docked, but its fascinating to watch them work on it the old fashioned way!

Harry Potter Studio Opening Times

For opening times in 2023, please refer to the Harry Potter Studio Tours calendar.

  • Monday to Wednesday: 9:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Thursday: 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:30 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday: 8:30 AM – 8:00 PM


  • Monday: 9:30 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 9:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday and Thursday: 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:30 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday: 8:30 AM – 10:00 PM


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If Visiting London How Much Time Will It Take To See All The Main Sites Will We Have Time For More Than One Out Of London Tour If We Only Have A Week How Long In Advance Should I Book Tours

It is a common mistake that people think it may take six days to see London and only allow a day for out of London tours. However there is so much to see out of London that four days to go out of London will be an amazing experience to see maybe all these locations, Dover, Canterbury, Leeds Castle, Hampton Court, Windsor, Winchester, Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Avebury, Bath, Stratford, Oxford and Warwick.

There are excellent day tours of London that see all of the main attractions in one day and then perhaps allow a further two days to see the Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros. Tour and other London attractions not included on the main tours and do not forget to book your show/theatre tickets well in advance too.

These are all very popular tours, most sell out well in advance and it is wise to book your tours, theatre and attractions several months in advance and you will find good planning in advance will optimise your holiday.

What Should You Expect On A Harry Potter Walking Tour

A Literary Tour of Oxford: Tolkien, Lewis Caroll &  More

Make London magical with a Harry Potter walking tour in The Big Smoke. This interactive trip sees you wandering central London with an expert guide who will take you deep into the world of wizardry. As you head around Muggle London, youll see Diagon Alley, Leaky Cauldron and discover which Hogwarts House you belong in while testing your HP knowledge.

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Visit The House Of Minalima

This was one of my very favorite London Harry Potter stops! This amazing Harry Potter Museum dedicated to the art and graphic design behind the props in the movies was incredible! Think about all the props that required graphic design or artwork in the movies like food and cleaning products, newspapers, Harrys acceptance letter from Hogwarts, posters, signs, books, the Mauraders Map etc.

The designs are all done by Mina and Lima, who are incredibly talented artists and designers. At the House of MinaLima you can purchase postcards, books, signed prints, and your very own letter to Hogwarts!

MinaLima also designed some incredibly beautiful interactive classic childrens books, including The Secret Garden, The Little Mermaid, The Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, The Jungle Book, and Alices Adventures in Wonderland, which you can purchase there, but they are much cheaper online. They have popups, removable items, and beautiful illustrations! Ive added all of these to my personal library and they will be something to pass down to my grandchildren. Absolutely gorgeous!

What Should You Expect On Harry Potter Tours Outside Of London

While the capital might be the scene for some of the best Harry Potter tours in London, its not the only place to go on a wizardry quest. Hogwarts itself was filmed over several locations that include Christ Church College and Bodleian Library in Oxford. The Potters House is located in Lacock Village, Wiltshire, while Godrics Hollow can be found in Lavenham, Suffolk.

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What Should You Expect On Harry Potter Combo Tours

If you cant get enough of Harry Potter, its worth combining tours to create the ultimate trip. You can mix and match tour types and go on a combined trip that includes a trip around the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio plus a visit to Oxford to see Hogwarts. Other combo tours feature a jaunt around London before hopping on a river cruise to explore the world of Harry Potter from the Thames.

Top Attractions At The Harry Potter Studio Tour

Take a 360° tour of the Bodleian, Hogwarts library in the Harry Potter films

The tour spans a wealth of incredible items which fans will recognise from their favourite moments in the series, with major highlights which detail the real artistry which went into creating the Harry Potter universe.

During your stay at the Montcalm hotels London, you can look forward to exploring the special effects and props which helped transform studio sets into a unique new world, or browse a range of technical drawings and scale models which were used to inspire large scale sets.

There are also a large number of original costumes on offer, viewable up-close to see the meticulous detail which went into crafting each piece. Some sets have been recreated in their original splendour, such as the Great Hall and Diagon Alley, providing lots to explore.

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Discovering Hogwarts: 2nd May

2023 marks the Studio’s 11th birthday! To commemorate this special occasion the Harry Potter Studio is putting on a special exhibition Discovering Hogwarts.

From the moment you arrive at the iconic boat scene and witness a candle lit Great Hall, you’ll be taken back to the earliest memories of Harry’s time at the wizarding school.

Come face to face with the famous half-giant of Hogwarts, Rubeus Hagrid, as you get in touch with your inner eleven year old and see Gringotts and Diagon Alley as if for the first time.

Discovering Hogwarts will run throughout the summer and take you back to those wonderful moments from Harrys first years at Hogwarts.

Jobs At Cambridge & Oxford Alumni Tours

Walking Tour Guides

Recent graduate of the university? Looking for a job in between term time? At Alumni Tours, were always looking for charismatic and knowledgeable walking tour guides to join the team and share what they know and love about Cambridge & Oxford. This is an incredibly rewarding job and great for developing your people skills. Full training and a competitive rate of pay are provided. If this sounds like something youd enjoy, please send your CV to

Punting Tour Guides

If youre a local you may already know that punting tour guides have a pretty enviable job. Spending warm summer days on the river, sharing incredible stories about Cambridge history and heritage This is a job for a people person looking for something fun, physical, and worthy of telling the grandkids about one day. Full training is provided and a competitive rate of pay. Send your CV to

Sales Assistants

Alumni Tours needs approachable and communicative people to help spread the word about our amazing punting and walking tours. This is a perfect job for someone who enjoys working outdoors with a friendly team. Youll meet interesting people from all over the world and learn the invaluable art of sales. Full training is provided and a competitive rate of pay. Interested? Send your CV to

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Como Chegar Aos Estdios De Harry Potter

Os estúdios da Warner Bros. ficam em Leavesden. Em Londres, vá de metrô até a estação Euston e de lá pegue um trem a Watford Junction . Você pode pagar essa viagem com o seu Oyster, usando créditos pay as you go. Cada trecho vai custar 8,80 libras no horário de pico, ou 5,60 libras em qualquer outro horário.

Da estação de Watford Junction partem ônibus exclusivamente para os estúdios o ponto é logo na saída. O bilhete custa 3 libras.

Também há um serviço de ônibus que vai de Londres direto ao estúdio. A empresa Golden Tours é quem opera a rota, partindo das estações de Kings Cross e Victoria. Esse é um serviço consideravelmente mais caro o transporte ida e volta, sem o ticket para a atração, custa quase 50 libras.

The Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour

  • Endereço: Studio Tour Dr, Watford

Transporte De Watford Junction

White Velvet: Une semaine à Londres, part. 1 : Platform 9 3/4, Harry ...

Os ônibus de Mullany’s operam ônibus regulares, de Watford Junction ao Studio Tour.

Esses ônibus passam a cada 30 minutos e levam cerca de 15 minutos para chegar à atração.

Quando o Warner Bros Studio abre às 8.30h8.15 durante a alta temporada, o primeiro ônibus sai da estação às XNUMXhXNUMX.

E durante a época de escassez, quando os estúdios abrem às 9.30h9.20, o primeiro ônibus sai da estação às XNUMXhXNUMX.

O último traslado de volta ao Watford Junction é sempre depois que o estúdio fecha o dia.

Este é um serviço gratuito, e você só precisa mostrar um ingresso válido para o Studio Tour ou confirmação de reserva para a data da viagem.

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How Much Is A Harry Potter Private Tour

If you prefer to delve into the world of Hogwarts and more, the private option is one of the best Harry Potter tours in London, as its crafted for your personal experience. Expect to pay between £100 and £150 for two people on a private tour, which typically lasts around three hours if youre going around London.

Como Funcionam Os Ingressos Online

Ao reservar seu Harry Potter Studio Tour na Warner Bros, você seleciona um horário de visita preferido.

A hora que você seleciona ao reservar seus ingressos é a hora de embarcar no ônibus e a hora de chegar ao Warner Bros Studio é duas horas depois de embarcar no ônibus.

Imediatamente após a compra, seus ingressos são enviados por e-mail para você.

Você não precisa tirar nenhuma impressão.

Agora tudo o que você deve fazer é chegar ao treinador pelo menos 20 minutos antes do horário de início.

NOTA Na maioria das vezes, um filme de Harry Potter é exibido no ônibus.

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Skipping Lines At Harry Potter Studios

  • Opt for guided tours – It typically takes 3 to 7 hours to explore Harry Potter Studios. It also depends on the kind of experiences you choose to go for. Hence, guided tours can help you have well-organised tours without wasting time.
  • Opt for priority parking – During peak hours, waiting for sparking spaces might take up a lot of your time. To avoid that, you can book priority parking spaces in advance and avail parking bays closer to the studios at your scheduled time of visit.
  • Visit during weekdays or in the early hours – Weekdays are ideal to avoid heavy crowds in the weekend. You can also enjoy exploring the Studios better in the early hours of the day.

Harry Potter In Oxford

Harry Potter Studio Tour London | FULL EXPERIENCE | Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Visit all three Harry Potter film locations at Oxford University with a professionally qualified, local, expert tour guide, and Oxford Graduate.Tickets

£55 per adult or £155 per family .

This INCLUDES entry fees to all three locations.


“You learn so much more than just wandering around on your own.”

Join me on a guided walking tour of Oxford University to explore the film sites of the Harry Potter movies in Oxford.


This is the only Harry Potter tour guaranteed to visit all 3 movie locations – Christ Church, New College, and the Divinity School.

Entry fees and ticketing are all handled for you.



Here in the magnificent college of Christ Church is their Dining Hall which provided the inspiration for the Great Hall at Hogwarts.

Actually they never filmed in the Hall, the set was built based on pictures of the real Hall, but it’s instantly recognisable as soon as you walk into its gothic splendour.


They did film at the top of the grand staircase, where Professor McGonagall famously welcomes Harry, Ron and Hermione and the other students to Hogwarts.


This scene was filmed here just outside the ancient 12th century doorway.


Upstairs in the ancient Duke Humfrey’s Library it took three days to complete filming.

Meeting Point

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  • Over 24 years of exceptional service
  • Hand-Picked tours & accommodations

Spend a full day immersing yourself in the wonderful world of Harry Potter with a trip around the Warner Brothers Studio, visiting the actual movie sets and props. Learn about the behind the scenes techniques used to bring this magical world to life. Following your studio tour we will take you on a guided walking tour of the historic University city of Oxford with its secluded quadrangles and cobbled squares.


Contact DHTour at 1-888-597-3519 or 905-639-9954 or to book.

  • Maximum 20 people per tour, travel by executive coach
  • Admission to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour London The Making of Harry Potter
  • Four hours in the Warner Bros Studio
  • Guided walking tour in Oxford
  • Entry to Divinity School
  • COVID19 Safety Policies Apply. All vehicles used are deep cleaned and disinfected daily.

Horrio De Estdio Da Warner Bros

Durante os meses de pico turístico de maio a outubro, o Warner Bros. Studio abre às 8.30h9, e a primeira turnê começa às XNUMXh.

A turnê final começa às 6.30h10 durante esses meses, e o estúdio fecha às XNUMXh.

Durante os meses de vacas magras de novembro a abril, o Warner Bros. Studio abre às 9.30h10, e a primeira turnê começa às XNUMXh.

A turnê final do dia começa às 4h e, às 8h, o estúdio fecha para o dia.

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Harry Potter Film Locations

Planning to visit Harry Potter film locations in Oxford? Then you are in the right place! We offer fully immersive Harry Potter film location tours led by University Alumni.

This fascinating tour will take you to two of the primary film Harry Potter Oxford locations used in the Philosophers Stone and the Goblet of Fire movies and will be led by current or former Oxford University students.

Youll tour some of the citys most famous structures and colleges, as well as learn about other major blockbusters that were filmed here. There will be opportunities for photographs & questions. Youll also learn about Oxford University, the worlds oldest English-speaking university, which has been chosen as the top university for a record six years in a row.

Come and be a part of our Harry Potter Walking tour in Oxford for a memorable experience you will cherish for a lifetime.

Looking For Ontario Travel Advice

Harry Potter Studio Tour &  Oxford Day Tour from London

Our experts are here to help you plan your perfect trip. Call or book today.

We would like to acknowledge that Ontario is the world in one province and is the original homelands to many nations of the First Peoples. With the Cree Nation in the North, the Haudenoshaunee in the South, and the Anishinabek Nation all around the Great Lakes, we are pleased to acknowledge and support the First Peoples and First Nations of these lands the Inuit and the Metis as we host visitors together.

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What To Do On Your Harry Potter London Vacation

We did a ton of research before our trip and came up with the best Harry Potter things to do in London and just outside London too! We also found a few more things along the way! We were able to combine a Harry Potter London themed trip along with the classic London tourist spots and experiences.

Watch this video of the top ten things to do on your Harry Potter London vacation

Look at this Harry Potter London vacation map to help you choose where to go.

O Que Esperar Da Turn De Harry Potter

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Londres Making of Harry Potter não é um parque temático, e não tem passeios e outras atividades de bombeamento de adrenalina.

O Warner Bros. Studio Tour London oferece aos visitantes a melhor oportunidade de andar em cenários reais, ver o brilho por trás de efeitos visuais impressionantes e descobrir os mistérios dos bastidores dos filmes de Harry Potter.

Ao longo da jornada, você participará de atividades interativas como ‘voar’ em uma vassoura e até comprar uma xícara espumosa de cerveja amanteigada!

A parte inicial do passeio é guiada e você pode explorar o resto por conta própria.

Primeiro, você verá dois curtas-metragens, após os quais o guia reúne todos e os coloca nas portas do grande salão.

Uma vez dentro da porta da magnífica sala, os visitantes são livres para explorar o tour de Harry Potter por conta própria.

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