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What Are The Seven Harry Potter Books

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Harry Potter Book : Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone Book

Ranking All 7 Harry Potter Books

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In the wizarding world, Harry Potter is seen as the Boy Who Lived. But he is no more than a nuisance at Privet Drive, where he lives with his aunt and her family.

All that changes when the 11-year-old receives news that he has been admitted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

He accompanies Hagrid, the Hogwarts gamekeeper, to buy all his school supplies and his wand. He receives his owl, Hedwig, as a birthday present from Hagrid! He boards his first train to Hogwarts from platform nine and three quarters, where he is assisted by the Weasleys.

In the coming years, the Weasleys become his family. On the train and through the entire book series, Harry Potter is subjected to whispering wherever he goes.

After all, he is the only person to have survived the Dark Lord! In the book, we find out that Voldemort is after the sorcerers stone. The sorcerers stone is used to make the elixir of life. Anyone who drinks it becomes immortal, something that Voldemort is after.

In a thrilling adventure, involving flying keys, a three-headed dog and a game of life-size chess, Harry Potter and his friends Ron and Hermione prevent Voldemort from stealing the sorcerers stone. By the end of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, Harry has made friends for life and prevented Voldemort from coming back to life.

The Harry Potter Book Series

The most dreaded wizard in the world, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named aka Voldemort tried to kill him but for some strange reason could not succeed. We witness Harrys entry into the wizarding world, his relationship with headmaster Dumbledore, discovering the truth about his parents, meeting his godfather, fighting Dementors, finally defeating Voldemort and making friends for life!

Lets take a sneak peek into the Harry Potter universe book by book.

Harry Potter Book : Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Book

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The last and the final one in the Harry Potter Book Series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, is the darkest of Harry Potter books. Dumbledore is dead, Snape is now the headmaster of Hogwarts and more than ever, everyone is convinced that Snape killed Dumbledore on behalf of Voldemort.

But by the end of the book, we know just how wrong we were! Snape had always been in love with Lily, Harrys mother and, at great personal risk always sought to protect Harry. Meanwhile, left with strange objects bequeathed to them in Dumbledores will, Harry, Ron and Hermione seek to destroy the remaining horcruxes.

They dig into Dumbledores early life and the legend of the Deathly Hallows. They hunt down and destroy each of the horcruxes and, by the final face-off with Voldemort, only one horcrux is left Harry himself. Intriguingly, when Voldemort casts the Killing curse on Harry, he does not die.

With the curse, the horcrux part of Harry gets destroyed thus making it possible for Harry to survive and in the ultimate duel, kill Voldemort once and for all.

Harry Potter Universe Factoid: In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, we come face-to-face with just what kind of a personality Snape was. We have loved to hate him in all previous books and oscillated between hatred and dislike to admiration for him. But the ultimate symbol of his love for Harrys mother, Lily, is that his Patronus, a doe, is the same as hers.

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Trouble With Magic By Author Asha Nehemiah

Trouble With Magic by Asha Nehemiah and published by Duckbill Books is about Veena and her Aunt Maalu who try their hand at creating magical paints. But the spell turns horribly wrong and there are complaints pouring in from everywhere. Veena and her Aunt Maalu remind us the teeniest bit of Professor Gilderoy Lockhart from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets whose spells are a disaster most of the times, except for his memory charm.

Read Trouble With Magic HERE

Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone

The Complete Harry Potter 7 Books Collection Boxed Gift ...

The first book in the series represents the first steps of the Heros Journey.

The protagonist receives a call to action that brings his establishedworld upside down hes a wizard. And he has to learn to wield his power in the context of a mentorship relationship he develops in Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Rowling, from the very first chapters, outlines the major plotline of the whole series, foreshadowing the kind of challenges our Hero will have to face and the internal, coming-of-age battle all teenagers experience.

An old enemy, in this case, Voldemort, attempts to come back to life using the Philosophers Stone an infamous alchemical substance with powerful magical properties.

Harry Potter, by overcoming many obstacles, including an almost-fateful contact with the mythical creature Cerberus, managed to stop him.

You might be surprised to learn that the lapis philosophorum was indeed a subject of studying and experimentation for many scientists in the past. The pursuit of the Elixir of Life laid down the foundation for modern chemistry and biology.

Nicolas Flamel, a true alchemist, is mentioned in the books as the creator of the philosophers stone a reputation he had in real life.

Interesting fact #1: Harry Potter was born on July 29. According to Celtic astrology, hes born under the Holly Tree. A natural-born leader. And guess from what wood his wand is made of? Holly!

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Where Can I Watch Harry Potter Reunion

The only way to watch the Harry Potter reunion online is on HBO Max, which requires a monthly subscription.

Is there 12 Harry Potter movies? There are eight Harry Potter films, and two instalments in the Fantastic Beasts to date the third instalment of that series, called The Secrets of Dumbledore, will be released in April 2022, and is set some time between 1927 and 1945. Warner Bros. is planning to release five Fantastic Beasts saga movies.

Who was in all 8 Harry Potter movies?

Fourteen actors appear in all eight films. They are: Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter .

Who directed Harry Potter 2? Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is a 2002 fantasy film directed by Chris Columbus and distributed by Warner Bros.

Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, the book that started it all , Harry Potter discovers his true identity in the wee hours of his eleventh birthday: he is a wizard, famous in the magical world for having vanquished the evil Lord Voldemort when he was only a baby. This revelation, delivered by a gruff, hairy giant named Hagrid, sets Harry on a fantastical journey of a lifetime.

He meets bosom buddies Ron and Hermione aboard the Hogwarts Express, and is soon sorted with them into Gryffindor: the house of the intrepid and brave. However, Harry also makes plenty of enemies at Hogwarts, most notably the arrogant Draco Malfoy and the nasty potions master, Snape . And from battling a troll on Halloween to his first exhilarating Quidditch match not to mention the novels climax, in which Harry goes up against Voldemort for the second time in his young life theres never a dull moment in the first year of his new adventure.

Sorcerers Stone also perfectly balances exciting action with touching emotion, as Harry finds a true family in Ron and Hermione after years of misery with the Dursleys. Indeed, the books small, moving moments such as Harry being floored by a gift from Rons mother, or Hermiones tearful declaration at the end about books and cleverness are just as magical as the spells themselves.

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Rowling On Finishing The Book

Deathly HallowsBalmoral Hotel

Rowling completed the book while staying at the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh in January 2007, and left a signed statement on a marble bust of Hermes in her room which read: “J. K. Rowling finished writing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in this room on 11 January 2007”. In a statement on her website, she said, “I’ve never felt such a mixture of extreme emotions in my life, never dreamed I could feel simultaneously heartbroken and euphoric.” She compared her mixed feelings to those expressed by Charles Dickens in the preface of the 1850 edition of David Copperfield, “a two-years’ imaginative task”. “To which,” she added, “I can only sigh, try seventeen years, Charles”. She ended her message by saying “Deathly Hallows is my favourite, and that is the most wonderful way to finish the series”.

Living In A Corrupted Society


Academics and journalists have developed many other interpretations of themes in the books, some more complex than others, and some including political subtexts. Themes such as normality, oppression, survival, and overcoming imposing odds have all been considered as prevalent throughout the series. Similarly, the theme of making one’s way through adolescence and “going over one’s most harrowing ordealsand thus coming to terms with them” has also been considered. Rowling has stated that the books comprise “a prolonged argument for tolerance, a prolonged plea for an end to bigotry” and that also pass on a message to “question authority and … not assume that the establishment or the press tells you all of the truth”.

Some political commentators have seen J. K. Rowling’s portrayal of the bureaucratised Ministry of Magic and the oppressive measures taken by the Ministry in the later books ” rel=”nofollow”> Mudbloods” with the Ministry) as an allegory of criticising the state.

Atalanta FugiensDeathly HallowsResurrection Stone

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Dogloveron 6 July 2019

I loved it !I highly recommend this book it really shows that witches and wizards arent bad, well some are bad but you no what I mean. Thank you J.K. Rowling !!!!

One more thing HARRY POTTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This book is awsome! I loved it !

    5out of 5

  • Such amazing books with clever wording and a storyline you could read for hours!

    5out of 5

  • Did Dumbledore Kill His Sister

    Albus Dumbledore didnt kill his sister, not intentionally anyway. No one ever knew who really had caused Arianas death. It couldve been any of the three: Albus, Aberforth or Grindlewald. It could also have been that Ariana lost control of her magic while trying to help and accidentally killed herself.

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    The Fantastic Beasts Screenplays

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock this entire time, you’ve probably heard of the two new Wizarding World movies that have hit Hollywood in the past few years. Led by actor Eddie Redmayne and an all-star ensemble cast, the Fantastic Beasts films tell the story of Newt Scamander, Albus Dumbledore, and the dark battle against Gellert Grindelward in the blackened days before Lord Voldemort entered the scene.

    Of course, you can choose to simply watch the continuation of the Wizarding World on-screen but reading the screenplays of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: the Original Screenplay and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald The Original Screenplay will undoubtedly give you that extra level of depth and insight into the characters.

    Are There 7 Or 8 Harry Potter Books

    Bloomsbury Harry Potter Children

    Seven books are in the series. Warner Bros. has made eight films adaptation of the series of books. Book six was separated into two films based on the novel. A wizard called Harry Potter is a central character in the books as he journeys through his experiences at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he meets many characters along the way.

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    Quidditch Through The Ages

    Or maybe it’s J.K. Rowling’s smash-hit sport, Quidditch, that tickles your fancy. Today, Quidditch is an actual sport played at over 100 colleges in the United States such is the strength of the grip that it’s exerted on our public imagination. But if you’re interested in the academic side of Quidditch, Rowling’s got you covered with Quidditch Through the Ages, which will tell you all that you ever wanted to know about the history and rules behind Quidditch.

    Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

    The third book in the series introduces Sirius Black, a deranged mass murderer whos just escaped from the wizard prison of Azkaban. As a result, swarms of Dementors dark, faceless beings that suck the soul out of their victims and serve as the guards of Azkaban infiltrate Hogwarts to patrol for Black, whos supposedly after Harry next. To make matters worse, our normally steadfast hero has a bad reaction to the Dementors, which cause him to faint on a train and even lose a critical Quidditch match.

    Again, though, its not all doom and gloom. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban also features Professor Remus Lupin, the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and a school friend of Harrys late father. Lupin and Harry quickly forge a father-son-like relationship themselves, and Lupin teaches Harry the Patronus Charm to protect himself from Dementors.

    Meanwhile, Ron and Hermione are squabbling even more than usual over their respective pets, Crookshanks the cat and Scabbers the rat. But what seems like a lighthearted subplot turns out to be a major factor in one of the biggest twists of the series, revealed in the last few chapters and which naturally involves Black and Lupin as well. Oh, and hippogriffs and time traveling, in case that wasnt enough to sell you on it.

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    Harry Potter Book : Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Book

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    Among the darker books in the Harry Potter book series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the first after Voldemort comes to life. Harry and his cousin Dudley are attacked by Dementors in Privet Drive and Harry uses the Patronus Charm to ward them off. He is then summoned to a hearing at the Ministry for performing magic in the presence of Muggles.

    Harry is escorted to the temporary headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix where he spends the rest of the summer. Through the book, we see Harry being ignored by Dumbledore for some inexplicable reason which is revealed at the end. Meanwhile, the school has turned strange after the arrival of Dolores Umbridge, sent by the Ministry to keep an eye on Hogwarts and prevent news of Voldemorts return from spreading because the Ministry does not believe it to be true!

    Dolores Umbridge makes life difficult at school and brings down the level of instruction drastically, sticking to theory rather than practical experience. Harry, Ron and Hermione get together to create Dumbledores Army, a secret society that trains students in spells that they may have to use against Death Eaters Voldemorts followers.

    The book ends with a standoff between the Order of the Phoenix and Voldemort and his supporters at the Ministry of Magic. Sirius Black, Harrys Godfather is killed in this showdown. While this breaks Harrys heart, it strengthens his resolve to find and kill Voldemort.

    The Launch Of Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone In 1997 Marked A Revolution For World Culture At That Time The Story Of The Young Wizard Had Introduced A New Generation Of Children To The World Of Reading Something That Was Reinforced When In 2001 The Film Adaptation Was Released


    The Harry Potter books are considered part of the recent popular culture. / Photo: Pexels

    LatinAmerican Post | Ariel Cipolla

    Leer en español: Los 7 libros de Harry Potter, de peor a mejor

    The popularity of the boy who lived is such that, according to ABC, this first installment of the written novels occupies the fourth position of the best-selling books in history to date, with an approximate of 120 million units sold throughout the planet.

    One might think that the Potter phenomenon is almost extinct, since it has been a long time since the books and movies came out. However, this is not the case, since recently the Elle website commented that this year the world’s largest wizard shop will open in New York , with three floors and almost 2,000 square meters.

    Therefore, we decided to review all the Harry Potter books, to analyze which are the best and worst. It should be noted that we will not talk about the eighth installment, the Cursed Legacy, since it has the disadvantage of having a theatrical format.

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    Live Action Television Series

    On 25 January 2021, a live action television series was reported to have been in early development at HBO Max. Though it was noted that the series has “complicated rights issues”, due to a seven-year rights deal with Warner Bros. Domestic TV Distribution that included U.S. broadcast, cable and streaming rights to the franchise, which ends in April 2025.

    Saffystar99on 24 December 2014

    Harry potter is the best thing ever! I love all the books and the movies! You have to read it because without thinking about or experiencing Harry Potter we arent real, true peopleSo even if you hate it you are still amazing!!!! Ive read all of them more than once and I just cant explain how much Harry Potter means to me because hes got such a gripping story line and I am just a MAD fan so basically read harry potter and tell me when you do!


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    Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows

    This is the finale to the series and it certainly lived up to the exceptions. It wrapped up the series is a very satisfying way, showcasing the entire cast of characters in a variety of ways, even in small cameos. Its not without its flaws, with the epilogue being controversial and the middle of the book dragging considerably as the trio travels through the wilderness, but the rest of the book, especially the final battle at Hogwarts, was everything we ever wanted and more.

    Its the finale we all wanted and minor flaws dont detract for what an incredible experience it was.

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