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Where Can I Buy Harry Potter Wrapping Paper

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Hallmark Harry Potter 3

Harry Potter Wrapping Paper

Lastly, if you need a lot of Harry Potter wrapping paper, check out this very highly rated Hallmark 3-pack with rolls dedicated to chibi characters, the Marauders Map, and the Hogwarts crest. Its a great mix of Harry Potter themed favorites! You get 60 square feet . per roll 60 square feet total in the set. Its also made of eco friendly paper and made in the USA.

Harry Potter Wizard Wrapping Paper

When looking for Harry Potter themed wrapping paper, this Harry Potter Wizard Wrapping Paper is a great option to choose!

This Harry Potter gift wrapping paper features a variety of images from the wizarding world, including the sorting hat, Harrys glasses, and potions! And you can get it in a variety of sizes to fit all your gift wrapping needs.

Another fantastic option for Harry Potter gift wrap is this Brown Harry Potter Wrapping Paper!

This wrapping paper comes in sheets of 2 x 3, and work with any occasion. This is a fantastic ecofriendly option whether youre wrapping gifts for fellow Harry Potter lovers or for muggles in your family or friend group!

Buy the Brown Harry Potter Wrapping Paper now!

Platform 9 Hogwarts Express

Hop onboard the Hogwarts express train with this maroon Platform 9 ¾ Harry Potter gift wrap. Its made of high-quality, premium heavyweight paper and measures 36 x 72 .

Alternate option: this highly rated Hogwarts Express premium kraft wrapping paper roll with both the train and 9 ¾ symbol featured

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Which Harry Potter Sweater Is Best

As the weather becomes colder and the leaves begin to fall, Harry Potter movie marathons take over the TV channels and magic fills the air. If youre an avid fan of the books, movies or both, the wide array of Harry Potter merchandise is infinite.

Harry Potter sweaters are the closest we will be able to get to Molly Weasleys iconic homemade pieces, which is why they are such a hot commodity this season. Whether you want to support your Hogwarts house or show your favorite magical universe a little extra love, theres something for everyone.

If youre looking for a comfortable product that has an authentic look, Cinereplicas Harry Potter Hogwarts Sweater is the top choice.

Harry Potter : Birthday Party Supplies

Harry Potter Hufflepuff Plaid Sigil Premium Roll Gift Wrap Wrapping ...

Birthdays parties are always filled with a lot of fun and excitement for everyone involved. To throw the best bash, youre going to need the right party supplies. So head on down to Target to stock up on all things birthday. Weve got a great selection of birthday party essentials to inspire your celebrations. Browse our collection for new birthday party ideas and birthday themes thatll keep your guests well-entertained. There are great options for all ages so whether youre throwing your little one a sailor-themed party, celebrating a friends birthday or bringing in Dads 50th, weve got you covered. Shop birthday decorations, balloons, bunting, lights and light signs to suit your theme. Theyll create the right atmosphere for your party, whether its an indoor or an outdoor one. Find the perfect plates, cake toppers, cups and more so you can set a picture-perfect party table thatll make all the food and treats look even better. Discover funky hats and other quirky props thatll add charm to your party and create a wonderful experience for your guests. Theyll make for some fun photographs too. And dont forget the party favors. Take your time looking through our collection and find the ones your guests will love the most. You can even shop birthday cards, gift wrap and just about anything else on your list. In fact, organizing a birthday party has never been easier. So get shopping now and become a pro at throwing the best birthday parties.

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Best Harry Potter Wrapping Paper Designs For Your Next Gift

Looking for the best Harry Potter wrapping paper to use for a birthday, Christmas, or other occasion? If so, then check out these incredible Harry Potter gift wrap designs! From wizarding world themes, to Hogwarts wrapping paper, to personalized Harry Potter paper, and moreyou are sure to find lots of fun gift wrap options here!

Harry Potter Gifts & Merchandise Shop In India

Youve been fascinated endlessly by the happenings at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and you want to live it in real life. Well, that may not be possible , but what is possible is to recreate it as closely as possible by getting yourself some unique Harry Potter and Hogwarts gifts now available at Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin or Ravenclaw, gifts are available for geeky fans of all house affiliations for all occasions. Want to play a Harry Potter game, but not Quidditch? Cards Against Muggles is a game which combines wit and humor into a thrilling game of epic proportions an exclusive, its something Harry Potter fans are going gaga about it will also make for a great rakhi gift for brother.

Is your friend also a Batman geek? You can also find gifts for Batman lovers right here at Find a taste of Gotham in your morning brew with the fantastic 3D Batman Mug, let Bruce Wayne take care of your money with the Batman Money Clip, and find other unique Batman gifts here. Harry Potter, Batman, Superman or Hulk, whatever your fandom is, Bigsmall has just the fun superhero gifts for you. If you are still confused about what to give your superhero fan friend, see if our blog The perfect gift for any superhero fan clears your vision a bit. Get Harry potter inspired goodies as gifts for seniors on a farewell if they are a die hard Potterhead.

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Harry Potter Wrapping Paper Exists And Even Your Muggle Friends Will Be Charmed By It

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Hogwarts castle will soon be lit with floating candles and covered in holiday decor, which means its time to get wrapping some Harry-Potter-themed Christmas presents. Luckily, the wizarding world just made the tedious task of gift wrapping a little more magical.

Worthy of encasing the finest Nimbus 2000 or even one of Molly Weasleys personalized sweaters, the Harry Potter wrapping paper comes in an assortment of patterns. The patterns on the wrapping paper are inspired by The Daily Prophet, the Marauders Map, the Black family tapestry, the books in the Hogwarts library, and the golden snitch on the Quidditch pitch. Brilliant!

The Harry Potter gift wrapping paper collection created by MinaLimas wizarding shop in England is now available for preorder in the UK for $8 per sheet. Keep scrolling to take a closer look at the paper ahead, and accio your favorite pattern in preparation for a truly enchanting Christmas.

Owl Post Gift Wrapping Kit

Harry Potter Christmas Wrapping Paper – Harry Potter DIY

At one point or another, weve all wished for owls to bring us mailwhich is why this Owl Post Gift Wrapping Kit makes such an excellent gift wrap option!

This kit comes with everything you need to wrap and decorate your parcels the wizarding way. This includes two rolls of 36 x 30 brown wrapping paper with Owl Post hand-stamped on it, 10 yards of twine, 14 owl post stamps, 6 self-adhesive wax seals, 6 blank parchment notes, and assorted feathers. You can wrap multiple presents with this gift , and it will definitely be worth it to see the joy on the recipients face when they get a package that looks like it came straight from the wizarding world!

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Personalized Harry Potter Wrapping Paper

Looking for Harry Potter gift paper for someone specific? This Personalized Harry Potter Wrapping Paper is a fun and unique choice!

This wrapping paper comes in 30 x 20 sheets and features cute Harry Potter inspired designs plus a name of your choice. You can use this paper for a birthday, Christmas, or any occasionand with the recipients name personalized on the front, you can be sure theyll be delighted by both the wrapping paper and the gift inside!

Harry Potter Themed Wrapping Paper

Another fun option for Harry Potter gift wrapping paper is this Harry Potter Themed Wrapping Paper!

This paper features various wizarding themes, including owls, Hogwarts letters, and sorting hats! These are fun illustrations and turn any present into a magical experience!

Buy the Harry Potter Themed Wrapping Paper now!

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Harry Potter Sweater Pattern

This Harry Potter sweater pattern would make for the most festive Christmas wrapping paper, inspired by the fair isle print that is characteristic of the holiday season as well as Harrys home. It even has snowflakes on it! Its made of high-quality, premium heavyweight paper and measures 36 x 72 . And it will give your gift recipient a Merry Potter Christmas, especially if you are gifting a Harry Potter Christmas tree ornament.

Official Harry Potter Merchandise Store In India

Harry Potter Cute Chibi Pattern Premium Kraft Roll Gift Wrap Wrapping ...

Looking for exclusive Harry Potter merchandise in India is no longer a tedious task, with at the disposal of all Potterheads. Decorate your desk, mantle, study table or nightstand with the likes of Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape themselves with our officially licensed POP action figures from the Harry Potter series.

Racking your brains for some gift ideas for Harry Potter lovers? Keys are something which everyone uses in their daily life. So why not add some Hogwarts magic to the keys of your Potterhead friend with the Harry Potter 3D Pop Keychain, available in the variants of 4 of your favorite Harry Potter characters Harry, Voldemort, Snape and Hermoine Granger.

Everyone loves a fun game of cards. Why not make your playing cards night magical with Harry Potter themed playing cards? Scouring for Harry Potter gifts for girls? Give their wall a wizardly outlook with the Hogwarts Express Poster. Such quirky, yet fun Harry Potter themed gifts will surely put a wide smile on the face of any true Potterhead.

If youre looking for the best harry potter stuff to buy online or official harry potter merchandise, come over to our very own harry potter store. We have curated unique harry potter stuff and quirky harry potter goodies that every books or movie fan will love. If you know a die hard harry potter fan or a Potterhead as they like to be called, we have the perfect harry potter collection for you to choose their gifts from.

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What To Know Before You Buy A Harry Potter Sweater

While the world of Harry Potter has an array of merchandise such as Harry Potter games and Harry Potter dolls, themed sweaters are a fan favorite. Ask yourself questions such as: What level of comfort am I looking for? Do I want a sweater that represents my sorting house or do I want a generalized theme? Can I get a sweater with a minimalist design?

Its important to be aware of considerations such as prize, sizing and specific interests when looking for your own magical sweater. This way, youll be able to find the perfect Harry Potter sweater that makes you feel braver than Neville Longbottom and more stylish than Draco Malfoy.

Harry Potter Wrapping Paper

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Hallmark Harry Potter Wrapping Paper With Gridlines

This bundle of Hallmark gift wrap features iconic Harry Potter images like Hogwarts house crests on white, Marauder’s Map, and colorful cartoon illustrations of Harry, Hermione, Ron, Hagrid, Professor Snape and more.


  • Each roll in this 3-pack of wrapping paper measures 30 inches wide by 8 feet long for 20 square feet per roll. 60 square feet total in the set
  • Grid lines on the reverse side for straight cutting and perfectly wrapped presents
  • Crafted from high-quality paper materials, Hallmark’s eco-friendly wrapping paper is made with paper from well-managed forests


  • 3 rolls of Harry Potter wrapping paper


  • 288″H x 30″W x 0.1″D
  • Paper

Personalized Harry Potter Inspired Wrapping Paper

Potato Print Wrapping Paper | Make It Magic

And this Personalized Harry Potter Inspired Wrapping Paper is another fantastic choice when looking for gift wrap options!

This gift wrap paper comes in 30 x 20 sheets, and can be personalized with the name of your choice. With cute illustrations of Harry, Ron, and Hermione, this paper is perfect to wrap gifts for friends, family, coworkers, or anyone else you know who loves Harry Potter!

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This Harry Potter Holiday Wrapping Paper Is Almost Too Magical To Rip Open

Your Allergy-Friendly Eggnog Guide Is Here

If youve got mini wizards at home, you can make this holiday gift-giving season even more magical with Harry Potter holiday wrapping paper.

The wrapping paper collection, which was created by MinaLimas wizarding shop in England, is so intricately detailed and gorgeous you could frame it and hang it on the wall as artwork. It does, however, make the absolute perfect gift wrap for a Harry Potter-themed gift.

The paper comes in six different prints including a Mauraders Map pattern, the Daily Prophet, the Black Family Tapestry, Quidditch gift wrap and more.

Each print comes in a set of two sheets measuring 50 by 70 cm each. Each set can currently be pre-ordered online for £5.95 and will be available starting Nov. 4. While the company is U.K. based, they do ship worldwide.

Shahrzad Warkentin

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Harry Potter Gifts In India

Do you have a friend who loves Harry Potter, breathes Harry Potter, and just cant stop gushing about the exploits of the little, bespectacled magical wizard all the time? Theres perhaps nothing they would love more so than a Harry Potter gift, be it as their 18th birthday gifts, anniversary or any other celebration.

For any Harry Potter fan, Hedwigs Theme will always keep on giving them goosebumps all over. There are scant better gifts for a Potterhead than the Harry Potter Music Box, which will let them have the iconic Hedwigs Theme at their fingertips in an old-school, yet exquisitely artistic fashion. For the most die-hard of Potterheads, it can be hard to obtain the most unique Harry Potter collectibles in India. But theres no need to worry anymore with Bigsmall.ins exclusive collection of Harry Potter stuff, you can now order a taste of Hogwarts right from the confines of your home.

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Q1 What Should I Get My Harry Potter Fan As A Gift

Get your Potterhead friend something super unique and personal, like the Personalized Harry Potter Themed Nameplate, a unique take on the traditional nameplates, it will make for a great housewarming gift for a friend who just bought their dream home. If they like decorating with art pieces, wed suggest Hogwarts House Embroidery Hoop Art.

Harry Potter Wrapping Paper Set

I thought I would share the Harry Potter wrapping paper I found at ...

Make a gift even more magical with this Harry Potter Wrapping Paper Set, featuring three A1 sheets of premium wrapping paper, along with matching gift tags.

The first sheet features playful illustrations of the Hogwarts Express, school trunks and towering Hogwarts castle. The second shows whimsical drawings of school supplies from textbooks to bubbling cauldrons. The third features everything needed for a Quidditch match with sketches of Quaffles, Beaters bats, and of course the Golden Snitch.

This gift wrap set is perfect to add the finishing touch to presents for the Harry Potter fan in your life!

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    Hogwarts House Painted Crests

    This highly-rated Gryffindor Hogwarts House painted crest wrapping paper is sleek and classy, and its great for the gift recipient with favorite Hogwarts House . Its made of high-quality, premium heavyweight paper and measures 36 x 72 .

    Alternate option:Harry Potter chibi character on red gift wrap

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