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Getting To Harry Potter Studios From London

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Getting There From London

Warner Bros. Studio: The Making of Harry Potter from London, UK

The Harry Potter Studios are located about 30 km from downtown London, the small town of Leavesden.

From Euston Station downtown count about twenty minutes on the line London Midland or an hour on the line Overland to the stop of Watford Junction and another ten minutes by bus to the destination .

Arriving by car, parking is free on presentation of your booking.

If you opt for a package with bus transportation included, please note that the rendez-vous at the meeting point in London is generally scheduled two hours before the due entrance to the Studios.

How Long To Spend There

The Harry Potter Studios are a little outside London, so you definitely should give yourself almost a full day to get there from the centre of London and to do it justice.

In total, you should estimate about 3 4 hours to walk around the Harry Potter Studios tour.

Beyond the first 15 minutes or so of introduction video and grand entrance, the rest of the Warner Bros Studios are yours to explore are your leisure. Its up to you if you want to read every sign and take a million pictures, or just stroll through. But, my advice, take it all in. The more you look, the more magic you discover.

The Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour Highlights

You know whos bedroom this was!

Okay, now lets start the magic! Youll begin by seeing the tiny cupboard under the stairs and a room full of posters for each of the movies, some life-sized figures of Hagrid and the other other characters, before moving into a small room for a special effects introduction.

Hanging with the crew!

In true Harry Potter style, the walls above will have moving figures of people sharing their stories and feelings about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Guides will then take you to a theater to watch a small trailer about the movies.

Then the self-guided tour begins when the doors slide open, and the smoke slowly unveils the Great Hall.

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How Long Do You Need For The Harry Potter Studios Tour

It took us about 3.5 hours to go through the tour. You could easily stay longer, especially if you get the digital guides.

I would say allow for at least four hours. They do allow for that amount of time with their last ticket allocation entry time before closing. Once you enter the studios, you arent on a time limit so can stay as long as you like!

Hogwarts Castle Model Room

Harry Potter Studio Tour London

Hogwarts Castle Model

There is no better way to finish a tour of the Harry Potter Studios than at the model of Hogwarts Castle.

Youll learn how they built this 1:24 scale model based on production designer Stuart Craigs initial concept sketch. They filmed the model with enhanced digital effects to create an unbelievably real Hogwarts Castle that all muggles, witches, and wizards long to attend.

Take your time to walk around and pay attention to the incredible tiny details perfectly hand-sculpted to scale.

On our visit, there was a special lighting exhibit of the Weasley Twins fireworks exploding onto the side of Hogwarts. You can see that in our Reel .

Seeing Hogwarts Castle was the part of the tour where tears pricked my eyes, just like it did walking into Hogsmeade at Islands of Adventure in Orlando.

I think it symbolizes the power of magic, belief, imagination, and allowing yourself the grace to create what you see and feel inside of you as a gift for the world.

It blows my mind what J.K Rowling has created with the Harry Potter Realm simply because she chose to scribble a few notes down on a napkin during a time of significant hardship. She followed that trail and looked at what she brought to all of us a story of magic, friendship, courage, and possibility.

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Social Distancing And Limited Contact

  • To limit physical contact, the cloakroom and left luggage facilities will be unavailable.
  • Our toilet facilities will be open with additional hygiene measures in place.
  • From arrival at the Studio Tour, you will notice additional signage and floor markings to promote social distancing. Please follow these markings to allow all visitors to navigate the Studio Tour safely. The Studio Tour will operate as a one-way system.
  • To maintain social distancing, the Hogwarts Express train carriage and inside of Privet Drive will be closed.
  • To further limit contact, the Studio Tours shops and cafés will only accept cashless or contactless payment options such as credit and debit cards or mobile payments.

How To Get Last Minute Harry Potter Studio Tickets When They Are Sold Out On The Official Website

As you have probably seen already on the official website, the tickets sell out very fast and it is almost impossible to get a ticket last minute. Normally, you need to book the tickets in advance, usually 3-4 months ahead.

However, the good news is that there are a lot of resellers that can sell the tickets and you can check all of them to see if something is available. You are also in the right place to avoid checking tens of websites: in fact, TourScanneraggregates all of them and you can easily check what is available.

There are also few tours leaving from Birmingham, if this is an option for you. You might book one and meet your group at the Warner Bros Studio if you are located in Central London and you cannot leave from Birmingham.

If you dont find anything available on TourScanner, then, its probably really sold out everywhere. However, even though you will not be able to visit the Warner Bros Studio, you can visit other places and landmarks in London in which the movie was recorded, such a Diagon Alley, Platform 9 ¾, Gringotts Bank, etc. The price for such guided walking tours starts from £15 . .

The last option is to join a Harry Potter Locations Tour in Oxford, if you plan to visit Oxford. Many scenes were filmed in the old University of Oxford.

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Do You Need A Tour Ticket To Do The Afternoon Tea

Yes, unfortunately you can not come just for the afternoon tea, or even just to shop in the gift shop. They consider all of these things to be part of the experience, and thus you need an actual tour ticket to get in to the building. Then you will also need an additional ticket for the afternoon tea.

Harry Potter Studios London: All You Need To Know

Get Ready | Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

A few years ago, I visited the Harry Potter Studios London with my Dad as a joint birthday gift.

We flew from Edinburgh to London for the weekend and visited the Harry Potter Warner Brother Studios for the day. (We spent the Sunday lying in Hyde Park and doing some of the main London Attractions.

Although the trip was in 2017 , I was recently asked for tips on how to visit. So Im answering all the things you need to know for a successful day trip to the Harry Potter Studios in London.

  • How Long To Spend There?

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What Will I See At The Harry Potter Museum In London

The Studio is sometimes referred as the Harry Potter Museum, since you will see many items used in the movie. The Harry Potter Museum is built inside the Warner Brothers Studio in London. You will delve into the world of Harry Potter and discover the magic hidden behind the most successful film series of all time. You can wander through some of the films most famous sets and you can see the costumes on display.

Perfect for family fun as well as for wizardry lovers, this behind-the-scenes walking tour takes you to:

  • Stroll down Diagon Alley
  • Past the shop of Ollivanders Wand Shop
  • Flourish and Blotts
  • Check out Harrys Nimbus 2000
  • Hop on Hagridss Motorcycle
  • Step into the actual Great Hall
  • The Gryffindor common room
  • Try the popular beverage Butterbeer

Dont Get Carried Away In The Gift Shop

The gift shop is full of really wonderful stuff but it is expensive, so dont get carried away. While youre browsing, feel free to try things on. We tried on the cloaks of our favourite houses and took pictures of each other. Staff didnt seem to mind. If you know youre likely to get carried away and run up a huge debt, you may want to set yourself a budget prior to going.

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How To Get To Harry Potter Studio Tour From London

There are several ways to get to the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour from London to see a world of witches and wizardry. The best way is to take a shuttle bus from London Victoria Coach Station or Baker Street, but youll need to buy your entrance ticket to the Harry Potter Tour separately. We also offer Harry Potter Studio tickets that include transportation from Central London. Alternatively, take the train, which goes from London Euston station to Watford Junction, and from Watford Junction take the shuttle bus. For this option, you need to purchase your Studio Tour entrance tickets directly from the Warner Bros website. If you are unable to find tickets to get to the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour from London check out our help page.

Getting To Harry Potter Studios Faqs

Getting to Harry Potter Studio Tour from Victoria Station

Q. Where are the Harry Potter Studios located?A. The Harry Potter Studios are located about 20 miles from London at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, Studio Tour Drive, Leavesden, WD25 7LR.Q. Is parking available at the Harry Potter Studios in London?A. Yes. You can avail the free parking services outside the Harry Potter Studios by simply displaying your ticket. Priority parking is also available for visitors next to the studio entrance however, you would have to book and pay for your spot in advance. Q. What is the best time to opt for a Harry Potter Studio Tour?A. If you’re looking for lesser crowds, November to March is the best time to go for a Harry Potter Studio tour. However, if you’re looking for a magical experience, you can go for a tour during the Christmas season and witness the magical festivities first-hand. Q. What is the best way to get to the Harry Potter Studios in London?A. While you can take a bus and/or train to reach the Harry Potter Studios in London, the best commute option is to opt for a return transfer as part of your tour. This way you don’t have to plan to commute back and forth to London. Q. Are Harry Potter Studio tours wheelchair-accessible?A. Yes. All Harry Potter Studio tours are wheelchair-accessible. Some locations might be difficult to navigate like Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Bridge.

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Is The Harry Potter Studio Tour In London Worth It

The Harry Potter Studio tour at Warner Bros is expensive. BUT, I think its totally worth it, especially if you are visiting London with kids, or love the books and movies yourself.

If I compare it to other attractions Ive done around the world, the price is good for what you get. There is no price on magic!

Its one of Londons best attractions for a reason so I would allow room in your budget for it.

All of us LOVED it. Kalyra was thrilled when we told the girls we were going to London because it meant she could finally go to the studios a dream of hers for years.

Our kids at the entrance

Craig hasnt seen all of the movies, nor read any of the books, yet he thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

Savannah has only read a few of the books and is starting to become more of a devoted fan. She decked herself out with Ravenclaw gear after visiting the Studios.

Harry Potter World London is a fantastic way to allow muggle children to feel magic and help them discover what can happen when you dream big. That alone is worth the ticket price.

Next, Ill share a few Harry Potter World tour extras that may enhance the magic.

What Is The Harry Potter Tour London

A fantastic self-guided tour

The Making of Harry Potter is a self-guided tour that takes you through two soundstages and a backlot filled with original sets, props, costumes, animatronic creatures, and special effects from the movies.

For more than a decade, talented men and women and childhood stars filled this studio to give life to the magic of the books we all love so much into our real worlds.

Thousands of artifacts were left behind after filming finished in 2010, so in order to preserve and showcase them and bring the filmmaking magic to Harry Potter fans around the world, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London The Making of Harry Potter was created.

Cool artifacts to explore

Doors opened on the 31st of March 2012 to thousands of wannabe wizards and witches from around the world and it has since become one of the best things to do in London.

There are many Harry Potter film locations all over the UK, but they filmed most of the last movies in the series in the lots at the Warner Bros Studio in London.

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How To Get To Harry Potter Studios London

This article has links to products and services we love, which we may make commission from.

If you are an avid Harry Potter fan, then you will have read the books and seen the films. You dont ever want that magic to die, so whats next? Now its time to visit the Harry Potter Studios. London is a mecca for those who love all things, Harry Potter, and fans can even visit the set! This guide details how to get to Harry Potter Studios from London.

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What To See And Do At Warner Bros Studio Tour London


Enter into the magical world of Harry Potter and see iconic props, sets and costumes galore, with the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London.

Tour highlights include:

  • Shop-lined Diagon Alley, featuring fan-favourite Ollivanders wand shop.
  • Gringotts Wizarding Bank, with its towering marble columns and crystal chandeliers also featuring the Bellatrix Lestrange Vault and a gallery of goblins.
  • The Forbidden Forest set, complete with 19 impressively large trees.
  • The Great Hall, with its wooden banquet tables, student costumes and props.
  • Quidditch uniforms and Yule Ball gowns.
  • Iconic creature props, including The Basilisk, Buckbeak and Aragog.
  • The Backlot Café, where you can enjoy a frothy, non-alcoholic Butterbeer.
  • Popular exterior sets, including the Knight Bus and Hogwarts Bridge. The inside of Privet Drive is closed to maintain social distancing.

Cant get enough of the Harry Potter universe? Delve deeper with special exhibitions and experiences, including the annual, ever-popular Hogwarts in the Snow. Plus, make sure to also plan a visit to the The Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition at the London Film Museum.

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Arriving From The North

Exit the M1 at Junction 6a and merge onto the M25 . Exit the M25 at Junction 20 and head south east on the A41 towards London . Keep in the left hand lane at the Hunton Bridge roundabout. Move into the left hand lane for the A405 . Take the left hand fork ahead and then take the first exit at the roundabout into the Studio Tour.

Can I Use Oyster Card To Watford Junction

Yes, you can use your Oyster card or Travel Card to travel from London Euston to the Harry Potter studios. Watford Junction is located in Zone 6 so make sure your travel card covers this area. Once in Watford Junction, just show your entry ticket to the studios for that day to driver and youre good to go!

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Free Travel For Kids Under 11

On the London Underground, London Overground and London’s red buses, kids under 11 travel free without a ticket. On the national railways only kids under 5 travel free.

With both London Overground and Midland trains of the national railways both running along the same track an exception has been made that kids under 11 can travel free on Midland trains between Euston and Watford Junction only.

How To Get To The Harry Potter Studio Tour London

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Is the Harry Potter Studio Tour London on your bucket list?

Before you get too excited, you need to realise its not an easy place to visit. Sadly, its like Stonehenge because its isolated from everything.

Many people know about the Warner Bros Studio Tour where you can see so many treasures from the Harry Potter films. However, they dont know the quest for getting there is worthy of its own adventure novel well at least a chapter in one!

I was lucky to go with my British husband the first time I visited Warner Bros, because he drives. However, when I went to see Hogwarts in the Snow, the special Christmas event at the attraction, he wasnt available to chauffeur.

Warner Bros Studio is 20 miles northwest of Central London. As an American expat living here, I havent tried driving on the wrong side of the road yet. I imagine most travellers to London arent renting or hiring cars for their holidays either.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour review I wrote regularly triggers questions from readers about location. Nearly everyone asks about options for how to get to the Warner Bros studio.

You can visit the Studios webpage for directions. However, they arent as simple as they appear. As an American expat living in London, Ive put together a list of what happens with each option.

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