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Why Is Harry Potter So Good

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Psychological And Sociological Conditions Of The Success

Why was Harry Potter so successful?

If you think of the Harry Potter phenomenon, you will need to know that childhood has changed in recent years. Today children live in a consumer society full of media and risk.39 It is well-known that children and teenager are afraid of the future because of high unemployment and that the world around them make high demands is another reason. In this connection the wish to have magical tendencies like Harry Potter and then to be prepared for challenges in the future has a special meaning. Children are also an important part of product planning in the global economy. It does not depend on which social rang they belong to, that does not alter the fact that all children have similar wishes of consumption.40

Children are according to what is in in their surroundings. If for example Harry Potter is in, they will be fascinated of them. And if they were not interested in modern things they would often be isolated by other children.41 Most children are fixated on friends and other children because their family life is often chaotic and their everyday life is not structured. So children and teenager look for a social security and often find them in their clique. They need attention and the feeling of solidarity to be socially acceptable.

Harry Potter And The Half

In the sixth book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry enters a tumultuous puberty that, Rowling says, is based on her and her younger sister’s own difficult teenage years. Rowling also made an intimate statement about Harry’s personal life: “Because of the demands of the adventure that Harry is following, he has had less sexual experience than boys of his age might have had.” This inexperience with romance was a factor in Harry’s failed relationship with Cho. Now his thoughts concern Ginny, and a vital plot point in the last chapter includes Harry ending their budding romance to protect her from Voldemort.

This book also focuses on the mysterious activities of Harry’s rival Draco Malfoy. Voldemort has coerced a frightened Malfoy into attempting to kill Dumbledore. During a duel in Moaning Myrtle‘s bathroom, Harry uses the Half-Blood Prince’s spell, Sectumsempra, on Malfoy, who suffers near-fatal injuries as a result. Harry is horrified by what he has done and also comes to feel sympathy for Draco, after learning he was forced to do Voldemort’s bidding under the threat of his and his parents’ deaths.

S: Film Work During Harry Potter

In 2002, Radcliffe made his stage debut as a celebrity guest in a West End theatre production of The Play What I Wrote, directed by Kenneth Branagh who also appeared with him in the second Harry Potter film. He appeared in the film , an Australian family drama about four orphans that was shot in 2005 and released to theaters in mid-September 2007. Also in 2007, Radcliffe co-starred with Carey Mulligan in My Boy Jack, a television drama film shown on ITV on Remembrance Day. The film received mostly positive reviews, with several critics praising Radcliffe’s performance as an 18-year-old who goes missing in action during a battle. Radcliffe stated, “For many people my age, the First World War is just a topic in a history book. But I’ve always been fascinated by the subject and think it’s as relevant today as it ever was.”

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He Stole A Lollipop From Neville Longbottoms Mouth

Harry uses his invisibility cloak to pull off all kinds of mischief, including sneaking into Hogsmeade.

The first time Harry pulls this trick, he emerges from the passage from Hogwarts into the cupboard of a sweet shop, Honeydukes.

Off Harry goes, most probably in search of Hermione and Ron, when he passes Neville enjoying a lollipop.

In an outrageous display of entitlement, Harry swipes said lollipop straight from Nevilles hand.

Not only is this incredibly disgusting and unhygienic, but it shows a complete lack of regard for poor old Neville, the real hero of the story.

What Makes Harry Potter So Magical

Why Harry Potter So Good

When author J.K. Rowling had the idea for the Harry Potter stories, she was on a delayed train from Manchester to London. She was very excited about her idea, and started outlining the plots almost straight away. However, what she didnt know was, years later, that idea would turn into the bestselling series of books ever to be published.

But what causes us to love this young wizard so much? What are the reasons why his story has spread right across the world and reached so many different people?

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He Toyed With Ginny Weasleys Emotions

The Weasleys invited Harry into their home in his time of need, caring for him as one of their own.

You might think that Harry would repay their generosity with kindness and gratitude. But remember, this is Harry Potter were talking about.

Harry is far too important to lower himself like that, instead revelling in the glow of Ginnys undying adoration, all whilst keeping her at arms length.

Ginny finally realises Harry just isnt cut out for a relationship and starts to move on, even showing interest in other boys.

However, Harry becomes overwhelmed with jealousy, and decides he does actually like her after all. Make your mind up, pal.

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part : The Battle Of Hogwarts

It is not hard to understand why The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is always alongside The Prisoner Of Azkaban in the conversation of what is the best Harry Potter film. The movie moves at a breakneck pace, and it is a lot to take in, especially coming after a relatively calm entry, but this does not take away from the quality.

There are definitely people who will prefer a more full, fleshed-out story that moves at a steadier pace, but this movie is such an epic phenomenon jam-packed with emotion, action, jaw-dropping visuals, and iconic moments, all of which add up to make it perhaps the best of the lot. The central part of the movie that makes it easy to argue as the best is the entire Battle of Hogwarts, from McGonnagle shining to Molly destroying Bellatrix to Harry’s death to Ron and Hermione’s kiss to the heartbreaking “Always.” there is so much to love in every minute of the film, especially in that portion.

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A Very Frosty Christmas

Harry Potter, Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin, Arthur, and Ginny Weasley while the Burrow is attacked by some Death Eaters

  • There has been an additional scene in the film which has no book equivalent. The Burrow is attacked by Death Eaters during the Christmas holidays. Bellatrix Lestrange and Fenrir Greyback are the only Death Eaters shown. Greyback flies and lands in a ball of flame and casts a ring of fire around the Burrow . Lestrange lands in black smoke and taunts Harry, chanting “I killed Sirius Black! I killed Sirius Black!” Harry takes off after her in rage. Ginny takes off after him, trying to stop him. Lupin, Tonks, and Arthur Weasley follow them into the grassy marsh. While the five are lost in the field, looking for the Death Eaters, the Death Eaters take off and set the Burrow aflame, burning it presumably to the ground, before leaving. There is no further mention in the film of how the home is restored or what happened to it afterwards. The Burrow was supposed to be protected against the Death Eaters, and they simply set fire to it with no effort. By the time Harry returns to it in the film adaptation Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, the Burrow had already been rebuilt.

Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange and werewolf Fenrir Greyback attacking the Burrow with the ring of fire

The Effects Of Polyjuice Potion Aren’t Consistent In The Films

Why is Harry Potter SO popular? | Harry Potter

When Ron and Harry use Polyjuice Potion to transform into Crabbe and Goyle in the second book, Harry’s thoughts read, “… Then he realized that his glasses were clouding his eyes because Goyle obviously didn’t need them he took them off and called, ‘Are you two okay?’ Goyle’s low rasp of a voice issued from his mouth.”

This clearly tells readers that under the effects of the potion you take on both the vision and voice of the person you’ve become. But this isn’t what we see play out in the films.

For one thing, in the second movie, Harry keeps his glasses on until Draco questions it, insinuating that he doesn’t get Goyle’s vision from drinking the potion. That also creates a discrepancy in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1” when Hermione uses Polyjuice Potion to become Harry and remarks on how terrible his eyesight is.

Additionally, Ron and Harry maintain their own voices in the second movie, which is consistent with the characters who become Harry in the first “Deathly Hallows” film, but still inconsistent with the book’s description.

The inconsistencies continue when you take into account that when Barty Crouch Jr. uses Polyjuice Potion to impersonate Mad-Eye Moody in the fourth movie, his voice seemingly does transform.

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Harry Potter Structure Analysis: Scene

Ive thought a lot about that , but keep reading

All the chapters in Harry Potter have a start, middle, and end. Many scenes, especially in the first books, usually starts with the ROUTINE . Harry, Ron, and Hermione are in Hogwarts, or on the train, or Harry is living his life at Dursleys. We, as readers, get to their daily lives with them. We go to classes, Quidditch, or to buy the products at Diagonal Alley.

Then, in the middle of the scene, something out of the ordinary happens. We arent expecting that to happen, because we are used to the kids routine at the school. It can be something BIG like Voldemort or it can be something like Harry bumping into Nick and he inviting Harry to a Halloween Party.

And, then, in the end, the conflict that was planted in the middle of the scene advances and she leaves it to be solved in the next chapter, so you cant stop reading it.

So, we have this chill time in the beginning of the scene, where we just hang out with the characters and experience the magic .

You can see that especially in the first books, and in the first chapters of those books, we have this time to bond with the characters.

I see this problem in many fantasy books: its packed with action 100% of the time, from the first line to the last. This isnt a problem, you know how I tell you that a chapter doesnt exist without conflict, however, a book with conflict only will make your readers burnout. Its all about BALANCE. And Rowling gives it perfectly to us.

He Ghosts Hermione After She Tries To Help Him

Harry is thrilled when he receives a surprise gift in the mail, which turns out to be a Firebolt broomstick.

All of Harrys Quidditch related dreams have come true, and its remarkable timing considering his Nimbus 2000 has literally just been destroyed.

Whilst Harry and Ron are wrapped up in the excitement of it all, Hermione is the voice of reason, explaining that she thinks Sirius Black is behind the gift.

At this stage, Hermione, Ron and Harry are still of the belief that Sirius is a violent criminal. Considering this, its fair to say that Hermione is quite justified in going to Professor McGonagall over her concerns for her friends safety.

Harry, though, is furious, and refuses to speak to or even acknowledge his best friend, despite the fact that Hermione was clearly acting in his best interests.

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Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

In the second book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Rowling pits Harry against Tom Riddle, Lord Voldemort’s “memory” within a secret diary which has possessed Ron’s younger sister Ginny. When Muggle-born students are suddenly being Petrified, many suspect that Harry may be behind the attacks, further alienating him from his peers. Furthermore, Harry begins to doubt his worthiness for House of Gryffindor, particularly considering he discovers he shares Lord Voldemort’s ability to communicate with snakes via Parseltongue. In the climax, Ginny disappears. To rescue her, Harry battles Riddle and the monster he controls that is hidden in the Chamber of Secrets. To defeat the monster, Harry summons the Sword of Godric Gryffindor from the Sorting Hat supplied by Dumbledore’s pet phoenix, Fawkes. In doing so, Dumbledore later restores Harry’s self-esteem by explaining that that feat is clear proof of his worthiness of his present house.

You May Know A Few Things Already But Thats Ok

Reasons why Harry Potter is better than Twilight

If youve not read the books, that doesnt mean you havent seen a Harry Potter film on the television. Or maybe a friend or family-member has told you all about how theyre a Gryffindor, and youre like, What? So you might know bits and bobs about the adventure already but dont worry. Itll all make sense once you start at the beginning. Just maybe ask your friends to be nice and not spoil anything for you!

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Mad Eye Moody Is Pretty Awesome

OK, I’ll be honest and say that both Mad-Eye Moodys are pretty awesome, even if one of them is a Death Eater. Moody’s introduction not only gives us a really awesome backstory, but also introduces us to the concept of an Auror, or dark wizard hunter. The real Alastor seemed like an incredibly cool character, and that was confirmed in later books, but the real star is the Fake Moody, aka Barty Crouch Jr. Not only did he do awesome things like turn Draco Malfoy into a ferret for being a jerk, but he also refused to treat his class with kid gloves. Students were introduced to the unforgivable curses with complete bravery, and what’s more, it seemed as though he really knew how to nurture the inner talents of his students. Sure, it was all part of an elaborate ruse to kill Harry Potter and bring the Dark Lord back into power, but good ole Barty Crouch Jr. definitely should have considered teaching if he never got into the whole Death Eater thing.

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

Harry first appears in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Starting in 1981, when Harry was just one year old, his parents, James and Lily, were murdered by the most powerful Dark Wizard, Lord Voldemort . He attempted to kill Harry too, but was unsuccessful and only left a lightning bolt shaped scar on Harry’s forehead. Voldemort’s body was destroyed, but his soul was not. Harry later learns that the reason why he survived was that his mother sacrificed herself for him, and her love was something that Voldemort could not destroy.

According to Rowling, fleshing out this back story was a matter of reverse planning: “The basic idea Harry … didn’t know he was a wizard … and so then I kind of worked backwards from that position to find out how that could be, that he wouldn’t know what he was… That’s… When he was one year old, the most evil wizard for hundreds and hundreds of years attempted to kill him. He killed Harry’s parents, and then he tried to kill Harryhe tried to curse him…. Harry has to find out, before we find out. And for some mysterious reason, the curse didn’t work on Harry. So he’s left with this lightning-bolt shaped scar on his forehead, and the curse rebounded upon the evil wizard who has been in hiding ever since”.

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Hes An Attention Seeker

Although seemingly modest and reserved, Harry evidently secretly craves the attention that comes with being the boy who lived.

He constantly puts himself in life-threatening situations in order to gain attention. A classic example of this is at the Triwizard Game Tournament, where Harry is tasked with rescuing Ginny from the bottom of the lake.

Instead of sticking to the task he was given, Harry decides it is his duty to rescue all of the participants rescuees.

Harry ensures he is the sole centre of attention, breaking to the surface in a state of exhaustion and self-congratulatory superiority, despite the fact that none of the people really needed saving.

Lets face it, Dumbledore would never have allowed these innocent people to drown during what is essentially a school sports day.

He Takes Advantage Of His Friends

Why was Harry so RICH? Did he STAY Rich after Philosopher’s Stone? – Harry Potter Theory

Ron and Hermione stick by Harrys side through thick and thin. And what do they get in return? Not a lot, if were honest.

Harry takes all the credit, when a lot of the hard work is actually down to Ron, Hermione and various other talented young witches and wizards .

Ron is humble and caring, while Hermione is intelligent and a dedicated student. Yet Harry, due to his fame and sizeable inheritance, is the star of the show.

Harry frequently throws his pals under the bus, including the time when he and Ron take Mr. Weasleys car. Sure, Ron could have put a stop to this, but with Harrys frequent temper tantrums, who knows when hell have yet another violent outburst?

Harry pays no mind to the trouble Ron will get into, nor the consequences for the Weasleys themselves.

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He Got To Name All Of His Children

When it comes to naming kids, one would expect the mother and father to have somewhat of an equal say in the matter.

But Harry is just so full of ingenious ideas that he has the privilege of naming all three of his children: James Sirius, Albus Severus and Lily Luna.

Of course, you just have to name your second-born child after the man who mercilessly taunted you all throughout your teenage years.

And its a great idea to name the remaining children after your dead parents after all, which child wouldnt want a constant reminder that theyre stepping into the shoes of their long-deceased ancestors?!

Before we get too angry over the injustice of it all, lets just remind ourselves that all Ginny did was carry each child in her stomach for nine months, after which time she painstakingly gave birth to them. She really has no naming rights

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