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What Is Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

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Emma Watson Originally Wore False Teeth As Hermione

harry potter and the philosophers stone

Emma Watson was originally going to wear false teeth to mimic her characters unconventional appearance as described in the book however she was unable to talk properly with the false teeth in her mouth so this idea was also dropped. Emma Watson has also stated in interviews that she hated how her hair looked in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, stating it was too bushy. In subsequent films, her hair was made to look more wavy instead.

Jk Rowling Only Allowed British & Irish Actors To Be Cast

J. K. Rowling insisted that the entire cast of the Harry Potter films must be from Britain and Ireland. Actors from overseas were only used when absolutely necessary including in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when French and Eastern European students are introduced.;

Open calls were held for the three lead characters to play Harry, Ron and Hermione and Chris Columbus only considered children without stage parents.; J.K. Rowling also insisted that Richard Harris play Dumbledore and Fiona Shaw play Petunia Dursley. Sir Alec Guinness was considered for the role of Dumbledore but he sadly died shortly before casting.;

J.K. Rowling has said many times that she had no role in choosing the director of the Harry Potter films.

Steve Kloves Had To Remove One Line Of His Script Due To Spoilers

There are a few minor deviations from the book version of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone however the films director Chris Columbus regularly checked with J. K. Rowling making sure to get all of the minor details correct. Interestingly in the first script for Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, the screen writer Steve Kloves had to remove a line of dialogue because J. K. Rowling said that it would directly contradict an event in the unreleased fifth instalment of the series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

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The Dean Of Gloucester Cathedral Was A Harry Potter Fan

Reverend Nicholas Bury, the Dean of Gloucester Cathedral took a completely different stance and claim to be a huge fan of the Harry Potter series allowing the production to be filmed at Gloucester Cathedral instead. There was a large media outcry when the public found out that Gloucester Cathedral was going to be used for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Protesters wrote letters into local newspapers claiming that the production was blasphemous and many promised to block access to the Cathedral to anyone associated with the films production. Amusingly when it came down to a protest, local reports suggest that only one person turned up.

The religious imagery and modern signage used in Gloucester Cathedral had to be concealed behind panels that were painted to match the rest of the stone walls. The stained glass windows had to be modified in order to hide religious imagery and conceal the fact that the building is a church. Some of the religious symbols were covered with coloured plastic filter paper to blend in with the surrounding glass.;

One instance included covering a stained glass window which depicted the naked figures of Adam and Eve. The production team covered them up with these filters and made them look like they were wearing Wizard Clothing and Lightening Scars instead.

Chapter : The Vanishing Glass

Harry Potter and the Philosopher
Aunt Petunia often said that Dudley looked like a baby angel – Harry often said that Dudley looked like a pig in a wig.
Description of the Dursleys’ son

Dudley counting his presents

Ten years pass since the Dursleys have awoken to find Harry Potter lying on their doorstep, and Privet Drive and the Dursleys’ house has not changed since that day. The only difference is the vast number of pictures of Dudley Dursley throughout his life. There is no sign that Harry Potter lives there, however, in the Cupboard Under the Stairs, Harry sleeps, in a very cramped space with a lot of spiders. Petunia comes to his door and wakes him with a shrill voice. Harry is trying to think about the dream he had been having. It was about a flying motorbike, and he thinks he has had the same dream before. Aunt Petunia tells him to make some bacon, as she wants everything perfect for Dudley’s 11th birthday. Harry dresses into a pair of Dudley’s old clothes and goes into the kitchen, where the table is covered in Dudley’s presents.

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What Is The Message Of Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone

There are several messages in Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. However, the most important message in Harry Potter is that love and friendship triumph over anything no matter how fear-inducing the obstacles may be. Another message in this book is also that taking action in the face of adversity despite fear is the true sign of bravery.

Chris Columbus Was Disappointed With The Special Effects In Philosophers Stone

The director Chris Columbus however has said in interviews that he was disappointed with the way the special effects looked in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone stating that they seemed rushed and where never up to anyones standards. He aimed to improve them in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets which came out in 2002.;

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Spielberg Turned Down Directing The Harry Potter Franchise

Chris Columbus was chosen as the director of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone from a shortlist of Directors that included Steven Spielberg and Rob Reiner . Stephen Spielberg did negotiate to direct the film however he declined reportedly because he wanted the Harry Potter adaptation to be an animated film. It is also reported that he wanted the actor Haley Joel Osment, known for films such as The Sixth Sense to voice Harry Potter. Producer David Heyman has said in interviews that Spielberg opted to direct the film A.I. Artificial Intelligence instead.

In an interview with Hollywood com, Spielberg is quoted in saying that the Harry Potter films, while a commercial certainty, were not a challenge to direct. Its just a slam dunk. Its just like with drawing $1 billion and putting it into your personal bank accounts. There is no challenge.

They Released Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone Video Games

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – Opening Scene

A video game based on Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was released on the 15th of November 2001 by EA Games. A port for the GameCube, PlayStation Two and Xbox was released in 2003. Lego also created a Lego Creator video game as well as a series of sets based on the buildings and scenes from the film. Hasbro produced confectionary products based on the Philosophers Stone and Mattel won the rights to produce toys based on the film exclusively sold through Warner Bros stores.

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What Is Written On Top Of The Mirror Of Erised

The engraving on the top of the Mirror of Erised reads Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi. When one reads this backward, the sentence becomes more apparent I show you not your face, but your hearts desire. This is the very purpose of the mirror and the engraving works as a clever stylistic device to create mystery in the readers mind till it becomes apparent.

In Harry Potter What Is The Philosopher’s Stone

The idea of a Philosopher’s Stone is a common one in European mythology. J.K. Rowling borrowed the idea of an alchemically created stone with magical properties for her popular Harry Potter series. In the Harry Potter books, there is only one Philosopher’s Stone, created by Nicolas Flamel in the 1400s. Flamel’s stone is able to transform objects into gold and produce an Elixir of Life which grants the drinker immortality.

The magical item first appeared in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which was released under the title Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in the United States. Scholastic, the American publisher of the Harry Potter books, believed that American readers would not be as drawn to a book about a Philosopher’s Stone. This choice has been criticized, along with the Americanization of the Harry Potter books released in the United States: small changes were made in the language that characters used out of a fear that Americans would not understand it.

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Harry Potter And Other Film Series

Harry Potter

After reading J. K. Rowling’s 1997 fantasy novel , Columbus expressed a strong desire to direct the film adaptation. In 2000, he convinced to select him as director for it. The film is the first installment of the and was written by and produced by . The story follows ‘s first year at and his self-discovery as a famous wizard. Columbus relocated to the United Kingdom with his family in order to focus on directing. Columbus recalls the casting process was “very intense”, however , , and were eventually picked for the lead roles. Filming began on September 29, 2000 and lasted for 180 days. The film premiered at the in London on November 4, 2001 to critical and commercial success, grossing $975.1 million worldwide. The film was praised for its sets, costumes, casting, musical score, cinematography and special effects. In addition, it was nominated for three Academy Awards for , and .

How Much Can You Remember About Matilda Quiz

Opinions on harry potter and the philosophers stone film

See how many of these quiz questions relating to the 1996 film Matilda you can guess correctly. Our Matilda Film quiz is comprised of 35 questions relating to the plot and the cast of the film. There are a mixture of easy, medium and difficult questions which will be ones for those who have seen the film over and over like us!

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Philosophers Stone Sets Up The Series Overall Theme

At its core the Harry Potter series is about our attitudes towards death, and how we face the idea and reality of it. As mentioned above, Lord Voldemort was defined by his fear and anxiety of death, and devoted his life to conquering and worrying about it. This is no way to live, says J.K. Rowling. We must treat death as not something to be cheated, but as a natural part of life. Take her lesson on what it really means to be the Master of Death: It is not about striving for immortality, but about accepting mortality.

You see the birth of this theme in Philosophers Stone. Compare Dumbledores attitude towards death with Voldemorts, for example. When Dumbledore told Harry that the Stone must be destroyed, therefore condemning his friend Nicolas Flamel and his wife to die, he reacted to Harrys dismay with: To one as young as you, Im sure it seems incredible, but to Nicolas and Perenelle, it really is like going to bed after a very, very long day. After all, to the well-organised mind, death is but the next great adventure.

Its this attitude, and this wisdom, which will guide Harry right up until Deathly Hallows, where he must confront death himself, with a focused mind and a brave heart. And that, ultimately, is why he won, while Voldemort lost.

Hagrid Should Actually Be Able To Spell

You may remember Hagrids sweet yet poor attempt at a birthday cake for Harrys 11th birthday in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. In the film it looks quite squished and he has the misspelt Happee Birthdae Harry on it. However in the books, J.K. Rowling suggests Hagrid is able to spell perfectly well. The cake is described as a large sticky chocolate cake with Happy Birthday Harry written on it in green icing.;

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Why Did They Change Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone

JK Rowling agreed to change the title of the book from «;Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone;» to «;Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone;» because the publishers thought that American readers wouldnt pick up a book called «;Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone;» because they would associate the word Philosopher .

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Robin Williams Wanted To Play Hagrid

Harry IS The Philosophers Stone | Harry Potter Theory

Huge Hollywood actors Robin Williams and Rosie ODonnell were two fans who asked for a role in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone without being paid. They wanted to play Molly Weasley and Hagrid. They didnt get the roles – even with the no cash incentive – because J. K. Rowling was strict about casting actors from the UK and Ireland only.;

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Writing Style And Tone

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone;is written with simple language and is easy to follow especially as it is a childrens book. The writing style is primarily in the basic third person without any evident experimental styles.

The tone of the novel is sometimes funny and even engaging. J.K. Rowling evokes humorous situations within the text by alluding to certain characters of the book whom Harry dislikes. Examples include Aunt Petunia, who is written as a nosy neighbor, Uncle Vernon as a rude, rule-following, and boring man, and his cousin Dudley as a spoilt brat who is pampered beyond repair by his parents.;;

When Harry Faced Voldemort

Chess is a game of logic and Rons sacrifice is part of a strategy, albeit one that he has to come up with on the spot. When Harry comes face-to-sort-of-face with Voldemort he has no such scope to strategise hes completely blindsided by the red eyes staring at him from beneath Quirrells turban. With no idea whats coming, theres not much Harry can do except think quickly and hope.

Which is why what he does hope for is so impressive. When Voldemort instructs Quirrell to put Harry in front of the Mirror of Erised and work out how to get the Philosophers Stone, Harry subverts all Voldemorts expectations by picturing himself finding the Stone in order to keep it safe. He doesnt want to use it; hes not even thinking about the glory of outwitting Voldemort. He just wants to keep it away from him. Harrys bravery is instinctive and intuitive, and he just knows that Voldemort with the Philosophers Stone would be a very bad situation.

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Jk Rowling Was Advised To Not Publish Under The Name Joanne

J.K. Rowling was asked by her publisher in the early days of her writing career to shorten her name to J.K. instead of Joanne as they believed this would make Harry Potter more appealing to young teenage boys who may be unwilling to read a book written by a woman. Can you believe it! She has since written crime fiction for adults under the male pseudonym Robert Galbraith too.

Alan Rickman Knew Snapes Backstory From The First Film

Watch Full Harry Potter and the Philosopher

J. K. Rowling herself chose Alan Rickman for the part of Severus Snape and while filming, she gave him special insights into Snapes back story and personality. This was so that he could play a convincing performance taking on board his characters past which would only be revealed to audiences in the final novel and film. We assume Alan Rickman was told of Snapes long harboured love to Harrys Mother Lily and dislike of his Father James.;

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Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone Grossed Us$billion

The budget of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was US$125 million and grossed US$974 million at the Box Office worldwide during its initial run and has since grossed over US$1 billion with subsequent rereleases. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone became the highest grossing film of 2001 and the second highest grossing film at the time.

Chapter : The Boy Who Lived

To Harry Potter – The Boy Who Lived
People meeting in secret all over the country to offer a toast to Harry

Vernon and Petunia Dursley, of Number Four Privet Drive , are proud to say that they are perfectly normal. They are the last people youd expect to be involved in anything strange or mysterious, because they just dont hold with such nonsense. Vernon is the director of a drill-making firm called Grunnings, and Petunia keeps house and raises their one-year-old son Dudley.

On Tuesday, 1 November1981, the Dursleys begin the day by gossiping about their neighbours while Petunia wrestles their toddler into his high chair. None of them notice a large tawny owl flying past their window, but Vernon does notice the tabby cat reading a map and a street sign outside their house. He forces himself to forget the sight, but upon arriving in town, he notices large groups of people wearing cloaks. He eavesdrops on them and hears them talking about the Potters and their son Harry. Vernon finds this horrifying because the Potters are his in-laws, and he and Petunia wouldnt want anyone to find out about them.

When he leaves work at the end of the day, he bumps into a small man wearing a cloak, but when he tries to apologise, the man hugs him and tells him that even muggles like him should be celebrating today because You-Know-Who has been defeated.

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