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What Is At Universal Studios Harry Potter

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Do The Universal Studios Harry Potter Robes Come With A Wand Pocket

How to Experience The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

All robes sold at Universal Studios Orlando and Hollywood come with a pocket on the inside of the robes. This pocket is designed to hold your wand when you are not doing spells or using magic.

Each pocket is large enough and long enough to fit in the interactive wands and normal wands sold within the Universal Studios parks.

How Much Do The Robes Cost

The official Universal Studios Harry Potter robes cost $115. This is within the park grounds and are at the highest price.

You can, however, purchase robes elsewhere before you come to Universal Studios at a more affordable rate and save the extra money and put it towards a wand or magical creature.

Take Your Posed Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Photos During Early Entry

Your kids will gladly pose for photos in Hogsmeade if you are patient and wait to take them on day two of your adventure during the early entry hour.

Yes, you want a photo of your kids in front of the Hogwarts Express at the entrance to Hogsmeade. Yes, you want a picture of them in front of the gigantic, life-sized Hogwarts Castle too. But dont be that parent who forces their kid to stand still and pose every two-minutes while theyre entering Hogsmeade for the first time, it is a recipe for disaster. Take candid shots instead and let them embrace the magic as they enter the park for the first time.

Save posed photos for your second day of your Harry Potter trip. Your kids will be relaxed, and you can ask them to pose for classic photos without issue. Enjoy the open space and take advantage of peak lighting.

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HEADS-UP: It isnt uncommon to have a mid-day sprinkle. If you have light raincoats, pack them!

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No Diagon Alley In Hollywood

Harry Potter fans will probably be sad and disappointed to learn that there is no Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Hollywood. Youd have to travel to Universal Studios Florida to enjoy this attraction. Its definitely worth visiting someday if you can swing it, though.

Overall, the Orlando park has a lot to offer. Goals, right? The good news is that youll still have a spectacular time in Southern California!

Ride Harry Potter And The Forbidden Journey

One day Itinerary for visiting Harry Potter at Universal ...

Without a doubt, the main attraction in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride. The impressive Hogwarts building which we have eyed for years from the highway, towers over the park like a beacon. It is such a delight to see it up close and get to explore it.

The first part of this journey takes you on a walking tour through Hogwarts where you will see actual props and replicas from the films. Check out the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, Dumbledores office, and so much more. This is one of the few times you actually want to wait in line as the line is what takes you through Hogwarts.

Once you reach the end of the line, the actual ride begins. You will board an intense, but amazingly fun ride that is part roller coaster, part virtual reality with spectacular 3D technology in use. Hold onto your stuff as things fly around here!

Note:You must store all of your belongings that cannot fit into your pocket in lockers before getting in line. Lockers are free and secured by your fingerprint. They are not very large though so try not to bring too much stuff with you!

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Filchs Emporium Of Confiscated Goods

Location: Hogsmeade

Peruse items taken from students who got on the wrong side of the schools resident caretaker, Argus Filch. Youll find Hogwarts t-shirts, shoulder bags, caps, scarves, house crest banners, and stationery.

Pro Tip: Keep your eyes peeled for the Marauders Map and watch as inhabitants move about Hogwarts castle.

Get On The Hogwarts Express In Hogsmeade Right At 9am To Ride Over To Diagon Alley

Your Universal Express Unlimited pass is valid for use on the Hogwarts Express at 9am. In other words, you can get in line for the train to Diagon Alley at 8:20am and wait in the standard line for 40-minutes, or you can show up at 9am with your Universal Express Unlimited pass at head directly the train.

HEADS-UP: During early entry on Day Two your Express Unlimited pass becomes a nice asset with a standard Universal Express Pass you can only get in the fastpass line one time, while with a Universal Express Unlimited pass you can enjoy a ride multiple times. In other words, you can ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey again on Day Two you can skip ahead to the front of the line again!

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Hogsmeade Vs Diagon Alley: Based On The Rides

A big part of the fun at Universal is the roller coasters. Unlike Disney or other parks, which mostly focus on family-friendly rides, Universal is known for its thrilling coasters. Not just in the Wizarding World, but all throughout the parks, there is an emphasis on adrenaline-fueled coasters that speed, flip, and twist. So when comparing Diagon Alley vs. Hogsmeade Universal, it just makes sense to start with the rides.

Curious George Goes To Town

Harry Potter Wizarding World Tips & Tricks – Universal Studios Hollywood (California)
Aqua play and ball play areas

Curious George Goes to Town is a children’s aqua play and ball play area at . The attraction originally opened in 1998, on the former site of The Mansion Set used in . It was similar to the .

A similar attraction, named The Adventures of Curious George opened in March 2008 at , replacing the Nickelodeon Blast Zone. In early September 2013, the attraction was closed to make way for .

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What Time Does Harry Potter World Open

The first step is to decide how early to arrive at Universal Studios for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? We always recommend to arrive as early as possible to avoid long lines later on in the day. This is true even if you are spending a few days at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Typically, the Wizarding World Hours are the same as park open hours, meaning, as soon as the gates are open, guests are allowed to enter.

This is why Early Park Admission is so important as it allows you entry into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter up to one hour before regular park guests! Your family can hop on a ride such as Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts and save two to three hours later on in the day.

Dont forget that staying at a Universal hotel isnt the only way to get Early Park Admission. All of the Park Prodigy tickets included Early Park Admission, check out our Universal Orlando Tickets Page!

What Universal Orlando Ticket Should I Buy When Visiting Both Diagon Alley And Hogsmeade On The Same Day

The only ticket that will allow guests to visit both Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade in the same day is the Universal Orlando park-to-park ticket. Its important to note that this is also the only ticket which will allow guests to ride the Hogwarts express!

Its important to note that if you are looking for the least expensive tickets will allow you to visit one theme park per day. We suggest asking these questions when deciding which ticket is the best fit for your family. Do you plan on going and exploring the other rides at each Universal theme park? If so, then you will have plenty to do while visiting one park per day. Or do you plan on spending all of your time in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? If so, you might be better off purchasing a Universal park-to-park ticket so you can explore both Harry Potter World lands.

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Head To The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar On The Universal Citywalk 20

After enjoying your day at Islands of Adventure, think FORWARD to dinner. The restaurants on the Universal CityWalk get flooded with people as the two parks close their gates. Be proactive. Either make reservations or leave the park twenty-minutes early and skip the restaurant waits. We asked multiple Universal Studios employees the best place for a family dinner on the CityWalk, and the answer was always enthusiastically The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar.

I admit I was hesitant about the recommendation. It was a blast. Youve got to give Burgushi a try! It is a classic cheeseburger served up sushi style . They describe it as a cutting-edge fusion of sandwiches made sushi style. The Rice Crispy Treat Milkshake is a must-share dessert too!

DAY TWO Diagon Alley

Exploring All Things Harry Potter At Universal Studios Hollywood

How To Have The Best Holiday Experience Possible at the ...

One of the main attractions for our family visit to Universal Studios Hollywood was of course The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Having just finished book number 5, my 7 year old was hankering to visit our neighborhood theme park.

While the Wizarding World of Harry Potter isnt a huge section of Universal Studios Hollywood, I wanted to give a quick overview of this part of the park with some tips and tricks to get the most out of your visit.

Jump to a Heading Below

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The Shops At Universal Studios

  • Weasleys Wizard Wheezes: Puking Pastilles and other prank items devised by the Weasley twins
  • Gringotts Exchange: trade U.S. currency for Gringotts bank notes, which can be used in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade
  • Borgin & Burkes: Death Eater masks and movie replicas
  • Globus Mundi: passport holders, luggage tags, and other necessities for your magical travels
  • Madame Malkins Robes for All Occasions: clothing and jewelry
  • Magical Menagerie: plush toys featuring magical creatures, including fan fave Buckbeak
  • Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment: unique house merchandise

Hogwarts Express Photo Op

Exclusive to WWoHP at Universal Studios Hollywood is this Hogwarts Express photo op. Groups can sit inside a section of the train and take a picture and then purchase it. The cost is $24.95 for a physical copy, or $5.00 for a digital download. The window inside the cabin is green screen so the group can decide on what they want to appear on it. Note that you can not use your own camera at this photo op, you must purchase a picture from Universal.

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Where To Go At Universal: Diagon Alley Or Hogsmeade

In an ideal world, youd be going to both parks and your only worry whether to visit Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley first. But, since thats not always possible, well help you out with our recommendation. We pick Hogsmeade / Islands of Adventure.

Why did we pick Hogsmeade?

  • The rides are so much better theres really no comparison there. Hagrids Motorbike Adventure alone makes this an easy choice.
  • Who could turn down the chance to actually walk into Hogwarts Castle? The fact that theres a really great ride inside just makes it even more fun.

We hope our Harry Potter World comparison helps you decide which Harry Potter theme park is best. They are both excellent parks and you will have fun wherever you go, but in our opinion, Hogsmeade is the clear winner!

How Many Times Can You Ride The Hogwarts Express

A Tour of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Universal Studios

You can ride the Hogwarts Express at Universal Studios Orlando as many times as you would like, provided you have the park-to-park ticket.

However, there are two things youll need to consider before doing so

The first is the amount of time youll need to spend in line.

Thats because the Hogwarts Express is one of the most popular rides at the Universal Studios Resort in Orlando, and while an Express Pass can reduce your time spent in line by around one hour, its still going to take a significant time out of your day.

The second thing you need to consider is whether or not multiple journeys on the Hogwarts Express are worthwhile.

The story told on the journey between Hogsmede, and Diagon Alley differs from that of Diagon Alley to Hogsmede. However, otherwise, the journeys are pretty much the same, making multiple journeys relatively lacklustre.

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Two Amazing Lands At Two Theme Parks

Please note that youll need admission to Universal Studios Florida and Universals Islands of Adventure to experience all of the wonders of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. A Park-to-Park admission ticket or an Annual Pass will grant you access to both parks, as well as the Hogwarts Express.

Travel Tip: Staying at one of Universal Orlando Resorts official hotels will allow you to enter The Wizarding World of Harry Potter up to one hour before the parks open with Early Park Admission.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1

After unexpected events at the end of the previous year, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are entrusted with a quest to find and destroy Lord Voldemort’s secret to immortality the . It is supposed to be their final year at Hogwarts, but the collapse of the Ministry of Magic and Voldemort’s rise to power prevents them from attending. The trio undergo a long journey with many obstacles in their path including Death Eaters, Snatchers, the mysterious , and Harry’s connection with the Dark Lord’s mind becoming ever stronger.

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Take The Hogwarts Express Between Parks

If you’re going to Universal Orlando mostly for the Harry Potter parks, you want to make sure to get a park-hopper ticket so you can visit both parks in one day. Then you can take the Hogwarts Express between Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade!

Get on at Kings Cross Station in Universal Studios, and get off at Hogsmeade Station in Islands of Adventure.

It’s a fun way to travel, and actually can save you some time walking between parks .

The ride itself is fun, too, but I won’t give away why you’ll have to ride it yourself to see!

Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Tips

The Muggle

Below are fifteen parent-to-parent travel tips I want to share with you after our familys Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter trip. There are a variety of planning apps and itinerary tools out there, but I often find those too restrictive. I believe as long as you have a few solid insider tips, you can enjoy a flexible and stress-free vacation.

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Harry Potter World Universal Orlando Vs Hollywood Overview

There isnt anything much better than being able to walk about the streets of Hogsmeade, drinking butterbeer feeling like youre in the Harry Potter Universe. Lucky for us, there are two different places in the U.S. where you can experience a Harry Potter theme park. There are many similarities and differences between both Universal Studios Harry Potter parks which we will cover here. The question is, which is the ultimate Harry Potter experience Universal Orlando or Universal Hollywood?

While Universal OrlandoHarry Potter World is much larger, you do have to buy a separate ticket for both parks to experience everything. In Orlando, Islands of Adventure has Harry Potter World, the main land, Hogsmeade. While over in Universal Studios Florida you can experience all that Diagon Alley has to offer. Diagon Alley was built in 2014 and expanded the Universal Orlando Harry Potter experience tenfold. The theming of Diagon Alley is almost identical to what you would imagine in the Harry Potter books or films. With it came the thrilling ride, Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, which is an extremely popular thrill ride.

With that being said, it is an extra cost to travel between the two parks in Universal Orlando and Diagon Alley is typically very busy no matter the time of year. So, overall is Universal Studios Hollywood Harry Potter World better or Universal Orlando Harry Potter World? Youll have to continue reading to find out.

Should You Buy Robes Before Going To Universal Studios

There is no definitive answer to whether you should buy your robes before your trip or during your trip. It depends on your budget and how much you want to wear a robe during your time at Universal Studios.

Many people buy second hand Universal Studios robes from eBay to pack into their luggage to bring to the parks with them. Alternatively, you can buy robes from supermarkets or costume shops are at a cheaper rate.

If you are working within a budget or just trying to be friendly to your wallet look at purchasing your robes or interactive wand before heading to Universal Studios .

Another bonus if you are located in the USA is that you can buy your official Universal Studios robes online and get them delivered to your door. This makes a great surprise for anyone for birthdays, Christmas or even before a trip.

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The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Hogsmeade

The original and first land of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is Hogsmeade. Hogsmeade is located in Universal Islands of Adventure, and you will want to head right over to this section as soon as the park opens. For the fastest entrance to the Wizarding World of Harry Potteris to go to the right as soon as you enter the park and take a left once you hit Seuss Landing.

For fans of the books and movies you will recognize Hogsmeade as the charming town covering in snow, and home to the famous butterbeer! You will also find some of the best attractions, stores, and restaurants in all of Universal Orlando.

You can also find the newest and coolest Harry Potter World attraction for 2022 in Hogsmeade: Hagrids Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure!

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