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What Happens In Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

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Who Is The Ghost Of Gryffindor

Official Trailer | Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Nearly Headless Nick: Gryffindor house ghost

A fifteenth-century nobleman who went to Hogwarts. His real name was Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington.

Did Harry become an Animagus? In the Harry Potter books, were told that becoming an Animagus is extremely difficult to pull off, but the story never has time to go into any detail about how a witch or wizard can actually transform themselves into an animal. But Harry, Ron and Hermione never got around to turning themselves into animals.

Did Neville Longbottom marry Luna?

No, they did not. Luna married somebody else. As for Neville, he became a Herbology teacher at Hogwarts if Im not mistaken.

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The Deathly Hallows Come Together At Last

There was an interesting Easter egg contained in Harry’s first shot of the last film. As he’s mourning by Dobby’s beachfront grave, he looked in a triangular fragment of a mirror the elf had possessed thanks to the circular nature of his glasses, it created the symbol of the Deathly Hallows in the reflection. It was a wink to how all three elements would eventually be his to do with what he wished.

The Deathly Hallows as Part 1 explained in animated format consisted of the Elder Wand, the Cloak of Invisibility, and the Resurrection Stone. When combined, the three gave a wizard untold power, the ability to disappear from Death’s purview, and a means to bring back lost souls. Voldemort got his hands on one the Elder Wand while Harry had been casually given the cloak in his earliest days at Hogwarts, not knowing its strength. He eventually recovers the Stone, too, after kissing his Snitch goodbye with the intention of sacrificing himself.

Speaking of which …

Was It All In His Head

There’s a popular fan theory that everything that happened to Harry Potter outside of Privet Drive was a mental machination of his young, abused mind, and Deathly Hallows did little to dispel that theory. In fact, while at the heavenly version of King’s Cross Station, Harry asked Dumbledore if it was all in his mind and his headmaster told him that it was, but that didn’t make it any less real.

So, was the entirety of the Harry Potter universe fiction, coming from the imagination of a desperate boy who lived under the stairs and who wished for something more? Very possibly so.

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First Look At Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

The Potter family in The Cursed Child

Still here? As you likely know, the plot of Cursed Child revolves around Albus Severus Potter and Scorpius Malfoys quest to save Cedric Diggory.

This involved time-travel using a ‘lost’ time-turner, last seen being used by Hermione Granger to go to numerous classes at the same time.

Fundamentally, how time-turners work has changed in Cursed Child instead of there being one timeline with many Grangers, theres now alternative timelines, including one in which Voldemort defeats Harry Potter.

The mere change from a casual loop to one of many alternative realities has bugged numerous people, the butterfly effect winding many fans up.

Another major plot point was Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange having a daughter first of all, its questionable Voldemort had any sexual desires whatsoever, it seems particularly out of character. Second, its something that really does read like fan-fiction.

Cedric Diggory becoming a Death Eater from merely being humiliated was another contentious point, fans believing the noble wizard wouldnt turn to evil just because Hogwarts laughed at him.

Other points touched on include Dumbledore and Harrys final meeting their relationship is built on once again, the two confessing their love for each other. While heartwarming, it has been argued the books already developed their relationship to a final point.

Voldemort Having A Kid

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Full disclosure: this entry relies a bit on conjecture and pretty icky conjecture, at that. To get straight to the point: it’s doubtful that Lord Voldemort was capable of fathering children. Harry Potter and theCursed Child would have us believe that he could, with main antagonist Delphi being the result of Voldemort shacking up with Bellatrix Lestrange to sire an heir.

Would the Dark Lord have actually been fertile? His physiology was so severely warped from years of abusing the Dark Arts including splitting his soul multiple times that he wasnt even properly human anymore, which seems to preclude the possibility of him becoming a dad. Of course, the solution here could be magic , but even so, its a bit of a stretch.

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Cast And Principal Roles

ISBN 978-1-338-09913-3 978-0-7515-6535-5

Both parts of the stage play’s script have been released in print and digital formats as Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts I & II.

The first edition, the Special Rehearsal Edition, corresponded to the script used in the preview shows and was published on 31 July 2016, the date of Harry’s birthday in the series and Rowling’s birthday, as well. Since revisions to the script continued after the book was printed, an edited version was released on 25 July 2017, as the “Definitive Collector’s Edition”. According to CNN, this was the most preordered book of 2016.

Since When Did Voldemort Even Want An Heir

Although Lord Voldemort is an unfathomably cruel, malicious person, the rationale behind his dark deeds is quite easy to grasp: he wants to live forever. Thats simply all there is to it he craves immortality, and hes prepared to attain it at any cost.

When we learn in Cursed Child that the Dark Lord devised a fail safe plan to produce an heir and metaphorically cheat the reaper, it doesnt quite square with what we know about him. The idea of achieving immortality through ones family is a notion better suited to a champion of love like Professor Dumbledore, not an arrogant psychopath like Voldemort. Frankly, we cant imagine Voldemort viewing any course of action that didnt bestow literal eternal life upon him personally as a waste of his energies and that includes having kid!

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Who Run The World

Now, to the characters who run the Wizarding world: the women. Rowling’s original series gave us a plethora of complicated and interesting women, heroes and villains alike. Some of the biggest moments in the books revolved around mothers . Hermione Jean Granger was the brightest student in her Hogwarts class. “Cursed Child” picks up where Rowling left off.

Hermione Jean Granger was the brightest student in her Hogwarts class. “Cursed Child” picks up where Rowling left off.

It’s true: playwright Jack Thorne focuses on the male characters of Harry Potter, his middle child Albus Severus, and Albus’ best friend and human cupcake Scorpius Malfoy. Considering that the epilogue of Rowling’s Deathly Hallows left us with Albus having a terrible name and worrying about being sorted into Slytherin, it makes sense for the play to follow him and his daddy issues. Rowling also approved this story, as male-centric as her original Harry-focused series, but with less time and space to focus on side characters. Sorry this play is about a guy, but as someone who’s been upset about Albus Severus’ name for a decade, I appreciate the opportunity to get to know him as someone more intriguing than “that poor, poorly named child.”

No More Snake Hissing

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Secrets Revealed

Since Harry lost his ability to speak to snakes, you think he could pass it on to us? Harry had the unique ability to speak Parseltongue, however, the last time he ever spoke in Parseltongue was when the Horcrux inside him was destroyed by Ron in The Deathly Hallows. His ability to speak to snakes was forever taken away when Voldemort was destroyed, and he surely was a joyful Harry Potter to have gotten rid of it.

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Things To Know If You’re Skipping Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

With the published version of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child receiving such mixed reviews from diehard Potter fans, a growing number of people have decided to skip the script and continue with only their knowledge of the original series. If you’re among this group and have opted out of reading the play, there are still a few things you should know we’ve got the most important plot developments from the new installment that are total game changers.

The New Minister Of Magic

If we knew they were looking for a new candidate for the Minister for Magic, we would certainly have been the first in line. We would definitely want to reach out and be a helping hand to help restore the wizarding world after the damage the Death Eaters did. Instead, we lost our chance, but that is fine, because former Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt got the deserving spot. After the passing of Voldemort, it was a priority of the Order of the Phoenix to find a new Minister for Magic. We did not see much of Shacklebolt in the films, but the books developed his character very well, which is why he was appointed the new minister. With him, discrimination was destroyed.

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What Happens To Harry Potter

Thanks to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, fans finally found out Harrys career choice. Harry not only becomes a worker at the Ministry of Magic he becomes the Head of Magical Law Enforcement. He works with Hermione, who is the Minister of Magic, and eventually Ron, who becomes an Auror.Sep 12, 2018

Who Dies In Harry Potter And The Cursed Child The Secret Is Out

Harry Potter &  Cursed Child Movie: Release Date, Cast ...

Those who saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child before it was published were asked to keep the secrets. However, the script was finally released Sunday, so spoilers are officially out there. If you just cant wait to read the book, you can look below to find out who dies in the play.

Cursed Child actually has a very low body count. Unlike Deathly Hallows, there is no war, so that makes sense. Only one person dies: Craig Bowker Jr.

If youre wondering who that is, its a new character introduced in the play. He is in Albus Severus Potters year at Hogwarts, and its pretty easy to compare him to Cedric Diggory. Really, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and a Potter feels responsible for his death.

Craig finds Albus and Scorpius Malfoy on the Quidditch pitch after the whole school is sent to look for the missing boys. However, theyre all in danger. Albus and Scorpius are with the evil Delphi, a witch trying to bring back Lord Voldemort. When Craig appears and says all of Hogwarts is looking for the boys, Delphi says, Avada Kedavra, and kills him.

The death is quick, but its going to leave an impact on Albus. He feels partially responsible and wants to avenge his friends murder. Unfortunately, since he has hardly any time on the page, Craigs death isnt quite as impactful for the audience.

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Harry Potter: 20 Things That Make No Sense About The Cursed Child

Harry Potter follow-up play The Cursed Child has proven divisive among fans since it opened, with many arguing that the plot just doesnt add up.

When the news first landed that JK Rowling was overseeing a play that would serve as the official sequel to the Harry Potter series, the overall response was enthusiastic, to say the least. After seven novels and eight big-screen adaptations, fans still werent ready to say goodbye to the Wizarding World, and welcomed the prospect of yet another adventure starring the Boy Who Lived. However, when Harry Potter and the Cursed Childfinally opened in 2016, many fans excitement quickly turned to heartbreak. Despite garnering rave reviews from critics and a breathtaking number of awards, the play penned by Jack Thorne, from a story by Rowling and original director John Tiffany failed to impress a vocal contingent of Potterheads.

Complaints were particularly prevalent amongst those who only read the published script those who witnessed the spectacle live on stage were initially content to overlook what quibbles they had. Yet even many fans who were initially swept up by the emotion and ingenious practical effects on display during a live performance of Cursed Child soon joined the chorus of dissatisfied voices online.

Here are 20 Things That Make No Sense About The Cursed Child.

What Is Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

Unless you’ve been stuck in Azkaban for the past few of years, you’ve probably heard that the next story in the Harry Potter saga, the best-selling book series of all time , isn’t a book at all.

In fact, the eighth chapter in the Harry Potter series is a two-part West End stage show.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child takes up Harry’s story from where we left him in the coda at the end of the final book, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.

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Years Later Harry Potter’s Story Continues

It’s 19 years after He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was vanquished Harry and his wife Ginny are at Kings Cross, waving off their middle-child Albus Severus to attend his first term at Hogwarts, along with their eldest son James. Rons daughter Rose is also off to school, as is the son of Draco Malfoy, ‘little Scorpius’.

The now middle-aged Harry works as an Auror Hermione is now deputy head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and Ron runs a joke shop.

And then there’s the ‘official’ synopsis:

It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isnt much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband and father of three school-age children.

While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places.

Opinion On The Malfoy Line

If there was a “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” Movie – LET’S IMAGINE

Knowing her life would most likely be taken by her hereditary blood curse, Astoria wanted the chance to raise a child, and for Draco to have someone so he wouldn’t be alone in the years after his wife passed away. Draco told Astoria that he didn’t care about furthering the Malfoy line.

His feelings were primarily rooted in how giving birth would affect Astoria’s health.

Undoubtedly his feelings also tied back to his own childhood where he was often unhappy and constantly pressured to act as his parents desired. Realizing that a child wouldn’t be about carrying on the Malfoy name or for glory, Draco and Astoria agreed to have a child together. Despite Draco’s initial misgivings, he says in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child that the birth of Scorpius was the happiest day ever for him and his wife.

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The Fake Moody Never Noticed Albus And Scorpius

In fairness, this entry is founded in the kind of nitpicking that can make Harry Potter fandom a frustrating beast but it raises a valid point all the same. If Barty Crouch Jr. was keeping a close eye on the Triwizard Tournament events, how did he never once observe Albus and Scorpius sneaking around the grounds in Cursed Child?

After all, impersonating Mad-Eye Moody and rigging the competition so that Harry would win it required a ridiculous amount of hard work. It stands to reason that hed use the X-Ray-enabled peeper at his disposal to make sure nobody interfered with his plans particularly during the final challenge in the enchanted hedge maze!

The Ending Of Harry Potter Finally Explained

For millions across the globe, the Harry Potter book and film series was the closest thing they’d ever come to experiencing actual magic. The journey of the young wizard, from a stowaway orphan who lived under the stairs at his cruel aunt’s home into the prophesied hero who defeated the world’s darkest villain, was nothing short of epic. The final installment of the story was as complex and at times bleak as it needed to be, to wrap up seven chapters’ worth of sorcerer storytelling.

So, to make sure you caught everything important there at the end, let’s shed a little lumos light on everything that happened in the conclusion to the Harry Potter saga.

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Teddy Lupins Family Life

According to Rowling, she never wanted it to turn out that way, with Lupin or Tonks losing their lives in the Battle of Hogwarts, but to tie the loose ends of the orphan storyline, she needed a character to unfortunately lose both parents. It is nothing new in the wizarding world, as we saw both Harry and Neville emerge as strong men without parents. However, though Teddy grows up without his biological parents, he got two caring and adoring caregivers to provide him a better life without Voldemort around.

Harry Potter: 20 Things Draco Malfoy Did Between The Deathly Hallows And The Cursed Child

All The

Like Harry, Ron, and Hermione, Draco kept himself busy and got up to a lot of things in the years after leaving Hogwarts.

The beauty of Harry Potter is that many of the best characters aren’t necessarily the heroic ones. Take Draco Malfoy, an individual who started out as little more than a bully, but ultimately became one of the most complex and well-developed characters in the whole series. What J.K. Rowling achieved with Draco in the books was adapted well on the big screen with Tom Felton’s spot-on performance.

In particular, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows offered a closer look at Draco that did the unthinkable. They provided insight into the insecurities and vulnerability behind his snarky, sometimes cruel facade. He’s no saint with a heart of gold and many of his actions and prejudices remain inexcusable. Yet, there was also a lot more to the character than many fans realized, a depth and inner struggle — particularly explored in Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows — that explained why he was that way.

Like Harry, Ron, and Hermione, Draco kept himself busy and got up to quite a few things in the years after Hogwarts. While many of Draco’s core traits remained in adulthood, he also changed in many ways and overall became a better person. By the time fans caught up with Draco in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, he was in many senses a changed man.

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