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What Age Is Harry Potter For

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Whats The Difference Between Harry Potters Childrens And Adult Editions

Harry Potter Age Guide

There are fictitious novels that are primarily targeted towards youngsters. The story revolves on Harry Potter, a teenage wizard who, together with his two closest friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, tries to fight Lord Voldemort, a cruel and evil tyrant who wants to reign over the non-magical people and dominate the whole Wizarding world.

Harry Potter and his companions are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Despite the fact that it was created for adolescents, the characters and narrative have a dark tone to them and will appeal to older readers as well.

The publisher and author decided to produce copies with two different covers when the book proved popular with both adults and children.

The childrens editions of the books have extremely bright and vivid watercolor paintings on the covers, while the adult editions have more sophisticated representations utilizing darker and black hues. After the fifth edition was published, this action was taken.

Older readers are hesitant to read Harry Potter in public, such as at a café, library, or while traveling on trains.

So releasing two different book covers, one for children and one for adults, was a marketing decision. In terms of language or storyline, there is no difference between the two versions.

Theyre both the same. The font size is another difference between the childrens and adult versions. The adult edition has a lower font size than the childrens edition.

How Old Is Harry Potter

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone Harry Potter was eleven years old. When we say this it also applies to his school colleagues from his year, since most of the first years are eleven when they start school.

In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, he and his friends are twelve. In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, they are thirteen, in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire fourteen, in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix fifteen, in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince sixteen, and finally, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, they are seventeen years old.

Most fans know that Harry Potter and J. Rolling have the same birthday and that the famous date is July 31, but the author has also revealed the birthdays of many other characters over the years. Lord Voldemort made his first attempt to disprove the prophecy when Harry was one year and three months old.

In this attempt, he kills Harrys parents while Harrys parents are trying to defend him, and this attempt to kill Harry resulted in Voldemorts first Horcrux that was the accidental one.

This event marked the end of the First Wizarding War, and Harry became known as the The boy who lived because he was the only survivor of this deadly curse. On his 11th birthday, Harry finds out he is a wizard because Rubeus Hagrid appears with a birthday cake and tells him about his family. This is one of our favorite scenes!

Other Harry Potter Books

Outside of the main series of seven novels, there are actually other official books that J.K. Rowling published that are mentioned in the main books and provide additional information on the Wizarding World.

One of the first of these publications was her trio of Hogwarts Library textbooks, which includes the following books:

Collection of Wizarding Fairytales and bedtime stories that have gained popularity among Muggle children as well.

There are also a number of unofficial books that provide information on the Wizarding World, such as the Ultimate Harry Potter Spellbook that lists every single spell uttered, incanted, or mentioned in the books as well as Harry Potter movies, video games, and card games!

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Age Groups For Harry Potter Books

One of the more adult topics is the emergence of a serial murderer. Unlike other serial killers in the series, this one has no connections to many of his victims.

He kills for no apparent cause and on a large scale. Rowling presents these concepts in a straightforward way, and most younger readers are likely to gloss over their importance without giving them any thought.

The anticipated reading level for volumes 4 and 5 rises significantly. The plot becomes more complex and interwoven, making it unsuitable for youngsters under the age of 10. These novels are often lengthier and require a level of attention that many younger readers lack.

The majority of the reading and comprehension requirements from the previous two volumes are maintained in Book 6.

Most youngsters with good listening skills can traverse the narrative levels and turns on their own without too much trouble.

Due to the difficult themes that require a level of understanding that many 10-year-olds lack, we would suggest the sixth book for 11-year-olds rather than 10-year-olds if they wanted to give it a try.

The mortality trend has returned, but with a far higher frequency. Characters that are important to the narrative are slain, and there are some especially gruesome scenes of violence that dwarf anything seen in the prior books.

The following is a list of Harry Potter novels and their suggested ages.

Title of the Book
Through the Ages of Quidditch 7-9

The Harry Potter Series: Ages And Stages

We Put The FaceApp Age Filter On The Harry Potter Cast And ...

The first three Harry Potter books are great to read aloud to kids aged from about six or seven up. Certainly most children – both boys and girls – will love them from the age of eight.

If your eight-year-old is a fairly capable reader, he or she will probably be able to read the first three books independently. Remember though, that it can be fun to read aloud to older children and the Harry Potter books are great for this purpose because most adults enjoy the stories too.

The last four books are long and quite complex. Certainly many ten-year-olds will be quite capable of reading them but again, I think they’re great for reading aloud to kids aged up to about eleven.

Most teens will enjoy reading the books and in fact the seventh and final book in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is probably not suitable for readers under about thirteen. And if your teen does want to read the whole series, there are editions with more adult-looking covers so they’re not embarrassed to be seen reading what they probably think of as kids’ books.

The seven books in the Harry Potter series, in order, are:

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What Is The Perfect Harry Potter Age

At age 6, I know that Little Pea is nowhere near ready. But. . . the Peanut at age 9 is a different story. Many of her school classmates have read the whole series She has seen the books on her school library shelves as well as my personal one here at home. Santa’s gift of the illustrated version really piqued her curiosity.

When I vowed to read the illustrated Harry Potter as part of my 40 Before 40 list this summer, it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps now was a good time to share it with her. Though she is particularly prone to nightmares and avoids overly scary movies or books, my thought was that we could read through it slowly together and talk about the pictures in the book. We could discuss anything even mildly upsetting as it came up before it had a chance to fester in her imagination.

Who Is Daniel Radcliffes Girlfriend

Radcliffe mentioned his girlfriend Erin Darke in a BuzzFeed video in May 2020, a couple of months into the coronavirus pandemic. He has been linked to Darke since the 2013 movie Kill Your Darlings, which they were in together. In the film, Radcliffe portrayed Allen Ginsberg, while Darke acted as Gwendolyn.

The pair have been dating for several years, and are in quarantine together during the pandemic.

Fans are excited to see Radcliffes next acting project, Lost City of D, which is slated to be released in 2022, per IMDb. Radcliffe will act alongside Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum in the film.

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Readers Attracted By Harry Potter

Among the 100 students taken into account for this survey, 89 have read at least one of the Harry Potter books as opposed to eleven who have not. 54 of the students who filled out a questionnaire were girls and 46 boys. 48 of the girls have read at least one of Harry Potter whereas six have not. Among the boys 41 have read at least one of the series and five have not read a single book . There is no major difference to be seen between male and female students regarding the general appeal Harry Potter has had on the now 18 to 20-year-olds. The equal percentages of Potter-readers and non-Potter-readers in this sample of 100 students may be indicating that boys and girls were equally interested or not interested in reading Harry Potter

However, another survey by Scholastic and Yankelovich, The Kids and Family Reading Report, suggests that boys are more likely than girls to have read Harry Potter. One possible explanation the report gives for this is that according to Scholastic a majority of boys they questioned said it is important to read Harry Potter to feel in with their friends . This report states that 57% of boys have read the series whereas only 51% of girls interviewed have.

illustration not visible in this excerpt

In her article for the Guardian, Rumeana Jahangir refers to this generation of children as Rowlings core readers, the fans who have grown up with Harry:

The Harry Potter Series

How Much Did Hermione AGE in Third Year? – Harry Potter Theory

The Harry Potter series by J K Rowling is brilliant to read aloud to your child but when’s the best age to start?

My husband started reading the first Harry Potter book – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – to our twin sons when they were six. .

This was in 2001 when everyone was first talking about the books and the four of us were keen to find out what all the fuss was about.

And for our two at least, six turned out to be exactly the right age to start reading the Harry Potter series. The boys absolutely loved reading a chapter a night and their dad and I also loved discovering the story with them.

Each Harry Potter book is just a little bit more complex than the one before. For our boys and for millions of other kids around the world, this meant that they were pretty much growing up with Harry and his friends as they read their way through the series.

We read the first three books aloud as a family and have some very special memories of these times. My daughter was only three when we were reading them but she snuggled up on the bed to listen too and the experience seems to have inspired in her a life-long love of all things Harry Potter.By the time Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire came out in 2005, my boys were eight and keen to tackle it on their own. The only problem was, they both wanted to be the first in the family to read it!

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What Age Is Appropriate For Watching Harry Potter Films

DD1 is 6 and has recently discovered Harry Potter through her friends talking about it at school. I have sat with her and watched the first 3 films which she has been okay with. She is desperate to watch the next one. I know they get progressively more scary and dark and if Im right, the last 4 are rated as 12. Im just looking for some advice on if you think I should allow her to watch any more or if I should wait now until she is a little older. Thanks for your help

We made DD read the books before she watched the films. She started reading them in reception, and finished in Y2. By then it was a mix of her reading alone and us reading with her. This was pretty average amongst her peer group.

Mine were about 8. DS1 started reading them at 5, but really didnt understand or enjoy them. At 9, he devoured the whole set and really enjoyed them. 9/10 seems average in our circle.

Ive stopped DD reading book 4 onwards for now. They get very scary. I wouldnt show her the films until shed read the books either.

My 8yo has read book 1 with me, currently reading CoS. She refuses to watch the films- but is very sensitive to films.Several of her friends have read all 7 books, but if you talk to them none of them have really understood the plot of the later ones- they are better off waiting a few years. There are a lot more suitable books for that age group.

Reading Level: Harry Potter

Harry is 11 years old in the first book and 17 in the last book, and youngsters like reading about characters that are their age or a few years older.

Furthermore, as the series progresses, not only does Harry grow older and the content gets darker, but the books themselves become lengthier, indicating that they are intended for an older audience.

They were designated exclusively for middle school pupils in K-8 schools. Some of the topics are difficult for younger children to grasp, making it challenging for them to read the books.

These novels are meant to be read when a kid is older, as a child less than second grade should not read the seventh book, as they will need to be a bit more advanced than the average second grader.

The semantic complexity and syntactic ambiguity of the text, which are incompatible with the cognitive appropriateness of the text, define the reading level.

These writings are often constructed to a greater degree than the texts content and structure suggest. Texts designated NC are useful for matching intermediate readers with texts that are appropriate for their developmental age.

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Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

This third movie in the series involves a prison escape of someone very close to the little wizard but hasnt actually met yet.

In fact, the reputation of this prisoner leads people to believe that he actually wants to kill Harry.

It involves the main character and his friends roaming around the school in secret, through various hidden passageways and rooms.

Since its the third year that our main character is at the school, hes thirteen years old and going on to fourteen.

As his birthday is shortly before the beginning of the school year, he turns this age around the beginning of the story.

How To Introduce The Harry Potter Series To Children:

Why Harry Potter

Step 1: Read the Illustrated Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone together out loud, stopping to really absorb the illustrations and chat about the book as you go.

Step 2: Allow the opportunity for your child to re-read book 1 in a non-illustrated version on his or her own. The complex vocabulary will have better context, you’ve already discussed the plot and it’s implications. Now they can absorb it all over again on their own with better comprehension.

Step 3: Repeat with books 2 and 3, both of which are now available as illustrated books. Find Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets here and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban here.

Step 4: Let go and allow your child to finish the series on their own. The Peanut already knows that by book 4 terrible things start to happen. She’s not ready for that yet but perhaps she will be by the time she finishes book 3 in the next few months. Be prepared to step in and hit a virtual pause button at any point if you feel your child is getting to the intense books a little too quickly. We had to wait YEARS for the series to finally be published, a little anticipation won’t harm your child.

If the experience is going great as a family, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire comes out in the illustrated version in November. You can get your copy here.

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Content That May Disturb Children

Under 8

In addition to the violent scenes mentioned above, this movie contains some scenes that could scare or disturb children under eight. For example:

  • The shadowy/silhouetted image of a cat transforms into a woman.
  • Aunt Petunia and Dudley hold each other and scream hysterically as their house shakes and a storm of magical letters bursts out of the fireplace and swirls around them.
  • Harry, Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and Dudley are in a small cabin. Someone bangs on the wooden door very loudly, then smashes it in. A very large, hairy, wild-looking man comes through the door.
  • The movie features scary characters including goblins, a three-headed dog, a green scaly troll and a centaur.
  • There is a flashback image of Voldemort murdering Harrys parents.
  • Transparent images of ghosts float through the air and through walls at Hogwarts. One ghost almost pulls his own head off. The head stays attached by a thread of skin, with some blood and gore on the neck wound.
  • Harry opens a magical book and a creepy face tries to push its way out while screaming.
  • While doing detention in the forbidden forest, Harry and another boy come across a dead unicorn with a cloaked figure sucking its blood. We see a quick image of silver blood dripping from the sides of the mouth beneath the hood.
  • Professor Quirrell unwraps his turban to reveal Voldemorts scary face pushing out of the back of his head.

From 8-13

Over 13

Most children over 13 are unlikely to be disturbed by anything in this movie.

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