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Harry Potter Forbidden Forest Experience

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You Will Meet Some Of Your Favourite Harry Potter Characters

Harry Potter Forbidden Forest Experience in Cheshire | Wizarding World

As well as walking through a colourful forest, you can also expect to find some of your favourite magical creatures and characters in the Forbidden Forest too!

Youll meet your friendly groundskeeper Hagrid along with his trusty dog Fang. Youll also spot Hedwig, Grawp , and even walk into Aragogs lair with lots of his children overhead.

Mind out for the Pygmy Puffs, Pixies, Owls, and dogs that may be spotted around these parts.

Although the Golden Trio wont be there, you may spot their Ford Anglia that has landed in the Forbidden Forest probably thanks to the Whomping Willow.

Although not as popular with many, I loved seeing some of the Fantastic Beasts characters included here like the Nifflers in their burrow. Make sure to keep hold of all your shiny jewellery.

If you keep a close eye, you can even spot Pickett along with his family of Bowtruckles too, eek!

A Niffler BurrowHedwig

Give A Tree Grow A Forest

Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience is committed to celebrating the power of nature and ensuring a legacy for future generations to enjoy our beautiful surroundings.

Thanks to a partnership with One Tree Planted, guests to the experience can make an optional donation of the price of a tree which will contribute to reforestation and sustainability projects.

How you can help:

Weekend Getaway: Places To Stay

Why not make a weekend trip out of your adventure to Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest? There are a few cozy Inns and Bed and Breakfast properties a couple of miles away from the event. Some notable spots to lay your head after a magic-filled day include:

  • Journey Inn Bed & Breakfast
  • Roosevelt Inn of Hyde Park

All are less than two miles from FDR State Park!

No matter which way youre coming from, you can type in Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park, 2957 Crompond Road or Harry Potter: Forbidden Forest, straight into Google Maps.

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What Is The Forbidden Forest Experience Food Like

Okay, so the Forbidden Forest experience food was actually really cool and they had lots of magically themed snacks to munch on!

There were pumpkin pasties, Gringotts Galleons, Pumpkin Doughnuts, Chocolate Frog cakes, blondies, brownies, muffins, marshmallows, and all sorts.

Not to mention some spell-binding drinks to purchase like Butterbeer, mulled wine, bubble cocktails, and beer.

The Forbidden Forest experience food prices are on par with what youd typically expect from a Wizarding World experience.

Its very similar to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London save the bottled Butterbeer which, in my opinion, was majorly overpriced at £10 a bottle with a tankard.

The bottled Butterbeer isnt anything like the fresh fizzy Butterbeer you get with the creamy froth on top at the studio tour so that was a surprise.

Even in the the Bottled Butterbeer is around £6.95 with a souvenir tankard. But, hey ho, its a one-off.

Typical prices for the Forbidden Forest experience food:

  • Bottled Butterbeer with Tankard £10
  • Pumpkin Doughnuts £4.50 each
  • Pumpkin pastie£7
  • Hot food dishes like the giant Yorkshire pudding£7 £10 a dish

So, I would definitely make sure to budget some money for food, drinks, and magical snacks at this event. Its not a budget activity especially if youre a larger family!

Pumpkin Doughnut at the Forbidden Forest Experience

Harry Potter Forbidden Forest Experience Faqs

Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience in Cheshire (UK)
  • Is the Harry Potter Forbidden Forest Experience scary? Not really. Its a very family-friendly experience. The only part that may frighten those with arachnophobia is Aragogs lair but its cordoned off. So, you have the choice of whether to walk in or walk past it!
  • Will it be cancelled in bad weather? No. The Forbidden Forest Experience will go ahead in whatever the weather. So, make sure to dress appropriately. Its mainly undercover though so it shouldnt be too bad in the rain.
  • Do you have to go in groups? No, at first youll be in a group, to begin with. But, once youre in the forest you can just take your time. Its huge walkways so there is lots of room.
  • Is there food and drinks at the event? Yes, they have hot and cold drinks, snacks, and dinner options. There are even adult cocktails and mulled wine. But, make sure to budget enough money.

Hogwarts Hot Chocolate

  • Is it really muddy? When I first arrived, the car park was pure sludge. I was worried it would be like that the whole way around! But, no, its really well-maintained pathways. Theres a slightly muddy bit right at the start under the lantern archway but the forest trail is relatively dry and flat. Saying that I would wear appropriate shoes for a winters evening. Think boots or wellies!
  • Are there toilets? Yep, there are toilets at the start and end of the event and halfway in between.

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What Is The Harry Potter Forbidden Forest Experience

The Harry Potter Forbidden Forest Experience is an official Wizarding World event held at Arley Hall and Gardens in Cheshire.

Its one of the newest immersive magical experiences that Potterheads will absolutely love to attend this year!

Its a chance for muggles, witches, and wizards of all houses to walk through the Forbidden Forest of Hogwarts at night time.

On your journey through the beautifully lit forest, youll get to meet some of your favourite magical creatures and characters from the Harry Potter series.

Theres also a chance to do some spell-casting, drink Butterbeer, and visit a magical Hogsmeade-inspired village!

How Long Does The Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience Take

The Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience website indicates that it takes 60 to 90 minutes. However, as the trail is self-led you can complete it as slowly or quickly as you wish.

From leaving to the car and arriving back at it, it took us two and a half hours. We definitely took our time around the trail, enjoyed the food in the village and had a good look around the emporium.

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What Is A Forbidden Forest Experience

The Harry Potter-themed experience is an outdoor light trail that mimics the Forbidden Forest from the Harry Potter books. Sounds, lights and special effects bring the Wizarding World to life for fans, who can meet magical beasts and even interact with them! The experience is put together by award-winning theatrical designers and experiential creators, who want to make sure the Forbidden Forest fulfills our high expectations. Youll be able to walk through the forest and come across Hippogriffs, Nifflers, unicorns and more fantastic creatures.

You can even cast spells, including a Patronus!

Then, when youre done with the walk, head to the village nearby for Harry Potter-inspired food and drinks. We might even try Hagrids rock cakes.

When Will It Start

VLOG Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience

After receiving rave reviews after its UK run, Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience will debut in the US on October 29, 2022. Itll be set up in the woods of Morven Park in Leesburg, Virginia. You can expect the experience to take 60-90 minutes, of which 45-75 minutes will be spent on the walking trail itself. Dont forget to buy a pack of butterbeer for the journey.

Tickets are going on sale at 11 a.m on July 28 on Fever, an events website, and cost $36 for adults and $25 for children. Fans who sign up for the waitlist will get exclusive access to secure tickets. You can bet were getting on that ASAP!

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Your Guide To Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience

NYC is a city of pop-ups. As its the city that starts trends, you get to experience lots of these pop-ups of food, fashion, and more, before it arrives anywhere else in the world. Also, most are temporary, making them unique and creating a sense of urgency.

But, what is a pop-up? It is a business that opens for a limited time with a clear start and end date. They come in many forms, but most are exclusive or somewhat special. The goal is never to be permanent, and often they are only around for a month or a year before moving to another city.

The one we look forward to the most recently is Harry Potter: a Forbidden Forest Experience, which will arrive in NYC in the fall, and here, we will share what it will look like!

Review Of Harry Potter A Forbidden Forest Experience Cheshire

As a family of big Harry Potter fans, we were very excited when we were invited along to Arley Hall for the new Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience in 2021.

The experience is now back for 2022 and you can discover more information and how to book tickets here.

The event is located at the pictures Arley Hall which is well signposted, but you will need to drive along some small country unlit roads to get there.

On arrival, we were greeted by staff who directed us to the large car park. There are actually a couple of onsite car parks so it is worth noting which one you are in and where you are actually parked . The car parks are also a bit muddy so it is worth wearing suitable footwear.

The entrance to the Forbidden Forest Experience is located a short walk from the car park and there are a couple of photo opportunities on the way.

Before you enter there are toilets, food and drink huts and a little emporium shop all fitting in with the Harry Potter theme. You will also find more facilities halfway through including the chance to try a bottle of Butterbeer.

After a small introduction and a little magic trick, it was time to start our nighttime trail through the forest. As we walked we could hear scenes from the film which sparked our excitement and before we knew it we spotted Hagrid and Fang lighting the way.

We did have to queue for both of these experiences but the queues move quickly. They are also located near to the food huts so ideal to grab a quick treat.

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How Do You Book The Harry Potter Forbidden Forest Experience

The only way that you can get tickets for the Harry Potter Forbidden Forest Experience is by booking through an events company called Fever.

They have a website and an app where you can book the tickets. Once youve downloaded the app, use their search bar to type in the Forbidden Forest Experience and then check for available dates to book.

Once youve booked and paid through the app, your ticket will remain as a digital copy on their app/website.

So, all you need to do when you arrive is show the staff your ticket on your phone and they will scan it to allow you entry.

Important: There is no other company selling tickets for this event, so dont try to book through another website as this is potentially a scam.

What We Thought About The Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience

Forbidden Forest Experience: Harry Potter

I am sure you will have guessed by now that we had a great time at the Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience.

All attractions were really well executed and definitely lived up to our expectations.

Around every corner, there was a new surprise to see and both my kids couldn’t wait to see what was in store next. They both particularly loved the immersive installations and to be honest so did I.

On the way home my daughter said it was like being in one of the films and hasn’t stopped telling friends and family about her Patronus since our return. It was also lovely to see such a magical experience in the Northwest.

The Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience is a must for any Harry Potter fan and we would highly recommend it.

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Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience To Illuminate New York This Fall

Follow the forest light trail and discover illuminated moments from the Wizarding World!

Following a massively successful UK run, Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment in partnership with Thinkwell, Unify and Fever, have announced that Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience will illuminate New York this fall. The breathtaking light trail will be open starting October 22 for Wizarding World fans of all ages to enjoy at Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park. The spacious state park is situated in Westchester County, approximately 40 miles north of NYC.

Tickets will be available for purchase starting Thursday, August 18, but fans who sign up for the waitlist will unlock exclusive access.

Inspired by the iconic Forbidden Forest and featuring beloved moments from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts series, mesmerizing lights will transform the landscape into a magical outdoor trail. Visitors will discover some of their favorite moments from the Forbidden Forest, encounter magical creatures such as Hippogriffs, centaurs, unicorns, and Nifers, and practice casting their very own spells.

The outdoor experience was created by Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment in partnership with leading entertainment discovery platform Fever, award-winning theatrical designers and experiential creators, Thinkwell, and their partners, global experience design and delivery agency Unify.

About Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment

About Wizarding World

About Thinkwell

About Unify

About Fever

Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience Returns To Arley Hall

Attention all wizarding world fans! A magical Forbidden Forest experience is returning this month – and it’s just a philosopher’s stone’s throw away from Trafford.

Dust off your cloaks and have your wands at the ready as the Harry Potter Experience will be back at Arley Hall and Gardens in Northwich from October 15.

The night-time woodland trail returns back for a second year, filled with magical creatures and wizarding wonders from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films.

And the 2022 experience, which is only a 30-minute drive from Altrincham, promises to be the best yet.

As evening falls, mesmerising lights will transform the landscape into a magical outdoor trail.

Visitors will make their way through the woodland and follow the illuminated path, discovering surprises and encountering mystical creatures such as hippogriffs, centaurs, unicorns and nifers.

Find out if you truly are a witch or wizard by conjuring your very own Patronus what form will yours take?

There will also be a wide range of delicious food and drinks at a lively and seasonally-themed village and an on-site shop with Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts merchandise to take home.

Credit: Hunt and Gather

Why not try the ultimate wizarding beverage while you unwind after your trip through the woods butterbeer.

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You Can Meet All The Fantastic Beasts From The Books

Weve all been eagerly awaiting the Harry Potter theme park, but honestly, it wont be open soon enough. For Potter fans who want to experience a slice of the Wizarding World sooner, look outbecause Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience is coming to the US. And we hear its downright magical.

About Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience

“Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience” coming to New York

Soon to arrive in NYC, this nighttime experience by Warner Bros, Fever Up, Thinkwell, and Unify invites you on an exciting journey through a forest full of magic and wonder.

Get your wand ready and cast spells to conjure a Patronus, come face-to-face with Hippogriffs, Centaurs, and other magical creatures and beasts inspired by the Wizarding World, and experience iconic moments based on scenes from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films.

Want some bites to eat along the way? You can recharge with treats like cakes and hot puddings and quench your thirst with a delicious butterbeer. For British favorites, stop at the magical village for traditional fish and chips or hearty Cornish pasties.

Come face-to-face with Dementors at Harry Potter: a Forbidden Forest Experience. Wizarding World

Thanks to a partnership with Forest Carbon, you can also make an optional donation of $4 to plant a tree and receive updates on the impact your tree will have on our planet.

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Food At Harry Potter : A Forbidden Forest Experience Cheshire

As mentioned previously there are stalls at the start and in the middle of the trail selling hot and cold drinks including lovely looking Hot Chocolate with cream, marshmallows and chocolate flakes at £5 and sweet treats including magical themed doughnuts.

Once you have completed the trail you enter a Hogsmead Style village scene. Here you can enjoy English Fish and Chips with kids meals at £8.95 and Adults at £12.00 sample the Cauldron Feast, a huge Yorkshire Pudding filled with a choice of roast meats, vegetables, roast potatoes and gravy and try an array of pasties and sausages at The Cornish Pixie Pasty Stall.

As well as at the stalls in the trail Butter Beer is also available from the village from £6.00 along with a range of alcoholic drinks including mulled wine.

Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience Gift Shops

It will come as no surprise that there is some great Harry Potter merchandise to purchase at the Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience. There are small gift stalls at the start and halfway through the trail selling a selection such as wands, Harry Potter themed sweets etc.

There is also a huge ‘Forbidden Forest Emporium’ in the village where you will find a much bigger selection of gifts, from Christmas decorations, clothing, goblets, soft toys and lots more.

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You Can Buy Some Exclusive Forbidden Forest Experience Souvenirs

It wouldnt be a Harry Potter event without exiting through the gift shop at the end right?! Well, the Forbidden Forest experience is no different and there are lots of officially licensed souvenirs to purchase.

You can buy clothes and robes for every Hogwarts House. There are jumpers, hoodies, t-shirts, and Quidditch gear.

There are Harry Potter badges, pins, magnets, pens, plushies and all sorts of magical goodies to take home.

You can also find some Fantastic Beasts merchandise on sale like Newts magical creatures. My personal favourites are the baby Nifflers!

There is also some exclusive Harry Potter Forbidden Forest experience merchandise for those collectors out there. You can buy tote bags, t-shirts, hoodies, pins, magnets, beanies, and pens too.

It is a little more expensive than your average Harry Potter shop but I guess its similar to festival prices.

Forbidden Forest Experience Emporium

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