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All Spells From Harry Potter

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Repair Almost Any Broken Object

All 7 Spells Severus Snape CREATED – Harry Potter Explained

Reparo is a universally valued charm in that it finds applications in every single sphere of wizarding life. As long as complex magic isn’t involved, any broken object can be instantly repaired by the Mending Charm.

There is no clear limit on the type of material that Reparo can work on, including wood, metal, glass, cloth, ceramic, and several others. The Mending Charm is obviously not meant for living creatures and might produce extreme reactions if used on living skin. Reparo is the last spell the Elder Wand casts to fix Harry’s broken wand.

Disarm The Target Of Anything They May Be Holding

The Expelliarmus spell is an incantation that’s often used in wizarding duels. It’s also known as the Disarming Charm, which is a defensive spell that forces the target of the spell to release whatever they’re holding at that moment. This spell became Harry Potter’s signature move during combat.

Harry used Expelliarmus to take back Tom Riddle’s journal after Draco Malfoy stole it, mistaking it for Harry’s personal diary. This spell is also credited for taking out Voldemort, as the Killing Curse that he cast on Harry rebounded when it struck the latter’s Expelliarmus.

The Snake Summon Spell

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Incantation: Serpensortia

One of the easiest transfiguration spells, the Snake Summon spell can conjure a living snake to threaten or attack opponents. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Draco Malfoy uses this spell against Harry Potter during their duel.

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Manifest Potable Water For A Range Of Purposes

Aguamenti is a charm of considerable power as it can manifest potable water. Conjuration is tough as it is, but to produce actual water is beyond impressive, especially since the rules of magic are constrained by Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration.

The Water-Making Spell is extremely versatile casters can generate outcomes ranging from weak spouts to heavy floods. Unfortunately, Aguamenti has zero effect on spells like Fiendfyre.

How To Make Wand Pencils

Pin by Brittany Hernandez on Harry Potter

It is easy to make wand pencils!

  • Apply hot glue. Use the glue gun to add bumps of hot glue. If you want the eraser to be functional make sure to keep that clear. You can do lines or spirals down the pencil or just some blobs at the top. Just keep in mind that the further down the pencil the less pencil youll actually be able to use . If you want to add gems or beads make sure to do it while you glue as the glue hardens quickly.
  • Paint. Pain however you wish. We love using paint brushes with acrylic paint, you can do multiple colors and even add glitter!
  • Allow to dry. Set aside and allow to dry. We didnt bother painting one side then the other we liked the varied colors and didnt mind getting our fingers a little dirty but feel free to do it in shifts to get more coverage.
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    The Really Useless/worse Than Useless Harry Potter Spells

    81. Avada Kedavra

    It’s used to kill people, it’s an Unforgivable Curse, and it was Voldemort’s favourite, so it’s going last. There’s probably a big philosophical debate we could get into about violent curses like this would this one have been okay to use on an evil dark wizard, for instance? but we’re going to take the tack that murder is bad and leave it there.

    80. Crucio

    Yep, this is another Unforgivable Curse that Harry actually attempts to cast himself a couple of times, but nobody’s perfect, right? It’s also yet another spell that could land you in a cell with some Dementors .

    79. Imperio

    We know what you’re thinking: Why is a spell that Harry Potter busts out in order to retrieve a horcrux so low down on the list of usefulness? Wouldn’t the whole wizarding world be a different place if Harry hadn’t used the Imperius Curse to sneak into Gringotts? Well, maybe. But if we’re looking at this thing objectively, an Unforgivable Curse which puts the victim under the caster’s complete control is both a) obviously super evil, and b) a good way to get yourself locked up in Azkaban for life.

    78. Morsmordre

    Baddies use this one to conjure the Dark Mark in the sky. You don’t want to be a baddie, do you?

    77. Brackium Emendo

    76. Confringo

    75. Sectumsempra

    74. Slugulus Eructo

    73. Furnunculus

    This one covers an enemy in boils, which is very icky and very mean.

    72. Densaugeo

    71. Locomotor Wibbly

    70. Tarantallegra

    69. Serpensortia

    68. Levicorpus

    67. Flagrate

    More Awesome Harry Potter Creations

    Laura of Me and My INKlings is sharing a Room of Requirement Sign. Located in Hogwarts Castle, its a room that can only be discovered by someone who is in need. Free SVG File included in tutorial.

    Let Harry, Ron, and Hermione hold your place with a Magnetic Set of Bookmarks created by Laura of Lauras Crafty Life. Click through to discover how to make them.

    Show your Hogwarts House Colors with a colorful set of Harry Potter DIY Scrunchies. The full step-by-step tutorial can be found over at Smithas site, Smiling Colors.

    Shani of Sunshine and Munchkins has created a Free Printable Patronus Fortune Teller. Let this game help you discover what your charm is based upon your happiest memories.

    Download, print, and color Harry Potter Movie Night Printables featuring Hogsmeade Tickets and Gringotts Coins that the kiddos can earn, then redeem. Designed by the clever Justine of Little Dove.

    Erica from 5 Little Monsters always keeps us in stitches with her fabulous creations. Free this adorable Crocheted House Elf Dobby by gifting him a piece of clothing. Click through for the complete pattern.

    Always remember that the Wand Chooses the Wizard with this cute Harry Potter Mug created by Chelly of We Can Make That. Get the Free SVG file on her website.

    No Harry Potter birthday party is complete without a DIY Flying Broom photo booth prop. You will never guess what Debra from Debra Quartermain Designs has made this one out of!

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    Spring Ldap Authentication Example

    Below is a list of all Harry Potter spells known to wizard and what they do Below is a list of all Harry Potter spells known to wizard and what they do. The effect fades after either sixty seconds passes or a spell lands, but will not fade if the spell is resisted Druid Spells Cantrips Druidcraft Guidance Mending Poison Spray Produce.

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    /20 The Unbreakable Vow Can Go Horribly Wrong If Cast Improperly Or Without Conviction

    All Verbal Spells (successfully wand-casted ones, that is) [REMADE] – Harry Potter 1-8

    The Unbreakable Vow is accessible to anyone who wishes to partake in a magically bound mutual agreement. However, the potency of this spell extends deep into magical territory those who break the conditions of the Unbreakable Vow are killed on the spot, quite like Avada Kedavra.

    Casting involves a fair bit of ceremony and requires a third-party witness for completion. More importantly, the Unbreakable Vow can go horribly wrong if cast by inexperienced people, explaining why this spell is heavily moderated by the Ministry of Magic. Ron mentions that Fred and George had once tried to make an Unbreakable Vow with him, but Arthur fortunately managed to stop them in time.

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    You Can Also Cast A Spell To Cultivate Ingredients In Greenhouses

    You can plant ingredients in Greenhouses as long as you have the seeds and watering cans for it. Once the ingredient is planted, you are able to cast Herbivicus on it to increase the harvesting yield of that ingredient once it is done growing.

    Each ingredient that you can plant in a Greenhouse will have different amounts of time required for the growing period. They can range from one hour to 24 hours, with many of them somewhere in-between.

    However, once an ingredient is done growing, you will only have 30 minutes to harvest the bounty. If you cast Herbivicus enough, you can at least double the yield, or even go up to 9X the normal amount. You’ll also need to return to the Greenhouse that you planted at to reap the rewards, but it also benefits others who are in the vicinity as well.

    Convert Small Object Into Remote

    The Draconifors incantation is used to transform any small object into a dragon which can be controlled by the witch or wizard who cast it. It is a transfiguration spell that is taught by Professor McGonagall to her Third Year students at Hogwarts.

    The dragons that the spell transforms from an object are less powerful versions of an actual dragon and their size would depend on the size of the object it was transfigured from. It’s possible this spell was used on the small model dragons used in the First Task of the Triwizard Tournament, which indicated which dragon a wizard would face.

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    Harry Potter Spells: A Complete List Of What They All Do

    Need to unlock a door? Disarm an enemy? Fix a broken object? Theres a Harry Potter spell for that! In the Harry Potter universe, there is a spell to fulfill any need, from the everyday to the extraordinary. Below is a list of all Harry Potter spells known to wizard and what they do. For your connivence, this spell list is in alphabetical order, from A Z!

    All Of The Spells You Can Cast In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

    All The Spells In Harry Potter And What They Do

    It’s time to get your wands and cast those spells because the Statute of Secrecy needs your help in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite! In the latest AR game from Niantic, makers of Pokémon Go and Ingress, players will be casting magical spells to help return Foundables from the Wizarding World back to their rightful places. There are a variety of spells that can be cast in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, so here are all of them.

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    Reduce Physical Size Of Target

    Reducio, or The Shrinking Charm, is a spell that allows a witch or wizard to make their target physically smaller internally and externally. Miranda Goshawk, the author of Book of Spells, recommends that this spell should be learned with the Engorgement Charm, which will make its target increase physically.

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    She used this spell on Hermione after Draco Malfoy hexed her with the Densaugeo, a spell that enlarges and deforms a person’s teeth. Reducio was also used by Barty Crouch Jr. after he used the Engorgement Charm on a spider.

    /20 The Curse On Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring Would Have Eventually Killed Dumbledore

    Lord Voldemort treats his Horcruxes as his most treasured possessions, explaining why he protects each of them with remarkable magic. The Dark Lord places a curse of unimaginable power and malice on Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring, one that was designed to kill anyone who made physical contact with the ring.

    Dumbledore only touches the ring because he recognizes the Resurrection Stone embedded within, a decision that would have killed him had Snape not quickly prepared a temporary remedy. The Curse on Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring is so potent that it cannot be cured, explaining why Dumbledore begs Snape to end his suffering when the time comes.

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    Make Target Object Extremely Hard & Durable

    Duro is another spell that came straight out of Miranda Goshawk’s Book of Spells. The incantation makes its target turn into stone. Goshawk states in her book that this spell is usually used by students looking to prank their friends by turning something like a “pumpkin pasty” into stone right before they take a bite of it.

    The Hardening Charm’s first appearance was in The Deathly Hallows when Hermione used it during the Battle of Hogwarts. A couple of Death Eaters who were chasing her, Ron, and Harry through the castle were wounded by running right into a tapestry that she turned to stone.

    /20 Fiendfyre Creates Uncontrollable Living Flames

    All 8 Harry Potter Movies – Just The Spells

    One of the most powerful dark spells in existence, Fiendfyre creates a storm of fire in the shape of rampaging animals. The spell is notoriously difficult to control, but its power can even destroy Horcruxes.

    A Fiendfyre foolishly cast by Crabbe destroys the Room of Requirement and with it, Ravenclaw’s diadem and the Horcrux within. In the movies, it is Goyle who casts the spell. The movie adaptations also display Lord Voldemort using Fiendfyre during his duel with Albus Dumbledore at the Ministry, though this never happens in the books.

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    Destroy Anything With A Blast

    Anything targeted with Confringo, aka the Blasting Curse, explodes instantly. It’s a spell that’s extremely dangerous because, if used irresponsibly, can cause serious harm. During the First Wizarding War, the spell was speculated as being used to eliminate twelve Muggles by the Death Eater, Peter Pettigrew.

    Pettigrew used the Blasting Curse to decimate a street but instead killed innocent bystanders in the process, effectively condemning Sirius Black to Azkaban. The Ministry of Magic found Black guilty for the Muggle’s deaths, as well as Peter Pettigrew’s. The truth was only revealed much later.

    Harry Potter Spells That Debuted Infantastic Beasts

    With November 2016s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and November 2018s Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, J.K. Rowling came up with several new spells that should be considered canon. Here are the new spells we pulled from her screenplays, which were released concurrently with the movies.

    Appare Vestigium: Tracking spell that materializes as a swirl of gold and shows traces of recent magical activity. Used by Newt to track beasts and Tina.

    Avenseguim: Takes an object owned by someone and turns it into a way to track that person down. Newt used the spell on the feather from Kamas cap to find him.

    Finite: A spell to counter Protego Diabolica. Used by Flamel and friends. Weve seen this one before, but not in this way.

    Nebulus: Creates a swirling fog. Used by Dumbledore to stay under cover, descends over London.

    Protego Diabolica: Creates a protective circle those who are truly on Grindelwalds side can walk through the flame. Notably, Rowling describes the flame twice as a black fire, but in the movie its blue.

    Surgito: Removes a love enchantment spell. Used by Newt on Jacob to remove Queenies enchantment.

    Papyrus Reparo: Repairs a torn up postcard.

    Ventus: A spell to create a hurricane-force wind, used by Newt to repel the Auror Stebbins.

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    Harry Potter Spells List Printable And Wand Pencils

    Enjoy this free printable Harry Potter spells list with your own DIY Harry Potter wands. Pair it with a DIY light up Harry Potter wand or even make some fun Harry Potter Wand pencils with the instructions below. This list of Harry Potter spells is perfect for your next Harry Potter party or just for family fun!

    Save this recipe for later!

    /20 Dumbledore’s Water Manipulation Charm Almost Gets The Better Of Voldemort

    Spells And Wizardry

    Another spell used by Dumbledore in his only duel against Voldemort is the Water Manipulation Charm. This spell sounds corny on paper, but it is strong enough to push even the Dark Lord to his limits. In the books, the spell takes the form of “a cocoon of molten glass,” whereas the movies depict it as a gloating orb of water.

    In both cases, Voldemort struggles to “throw off the suffocating mass,” highlighting the sheer power contained within the Water Manipulation Charm. In fact, Voldemort officially loses the duel as he decides to possess Harry rather than continue fighting his opponent. Dumbledore proves his magical superiority once and for all with this spell.

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    What You Need To Make Harry Potter Wand Pencils

    While we usually play with our simple chopstick Harry Potter wands when we play, I thought Id share how to make these fun pencils that look just like wands from Harry Potter. They make a really fun Harry Potter party favor.

    • Pencils just what ever kind of sharpenable pencil you prefer. These are my favorites
    • Hot Glue and Glue Gun I use a small low heat glue gun
    • Paint for this I like using acrylic paint and paint brushes but if you dont care about preserving the functionality of the eraser you can definitely use spray paint.

    Its pretty simple to make basic pencil wands. You can make a bunch at once. Use them to treat a group or keep them on hand for gifting.

    Confundo Used To Confuse Opponents

    Here’s an easy one. Confundo is the exact first-person conjugation of the Latin verb “confundere.” The prefix con- means “with or together” and the suffix -fundo means “to pour.” When put together, the word literally means something like “mix,” but is now figuratively used to be “jumble or confuse.”

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    Bind Target With Magically Generated Ropes

    Incarcerous, as the name suggests, is a spell that binds or confines the target with the help of ropes. These magically generated cords can be of varying diameters, which presumably depends on the intent of the caster.

    Incarcerous is a purely defensive spell in the books, but Dolores Umbridge’s version in The Order of the Phoenix film reveals that the ropes are capable of active movement. Several characters have employed Incarcerous at some point, including Sirius, Lupin, Pettigrew, Dumbledore, and Draco.

    Study Of Ancient Runes

    OP Harry Potter Spells

    Study of Ancient Runes, more commonly known as Ancient Runes, is a generally theoretical subject that studies the ancient runic scripts. Because only Hermione studies it, little else is known about this subject, taught by Professor Bathsheda Babbling. In Deathly Hallows Dumbledore bequeaths his copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard, which is written in ancient runes, to Hermione.

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