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Who Is Harry Potter’s Girlfriend

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Ginny Was Better: Fellow Gryffindor

Harry/Hermione – Girlfriend

In her first year at Hogwarts, Ginny was sorted into the Gryffindor House. Her personality truly mirrors several of the core Gryffindor traits: courageous, determined, loyal, spirited, and willful. And being a Gryffindor himself, Harry easily connects to Ginny and finds this opportunity to bond with her.

Seeing from this, it seems ideal that the special someone is at the House as he/she is. This is evident with Ron and Hermione having a relationship as two Gryffindors. Regardless of Hogwarts house, Harry and Ginny found ways to support each other with grace.

How Did They Adjust Post

Im not saying they didnt do this, I would just have liked to find out how. The nineteen years that pass between the defeat of Voldemort in The Deathly Hallows and the epilogue gloss over a lot. Mostly how Harry managed to adjust to life post-Voldemort. This wizard was literally inside of him for the first seventeen years of his life, not to mention all the close calls he experienced because of him. Harry would have to go through some deep, serious therapy. Id just like to know how Ginny, as a teenager, handled that.

Wouldn’t Love To Date: Ginny Weasley

Ginny Weasley is another character that is a little bit reckless. She was quite intense when she was younger and got herself into terrible situations, including with an actual horcrux.

As she has gotten older she has become more headstrong, which seems to work for Harry who is equally as reckless. In a normal relationship however it seems that Ginny might be too intense and make too many bad decisions.

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Ginnys Quidditch Skills Are Shoehorned In

I like that Ginny develops an interest in Quidditch, but you cant deny that it feels a little shoved in as a reason for Harry to like her.

In book five, Ginny makes the Quidditch team after Harry is cut from it.

It turns out that she is amazing at Quidditch, apparently better than Katie Bell who has been on the team for five years! If Ginny is so good at Quidditch and loves it so much, why did she wait for her fourth year to try out? This part of her would have made more sense earlier.

The Chapter That Made Us Fall In Love With Ginny Weasley

Rupert Grint girlfriend: Who is Harry Potter stars ...

Ginny had an immensely strong spirit across the Harry Potter books, so strong in fact that Harry Potter himself began to notice after a while. But Ginny, accomplished Quidditch player and determined Gryffindor, was always far more than Harrys girlfriend. And the very macabre chapter in which Harry breaks up with her is the one where we love her the most.

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Ginny Is Suddenly Interesting

Having said that, in books five through seven, it felt like Rowling was compensating for Ginnys lack of personality in the earlier books. As if she suddenly realized we had to give Harry a reason for liking her.

Suddenly, Ginny becomes popular, smart, athletic, and attractive.

She becomes brave, dates lots of boys, and has no flaws. Good for her and all. But if Im honest, as Harrys interest only awakens at this point, it makes him look like a bit of a jerk!

Is Tom Felton Married To Emma Watson

No, Tom Felton doesnt marry Emman Watson. However, they were in a relationship for serval years. They fall in love with each other and also dated for some years. But, they couldnt handle their relationship long last.

Also, they couldnt turn their relationship as a husband and wife. Later, they ended the relationship and separated.

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Wouldn’t Love To Date: Draco Malfoy

Perhaps it’s because of his parents, his former love for dark magic, his aggressive and arrogant attitude, or the fact that his friends are all criminals, but Draco isn’t a great guy to date.

Even though he’s had a successful marriage, there’s something about Draco that could never be trusted. He is a murderer after all which never bodes well for any relationship based on trust.

Who Is Harry Potter Star Toby Regbo Dating Learn About His Relationship

Harry Potter Has A Girlfriend

An English actor of Norwegian origin, Toby Regbowent from a supporting role in Harry Potter to the main cast Reign . Without a question, it sought him immense fame but also prying eyes on his personal life, especially his relationship.

Notably, his on-screen romance with Reign- co-star Adelaide Kane saw fans shipping them as an off-screen couple as well. So, is the Hammersmith, London native in a relationship with Kane? Who Is Toby Regbo Dating? Scroll down to know.

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Cho Was Better: Undying Loyalty

Being part of Dumbledores Army is not just a fluke for Cho Chang. She joined the coalition, despite opposition by her parents since her mother worked for the Ministry on Umbridges side. Cho also saw this as a way to avenge the death of Cedric.

That fighting spirit, trust, and loyalty are essential for a relationship to flourish, whether on good times or bad times. And Cho best exhibited this, as much as she tried conjuring defensive and offensive spells inside the Room of Requirement. Nevertheless, her fighting determination counts.

Wouldn’t Love To Date: Cho Chang

Cho Chang hasn’t exactly had a great run of love. Her first boyfriend was killed by Voldemort and her second was more of a rebound that quickly fizzled out and resulted in Harry Potter dating Ginny instead.

Cho needs some time to find out who she is now and so she wouldn’t be great to date in the near future. She needs to take a break from boyfriends and genuinely get over Cedric first.

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They Get Together Too Young

This is one of my major issues with the Harry Potter universe. Almost all canonical couples meet at Hogwarts when they were children, then get married after leaving school. This is not a realistic portrayal of relationships! Harry and Ginny were nineteen and eighteen presumably.

They missed out on traveling alone, making mistakes and figuring out who they really are and what they want by themselves.

Im not saying you cant build a successful marriage with your high school sweetheart, but the two missed out on the life experience that comes with dating as an adult.

Wouldn’t Love To Date: Harry Potter

harry potter star rupert grint girlfriend georgia

Harry Potter is impulsive, a bad listener, and pretty reckless. He gets into trouble quite a lot and doesn’t seem to be able to work on a relationship very well. He wouldn’t be a great boyfriend.

Although he eventually maintains a successful relationship it’s not without his flaws. He often says completely the wrong thing at the wrong time and there are big consequences to his words.

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Daniel Radcliffe And Emma Watson

Along with Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson are one of the greatest trios in the history of the film industry. In the movies, Daniel and Emma who play Harry and Hermione have the best friendship. Every girl wanted the same big-hearted and brave male bestie like Harry and every guy wished he could have a female friend as confident and wise as Hermione in his real life.

Fans think that they would be the best friend of each other, considering how much the on-screen time they shared together. However, they are not that close like many think they are. Yes, they maintain a close friendship but they are not in the talk-everyday, share-everything relationship as Harry and Hermione.

Tom Felton Wife And Kids Rumours

Due to Toms worldwide fame, its almost a given that rumours are going to be started about him.

Tom has previously dated a Harry Potter co-star. He and Jade Gordon were in a relationship for eight years. This relationship saw he and Jade as on-screen husband and wife, as well as parents. Jade played Astoria Greengrass in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

In real life, Tom hasnt ever married, nor had children.

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Quiz: Which Harry Potter Character Would Be Your Boyfriend

Harry Potter? Ron Weasley? Draco Malfoy? Neville Longbottom? It’s time to find out who your Harry Potter boyfriend really is.

The final Harry Potter book may have come out back in 2007 but the franchise lives on in the Fantastic Beasts series, Cursed Child and, most importantly, our hearts. Whether your bought Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone the day it came out, saw every movie at the cinema, or came to the wizarding world later in life, it’s hard to imagine life without Harry Potter.

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Which Harry Potter character would be your boyfriend though? Is Harry the man of your dreams or is Ron? Do you fantasise about a life with Draco or Neville? Would you support Victor in the Triwizard Tournament or Cedric? Are you a Dean type of girl or is Bill your guy? There’s only one way to find out for sure. Take our 100% accurate Harry Potter boyfriend quiz.

Who Is Tom Felton Dating In 2020


Although Tom, 33, hasnt said it himself, reports from and Herald Journalism suggest that he and Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson, 30, are dating in 2020.

Both Tom and Emma have posted to to share images of one another over the years but its often never seemed more than a friendship.

The concept of a Harry Potter romance looks to be pretty feasible following a 2019 Entertainment Tonight interview featuring Rupert Grint and Nell Tiger Free.

Tom can thank his Harry Potter co-star, Rupert, for igniting the rumour mill. When asked if he could ever see Tom and Emma together, Rupert replied: Yeah, I could. He added that there were some sparks in the past but continued: I dont want to start anything.

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Would Love To Date: Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood is quirky and kind and actually could make a pretty fun girlfriend. There would be plenty to do with her and lots of fun date ideas. She seems to never be bored and always finding new activities.

Although her personality is a little different, there wouldn’t be any other people like her out there to date. Neville and Luna certainly make an interesting combination because of this.

Whos Your Hogwarts Girlfriend

Which of these options describes you best Or at least you think of yourself? However, she is sometimes prone to bouts of anger. Which Harry Potter witch is right for you? Who’s your witch? Which magical girl attracts you most?

Please leave empty:. Ocean blue. Ice blue. Comments Change color. Slytherin

Our goal at Zoo. We want you to look inward and explore new and interesting things about yourself. We want you to look outward and marvel at the world around you. We want to dream with you about all your future holds. Our hope is our quizzes and articles inspire you to do just that. Playing quizzes is free!

Who is your Harry Potter girlfriend? BOYS only. Somewhere with whips and chains.

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Ginny Is Too Much Of A Typical Love Interest

All these issues Ive discussed with Ginnys character development boil down to this one big issue that fans have with her.

Ginny is part of the books for one simple reason to be a love interest for the main character.

If you took her out of the books and gave them to someone who hadnt read them, she wouldnt be missed. The main frustration comes from her not having any flaws. I wont say Mary Sue, but Ginny does become this uber perfect pretty girl for Harry to pine after, rather than being something real.

Who Is Tom Felton Wife

Girlfriend from Australia

Tom Felton is an unmarried man. He doesnt have a wife. He has not been involved in any relationship yet.It seems that he is yet to be involved in any relationship. Tom is a handsome man with a good personality. In addition, he is a creative person with a positive attitude who always brings positivity and inspiration through his videos and images too. So, all the girls would like to date him because of his good appearance and popularity.

He has always kept her personal life a big mystery. Even though he can understand the love life, he is not engaged in it. As a famous person, he has maintained his image in the public. As of now, he is only focusing on her professional career. Likewise, Tom loves spending quality time with her family and friends. He has never been a part of rumors and controversies as he has the perfect idea to keep the safest distance from the media and public.

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Ginny Was Better: Skilled In Casting Spells

Ginny proved her worth as a witch when, at a young age, she honed her skills in casting spells and dueling. She showed the natural ability to quickly dodge her opponents attacks and spells. And as a member of Dumbledores Army, Ginny quickly learned how to cast defensive and offensive spells.

Her skills are necessary for Harry and company to allow him, Ron, and Hermione to destroy the Horcruxes, while she and other members of the Army prepare for impending danger. And give props to her saving Harry by casting Reducto.

Ginny Is Very Dull For A Long Time

Im sorry, but lets be honest here. For a good part of the series, there wasnt much to like about Ginny. We just werent told that much about her. She played the damsel in distress in the second series, but aside from that, for a long time she was literally just Rons little sister who has a crush on the hero.

In books three and four, she has no character development. I think fans would like her a lot more if her characteristics were established early and she was consistently someone we needed to care about.

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Ginny Was Better: Fearless Defender

Ginny is known to be a brave student who always showed her undying loyalty to her friend, in spite of the danger before her. And earnestly, she proved this since Chamber of Secrets when she defended Harry from Dracos bullying. In return, Harry came to her rescue from the Basilisk inside the Chamber of Secrets.

Time and time again, Ginny proved to be a fearless defender for her friends and for Harry. For the latter, that is important to ensure his loved ones are safe, and his plans to defeat Voldemort are effective. And for both of them, Harry found his fellow conqueror of fears.

Who Is Regbo In A Relationship With Any Girlfriend

Harry Potter Girlfriend

Despite such fame, The Last Kingdom actor seems quite handy with keeping secrets. So far, as of 2021 fall, Regbo doesnt have any records of any relationship or girlfriend. And sad to admit but as the scenario turns out, Toby is allegedly not dating anyone at the moment.

  • Image Source: Radio Times

However, fans are still not convinced that the grey-eyed heartthrob could be out of the dating game & is currently single. Surely, who wont want to be in a relationship with the 5 feet 10 inches tall TV figure. But so, to speak, without any proof or a nod from Regbo, all the claims on his dating story are volatile.

An avid user of Instagram, Toby Regbo has more than 581K fan-following, though none of them hints at his romantic connection. Rather, he posts pictures with his mother and friends.

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She Seems Happier Without Him

I hate to bring it up, but it just seems so true. Again, I dont know what happens between the next to last and last chapters of Harry Potter that take Ginny and Harry to where they are at the end.

Im sure lots of moments where Ginny was happy with Harry happened the trouble is that we do not canonically see them.

And without those essential moments, it looks like Ginny was happier before she started dating Harry. Im also sure that this matter could be debated, and many disagree with me. This is just one theory.

Cho Was Better: Supportive Of Harrys Cause

Cho Chang realized the gravity of Cedrics passing and she joined on Harrys cause to stop Voldemort and his Death Eater army. In that way, Harry and Cho crossed paths naturally. Thus, their actual bond practically started from adhering to a common good cause against evil.

Cho truly saw the value of Harry enduring to defeat the threats within the Wizarding World that even after their relationship ended , she supported the Army until the Hogwarts siege.

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Harry Potter: 5 Characters Who Would Make The Best Girlfriends

How many fans have asked what kind of girlfriend would Professor McGonagall be? Or Bellatrix Lestrange? Keeping reading for these answers and more!

Harry Potter fans aren’t just in it for the wizardry or the action. They are invested in the love lives of their favorite characters. The books and movies give readers and viewers plenty of romantic storylines, some more satisfying than others.

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When things don’t work out the way fans would like, there is always the lurking “what if” question. Fanfiction re-imagines all kinds of relationships. But how many fans have asked what kind of girlfriend would Professor McGonagall be? Or Bellatrix Lestrange? Find out who would make the best and worst girlfriends in Harry Potter history.

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