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What Harry Potter House Am I Buzzfeed

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Want More Than Just A Harry Potter House Quiz We Have Put Together Some Additional Trivia About Each Of The Great Houses

Harry Potter Buzzfeed Quizzes| My Hogwarts House based on what I would eat Hogwarts!

We have included some traits about each of the houses that you could be sorted into. This includes some popular characters from the series who are in each house and the celebrities who have revealed their allegiances. This is where you will find out more details about your Harry Potter house quiz result.

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Harry Potter: Which Hogwarts House Am I 10 Best Online Quizzes To Get Sorted

Does thinking about your Harry Potter Hogwarts House give you an identity crisis? These are the best quizzes to tell you where you belong.

Many online sorting quizzes are pretty bad. They may ask you what your best trait is while only listing brave, cunning, loyal, or witty. Another popular example of a bad quiz question would be what the players favorite color is between red, yellow, blue, and green. These kinds of quizzes usually arent that fun because people will always try to get what they want. They will pick their answers based on whether or not they want to be a Gryffindor more so than if their favorite color is actually red.

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These quizzes leave for some pretty disingenuous responses. Of course, the sorting hat takes into account which house you want to be in, but its always way more fun to get sorted based on your personality as well. There is so much more to each house than those core traits and quizzes that really make you question which answer falls under which house is the best kind. Here are some of the best sorting hat quizzes from Harry Potterfound online.

Which Hogwarts House Am I 15 Best Harry Potter Quizzes To Get Sorted

Ever wondered what life would be like in the Wizarding World? These Harry Potter quizzes will tell you which house you would be in at Hogwarts!

Many online Harry Potter sorting quizzes don’t have much thought put into them. They may ask the quiz taker what their “best trait” is while only listing brave, cunning, loyal, or witty– leading with the keywords of each house. These kinds of quizzes aren’t entirely accurate because people will pick the obvious answers.

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Of course, the Sorting Hat canonically takes into account which house the student wants to be in, but it’s more fun to get sorted based on personality as well. With that in mind, there are some quizzes online that go above and beyond to give comprehensive Hogwarts house sortings.

In the ever-expanding realm of the internet, new ideas are constantly being added and innovation takes great ideas and makes them even better. The internet took the idea of Hogwarts quizzes and ran with it. Some quizzes are lacking and lazily made, but more and more incredible house sorting quizzes pop up every day.

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More On The Founder Rowena Ravenclaw

Rowena Ravenclaw was said to value intelligence and wisdom when choosing students for her house.

According to Pottermore, a broken heart contributed to her early death.

A popular fan theory is that Rowena is responsible for giving the school the name of âHogwartsâ. There is also a rumor that Rowena is responsible for the design of Hogwarts.

Belonging To A Fictional Group Could Even Change How You See Yourself

What hogwarts house are you in quiz buzzfeed

Once you’re sorted into Gryffindor, for example, you might start feeling and acting like you would if you joined a new school club, at least to a point, says Crysel.

“One weakness of our research is that we used Harry Potter fans to some extent, people may be reporting the traits they think they are supposed to report,” says Crysel. “This would, at least, support the idea that they are changing how they see themselves because of this feedback from the quiz.”

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We all know our Hogwarts House, but do we all truly fit into just one? Hardly! Perhaps your badger has the wisdom of the eagle, or your inner lion subtle is like the snake.

Find out here which combination of houses truly suits you!Once you answer all the questions, you will get your results fromShow More

We all know our Hogwarts House, but do we all truly fit into just one? Hardly! Perhaps your badger has the wisdom of the eagle, or your inner lion subtle is like the snake.

Find out here which combination of houses truly suits you!Once you answer all the questions, you will get your results from this quiz. Submit your answers by selecting an option below each question. All answer options will load for you once you reach them. For best results, answer the questions in a row. Once you know your results, dont forget to check the rest of the fun quizzes weve prepared for you. Good luck!

What Harry Potter House Am I In Buzzfeed Quiz

Harry Potter QuizWhat Harry Potter House Am I In Buzzfeed Quiz Its been a while, but youre finally able to learn what the Sorting Hat is going to help you with the What Harry Potter House Am I In Buzzfeed Quiz. Okay, maybe but not. But just be ready to have fun obtaining prepared for the wedding ceremony day! Turn up your Inner Hermione to your fullest in your long term!

For all those of you who dont know that sorting hat trivia is part of the School House Choice process in J.K. Rowlings world. This sorting hat initially appeared in the 3rd book, The Forest of Fear. Harry Potter trivia followers will be able to find out this information quickly if theyre willing to dive into the specifics of this phenomenon. Even non-fans of the series are likely to have fun answering concerns regarding the sorting hat and the colleges associated with it.

If you who have already read the series the books, the Harry Potter quiz will provide you with even more interesting info. There is no reason to take this question if youve not read the books. You will find many places to buy the most up-to-date Harry Potter books, and you may also purchase the DVDs, films, or even the fan fiction composed in the name of Harry Potter. This will give you a complete look into the magical world which J.K. Rowling created. If you love studying the Harry Potter books, then you will absolutely love answering these questions!

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House Systems In Modern Schools

Hogwarts isnt the only school with a housing system. Schools in England and the United States have long used housing systems to help students form close-knit communities and compete in inter-school sports teams. Some schools have as many as ten houses. Others, like the fictional Hogwarts, have as few as four.The number of students per house depends on the school. McCracken County High School in Kentucky, for example, has one of the largest house populations: 5 houses with 400 students per house! Upon arriving, each student is sorted into one of the houses for the duration of their stay.Traditionally, this housing system applied to boarding schools. The process encourages youth to join team activities and develop a sense of family while away from home. Houses are traditionally named after famous alumni, animals, or in the case of Hogwarts, the schools founders.

Only Real Fans Can Score More


Harry potter quiz buzzfeed house. But you have to be a real fan to have caught these tiny details about Harry and the. Rowling John Tiffany and Thorne. Previews of the play began at the Palace Theatre London on 7 June 2016 and it premiered on 30 July 2016.

Vampire Diaries is a famous supernatural romance TV show that has followed the popularity of Twilight. Community Contributor This post was created by a member of the BuzzFeed CommunityYou can join and make your own posts and quizzes. What are the names of Harrys TEENren.

And they answered questions about what each member is known for and who does what. My Heart Adores Those Favourite Fics Of Mine Creative Chaos Discord Recs i solemnly swear i up to no good Harry Potter Cleos Ultimate Guide to Fanfiction all time favourites i love you wolfstar Most Prized Fics Harry Potter- wolfstar super cool and awsome works to show people Stats. Sign up to the BuzzFeed Quiz.

Stranger Things Quiz Just Real Fans Score 80. One year after the bands debut the boys played the Whos Who game on BuzzFeed Celeb. This Buzzfeed quiz gives players percentages of what they are in each house sometimes they may even result in a tie.

If You Havent Seen Harry Potter Over 50 Times Im Sorry But You Might Not Pass This Quiz Could you pick Colin Creevey Mundungus Fletcher or. 100 Times Better Than Sorting Hat. If you have ever asked yourself this question you have come to the right place.

Pin On Hp

Pin On Hogwarts Life

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Top 5 Buzzfeed Quizzes You Need To Take

As book lovers, cinema goers, and TV show watchers we are exposed to a myriad of unique characters upon every turn of a page or change of channel. Maybe you always manage to find a character to connect with, or maybe its a Hogwarts House, a clique, or a friendly little robot that gets you interested. Either way, Buzzfeed has an incredible selection of quizzes that will help you determine where you fit in in these colorful casts of characters, and its time to take them all.

  • Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong In?
  • Whether its Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff youll surely find a home at Hogwarts. Until that owl arrives online quizzes are the closest youll get to a sorting hat, so youd better be prepared to answer honestly!

    2. Which Divergent Faction Do You Actually Belong In?

    Similarly to Hogwarts, the dystopian Divergent series breaks its characters up based on specific aptitudes some of which may seem strikingly similar to the Hogwarts houses! Are you a Gryffindor who remains brave and true with Dauntless? Are you an honest Slytherin meant for Candor? Take them both and see where you fall you may find out something interesting!

    3. Which Mean Girls Clique Do You Belong In?

    4. Which Game of Thrones House Are You In?

    5. Which Pokemon Are You?

    Going above and beyond just determining your Pokemon type , this quiz will determine what you are based on some of the most iconic pokemon!

    My Results:

    As The Quiz Shows Above Not All Of These Things Turned Out To Be True

    It turned out that Gryffindors were no more open to experience than the other houses, though they were ever-so-slightly more extraverted. Hufflepuffs did not score more highly on the need to belong than the other houses, but they were the most agreeable of the four. But Ravenclaws’ need for cognition and Slytherins’ tendency towards the Dark Triad traits did play out in the data.

    “We found less conclusive information for Gryffindors, probably because a ‘bravery trait measure’ was not available, and we had to use things that seem to relate to bravery instead,” Dr Laura Crysel, lead author of the paper, told BuzzFeed Science over email. “I am a Gryffindor, so I wish I had more to say about Harrys house however, the data we have cannot speak to it.”

    Only about half of the people in the study were sorted into the house they wanted by Pottermore. This is greater than chance, says Crysel, but “it also says to me that people weren’t able to cheat the quiz across the board, and that it may be saying something about how people really are.”

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    What House Am I In Harry Potter Quiz Buzzfeed

    Harry Potter QuizWhat House Am I In Harry Potter Quiz Buzzfeed It has been awhile, but youre finally able to discover the Sorting Hat will help you with the What House Am I In Harry Potter Quiz Buzzfeed. Maybe not. However, just make sure you are ready to have a blast getting ready for your big day! Bring out your Inner Hermione for the maximum when it comes to your future!

    For all those who dont know that sorting hat trivia is part from the School Home Choice procedure in J.K. Rowlings world. Sorting hats first appeared within the third novel, The Forest of Fear. Harry Potter trivia followers will be able to find out this information quickly if theyre prepared to explore the detailed details of this phenomenon. Even non-Potter enthusiasts are likely to have fun answering concerns regarding the sorting hat and the schools associated with it.

    If those who have read the books theres taking a Harry Potter quiz will give you more information that is interesting. In the end, theres no need to take this test if youve never finished the sequence. You will find a myriad of locations where you can purchase the most up-to-date Harry Potter books, and you may also purchase the DVDs, films, or even the fan fiction that is composed about Harry Potter. This will give you a complete look into the magical world which J.K. Rowling produced. If you are a fan of the Harry Potter books, then youll love filling out these quizzes!

    Hogwarts House Quiz Warming Up A Little

    Concept 85 of Buzzfeed Harry Potter House Quiz ...

    The four founders picked students for their houses in the early days of the school. But after that, Godric Gryffindor took off his hat, and they each applied expertise to it, enabling the Sorting Hat to choose the students by judging the attributes of each student and putting them in the most suitable house.

    Gryffindor values courage, bravery, nerve, and chivalry, and its mascot is the lion, with scarlet red and gold color.

    Hufflepuff values hard work, patience, justice, and loyalty. The house mascot is the badger, and canary yellow and black.

    Ravenclaw values intelligence, learning, wisdom, and wit with a mascot of the eagle and the color of blue and bronze.

    And the last house, Slytherin, values ambition, cunning, leadership, and resourcefulness. The house mascot of Slytherin is the serpent, and its colors are green and silver.

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    What Harry Potter House Am I

    Do you want to know the answer? This Harry Potter house test will help you with that! But before choosing any sides, The thing that you would like to know about the four houses is that even though Gryffindor is the most famous house in the Hogwarts, but Hufflepuff is the best one!

    And if you like to know the worst of all, yeah, that is Slytherin as they have their evil traits, like any other house, but their worst feature is that Its very hard to know who to trust.

    Choose Your Favourite Harry Potter Movie

  • Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix
  • Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II
  • Question of
  • The Fault in Our Stars
  • The Hunger Games
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • The Book Thief
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    Discover Your Hogwarts House On Wizarding World

    Are you Gryffindor? Are you Hufflepuff? Are you Slytherin? Are you Ravenclaw?

    Find out with the Hogwarts Sorting Experience created by J.K. Rowling.

    Now, were assuming youre more than familiar with the four houses of Hogwarts, but heres a quick refresher, just in case.

    Hogwarts was founded over a thousand years ago by four powerful wizards: Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff. They chose to split the students into four houses, each bearing their surnames and featuring young wizards and witches who displayed abilities and personalities they wanted to nurture.

    To do this, Godric Gryffindor used his magical hat henceforward known as the Sorting Hat to decide which children should go into which house, and so it has been ever since with a yearly Sorting Ceremony that places each new pupil into their own new home.

    The four houses have different entry requirements, and nobody summed them up better than the old Sorting Hat itself in its welcoming songâ¦

    Hogwarts House Quiz Buzzfeed

    Buzzfeed Harry Potter House Test

    Hogwarts House Quiz Buzzfeed The Harry Potter House Quiz is a cost-free application that allows a customer to create a profile for himself and after that continues to address concerns concerning the enchanting world of J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter series. It was developed by SitePoint, an internet-based web content provider that functions very closely with J.K. Rowling in order to provide followers with new and also amazing material. The program works with computers, personal organizers, laptop computers, as well as smart devices . To take part in a Hogwarts House Quiz Buzzfeed, a user will certainly require to create a profile that consists of a image as well as basic info about him or herself. Once this is done, the customer can after that choose various quiz kinds as well as subjects, such as the Hogwarts House Quiz Buzzfeed.

    An additional section of the Hogwarts House Quiz Buzzfeed is the Be Hagrids Family history quiz. To participate in this quiz, a user will certainly need to provide their name and also e-mail address. They will additionally need to indicate whether they are a half-blood wizard or a pure-blood wizard . A pure-blood wizard has the ability to practice magic versus muggles, and also a half-blood wizard is only allowed to practice magic versus humans. wizards, as you may visualize, come under a couple of groups.

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