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How Long Is The Harry Potter Exhibit In Philadelphia

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Harry Potter Exhibit At The Franklin Institute Pricing

Harry Potter: The Exhibition FULL TOUR! | Franklin Institute: Philadelphia

Daytime pricing, which includes museum admission, is $39 for children 3-11 and $43 per adult . Nighttime passes that do not include admission to the Franklin Institute are $30 per person. Member prices, regardless of timing, are $20 a ticket. Parking is not included, and garage parking is $20 . The garage is small and could be filled–especially on busy weekends.

The cost of a family of four to get the museum + Harry Potter pass and park would be $184. A family of 4 membership is $149. If you buy a membership, go to the Harry Potter Experience, and pay to park, it will cost $244. We go to the Franklin Institute at least 4 times a year, so it is worth it for us to be members. The Franklin Institute membership is also a part of the ASTC Passport Program which is great for families that travel.

You must buy your tickets for a certain day and time. The Franklin Institute is a little flexible with lateness. For instance, we had a 6:30 ticket and they were calling for people with a 6:00 pm ticket up until 6:30pm. I would call, however, if you are going to be later than a half hour window.

The Best Time To Visit The Harry Potter: The Exhibition

The best time to visit the Harry Potter: The Exhibition is during the week, but with the timed tickets, youll find the crowd to be well-paced. Day and evening tickets are available, but know that the price is the same no matter what time you go. To see the entire museum, it is $43 for an adult ticket and $30 for a childrens ticket. For just the Harry Potter exhibition, it is $30 each, and all tickets are timed. Tickets can be purchased on the Franklin Institutes website. You can also give the gift of the Harry Potter experience.

Note that between May 1 and September 11, 2022, if you book your getaway to Philadelphia via the Visit Philly Overnight Hotel Package, you get two untimed tickets to the Harry Potter exhibition.

Harry Potter Gift Shop

I have been hearing that there are times when the gift shop were running out of items. This may have been more in the beginning of their opening. I cant lie, like most gift shop this one is pricey. We did purchase a keep sake photo for $25. My son got a t-shirt and I got a keychain-the damage was about $85 dollars. There are price points that are lower but of course the stuff people really want comes with a hefty price tag. So be clear on that prior to going. For a family of my size, if we all would have went it would have been at least an almost $400 day even without going to the gift shop. This is an experience you want to plan ahead for if you are budgeting.

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Final Thoughts About The Harry Potter Exhibit At The Franklin Institute

I thought this Harry Potter Exhibition at the Franklin Institute was fun. If you or a loved one loves Harry Potter, you should definitely go. If you are attending with children, find a time during the day where you can get to experience the whole Franklin Institute. The Franklin Institute has been our favorite museum to visit with our kids for years and it is well worth planning a whole morning or afternoon there.

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Harry Potter: The Exhibition At The Franklin Institute

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Right in line with the Philadelphia Museum of Art and next to the Barnes Foundation and the Rodin Museum is The Franklin Institute. The Franklin Institute is a science museum mainly aimed at kids. But from February of this year through September 18, 2022, the Franklin is hosting Harry Potter: The Exhibition.

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Harry Potter: The Exhibition Celebrates World Premiere In Philly

EntertainmentLacey Pfalz February 18, 2022

Harry Potter: The Exhibition, a comprehensive museum exhibition, makes its world premiere at Philadelphias The Franklin Institute today, February 18.

The exhibit, which is slated to travel around the world, makes its debut in Philadelphia, on display now through September 18, 2022. Tickets with timed entry are required adult tickets are $43, children are $39. Evening tickets for both children and adults are $30. Tickets also include access to the rest of The Franklin Institute.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition was created by Imagine Exhibitions in partnership with Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment to display the wonderful wizarding world, including the Fantastic Beasts series.

An 18,000 square-foot exhibit with 21 galleries, including Hogwarts Castle, Hagrids Hut, The Great Hall, the four Hogwarts Houses and more, guests can explore the interactive exhibit as if stepping into the school for the first time, choosing their Hogwarts house, wand and Patronus.

Interactions are personalized for each guest using RFID wristbands. The exhibit also includes artifacts from the movies and books, including an original first edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, iconic costumes and more. Guests can enjoy personalized moments with their chosen Hogwarts house professor, enjoy magical lessons and games and even interact with centaurs in the Forbidden Forest.

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Gryffindors And Boggarts And Quaffles Oh My: Harry Potter Launches At The Franklin Institute

    By February 19, 2022

The world premiere of a new Harry Potter exhibition is now open at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

The show is projected to be the most popular exhibition at the Franklin Institute, ever. The first weekend is already sold out through pre-sale tickets. The Franklin hopes the show will help reignite the tourism economy.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition was developed in partnership with Warner Brothers, which released all of the films of the Harry Potter franchise, aka the Wizarding World. The immersive exhibition features props and costumes from the films, and puts visitors inside rooms and key scenes from the Wizarding World.

We think of them as celebratory rooms. Theyre not exactly what the rooms would be like, but the right ingredients are there, said Tom Zaller, president of Imagine Exhibitions, which created the show.

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7 months ago

Zaller then named key elements of the exhibition, many of which may only be familiar to fans of Potter.

We have a Defense Against the Dark Arts with a Boggart cabinet, so you can touch that screen and do a Riddikulus charm, he said. The Gryffindor sword, we have the Triwizard tournament cup. You touch a boot and you Portkey. You go through a Floo network, you see Dolores Umbridges office. You throw a quaffle into a Quidditch. Youre in Hagrids Hut. Theres a lot.

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A banner outside the Franklin Institute advertising the Harry Potter exhibit, which opens in February in Philadelphia

To say there is great enthusiasm for the upcoming world premiere Harry Potter exhibit at the Franklin Institute is putting it mildly. After a short members-only presale, tickets to the Harry Potter exhibit went on sale to the general public last Wednesday. And as of Tuesday morning, the total number of tickets sold stood at around 39,000.

For some perspective, we reached out to a spokesperson for the Franklin Institute, who explained that the advance sales for the Harry Potter exhibit its technically called Harry Potter: The Exhibition have already exceeded the advance sales for every other exhibit in the Franklin Institutes history except for the 2007 King Tut exhibit and Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes, which ran at the museum in 2019. And this is for an exhibit that doesnt even open until February 18th. So the Harry Potter exhibit could very well smash all records, given that there are still three months of advance sales to go. The exhibit is set to close in September 2022.

The Harry Potter exhibit is an especially big moment for the Franklin Institute, because this is the exhibits world premiere. After Philadelphia, Harry Potter: The Exhibition is scheduled to embark on a global voyage with stops in Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Global Tour Of New Harry Potter Exhibition Kicks Off In Philadelphia

The Franklin Institute Introduces ‘Harry Potter: The Exhibition’

Harry Potter: The Exhibition is having its world premiere at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

A young boy reads Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling in a book shop in … Shirley, Birmingham, UK.


On display through September 18, 2022, the all-new, behind-the-scenes exhibition celebrates the iconic moments, characters, settings and beasts depicted in the films and stories of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and Wizarding World, including Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Visitors can get an up-close look at everything from original costumes to authentic props, as they embark on a personalized journey through environments that use immersive design and technology.

The 18,000-square-foot exhibition features 21 galleries, including the Great Hall, Hogwarts Castle, Hagrids Hut, Hogwarts Houses and Newts Suitcase. Visitors can transition into the exhibition from the iconic Kings Cross Station, where they complete their profile, select their Hogwarts house, wand and Patronus as they set off on their personalized journey.

As they explore each gallery, their interactions are captured using radio frequency identification wristbands.

Also featured are an interactive Patronus charm experience and Newts Suitcase photo opportunity, where visitors can step inside his enchanted case and be surrounded by creatures seen in the Fantastic Beasts films.

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Battle For The House Cup

Make sure you use the wristband you were given upon entry. Find the golden snitch on each display, then wave your wrist over it before you complete one of the magical tasks asked of you during the visit. Once the task has been completed, whether that be casting a spell or preparing a potion, you earn points for your house.

Are you Ravenclaw with a Hufflepuff friend? Make your visit into a competition, and towards the end you can actually try out your magic with a friendly battle.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition To Open At The Franklin Institute In Philadelphia In February 2022

Move over, Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Move over, Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Text: Addison Aloian

Calling all Potterheads! The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia has announced the premiere of Harry Potter: The Exhibition, for which tickets are now on sale. The special exhibit comes as Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, the first film, celebrates its 20th anniversary. The display was organized by Imagine Exhibitions in partnership with Warner Bros., and will open Feb. 18.

While the Wizarding World of Harry Potter already exists at Universal Studios, this show prides itself on being the most comprehensive touring exhibition ever presented about the Wizarding World.

The exhibit will show a behind-the-scenes look at the inner lives of the characters, as well as iconic scenes and memories from the books and films. The experience spans areas from Hogwarts Castle, to the Great Hall, to Hagrids Hut, and it will even include original film props and costumes. Besides including the original collection of Harry Potter stories, the museum will also include settings from J.K. Rowlings more recent works, including Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

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Bonus: How To Score Complimentary Tickets & Hotel Parking

Get this .

If you want two untimed complimentary tickets to the exhibition and, if youve made this far, were guessing you might as well as hotel parking, look no further than the Visit Philly Overnight Hotel Package. Available at more than 20 Philadelphia hotels, the spellbinding package is worth up to $218!

Basic Information For You Harry Potter Experience:


If you are looking to explore in the Franklin Institute before your Harry Potter Experience, come at least 2 hours before your time. There is no VIP line although there is a VIP experience. You will be told where to meet-by the Harry Potter sign when its time. Wear comfortable shoes. My son was there from 11-4:30 and it was nothing but pure walking.

You can not eat or drink inside of the exhibit. However there are plenty of lunchroom space, and the Eatery for you to eat and enjoy. Also many parents packed their kids lunch. I didnt because I expected to come in and go right into the Harry Potter Experience and that wasnt the case. My son and I had snacks and lunch while there. The price for food was comparable to any other experience we went to. The food was fine. The Franklin Institute is 3 floors of exploration. You wont get bored. Hand sanitizer is located all through the exhibit. Use them.

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Harry Potter Exhibit Tickets

This is important. This exhibit is not having an issue at all with selling tickets. Be sure to purchase your tickets ahead of time. It will sell out fast especially on the weekends. If you are looking for walk in tickets you run the possibility of not getting same day tickets at your time of choice. If you live in Philadelphia this may not necessarily bother you. Traveling out of the city? Please reconsider. My son and I went on a Monday following Easter and that was taking a risk as is with crowd control. Looking for a potential smaller crowd? Get your tickets for the first showing in the morning and go Monday-Thursday or Tuesday-Thursday.

Children 3 and up will need a ticket. Ticket prices are 3-11 years old are $39 and 12 and up are $43. You can go to the evening shows that start at 5-8pm are 30 for both children and adults. Keep in mind the last entry is always at 6:30pm. You get to also have access to the Franklin Institute with your ticket price. If you are a member of the Franklin Institute tickets are $20. There is also VIP available for $59 for ages 3 and up.

Staircase & Foucault Pendulum

One of the coolest things at The Franklin Institute is the massive Foucault Pendulum suspended in the large central staircase. Léon Foucault proved the rotation of the earth in 1851 with a similar pendulum in Paris.

The Franklin Institutes pendulum has been swinging for 80 years, a 180-lb ball on an 85-foot wire. Set up around the base is a series of metal pins. Every 20 minutes or so, the ball knocks down a pin. Though its not the pendulum that is making the shift, its the earth rotating under it.

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Make Professor Snape And Professor Slughorn Proud In Potion Class

During the entire exhibition, youll be treated as a Hogwarts student, so youll be tested on your ability at performing magic. In the potions room, you can test your apothecary skills by working with unusual ingredients like rat spleen. Read the ingredients and follow the instructions carefully if youd like to graduate with an Outstanding.

Toasting The Wizarding World

What to Expect Visiting the NEW Harry Potter: The Exhibition at the Franklin Institute

If you’re over 21 and can’t get enough of Harry Potter, this beer’s for you. Rather, beers.

Evil Genius Beer Company, the Fishtown and Philadelphia-based brewing company, celebrates “Harry Potter: The Exhibition” and the return of in-person events with a special new exclusive beer, cocktails, a new running club, a drag brunch and a block party.

The brewery is releasing a glitter beer, Spoiler Alert: It’s LeviOSa, not LevioSA, at 6% ABV.

Evil Genius also will debut two new specialty-theme cocktails with Throwing Snowballs at Voldemort and Defrosting Broomsticks .

Hogwarts Running Club’s Harry Potter 0.5K, a charity fundraiser, will take place on Saturday, March 12. The runners will wear Hogwarts house colors and race around the block on foot, broom or owl. Tickets include a swag bag and proceeds support Trans Lifeline.

Also on March 12, Evil Genius will host the Evil Genius Block Party: The Lab Turns 5 from noon to 6 p.m.

For details, visit

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Is The Harry Potter Exhibit At The Franklin Institute Good For Kids

Yes, but it is better for older kids. My oldest daughter is a few weeks shy of 8 and loves Harry Potter. She loved the whole experience and wants to go again ASAP . My youngest is soon to be 5 and has seen the movies. She found it fun, but couldn’t fully participate in several interactive pieces. My youngest also found parts of the exhibit like the Forbidden Forest section scary. Most of the exhibit is dark, and that section has some spook sound effects.

I know many parents of younger kids are reading the books with their children now. The exhibit includes experiences from the entire franchise. If you are not watching the movies until you finish the books, you may want to wait. While there are no spoilers, your children may not understand many of the references, scenes, or props. Chamber of Secrets, Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, and the Half-Blood Prince all have their own photo opportunities. There is also an interactive element referencing the final showdown between Voldemort and Harry from the final film.

Interactive Elements At The Harry Potter Exhibition At The Franklin Institute

There are several interactive elements at the Harry Potter exhibit at the Franklin Institute that can feel magical. Each visitor receives a magical snitch bracelet that allows you to interact with things throughout the exhibition. You fill out information at the beginning of the exhibition, and scan your bracelet throughout. This includes things like: seeing your name appear on the Marauder’s Map, seeing your fortune in a crystal ball in the Divination Class, seeing a memory come up when you reach the pensive, and even casting a patronus of your own.

Much like the rest of the Franklin Institute, a lot of the interactive spaces do require reading and sometimes lifting of small kids. I say this because my four year old is both small and unable to read, so she didn’t get much out of it. My oldest loved these and it felt magical to her.

My daughters’ favorite part was the Quidditch portion where you could throw a quaffle through a hoop. A note for parents, this is pretty much a board walk throwing game and the hoops are high. My daughters did have fun, but it was built with adults and older kids in mind. They did not make any of the shots.

The final interactive piece was the biggest hit. Wands are set up for the epic battle between Harry and Voldemort. The screen in the background had the wands magic colliding in that final showdown.

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