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Harry Potter Vera Bradley Purse

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What Is The Vera Bradley + Harry Potter Collaboration

Vera Bradley Forbidden Forest Harry Potter #verabradley #forbiddenforest #harrypotter #shoppinghaul

If youre looking for some Harry Potter purse ideas, look no further. The Vera Bradley + Harry Potter collaboration has allowed Vera Bradley to use Harry Potter for pattern inspiration.

While there arent any new items available as I write this, theres an excellent used market. Vera Bradley designs are popular, so you should be able to find something for sale.

Otherwise, you can follow Vera Bradley on social media or join their email list. Then, youll be able to learn when the company releases a new line of Harry Potter-inspired designs.

Why Buy From The Vera Bradley Harry Potter Collection

The Vera Bradley Harry Potter collection offers many different items you can buy. While youll need to shop on other sites, for now, Vera Bradley might carry new designs in the future.

No matter where you shop, you should know why you should consider these pieces in the first place. Then, youll be able to get an accessory that you love.

Here are some things I love about the collection and why I recommend you shop for it.

Harry Potter Backpacks Lanyards Lunch Bags Now Available From Vera Bradley

A scene from “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.” Vera Bradley is selling limited-edition Harry Potter merchandise that includes backpacks, lanyards, notebooks and more.Peter Mountain

Vera Bradley Inc. has partnered with Warner Bros. Consumer Products for a limited-edition collection of Harry Potter merchandise that includes backpacks, notebooks and lanyards.

According to Some items will feature a Home to Hogwarts print, based on each of the Hogwarts houses. The line is now available at Vera Bradley stores, on its website and at select retailers. Vera Bradley shares have plummeted 63% for the year to date …

The collection includes backpacks $165, zip ID case $25, lanyard $20, tumblers and travel mugs $25, notebooks $20, tote bags, eyeglass cases and lunch bags.

SHOP: Vera Bradleys Harry Potter merchandise

From Vera Bradley, Magic awaits. Are you ready to seek it? Experience the awe and excitement of the Harry Potter + Vera Bradley collection, where we found infinite inspiration in all our most-loved scenes from Harry Potter and then added a dash of our own Muggle Magic.


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Other Vera Bradley Harry Potter Patterns

Not only can you get Vera Bradley items in the colors of your Hogwarts house, but you can also get other patterns. If you want something more subtle, this collection is excellent.

You can show off your style people might not know that Harry Potter inspired the design. Im sure there are more patterns out there, but these are the patterns I could find and would recommend.

Vera Bradley Hogwarts House Patterns

Vera Bradley Harry Potter House of Hogwarts Triple Zip Hipster ...

One of the previous collections focused on patterns for the four Hogwarts houses. If youve taken the quiz from Pottermore or a third-party site, you can use that to decide which style to get.

I found some of the items available on eBay, new or used. So while Vera Bradley isnt selling them right now, you can still get a bag or backpack that reflects your wizard self.

Heres what you need to know about the Vera Bradley collection for each of the houses.

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Rfid All In One Crossbody

Shop it! $100, Vera Bradley

This crossbody is equipped with radio frequency identification technology, which blocks hackers and scanners from stealing your ID and credit card information from within your bag. Theres a phone slip pocket and a zip pocket in the front to keep you organized. The bag in the picture features the Hogwarts crest, but you could choose a house symbol, instead.

Fans React To Vera Bradley Harry Potter Collection

This was the most interesting aspect of watching the magical universe collection go live. Nearly all Vera Bradley fans were able to checkout with little issue, and only two or three items completely sold out . But many dedicated Harry Potter fans and Vera Bradley collectors stopped short of checkout, signaling disappointment in the designs and Hogwarts House offerings. Ravenclaw fans specifically felt let down in the plain corduroy aesthetic, with a house patch slapped on. Other Gryffindor devotees shared a lack of enthusiasm for the collection as a whole.

Kristina: My 16-year-old is so upset. After everything happening this year she was so looking forward to this. She said they look cheap. Mom all the did was make a colored bag and throw a patch on it. Of all the amazing HP fabric they picked just a solid color. ð I am so sad for her. Maybe Harveys will do HP one day We can only hope < 3

Jody: I got the Triple Zip Crossbody in the Home to Hogwarts print, but I am mostly underwhelmed. I thought they couldve done so much more with the individual houses rather than a patch on corduroy.

Bethany: This collection is soooo disappointing for me. I cant stand it, and I wanted to love it sooo bad.

Did you find anything in the Vera Bradley Harry Potter collection that you loved? Or perhaps you were disappointed, too? Leave us a comment below!

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Vera Bradleys Fourth Harry Potter Collection Includes Two New Friends At Hogwarts Patterns

I spy Dobby.

Its time for another Vera Bradley x Warner Bros. collaboration! The brands have come together to unveil the fourth Harry Potter-inspired collection. As with previous releases, this line boasts a brand-new pattern scratch that, two brand-new patterns that were inspired by some of your favorite parts of the iconic books and movies.

You have your choice between the Friends at Hogwarts pattern and Friends at Hogwarts Ditsy pattern. The former is comprised of a swirling paisley design that incorporates characters, and the latter has a dark background with stars and characters, including Dobby, Hedwig, Fawkes, and more. Whichever route you go, youll have a bag or accessory featuring the cast you love so dearly.

Subtle And Obvious Items

FIRST LOOK: Vera Bradley x Harry Potter | Luna Lovegood | Full Collection Unboxing

One of my favorite things is that there are many Harry Potter patterns. Some of the patterns are more obvious, such as the Hogwarts house patterns.

Whether you buy a backpack or a blanket, you can show off your Hogwarts house. For example, as you wear a backpack, people will most likely know that its a Harry Potter pattern.

On the other hand, some of the patterns, such as herbology, are more subtle. Youd have to look at the design to realize the Harry Potter series inspired it, so you can take the item anywhere without it being as out there.

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Hot Harry Potter Items

The hottest item that everyone wanted appears to still be coming soon, though several people said they had purchased it. The Limited Edition Home To Hogwarts Vera Tote is a $175.00 quilted corduroy bag with shoulder-length handles, several access pockets, and most coveted, the wand pocket. The website says, Coming Soon with no hint as to when more may become available, but fans agreed that was what they wanted most. We wished there had been a Hagrid inspired or Magical Creatures item to covet.

Triple Zip Hipster Crossbody Bag

This is another of my favorites of Vera Bradleys styles because I love pockets and this has a lot! There are two on the front that zips shut, and two on the back. One back pocket is the perfect size for a cell phone and the other is a wand pocket. It retails for $85.

I ordered four items from this line for myself and cant wait to get them! Ill be sure to write about them after they arrive. Please let me know in the comments below which is your favorite and which one you hope to get for yourself.

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The Latest Vera Bradley Harry Potter Collection Is Lunas Medallion

Vera Bradley has done it again! This is the fourth time in less than two years that they have released a Harry Potter-inspired design, and they have succeeded, yet again.

This time the design is inspired by Luna Lovegood, Harrys dreamy friend who lives her life on her terms and doesnt care what anyone else thinks about her. She is my favorite character in the entire series so I was beyond excited when I found out that they created a collection based on her.

The look is very feminine, which might not appeal to people who dont like pink, but I do so my first thought after seeing it was a positive one. It is an all-over-print design and here is what it looks like.

It uses elements that are related to Luna, including her patronus , dirigible plums , and spectrespecs . It also uses colors that were used in the clothes that Luna wore.

Here is a closer image of the pattern.

This is an exclusive line that can only be purchased online at Vera Bradleys website and is a very small collection of only 16 items. Of those 16 items, six are bags and one is a charm for the bags. Ive included all seven of these items below.

The Patterned Sling Backpack Is Perfect For Wizards On The Go

Vera Bradley Harry Potter Collection Home to Hogwarts Vera Tote Bag ...

Price: $65

Offered in Vera Bradley’s signature quilted cotton, the Sling Backpack is perfect for those who need to grab their things and go.

This item features the brand’s exclusive new pattern, Home to Hogwarts, which combines the signature designs and colors of Vera Bradley with hidden details from the “Harry Potter” franchise, like flying broomsticks and chocolate-frog wrappers.

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Harry Potter + Vera Bradley

Whether you’re a sophomore or a senior, a wizard or a Muggle … its time to reminisce with friends about all of our previous adventures

Every Harry Potter fan agrees the magic of Hogwarts knows no bounds. Whether you identify as Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, wear it proud with our selection of vibrant prints inspired by all our most-favorite movie moments. Make your love of all things Hogwarts known by incorporating our selection of Harry Potter purses and Harry Potter backpacks into everything from your sense of style and your home decor to your travel aesthetic.

With plenty of opportunities for detailed patterns and boldly colorful prints, the Harry Potter + Vera Bradley collection is all about those extra touches that true fans really appreciate. From backpacks with dedicated wand pockets to blankets featuring the insignia of each house, you’ll find a thoughtful gift for the Harry Potter fan in your life or a unique way to treat yourself to something special!

Home From Hogwarts Vera Bradley Pattern

The Harry Potter signature Vera Bradley print, Home From Hogwarts, is gorgeous. There are tons of cute wizarding world icons throughout the pattern, including the Sorting Hat, Harrys glasses, a Time Turner, and even Hedwig!

I cant wait to get my bag to see how many other fun HP things I can spot.

A post shared by @ verabradley on Jul 17, 2020 at 6:03am PDT

The Harry Potter Vera Bradley collection even features a super fuzzy blanket in the signature pattern, so you can snuggle up at listen to the Harry Potter at home readings.

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Vera Bradley Just Released A Line Of Harry Potter Bags That Will Have You Shouting Accio Handbags

When it comes to fun fashion finds, we cant help but be drawn to pieces that show off our fandom. While we may be in a time when the Harry Potter franchise has taken a bit of a hit , that doesnt mean that we dont still love our Hogwarts and Wizarding World gear. And it seems that Vera Bradley understands this.

In a press release from Vera Bradley shared on July 16, the company revealed a collaboration with Warner Bros. to bring their fans an epic Potterthemed collection. This capsule collection includes handbags, travel bags, accessories, and even cozy wear .

According to Vera Bradleys CEO, Rob Wallstrom, So many of our fans grew up with Harry Potter the same way they grew up with Vera Bradley. In fact, this was one of the most highly requested collaborations from our customers and associates.

How Vera Bradley Translated Its Unique Aesthetic Into Its First ‘true’ Footwear Collection

HUGE Vera Bradley + Harry Potter Haul | Forbidden Forest Collection | Luna’s Medallion Collection

In addition, Vera Bradley created an exclusive Home to Hogwarts pattern that is detailed with nods to the Harry Potter films. Look closely and youll see a flying snitch from the fictional quidditch games as seen in the movies and Harrys pet owl, Hedwig, among the labels signature prints.

Other items offered in the collaboration include lunch boxes, lanyards, wallets, notebooks, ID cases and Tumblers.

So many of our fans grew up with Harry Potter the same way they grew up with Vera Bradley, CEO Rob Wallstrom said in a statement. In fact, this was one of the most highly requested collaborations from our customers and associates.

The Harry Potter and Vera Bradley collection is available now in Vera Bradley full line stores, participating Vera Bradley retailers and online. It retails in price ranging from $20 to $175.

Meanwhile, Vera Bradley continues to sell cotton face masks and bandanas in its signature print. Plus, the masks are made in the same material as its purses and duffels, which sell individually for $8, coming in 12 different patterns at .These non-medical masks fit softly across your nose and mouth for breathable wear. The dual-layered construction allows for the implementation of a disposable filter, which the brand also sells separately for $3 for a 2-pack. Completed with adjustable ear straps securing the mask, these products are a bold and colorful way to keep yourself and others safe during the current health crisis.

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Vera Bradley Luna Vera Tote

For this captivating collection, we found infinite inspiration in all our most-loved scenes from Harry Potter… and then added a dash of our own Muggle magic. Perfect for outings and study sessions, this spacious tote-style handbag has room for your wallet, quills whatever. It has lots of pockets inside and out, including a special one for your wand. Organization has never been so much fun! The very best feature? This style is designed with our Recycled Cotton!

Made from 100% cotton, it’s everything you know and love about our go-to fabrication: the softness, the comfort, the vibrancy now crafted with reclaimed fibers. Consciously crafted with recycled cotton. Embroidered and appliquéd accents. Exterior features a side zip pocket, a hidden top pocket and a wand pocket. Interior features six slip pockets. Zip closure. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, only non-chlorine bleach when needed line dry 11.00″ W x 11.25″ H x 4.50″ D.

The Vera Bradley Harry Potter Collection

The new Vera Bradley collection consists of traditional Vera Bradley offerings such as lunch bags, backpack designs, drinkware, a lanyard collection, campus backpack, RFID wallets , a sheared throw blanket, and classic travel duffles.

The new Home to Hogwarts pattern is an all-over print, created by Vera Bradleys design team, which shows iconic symbols from the Harry Potter universe with a few hidden surprises. As busy as the print appears, it is true Vera Bradley fashion, as the company historically offers this unique aesthetic.

The press release that advertised the new Harry Potter collection designs reads:

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Handbags & Fashion Accessories

Your handbag is surely your most functional and personal fashion accessory. It keeps your essentials handy and organized so youre prepared for whatever comes your way. It keeps your valuables secure while expressing so much about your style and personality. The right handbag can elevate a pair of jeans and a tee to a stylish ensemble and adds flair to your workday wardrobe.

There are so many handbag styles, materials, colors, sizes and shapes to choose from. Narrow your selection to the type that best suits the occasion youre shopping for. A satchel provides spacious storage and a polished, professional look perfect for the office. Stiff or boxy styles are considered more formal, while softer sided designs that slouch have a more casual appeal. Crossbody bags are perfect for a busy day on the go. Where once a crossbody was considered strictly casual, todays designs offer a wide range of options. The classic tote is the most versatile design of all handbags, with styles for the beach or the boardroom. Many women find a leather tote a great option in place of a briefcase, or for carrying bulky items like binders or another set of shoes. A smaller handbag can be used for your more personal items, like wallet and phone. And nothing says luxe like a Brahmin, Dooney & Bourke or Michael Kors handbag, where every detail is given extra attention.

For your next handbag and all your fashion accessories, shop Belk.

Final Note On The Vera Bradley Harry Potter Guide

Vera Bradley Harry Potter Home To Hogwarts RFID All In One Crossbody ...

If youre a younger millennial, you probably grew up with Harry Potter and Vera Bradley. I know I did, so I was intrigued to learn about the collaboration and now to write a good Vera Bradley Harry Potter guide.

Be sure to consider all of the previous patterns and styles. Then, you can shop around to find a piece youll love, and you can show off your Harry Potter love subtly or obviously.

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