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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Year 1 Walkthrough (no commentary, full gameplay)

Free Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats Hack Code in 2023. You have found the best Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats. Download the hacks below to get started hacking. You will also learn how Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats can help you cheat in your game.


Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats In July 2022

Harry potter hogwarts mystery is one of the popular game on the internet. Most of the peoples likes harry potter series. If you are a harry potter series lover, this game is suitable for you. Nowadays most of the android and iOS users like to play this game. Because this game was a harry potter story-based game. You might like this game. There are many cheats available on this game. Just do the following cheats on this game.

You can use some of the cheats on this game. But not like GTA cheats. These cheats are some kind of tricks and hacks. So this is very useful to play harry potter hogwarts mystery game. Harry potter hogwarts mystery cheats are very useful for you. You must try all the cheats. Most of the harry potter hogwarts mystery gamers didnt know about these cheats. I will show you all the cheats in this game. This is very useful for you.

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Harry potter hogwarts mystery game was an RPG game. Most of the gamers like to play Role playing games. If you are watching the harry potter series, you can easily understand this game. This game was released in April 2018. Harry potter hogwarts mystery app available on android and iOS devices. You can also use these cheats on both devices. It will work.


Customize Character

Valentines Day At Hogwarts Adventure

In this section, youll find the extensive Walkthrough for Valentines Day at Hogwarts Adventure. Students of Year 4 and above will be able to play this one, and experience perhaps the most romantic story of Hogwarts Mystery so far. Youll get to complete a special Valentines Day assignment for Gilderoy Lockhart, and also spend some lovely time with a person dear to your heart.

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack Gems And Coins

This new Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheat Hack is the best choice for you and you will see that you will like it a lot. In this guide, we will offer you an insight about the game and we will also tell you a few things about why it is so important to take advantage of our tool. You will certainly like using this Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack out and you will manage to have a great experience with it.

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack Gems and Coins

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Convince Ben To Join You:

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack

You’re my friend – Is the best answer. You’re gifted at Charms – This is the second best answer.

I’m afraid too, Ben – Is the best answer. You have to face your fears – This is the second best answer.

We won’t, I promise – Is the best answer. I’ll take the blame – This is the second best answer.

We’ll protect each other – Is the best answer. I’ll do my best – This is the second best answer.

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How To Earn Stars

Most scenes in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, including classes, will give you a bar with a number of stars on it. You need to fill the bar up in order to get stars. To fill up the bar, you need to perform tasks. You will notice some people and objects are highlighted in blue. Tap on them and you will see a task. Keep tapping until you complete the task. Keep in mind that each tap will consume one energy. You will have limited time to get those stars, so make sure you complete the tasks as soon as possible. The good news is, you get to choose a minor reward every time you acquire a star. Rewards include attribute points, coins, and energy.

How To Unlock First Date

Date is one of the most amazing and fascinating experiences in the game, and you will have just 4 days and 20 hours to complete it effectively. We would also like to keep in mind that the result of this experience will be considerably affected by who was your date throughout the Heavenly Ball.To unlock this experience, you need to reach Chapter 8 of Year 4. It is not a reality that right away after reaching this mark, this experience will appear. The First Date can start at any time, even throughout any other event. We recommend you to complete the centerpiece initially and after that continue to the passage of the First Date.We would also like to provide you some helpful suggestions on how to make it through the First Date

  • This event is divided into 4 parts, and each of these parts into smaller sized sub-parts. The time allocated for the passage is much less than it appears.
  • Constantly focus on. A lot of jobs do not require to be completed with 5 stars, as you will invest a lot of energy, and you will require it to complete this event on time.
  • Attempt to constantly start new jobs with a complete supply of energy.
  • To complete the experience on time and at the very same time complete all the jobs for 4-5 stars, attempt to get extra energy from all over. Get it from family pets, from increasing the level of relationship, and from Hogwarts itself.
  • Fluxweed picked under a full moon
  • A piece of the person you want to imitate

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The Description Of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Get ready to head to Hogwarts, where fun and exciting adventures await you, familiar to everyone from the worlds bestselling book. You will want to download Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery cheats for android to find yourself on such an incredible adventure. In these role-playing adventures, you will be able to gain respect and immerse yourself in the world of magic. Get to know Harry Potter on your own and go through exciting missions with this legendary hero. The player will have to explore the vast magical city and get to know the fantastic places of Hogwarts.

Those who love this bestseller need to download Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery mod apk for Android, and then you will get the following advantages:

  • Stunning three-dimensional image graphics with fantastic effects.
  • Real story adventures together with Harry Potter and his team.
  • All the heroes are authentic representatives of the bestseller.
  • A considerable number of magical spells and additional quests from Hogwarts.
  • Unique gameplay performance at Hogwarts School.

‘harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery’ Energy Cheats: Secrets & Tips For Getting More Energy And Using It Wisely

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack – Energy, Gems and Coins Mod Menu

Cammy Harbison GamingHarry potterHarry Potter: Hogwarts MysteryMysteryCheats

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery released Wednesday and quickly soared to the top of the . The game, which takes the form of an adventure/interactive story, has a lot going for it in terms of aesthetic appeal and story content. One of the biggest complaints about the game, however, has been its freemium model. Although it’s free to download and play the game, completing certain activities in the game quickly and successfully often requires the use of premium resources — the scarcest of which is energy.

Since energy is used to complete quests such as lessons and classes, it’s probably the most prized resource in the game. You get an additional energy point once every 4 minutes until you hit a cap . Because energy is such a limited resource at times, it makes it difficult to successfully complete an activity in a timely fashion. Since some activities come with consequences — namely the loss of house points — if you don’t complete them to a satisfactory level, you might feel compelled to spend your hard-earned cash on energy refills just so you can get the job done.

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Coins Energy And Character Tips

  • Why would you Cast Alohomora? Unlock a Door.
  • Which of these is not a cleaning spell? Confrigo.
  • What kind of spell is Flipendo? Jinx
  • What is the effect of the Stupefy spell? Stun You.
  • What does the charm Lumos provide? Light.
  • Who teaches care of magical creatures? Silvanus Kettleburn.
  • Who is the History of Magic Professor? Professor Binns.
  • What does Professor Vector teach? Arithmancy.
  • Who is the Transfiguration Professor? Professor Minerva McGonagall.
  • Before Dumbledore, who was the headmaster of Hogwarts? Armando Dippet
  • What is the name of the wizard village near Hogwarts? Hogsmeade.

Tip #: Set Up Notifications

Since energy plays a central role in the game, it’s a good idea to allow notifications for the game inside your device’s Settings app. This way when your energy is replenished you’ll be alerted and won’t miss out on completing an important assignment.

Got other tips and tricks for getting more energy in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery? Share them in the comments below!

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Utilize The Notification System

  • Use phone notifications to keep track of energy, quests, and timed events.

If you don’t mind having notifications pop up on your phone screen then it would be a good idea for you to allow Hogwarts Mystery to send you notifications. You’ll spend a lot of time waiting for your energy to replenish unless you’re willing to shell out a lot of cash.

If you want to ensure you’re prepared the moment the time limit is complete, then it is a good idea to allow notifications so you don’t miss out on something important.

Ticket To Love Adventure

Crushed Side Quest

Here you can find the extensive Walkthrough for Ticket to Love adventure. This adventure is available for students of Year 5 and above, and during it, you will learn about the essay competition organized by the Hogwarts Express Railway Authority. Whoever wins the contest will earn a special prize a romantic train ride for two!

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Work On Your Relationships

Rowan is your first friend in the game, but she wont be the only one. You will meet new characters as you play the game, and you have the chance to make some new friends. You also have the option to strengthen your relationship with your friends by hanging out with them. The tutorial will walk you through the first one with Rowan, but you will still have to make choices yourself. You only have a limited number of attempts to fill up the bar while hanging out in order to strengthen your friendship. When you succeed, you will be able to improve your relationship with that friend, opening up more interactions with them in the future.

To hang out with a friend, look for the handshake icon above their head. It will cost you a few coins to begin hanging out, but it is definitely worth it. Dont expect the future hangouts to be as easy as the one in the tutorial. Your friends will have different moods, and you will have to choose your answers based on their mood. To check what their current mood is, tap on his or her photo on the top left corner. You will see one of the three attributes. Use this when selecting answers during the interaction. Aside from that, you will also see recommended attribute levels before starting a hangout. If you do not meet the attributes, it is best that you wait until you do.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Leveling

As the majority of rooms, areas, and features are locked at the start in the Harry Potters Hogwarts Mystery game making leveling up a very essential task to unlock these features that are locked. How do you accomplish this? You will require EXP to increase your level. EXP are obtained through

  • Finish Quests

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How Do I Personalize The Character

You can alter the outfit of your character, alter the color of hair on the face, and even equip the accessories in the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game. The screen will appear at the top-left corner -click at the icon for avatarand then in the lower-left corner, click on the hanger or outfit icon and select the customization option: face hair color, outfits/dresses, accessories. Dont waste money or gemstones by buying clothes or accessories.

Recruiting Penny In Year :

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Year 2 Walkthrough (no commentary, full gameplay)

I believe in my friends – Is the best answer. I put a lot of thought into it – This is the second best answer.

We need a Sleeping Draught – Is the best answer. She’s just a cat – This is the second best answer.

We can break the curse – Is the best answer. We’ll try not to touch it – This is the second best answer.

Thanks to aisfiya

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Duel Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Guide To Duels

Duel quests become unlocked once you have reached chapter 5. In chapter five the fifth chapter of Hogwarts Mystery, you battle with other students [Merula, RowanThe Rowan, and Merula. The game of dueling is easy. You can join a duel when you have a quest to complete. Prior to chapter 5, your character is taught certain magics

  • Potion
  • Charms

Potions? For instance, with Wiggerweld Potion, you can restore or heal the HP points when you are dueling. Another example: If your opponent does harm to you through using the wand, then youll suffer a loss of health. Then, take the potion of healing to restore stamina. If a player loses all points/stamina in the first round will be eliminated from the game. The goal of duelling is to defeat your opponent. You can do this by defeating your opponent with ease by studying the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery cheat sheets and tips in the following article.

Charms? You can say it skill. It can be used to lower the power of your opponent or to shock.

Lets get started with by introducing the Duel guide:

If you are playing in duel mode, then you need to choose a particular position when you turn. Three stances are available the following:

  • Sneaky
  • Aggressive
  • Defensive
  • Each stance comes with a distinct set of options to select from. It is impossible to know what your opponent will choose.

    Only Choose The Most Interesting Rewards

    As you progress through Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, you will get rewards for your actions. At the end of each quest, sometimes by simply having validated a star during a course or by feeding a magical creature, you will be systematically offered to choose between 3 rewards . The ideal is to choose the one you need the most at the moment T, but above all to succeed in making the most optimal choices.The different rewards that can be offered to you, classified by increasing level of rarity:

    • Coins : Used to purchase clothing in the store and cosmetic items.
    • Attribute points : Courage, empathy and knowledge .
    • Pet Food : Increase the levels of your magical creatures.
    • Energy : allows you to complete quests and advance in the story
    • Gems : Instantly unlock waiting times between quests. It is also a currency for the store .
    • Notebooks : offer the possibility of acquiring new magical creatures.

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    The Tournament Of Clubs Adventure

    This section contains the detailed Walkthrough for the Tournament of Clubs adventure. This adventure is available for students of Year 5 and above. During it, you will learn that the founding members of the three clubs competed in a tournament many years ago. This will inspire Barnaby and you to organize a similar tournament. But will the members of the clubs agree to participate? And will everything go according to plan? Dive right in and find out!

    Search For The Mirror Of Erised Adventure

    Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Hacks, Mods, Bots and other Cheats!

    In this section, you will find the detailed Walkthrough for Search for the Mirror of Erised adventure. This adventure is available for students of Year 4 and above. During it, youll learn that a powerful magical artifact went missing, so you and your friends will decide to find it and figure out who took it.

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    What Does The Beauty Lumos Supply

    The Lumos Charm also frequently referred to as the Wand-Lighting Charm– is the very first spell taught to you in year one chapter 2 of Hogwarts Mystery. The Charm is taught to you by Professor Flitwick, and is the most convenient and most resourceful spell you will discover.Professor Flitwick will start by offering you some details about it and asking you a concern later on when you participate in the class. You will then continue to practice casting the spell as revealed by Professor Flitwick.You require to move the wand in the appropriate way, after which your wand will start to illuminate. Lumos is a Charm mainly used to illuminate any dark locations that you encounter and check out worldwide illuminating pitch-black spaces, exposing surprise paths, or just to help you in checking out in the dark. Lumos also has the secondary advantage of having the ability to shoot out an effective beam that presses away different sort of shadowy creatures very awesome for avoiding of threat.

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