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Why Did Tom Riddle Become Voldemort

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He Could Speak Parseltongue

Why Did Tom Riddle Seek Immortality?

Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter shared a special skill: they are both able to speak and understand Parseltongue.

Harry used this early on when he spoke to a boa constrictor and helped it escape the zoo.

Voldemort used it for more nefarious purposes, though he mostly used it to communicate with his snake servant Nagini.

This power allows wizards and witches to speak to and influence serpents.

Almost all Parselmouths are descendants of Salazar Slytherin, and there are only very rare exceptions – with Harry Potter as the most obvious example, as he gained the ability when Voldemort attacked him when he was a baby – part of Voldemort became a part of Harry.

Speaking Parseltongue is the sign of a dark wizard or witch – although Dumbledore has mentioned that there are a few good individuals who can speak it as well.

Albania Was An Important Place To Voldemort Before He Hid There In The Wake Of The First Wizarding War

Most fans probably remember that the bodiless remains of Voldemort hid in an Albanian forest to regain strength after he was defeated by baby Harry in the First Wizarding War.

He also returned to the same forest after his host body, Professor Quirrell, was killed in “Sorcerer’s Stone.”

Although it is never exactly revealed why Voldemort chose that location as a hiding place, it does hold a certain significance to him. The first time visited Albania his mission was to retrieve the lost diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw which her daughter Helena had revealed to be hidden in a forest there in order to create one of his seven Horcruxes.

A Horcrux is a powerful, dark object that contains a piece of a witch or wizard’s soul and keeps that soul fragment alive regardless of their body’s fate.

He Was An Attractive Young Man

When it comes to Lord Voldemort, most people got to know him after his first defeat, when his body was basically destroyed.

However, as is shown in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, he was not always the noseless and frightening Dark Wizard we recognize today.

As a matter of fact, before changing his name to Voldemort, Tom Riddle was an attractive young man.

J.K. Rowling described him in her books as tall and handsome with pale skin, dark eyes, and jet-black hair. Rowling explained that he looked like his father and had no trace of the Gaunt family in his appearance.

This, of course, all changed when Tom Riddle began to experiment with Dark Magic, which gave him immense power but took a toll on his physical appearance.

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He Who Must Not Be Named/ You

Considering how much thought he put into it, Voldemorts name wasnt actually used that much. Even 11 years after his apparent defeat, Hagrid struggled to voice it, saying: Gulpin gargoyles, Harry, people are still scared.

He wasnt the only one. Rons reaction to hearing Harry say Voldemort shows how widespread the practise of not using it had become so much so, Harry felt it as a sign of his ignorance.

Im not trying to be brave or anything, saying the name, said Harry. I just never knew you shouldntHarry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

So Voldemort gained new aliases: He Who Must Not Be Named, You-Know-Who, The Dark Lord . It seems Dumbledores words to Harry about fear of a name increasing fear of the thing itself were true for most of the wizarding world.

Not Dumbledore, though. In Voldemorts presence, he insisted on calling him Tom Riddle, subtly reminding the Dark Lord of his past. But when talking to others, it was always Voldemort. In doing so, he forced people to face the truth: that Voldemort remained a man of humble origins even if he was also a dangerous, Dark wizard.

Using his own name to trap those working against him must have given the former Tom Riddle a twisted satisfaction. And yet, while it did lead to Harrys capture, the Taboo also showed Voldemorts motivation had never changed. As a commonly-named child in a Muggle orphanage hed longed to stand out as the Dark Lord of the wizarding world he wanted much the same thing.

What Did Voldemort Look Like Before He Killed The Potters

Why Does Tom Riddle Call Himself Voldemort

If Voldemort was reborn in that massive cauldron at the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and came out with red eyes looking like a snake and stuff, what would he have looked like beforehand??

I mean, in the Chamber of Secrets he was a normal looking person and what not, so would he have kept looking like a normal human up until the time that he killed Lily and James or would he have changed his appearance before that as well?

  • Just a guess, Im too lazy to begin searching, but after a quick search I came up with this

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Return To Full Strength

“I have my reasons for using the boy, as I have already explained to you, and I will use no other. I have waited thirteen years. A few more months will make no difference. As for the protection surrounding the boy, I believe my plan will be effective. All that is needed is a little courage from you, Wormtail — courage you will find, unless you wish to feel the full extent of Lord Voldemort’s wrath —
Voldemort informing Wormtail of his plot to murder to Harry Potter

Gathering the old comrades

Peter Pettigrew holding a weakened and immobile Voldemort

Knowing that Dumbledore was sure to have seen to it that the Philosopher’s Stone was destroyed, Voldemort knew he would not be able to use the Elixir of Life to create a new body for himself. Voldemort decided to attempt an old piece of ritualistic Dark Magic to create a potion that would restore him to a body. He made plans to travel to England in order to obtain two of the three key ingredients: a bone from his father and the blood of his most hated enemy, Harry Potter. The third ingredient, the flesh of a servant willingly given, he would obtain from Wormtail himself.

Voldemort plotting to use Harry Potter to facilitate his return before killing him

But I am not a man, Muggle. I am much, much more than a man. However…why not? I will face you…Wormtail, come turn my chair around.
Voldemort revealing himself to Frank Bryce, before murdering him

Voldemort murdering Frank Bryce with the Killing Curse

Eve of war

Nagini Is Loyal To Voldemort Because He Can Speak With Snakes

As a Maledictus, there probably isn’t much time after the events in The Crimes of Grindelwald before Nagini falls to her blood curse, becoming a snake forever. The Crimes of Grindelwald ends with Nagini at Hogwarts, so it wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume that she stays there and perhaps crosses paths with Tom Riddle when he’s a student at the school from 1938 to 1945. Voldemort’s ability to speak Parseltongue may then be the reason she befriends him, since being trapped in snake form would isolate her from communicating with other people. Perhaps she even helps him open the Chamber of Secrets and summon the basilisk.

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What Did They Do With Voldemorts Body

Since all of Voldemorts Horcruxes had been destroyed by this point, Voldemort died due to his own rebounded Curse, ending the Battle of Hogwarts, and the Second Wizarding War. A crowd of Harrys supporters then moved Voldemorts corpse into a chamber separate from the Great Hall where the Duel had occurred.

He Could Fly Without Support

Why Tom Riddle Changed His Name To Lord Voldemort

As shown throughout the Harry Potter series, wizards can’t fly without support. Most use brooms, which is the classic way for magic users to fly through the sky.

However, there are other magical objects that allow wizards and witches to fly. For example, Hagrid has his flying motorbike and Harry and Ron used a flying car on one occasion.

When the broom breaks or is destroyed, the wizard or witch will usually fall, as they have nothing to keep them suspended in the air.

Unlike other wizards, Voldemort can actually fly without the use of any support.

He trained himself to fly just by using magic and thus he doesn’t need the help of a broom.

He also taught this skill to a number of Death Eaters, which is how they were able to swoop in for attacks without using anything to support themselves.

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Specifically The Death Of His Mother

Why does tom riddle call himself voldemort. From the begining, if you follow voldemort’s timeline, you will find that he liked to entice fear in people. call him immortal dove lord, harry. is known to have had contempt for his father tom riddle sr.

Moreover the ministry of magic itself call him voldemort so it seems likely he changed his name officialy. Actually, it’s explained that he never knew he’d made harry into a horcrux, because he didn’t kill harry. It was around this time that riddle gave himself the alias lord voldemort, to spare himself of the reminder of his filthy muggle father. using his middle name, marvolo, which was taken from his maternal grandfather, riddle discovered his mother’s heritage and the gaunts’ bloodline connection with salazar slytherin.

Dumbledore always addressed voldemort himself by his given name, tom riddle and, incidentally, so does harry. So, harry and voldemort are living together happily for a couple days, and voldemort realizes that harry doesnt know a lot about himself and had a terrible childhood. It is a symbolic way of showing that he came from a loveless unionbut of course, everything would have changed if merope had survived and raised him herself and loved him.

Combined with the mastery of the deathly hallows harry had garnered, this caused voldemort’s final killing curse to rebound upon himself. I believe riddle tom chose the name voldemort because it was the perfect name. Tom riddles childhood was defined by death:

Return To Little Hangleton

Tom Riddle left her while she was still pregnant… I believe that Merope, who was deeply in love with her husband, could not bear to continue enslaving him by magical means. I believe that she made the choice to stop giving him the potion.
The tragic end of Tom and Merope’s manipulated relationship

Once Merope’s enchantment was removed, Riddle came to his senses and no longer wanted anything to do with her, and thus fled back to his parents’ house in Little Hangleton, and never bothered to find out even about his unborn child, let alone Merope. He claimed to have been “taken in” by Merope, which may have been an allusion to her being a witch. He did not state specifically that she used magic to seduce him, for the fear of being thought insane. Rumours in the town claimed that Merope had lied about being pregnant in order to induce Riddle to marry her. Riddle’s son himself came to believe that his father abandoned Merope solely because he discovered she was a witch.

After Riddle left, Merope was left impoverished, despondent, and alone in London. Soon after, she gave birth to a son she named Tom Marvolo Riddle, after the baby’s father and Merope’s own father, . Merope died shortly after giving birth rather than live for the baby and the child was left in the care of a Muggle orphanage.

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Albus Dumbledore Meets Tom Riddle

Once Mrs. Cole gives Dumbledore the delightful tale about the sea cave, she introduces him to Tom Riddle. Dumbledore tells Riddle about Hogwarts, and proves that he’s a wizard by setting Tom’s wardrobe on fire. The very thing Tom Riddle responds positively to is Dumbledore’s wand, which is an obsession that doesn’t change much throughout Tom’s life. After admitting to have stolen other kids’ possessions, Dumbledore warns Riddle that he’ll be held to a higher standard at Hogwarts. Just before he leaves, Tom mentions that he can speak to snakes. Dumbledore hesitates for a moment, then casually comments that the power is not unheard of. As far as life-changing moments in Tom Riddle’s life go, this one is possibly the most crucial.

What Are Anagrams

Why did Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr. go from being a sort

Anagrams are a kind of wordplay, where the letters in a word or a phrase can be rearranged to form a new word or phrase. The original word or phrase is referred to as the subject of the anagram. Skilled anagrammatists can produce anagrams which comment on that particular subject.

Given below are 18 anagrams from Harry Potter character names that you might have missed:

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Who Is Tom Riddle

Tom Marvolo Riddle was born on New Years Eve on December 31, 1926, as a half-blood wizard, the only child of the Muggle Tom Riddle and the witch Merope Riddle. Since his mother died after giving birth to him and his father left his family, he grew up in Wools orphanage, a Muggle orphanage in London.

Riddle grew up unaware of his wizarding heritage because the orphanage staff didnt know anything about his parents, especially his mother. They believed she was a circus worker.

Despite knowing anything about his parents, Tom Riddle quickly realized he was different from the other children in the orphanage. He discovered that only with the power of his mind he could move objects and make them float.

He learned to manipulate animals and other creatures and also spoke Parseltongue the language of serpents. After an argument with colleague Billy Stubbs, he used his power to hang the boys rabbit.

Now, imagine a child, an orphan who is factually different than everyone he knows. This kind of trauma would either turn him into a hero or a vicious villain. In any movie, book, song, or real life, you see neglected children and teenagers who fight the invisible battles.

Tom was a child fueled by rage and questions. Why was he left alone, why was he different? And inevitably, will anyone ever understand him? Even though Albus Dumbledore was a prominent authority figure who came into his life, Tom needed a different approach. Or he just needed to get those feelings out.

The Second Wizarding War

The battle at the Hall of Prophecy heralded the start of the Second Wizarding War, which began as the first one did: with terrorism, torture, and murder. Voldemorts forces, which again included giants and werewolves, as well as the fiendish prison guards known as Dementors, swept across the country, targeting Muggles, Muggle-borns, and anyone who got in their way. They also continued their infiltration of the Ministry, which, despite its newfound acceptance of the threat, was entirely incapable of combating it. Dumbledore remained a powerful obstacle, as did Harry Potter: Together, they learned the truth about Voldemorts Horcruxes and began tracking them down in an effort to render him mortal once more. Harry, it turned out, had destroyed the diary without knowing it was a Horcrux back in 1993, and Dumbledore managed to destroy the ring, though he fell prey to its curse in the process.

In 1997, Harry and Dumbledore set out to retrieve the locket from its cave, being ignorant of Regulus Blacks actions years prior. When they returned to Hogwarts, a weakened Dumbledore was confronted by Draco Malfoy, now a Death Eater. Malfoy had been assigned the task of killing Dumbledore, but it was double agent Severus Snape who ended up casting the killing curse upon the headmaster. This was actually by design: After Dumbledore realized the rings curse was killing him anyway, he ordered Snape to be the one to kill him properly. No one but Snape knew this at the time, however.

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He Worked At Borgin And Burkes

Lord Voldemort doesnt exactly seem like the kind of person youd excpect to work in a shop, but thats exactly what he did after leaving Hogwarts. We learn in the Harry Potter books that a young Voldemort took a job at Borgin and Burkes in Knockturn Alley although it is revealed that he only took the job so that he could find more famous items to turn into Horcruxes.

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Harry Potter: 10 Things About Voldemort That Make No Sense

Why Tom Riddle Became Lord Voldemort

Voldemort may be a phenomenal villain, but even in the Harry Potter series, there are some things about him that just dont make sense.

Voldemort may be the main villain in a book and film series that were created primarily for children, however, he is still one of the most frightening and legendary villains of all time. Voldemort is basically the boogeyman come to life, and although many Harry Potter fans are adults now it seems safe to assume that the thought of Voldemort still strikes a tinge of fear into their hearts.

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However, despite the fact that Voldemort is one of the greatest villains in fiction history, that doesnt mean that everything about his characterization is flawless or even makes that much sense. Some aspects of Voldemorts behavior and development seems to be utterly incomprehensible, in fact. So here are 10 things about Voldemort as a character that simply do not make any sense.

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He Was A Teacher’s Pet

Later in life, it’s fair to say that Voldemort had problems with authority. After all, he waged war against authorities such as the Ministry of Magic and authority figures such as Dumbledore, and he wasn’t satisfied until he had himself and his cronies installed in relevant positions of power. All of this makes it that much more surprising that young Tom Riddle was a teacher’s pet!

Perhaps the best evidence of this is that he ended up as a close friend of Professor Slughorn, and he was invited to join the so-called Slug Club along with other impressive pupils that Slughorn thought would go on to make a major difference in the world.

However, Tom Riddle did everything for a reason, and his primary reason for being so friendly with Slughorn was so that he could get forbidden secrets from the man. This included knowledge of how Horcruxes worked, which ended up being a key part of Riddle’s future plans.

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