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Butterbeer Harry Potter Universal Studios

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Is There Alcohol In Butterbeer

Universal Studios BUTTERBEER Recipe | DIY Harry Potter World Buttertbeer

Can I get an adult version of Butterbeer in the park?

Not directly, no, there is no official alcoholic Butterbeer.

But they sell Butterbeer in the Leaky Cauldron and the Hogs Head pub. They also sell adult beverages in both of those establishments.

I think youre seeing where Im going with this.

Unofficially, you can order your Butterbeer and a shot of fire whiskey which will be served to you in two separate cups. Combine the two and youve got something wonderful, my friend.

A warning, Universal officially keeps their Butterbeer non-alcoholic. In the early days of the Wizarding World, they would tell you not to mix the unofficial concoction at the counter while they were watching.

Why? Im not sure. I suppose they were afraid of someone getting confused and getting a bunch of 12-year-olds loose.

Also, be forewarned that the concoction wont come cheap, running upwards of nearly $20. Thats a pretty stiff price for what amounts to a Harry Potter boilermaker.

Are you a fan of Butterbeer? Let us know in the comments!

Afternoon Snack: Butterbeer Fudge From Sugarplums Sweet Shop

I decided that a walk was a good thing, burn some calories, burn some nervous energy. The sugar high was climbing. I headed to Gringotts to exchange some Muggle money for Gringotts bank notes. I felt like paying for my butterbeer excursions would be more realistic with wizard currency.

Magical cash in hand I stopped by Sugarplums Sweet Shop to pick up some butterbeer fudge. As soon as I paid, I realized it was too soon for candy. I decided to stow my purchase away in my purse for later in the day.

It was at this point that I felt like I deserved a rest. Id been clocking in about 19,000 steps a day walking theme parks that week and it all suddenly caught up with me. I sat down on the sidewalk of Diagon Alley and before I knew it, I promptly passed out.

The sugar spiral happened quickly and I fell asleep right there in the streets like a wizard hobo. I just hope there arent tourist pictures of me out there on the internet.

I awoke feeling refreshed only to see notes I had apparently written to myself in a butterbeer haze. The words simply said, Feeling ill, and Regretting life.

Butterbeer At Universal: What Is Butterbeer Made Of

Butterbeer is a rich, flavorful Harry Potter themed beverage at Universal Studios

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When Universal Studios decided to transport a mythical English magic school from the Harry Potter series to the searing heat of Universal Studios Florida, proper immersion was an issue.

How could they give a guest the feeling of being transported to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter when they were to put it bluntly sweating significant pieces of their anatomies off?

They had to get the look right and the sounds and the smells and, yes, the tastes of the Harry Potter world.

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Breakfast: Butterbeer At The Fountains Of Fair Fortune

Butterbeer for breakfast its the most important meal of the day. Also, Im on vacation so theres a lot of leeway there. I entered the Fountains of Fair Fortune to see full tankards with butterbeer flowing from the tap. My first indulgence of the day arrived with a nice frothy head and was full of enormous bubbles. I was excited and scared.

At first gulp the extreme sweetness coupled with intense Florida morning heat was overwhelming. Suddenly my beloved butterbeer made me feel instant regret. Perhaps it was too much to handle so early in the day. I powered through the drink, but silently wondered if I should have done a Pumpkin Juice experiment instead.

Additional Harry Potter World Travel Tips

GOOD EATS: Butterbeer at Universal Studios Orlando
  • Wear a good sunscreen or you will burn in the Florida sunshine. Remember, even in cool weather the sun is strong.
  • Frozen butterbeer tastes better than regular. If youre only buying one, go with frozen.
  • All of the merchandise inside of the Harry Potter souvenir shops is available at other shops in the parkdont stand in the 30+ min lines just to walk into the souvenir shop. That said, you will have to wait in line if you want to see the wand selecting ceremony, thats only available at Ollivanders.

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How To Make Butterbeer

  • Start by combining the cream soda and butterscotch syrup in a bowl. Whisk together until butterscotch is fully incorporated.
  • With an electric mixer with whisk attachment, whisk the heavy cream until stiff peaks form. Then, fold in sugar, vanilla, and melted butter until incorporated.
  • Pour the cream soda mixture into mugs and top with whipped cream
  • For an added indulgence, drizzle butterscotch or caramel syrup on top of the whipped cream

We miss having the real thing, but let me tell you, our Butterbeer recipe tastes just as good! Its like going to Universal all over again! Im sure even J.K. Rowling would love this copycat recipe of her original butterbeer she made so popular.

Butterbeer is a tasty drink thats perfect for a Harry Potter movie marathon, Harry Potter birthday parties, or any kind of party. Huge Harry Potter fans absolutely love it.

We love Butterbeer so much that we made Butterbeer ice cream too!

If you love theme park drinks, you have to try Disneys Dole Whip recipe next!

Alcoholic Homemade Butterbeer Recipe

If you are wanting to create a boozy butterbeer, simply add 1/2 cup of vodka or rum to the blender after all of the other ingredients have been pureed. Mix until just incorporated, top with a splash of butterscotch schnapps and serve! The added butterscotch flavor will knock your socks off!

To give the drink a rum flavoring without adding alcohol, add 1 teaspoon of rum extract to the blender along with the remaining ingredients.

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All The Ways To Get Butterbeer

Brought to life by Universal Studios, Butterbeer is a popular drink in the Harry Potter books and movies. It tastes kind of like a combination of butterscotch and cream soda and it is one of the most iconic things you can order in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Butterbeer comes in a variety of forms now more than just the regular butterbeer from the books. But which is the best? And where can you get them?? Keep reading to find out about all the different ways to get Butterbeer at Universal Studios Orlando!!

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The New Version: Vegan Butterbeer


Universal Studios announced that it will now begin selling Vegan Butterbeer, making it now the seventh type of Butterbeer sold at the Wizarding World.

Universal Releases Vegan Butterbeer


In the press release, Universal Studios noted: “We are serving Butterbeer without topping to guests who make special dietary requests. This practice is in place at all our parks and allows us to better meet the needs of our guests.”

Universal Studios, like other businesses, have been adjusting menus to serve vegan and vegetarian customers as of late. Starbucks offers several non-dairy milk options, and Cracker Barrel recently announced it would offer Impossible Sausage.

Following the announcement, Cracker Barrel’s announcement met with backlash, one user on Facebook even saying: “Don’t ever try to push that crap in my direction. Stick to the basics that made your franchise a success.” However, much of the controversy was made fun of by people on Twitter .

There is clearly a stigma surrounding vegan and vegetarian items being sold at popular restaurant/resort locations. It is unclear whether fans will be upset over the vegan version of Butterbeer, but it will definitely provide more inclusivity to those with dietary restrictions.

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What Is Butterbeer Made Out Of At Universal

The 2022 butterbeer ingredients at Universal have never been shared, and unfortunately we can only guess as what they use to make it. What we do know is that it does have dairy but is gluten free. That means that the butterbeer at Universal is not vegan friendly.

Homemade Universal Studios Butterbeer Ingredients

*Please note there are many recipes out there for butterbeer and these we do not know the actual Universal Studios butterbeer recipe. However here is a complete guide if you would like to try to make butter beer at home.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Butterbeer At Universal Studios Florida

Keep reading to the end to get this free printable checklist to take along on your next visit!

On our first trip to the Wizarding World, ordering Harrys favorite drink was at the top of our must-do list. I had no idea that thered be so many different types of butterbeer to choose from though. Heres what youll find:

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Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans

These are really good jelly beans, and most of them have nice flavors like green apple, blueberry, bubble gum or orange.

However, occasionally youll also get a really bad flavor like boogers, ham or ear wax.

This is all part of the fun, of course, but getting a bad flavor is really unpleasant! You can find Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beansat Sugarplums Sweet Shop in Diagon Alley and Honeydukes in Hogsmeade.

One Muggle’s Opinion Of Every Butterbeer

Pin by Ashley Hansen on Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts

In true wannabe-wizard fashion, I recently spent a few days living my best life in the magical world of Universal Studios, mostly waving my wand around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I felt at home among the children donning black robes and scarves in 85-degree heat, and visited Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes and The Three Broomsticks to my heart’s content.

While I certainly enjoyed feasting on chocolate frogs and traditional shepherd’s pie, let’s be honest: I was there for the butterbeer. Any self-respecting Potterhead knows that butterbeer is the ultimate treat of the Wizarding World: the one our favorite characters gulp down during their most joyous celebrations. Luckily, when it comes to this frothy, buttery beverage, the folks at Universal Studios got it right.

The drink, conceived mostly by Universal’s corporate executive chef, Steven Jayson, is thoroughly J. K. Rowling-approved. After scouring the books for clues and going through an extensive development process, Jayson himself presented the beverage to Rowling on a trip to Edinburgh.

According to Jayson, Rowling’s response to the beverage was overwhelmingly positive. “I know I wrote about this, but I didn’t know exactly what I thought it would taste like,” she said. “But this is it. This is perfect.”

Now grab your wand and consume at your leisure.

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How To Get Early Admission To The Harry Potter World

Early park admission is essential to truly enjoying the Harry Potter World and its a perk offered to all guests staying at a hotel on Universal Property. So, if you book a night at the Hard Rock Hotel like we did , you can enter the park an hour earlier than general admission. This extra hour allows you to ride the major rides in Harry Potter World without huge lines and crowds. Everyone in our group found it convenient and worth the extra money. In fact, that extra hour is probably the sole reason that we were able to see so much of the park besides Harry Potter World. Additionally, the Hard Rock Hotel offered another sweet perk: Free* Universal Express Unlimited ride access to skip the regular lines at most popular attractions in Universal Studios Florida and Universals Islands of Adventure.

If you dont opt for Early Admission, budget an hour to two hours per queue for every ride you hope to experience . Once youre in Orlando, use this handy Crowd Calendar to figure out the best days to visit which parks in the area, as well as to determine if the Early Admission is for Diagon Alley in Universal or Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure, or both . And super bonus is that you can use your Early Admission for a different perk each day, because it also gets you early access to Volcano Bay and its six rides. Truly, Early Admission and Express passes make it totally worth the expense of staying on Universal property.

My First Butterbeer In The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

As a longtime fan of the Harry Potter books and films, I can tell you confidently that there are a lot of Potter-related firsts that stick with you. The first time you opened the first book, the first time you experienced seeing one of the movies in theaters, the first time you walked into The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Parks & Resorts

But the only first I have caught on camera is my first ever Butterbeer.

Clearly I was stoked about it.

For someone who remembers reading about Butterbeer in the Harry Potter book series and then watching it be represented and consumed by my favorite characters in the Harry Potter film series, this was an incredibly special moment for me.

I remember the first time Ron Weasley asked Harry Potter, Shall we go for a Butterbeer in the Three Broomsticks?, my interest was piqued. All I wanted to do was go to the Three Broomsticks with my friends for whatever this Butterbeer was it just sounded cozy, comforting, and delicious.

The actual experience of ordering a Butterbeer in the Three Broomsticks is one that I had looked forward to for a long time.

And I know Im not alone! With over 50 million Butterbeers ordered in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter around the world its safe to say that the drink is definitely a fan-favorite.

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Visiting The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter At Universal Studios Orlando

As a native Floridian, I was instantly charmed by the snow-capped buildings sweetly nestled on the cobblestone street when I stepped into Hogsmeade Village, a fictional town from the book series. Florida suffers from a pervasive heat that bakes you down to your soul. But visually, walking through the Harry Potter World is an amazingly detailed trip through the intricacies of J.K. Rowlings imaginative wizarding universe.

And if youre observant, if you carefully read the books, Hogsmeade rewards you with fun nuance and deep layers to search for when youre in the Wizarding World. Theres hidden writing on the walls, and small details etched into every aspect of Hogsmeade. The subtleties of the experience are what makes it stand out above my expectations. There is a bit of something for everyone, from the diehard fan to the casual theme park lover. There is no doubting that Universal Studios took time and great thought into crafting the world, adding details throughout the Wizarding World that only true Harry Potter fans would find and appreciate.

Ready To Plan Your Next Universal Orlando Trip

How To Make Butterbeer from Harry Potter and Universal Studios at Home! | Easiest Recipe!

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Lunch: Butterbeer Potted Cream At Leaky Cauldron

Does two butterbeers before noon equal a drinking problem? Asking for a friend, who is me, and not feeling great. I decided to be an adult and cut the sugar with real food. At the Leaky Cauldron, fish and chips became the buffer for my dessert of butterbeer potted cream.

This proved to be too much. The potted cream was thick and sickeningly sweet, and I say this as someone whose veins flow with liquid sugar. I asked for a cup of water, then another. The tiny, potted dessert suddenly became a mountain that I had to conquer.

I came up with the genius idea of dipping my chips into the potted cream, turning it into an impromptu sauce. I half expected a Howler to arrive and reprimand me for such a culinary abomination, but the combo worked and the butterbeer potted cream was consumed. Dont knock it until youve tried it.

Do They Sell Different Kinds Of Butterbeer In The Park

Yes, there are a variety of Butterbeer concoctions in various forms available throughout the park.

Theres also a butterbeer ice cream thats quite good. And a Butterbeer fudge and clotted cream your mileage may vary.

The fudge is available at Honeydukes and Sugarplums Sweet Shop while the soft-serve ice cream is at Florean Fortescues Ice-Cream Parlor.

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Where Can I Buy Butterbeer 2022

Now that weve talked all about how butterbeer tastes like, lets take a look at another important question which is, where can I buy butter beer? Butterbeer is sold in all Universal parks in the United States, so not matter which coast youre visiting, youre in luck! But lets talk about the exact places where you can get butterbeer in Universal.

Other Butterbeer Product Locations

Harry Potter at Universal Studios

As we mentioned above, you can not only buy Universal Studios butterbeer in liquid form, but also butterbeer ice cream, fudge and even potted cream!

  • Butterbeer ice cream Diagon Alley The Leaky Cauldron, Florean Fortescues Ice-Cream Parlor, The Hopping Pot. Hogsmeade Village The Three Broomsticks
  • Butterbeer fudge Honeydukes & Sugarplums Sweets Shop
  • Butterbeer potted cream The Three Broomsticks & The Leaky Cauldron

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