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Which Disney Princess And Harry Potter Character Are You

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Who Would Your Favorite Disney Characters Play In ‘harry Potter’

Disney Princesses As Harry Potter Characters

Have you ever wondered where your favorite Disney characters might be in the Harry Potter world? Thanks to Disnerds, we no longer have to wonder.

Two of our favorite things growing up were the Harry Potter series and watching Disney movies. It is fun to imagine what houses we would be in if we were to go to Hogwarts, but have you ever wondered where your favorite characters might have ended up if they had been in the Harry Potter world? Thanks to Disnerds on Facebook, we no longer have to wonder. Imagine how cool it would be to see these Disney characters delivering some of the best lines from the books and movies.

When Times Are Tough How Do You Cope

Sometimes life gets a little rough. It happens to all of us. When we are trapped in dark circumstances, it is tempting to wallow around in our sadness. But we can’t. We have to stay strong and keep moving forward. What is your go-to way to deal with tough times?

Your favorite subject in school is often an early indicator of your career path. Your favorite subject also often reveals a key aspect of your personality. Maybe you were an artsy kid, a sporty one, or a science student. When you were in school, what subject do you enjoy the most?

Which Disney Character Are You

Most of us spend our childhood with many Disney channel movies. Some of them are so popular that weve seen them even after we grew up! Are you a Disney fan? Which movie is your favorite? Have you ever thought about which Disney character are you? Would you rather be chilling like a villain? Or a princess in a fantasy castle. Take the which Disney character you are quiz to discover your Disney character.

There are a lot of movies that we liked when we were kids. In every story, there were always two kinds of personalities. The stories taught us about love, respect, quality, and how to choose between wishing good things for ourselves or making the right choice for everyone. Good people who care about others and do good things, and bad people with horrible decisions. What do you prefer to choose?

But this quiz is not about who you want to be. Its about revealing the fact that what character is more likely to be you! First of all, lets take a quick look at the Disney channels famous characters ethics and Introduce them to you!

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Gaston As Viktor Krum

Krum was initially considered a bit conceited, and he actually had the gall to ask Hermione to the Yule Ball! Gaston would be an interesting choice to play him, as he is used to the praise and adoration from his own cheering section. He would also finally be able to get that date with Belle he had always been hoping for, so you know that he would be willing to jump on that broomstick really quick.

Milo Thatch As James Potter And Jane Porter As Lily Potter

10 Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Disney Princesses ...

While this seems like a bit of a stretch, I think this could actually really work given the personalities. Jane is headstrong and determined, while Milo has that sense of adventure that James also seemed to have. Dye Jane’s hair red, and it could work very nicely. Plus, they are both such awkward characters that it would be fun to see them interact.

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Which Disney Princess Are You

The Disney Princess franchise includes eleven of the most iconic leading ladies from the company’s animated films: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, Belle, Tiana, Rapunzel, and Merida. The films are divided into three distinct eras spanning about eight decades.

The Golden Age began with Disney’s very first princess movie, as well as the studio’s very first animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Classic films Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are also a part of this age. The Little Mermaid kicked off the Disney Renaissance in 1989. The other princess films in this era are Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, and Mulan. The Modern Era, also known as the Disney Revival, brought us The Princess and the Frog as well as a new age of CGI animated films, including Tangled and Brave.

The Disney princesses are a group with diverse backgrounds, looks, and personalities. Growing up, we all had our favorite princess. Maybe your favorite was the one whose appearance or personality you identified with the most. Or perhaps it was the princess who sang your favorite Disney songs.

Have you ever wondered which princess you really are? Take this fun personality quiz to find out!

Tiktok’s Shifting Filter Tells Which Marvel And Harry Potter Characters You Look Like

15 April 2021, 08:44

A TikTok filter that tells you which Disney Princess, Marvel or Harry Potter character you look most like? Here’s how to find it and use it on TikTok.

TikTok friends, it is our pleasure to inform you that the shapeshifting filters are back at it again and the latest videos are so funny.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen the ‘No Beard’ filter and the ‘Bald’ filter both go viral on the app. Now, it’s the ‘Shifting’ filter’s turn to start dominating your FYP.

The Shifting filter has inspired a new trend on TikTok where users upload images of Disney Princesses or Marvel characters, for example, and then get the filter to tell them which one they look most like.

Here’s how to find and use the Shifting filter on TikTok…

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Flynn Rider As Neville Longbottom

With his constant knack for getting into trouble, Flynn would be a fun choice to play Neville. It would be interesting to have seen him younger and grow into himself as he “Longbottomed” and became a hot man, as I imagine from his description of his childhood he was kind of awkward as a kid. Still, he would do anything for those he actually cares about, and that is something the two characters share.

Frollo As Professor Snape

Disney Princesses in Harry Potter! ⨠And they play Quidditch! Disney Princess GLOW UP | Alice Edit!

While this is actually kind of a scary choice, maybe that is the point. Snape always gave me the creeps in the books, though I did love Alan Rickman in the film and he made him much more human. Snape is supposed to be that teacher that you are afraid of and don’t like, and the scary Judge Frollo fits that bill perfectly.

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Harry Potter Characters Reimagined As Disney Princesses

The magical world of Harry Potter and the fantastic world of Disney princesses have combined to make these beautiful fan art paintings.

We realize not all of them are Disney Princesses, as such, but there’s a surprising lack of fanart that goes HP to Disney, and not Disney to HP. Quite a lot of what we DID find was from some dollmaker app. Its hard to imagine two more powerful popular culture juggernauts than Disney and Harry Potter. Between the two of them, they have largely shaped the popular culture landscape, defining heroism and magic for an entire generation of moviegoers.

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It should come as no surprise, then, that there are some clever internet artists that have managed to bring together these two worlds with, it must be said, a significant amount of flair and imagination. Here are ten Harry Potter characters reimagined as Disney princesses.

Which Harry Potter Character Am I

There are a couple of different outcomes, depending on your answers. Try to answer every question as truthfully as possible for a more accurate result. And always remember: This quiz is just for fun. Dont be mad if you get an unwanted result. And if you get an undesirable character, just retake the quiz!

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Eric As Harry Potter Belle As Hermione And Young Hercules As Ron

Belle seems like a no brainer, as Hermione’s own actress Emma Watson will be performing her in the live-action telling of Beauty and the Beast. Young Hercules would fit Ron pretty well, with his awkwardness but also his want to prove himself. Eric also seems a pretty good fit the prince who looks the least likely to be a hero, but in the end he did save the day against Ursula. Perfect casting for the infamous trio.

A Disneyfied Order Of The Phoenix

Harry you

If the Death Eaters represent all that is cruel and dark about the wizarding world, then the Order of the Phoenix is the opposite, showing us the nobility and courage of the human spirit.

Here, theyve been nicely translated into those Disney characters that similarly remind us of the beautiful things about the world that surrounds us, about the power of human kindness and compassion, of love and the ability to reach out and help another soul. Once again, credit to Zantror on Deviantart.

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Which Disney Villain Are You

Most of the bad guys Disney has created over the past six decades are its most memorable characters. The truth is, the villain characters of movies are so unforgettable, and every time someone talks about bad guys, lots of names will come to your mind. If you could choose your bad character, which villain would you choose? Which Disney villain are you? Are you looking for a magic mirror to tell you that? Were making it easy for you. Take the Which Disney character are you? quiz and reveal your villain instinct!

Play Harry Potter ‘would You Rather’ To See Which Character You’re Most Like

Alright Potterheads, time to make some tough decisions! Today we will not be testing everyone’s Harry Potter knowledge . Instead, we want to see how everyone would react in real life Wizarding situations. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of stepping into the world of Harry Potter, here is your ticket!

In this quiz, we will be asking different “would you rather” styled questions. There are no wrong answers, so select whichever options seems best to you! Once everyone has built their school schedule and decided upon a pet to take with them, we will be able to let everybody know which character they happen to be the most like. Wands out everyone, this is a hands on test!

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How Does The Tiktok Shifting Filter Work

In order to make the filter work, you’ll need to save or screenshot the image you want to use from Google. People have been using pictures of the Disney Princesses, the Harry Potter characters, the Marvel characters… basically any image that has a lot of people in it.

Once you tap the filter, it will then ask you to select the image from your camera roll.

The filter is apparently then meant to zoom in on the character who you look most like, although whether that is 100% accurate remains to be seen. Either way, it could provide a freakishly accurate result or a hilariously savage one.

While it’s similar, it’s not the same as the ‘Shapeshifting’ filter that previously went viral on the app, which required users to choose a photo of the exact person they wanted to morph into.

This Quiz Will Tell You Which Disney Princess You Are Based On Your Favorite Harry Potter Character

Disney princesses in Harry Potter/as Harry Potter characters

Who is Your Favorite Harry Potter Character?




You are Cinderella! You are kind and caring and a little odd which is why you are drawn to Luna!



You are Belle! Intelligent, caring and kind-hearted which is why you like Hermione – You can relate to her.



You are most like Ariel! Like Ariel, you are strongly opinionated and you have a strong personality which is why you like Ginny the best!



You are Anna! Some qualities that make you like Anna are your determination and helpfulness which is why you love the Chosen One. You are kind of the same.



You are Elsa! Like Elsa things might not always go your way, but you keep on trying, which is why Neville is your Favorite!



You are Rapunzel! You are an asset to your group of friends. You are loyal and kind which is the reason you are drawn to Ron!

Snow White

Snow White

You are Snow White! You have rules that you believe should be upheld but deep down you are a sweetheart. Which is why your favorite is McGonagall

This quiz will tell you which Disney Princess you are based on your favorite Harry Potter character.

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Which Disney Princess Do I Look Like

All of us watched at least one princess movie in our lives. As a kid, many of us have tried to dress like them or look like princesses. But what about reality? Do you look like any of the Disney princess characters? Lets find out.

Every Disney princess had a unique color. For example, Mall from Descendants was purple, and Belle was yellow, Anna was blue. But if you Like to know which one is more like to you, the first thing you might need to decide is your favorite color. They also had different kinds of hairstyles. Some had long hair like Rapunzel, but she also takes the record for shortest hair after having it cut, beating Snow White.

If you are a fan of Disney, we made an outstanding opportunity for you to catch the princess inside you and find your place in the massive world of Disney. Which Disney character are you? Take the quiz and find out! Dont forget to share it with your friends.

Esmerelda As Professor Trelawney

Gypsies have been known for their fortune telling, and Esmerelda has already shown Quasimodo that he doesn’t have any monster lines. It would be fun to see her take on the over-the-top character of Professor Trelawney and how she would deliver the news of student’s fortunes. Just imagine her yelling about “THE GRIM.”

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Which Harry Potter Character Are You

  • step

When planning a trip, you are the one who…

  • Finds the hot parties.
  • Works out all the details.
  • Keeps everyone under control.
  • Tries to help the others whenever possible.
  • Lets everyone else do the work, you’re just along for the ride.

Your friends might keep buying fancy phones every week, but which phone do you use?

  • iPhone – I love the apps and am an Apple fan in general
  • Blackberry – always cool and practical love my emails
  • Android – more of a Google fanboy
  • Motorola – Been a loyalist since the Razr days
  • Don’t really have a smartphone – unlimited texting and voice is all I need

Which of the following are you most afraid of?

  • Losing the people I love.
  • Not being accepted.

What was your favorite toy as a kid?

  • Barbie – had a good collection with plenty of add-ons
  • G.I Joe Action Figures – always bought the one the day it came out
  • Remote control cars & video games
  • Tea set with the complete matching doll set of course
  • No toys – fancy clothes, matching accessories and anything in pink
  • The person doing work for another class.
  • The person answering every question.
  • Always found in the back row.
  • The class clown.
  • The person carefully taking notes.

Which of the following animals is your favorite?

  • Hippo

What decade were you born in?

  • 90s

What do you do when someone flirts with you?

  • Blush and get tongue-tied.
  • Tell them about this documentary you saw recently.
  • Smile… a lot.
  • Engage them in intellectual conversation.
  • Try to impress them with my car and money.

What’s playing on your iPod?

How To Get The Shifting Filter On Tiktok

Disney Princess Dressed in Harry Potter

The Shifting filter can be tricky to locate in TikTok’s filter section if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Here’s a simple way of saving the filter to your account so you can access it easily.

1) Go to the video where you saw it being used.

2) Tap the ‘Shifting’ button above the caption.

3) Tap ‘Add to Favourites’.

4) Go to the TikTok camera screen and select ‘Effects’ on the bottom left.

5) Tap the ‘Favourites’ symbol next to ‘Trending’ and tap the filter.

We’ll include some TikToks that use the Shifting below, so you don’t have to go searching around on the app to find one. You’re welcome.

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The Beast/prince As Professor Lupin

The Beast would definitely be able to understand Lupin’s pain of the transformation into a werewolf, as well as having to hide himself away being the monster that everyone expects, and the hesitation to let other people in. These two would connect on a very emotional level, especially if Tonks came in to save him.

What Do You Look For In A Best Friend

We all need a best friend/partner in crime in life. We need someone who can support us during hard times, but also someone we can have fun with. They are a shoulder to cry on when needed but always down to party and gossip. Which of these describes your best friend?

Say someone was describing you to a person that has never met you. If your friends and family had to pick one word that sums up your personality, what do you think that word would be? In other words, how do you think other people see as the best quality of your personality?

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