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What Is Your Harry Potter Hybrid House

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Which Harry Potter Hogwarts House Do You Belong To Harry Potter House Quiz


Are you wondering which Hogwarts house do you belong to? This Harry Potter House quiz will give you the answer. In the Harry Potter series, the four Houses of Hogwarts are called Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw. Each house has its majestic history. They have given the world some of the most outstanding wizards and witches. If you are a true Potterhead, you must have imagined yourself in Hogwarts. But if you are confused about which Hogwarts house you’ll fit in, look no further and take this quiz to find out.

  • 1. What would you do if you’re trapped in a burning building and only have 10 seconds to get out?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Run and grab my friend that is still in the building.

  • C.& nbsp

    It depends, if I have a way to save my friend, then yes, but if there’s no way then I am above everybody else.

  • D.& nbsp

    I’ll try, but I am not sure!

  • 2. How would you react if someone picks on you and your friend?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Leave them to what they’re doing, I’ll tell my father, then plan revenge.

  • C.& nbsp

    Let them be, I have better things to do than waste my time on those people.

  • D.& nbsp

    Runaway and cry, but never tell anyone about them.

  • 3. There’s a huge wizard banquet, that only the most prestigious wizards can go to, but your parents won’t let you go due to safety reasons. What do you do?
  • A.& nbsp

    Stay home, I don’t want to deal with them, I have better things to do anyway. I will give them the silent treatment though.

  • B.& nbsp

    Sneak out! They will never know!

  • A.& nbsp
  • A.& nbsp
  • A.& nbsp
  • Laziness

  • Which Celebrities Are In Slytherin

    On , Ariana Grande revealed that her Pottermore quiz result told her that she belongs in Slytherin house. As a result, she is easily the most famous member of Slytherin .

    Lin-Manuel Miranda admitted in an interview with WIRED that he took the quiz and it told him he is a Slytherin.

    During an interview with Vanity Fair, Daniel Radcliffe said that he thinks Kanye West would be in Slytherin.

    Where did you get placed in our Harry Potter House Quiz? Let us know who you got in the comment section below and make sure to also share this with your friends! Also, if you know of any other celebrities that belong to a certain house, get into contact with us and we will add them!

    Choose Your Favourite Harry Potter Movie

  • Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix
  • Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II
  • Question of
  • The Fault in Our Stars
  • The Hunger Games
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • The Book Thief
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    House Systems In Modern Schools

    Hogwarts isnt the only school with a housing system. Schools in England and the United States have long used housing systems to help students form close-knit communities and compete in inter-school sports teams. Some schools have as many as ten houses. Others, like the fictional Hogwarts, have as few as four.The number of students per house depends on the school. McCracken County High School in Kentucky, for example, has one of the largest house populations: 5 houses with 400 students per house! Upon arriving, each student is sorted into one of the houses for the duration of their stay.Traditionally, this housing system applied to boarding schools. The process encourages youth to join team activities and develop a sense of family while away from home. Houses are traditionally named after famous alumni, animals, or in the case of Hogwarts, the schools founders.

    Inspiration And Mothers Death

    Quiz: Everyone Is A Hybrid Of Two Hogwarts Houses. Which ...

    Rowling worked as a researcher and bilingual secretary in London for Amnesty International, then moved with her boyfriend to Manchester where she worked at the Chamber of Commerce. In 1990, she was on a four-hour delayed train trip from Manchester to London when the idea came fully formed into her mind for a story of a young boy attending a school of wizardry. When she reached her Clapham Junction flat, she began to write immediately.

    In December 1990, Rowlings mother Anne died after ten years suffering from multiple sclerosis. Rowling was writing Harry Potter at the time and had never told her mother about it. Her mothers death heavily affected Rowlings writing, and she channelled her own feelings of loss by writing about Harrys grief in greater detail in the first book.

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    Youre Told Specifically Not To Go Somewhere What Do You Do

    Actions of some of J.K. Rowlings characters are sometimes predictable because they match the stereotypes of their house. After all, the sorting hat would not have placed them somewhere if it wasnt the right fit. Part of it had to do with their moral disposition.

    This has happened to all of us before, either being asked to cover for someone or running out of time to do our own assignments. Are you, ultimately, a team player? Or are you just trying to get others in trouble? Maybe youre only out for yourself and dont care either way.

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    Hybrid Harry Potter House Quiz

    So, I noticed most people dont fit completely into one of the 4 houses, so when I came across this quiz I felt like it was perfect to share here also cause I know we have some Harry Potter fans here including myself

    For those of us who are not quite one thing, and not quite the other.

    So, to which hybrid do you belong according to the quiz?

    • Gryfferin
    • Slytherpuff


    Feel free to discuss, does this result surprise you or did you already classify yourself as this hybrid?

    Yeey , Im happy to see another Huffledor! Im one as well Wait, lol, you changed it

    Haha, wait, why did you change it and then change it back again

    I was always a proud Hufflepuff but SlytherinIll take it again, wait

    Slytherpuff and Hufferin are such a weird combo tho, complete opposites in the same hybrid

    I never thought Id get that

    Haha, let me know what you get when you took it again! Im curious if it actually fits you or if it changes next time

    I think I only picked another Rolling Stones song and now Im a Huffledor, fits better tho

    Wait no!! Slytherpuff fits better actually!

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    Hybrid Hogwarts Houses Are Hogwash

    After J.K. Rowlings tweet, and all the evidence of Pottermore Hatstalls, it has become common to identify as a Slytherpuff, or a Huffledor, or maybe even a Ravenitherhuffledor.

    It. Is. Ridiculous.

    J.K. Rowling is wonderful, and I understand she is accepting of everybodys interpretation of her books, but the whole point of being Sorted is to find out what potential House you would LIVE IN at Hogwarts. You cant live in Slytherin for first semester and Ravenclaw for second the whole point is you have to CHOOSE.

    Ive seen analyses saying Hermione/Harry/Ron/etc. are a perfect hybrid of all four because they possess every Houses qualities. Thats not the point. As Dumbledore stated, It is our choices that show what we truly are far more than our abilities. The constant debates surrounding how Peter Pettigrew could possibly have been a Gryffindor are more evidence of the fandoms general misunderstanding of what being Sorted stands for.

    When you choose to be a hybrid, you are backing out of making a decision about what you value most. Extrapolating from this, one of Harry Potters fundamental themes is the importance of making hard decisions. Remember when Dumbledore stated, Dark times lie ahead of us, and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right. Remember the condemnation we felt as readers when Cornelius Fudge refused to believe Voldemort had returned because he was scared of making tough decisions.


    Harry Potter House Quiz: Where Would You Be Sorted

    Which HYBRID Game of thrones – Harry Potter HOUSE ARE YOU?

    Which Harry Potter house are you? If you have ever asked yourself this question, you have come to the right place. We have put together a personality quiz that will let you know the Hogwarts house that you would be sorted into if you attended the school. Are you a Gryffindor like Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley? Are you a Hufflepuff like Cedric Diggory, Newt Scamander, and Nymphadora Tonks? How about a Ravenclaw like Luna Lovegood, Gilderoy Lockhart, and Cho Chang. Or, are you a Slytherin like Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, and Horace Slughorn? Take our Harry Potter house quiz and find out where you would fit! We have also included some additional trivia about each of the great houses at the end of this page.

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    What Harry Potter House Am I

    • Gryffindor may be for those who value courage, but the students are often mischievous and friendly.
    • Slytherin is said to value ambition and cunning, but its students are also intelligent and often brave.
    • Ravenclaw is more than wits. Its home to creative people, as well as some quite eccentric ones.
    • Hufflepuff is all about kindness and loyalty, but they are people of a strong moral code and superb skills.

    We can find a dozen more pros to become a part of each House. In truth, all of them are great and should remain one united family to raise exceptional wizards and witches.

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    Which Hogwarts House Are You Find Out With Our Sorting Hat Quiz

    Muggles of London! Its time to sort your lives out. Answer these capital city-based questions in our Harry Potter house quiz to see where you belong at Hogwarts

    Listen up, Harry Potter fans. Times may be tough, but we can always escape into the world of JK Rowlings boy wizard, plus frankly, its never a bad time to find out if youre a Hufflepuff or not.

    Take our essential Hogwarts house quiz to find out which of the four you belong to. Because, anybody who knows their wizarding stuff knows that the houses thats Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Slytherin arent just for organising broomstick-based sports teams. They go beyond quidditch: theyre a way of life. The Sorting Hat isnt random: it sees deep into your soul to define once and for all which Hogwarts house is yours to stake a claim to.

    That definitely 100% entirely goes for this particular Harry Potter house quiz, which was written to celebrate the launch of Jack Thorne and JK Rowlings play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child back in 2016 and its the only one giving you the chance to get your London life sorted in the process. Answer the 11 city-based questions below and KAPOW: like magic, your existence in the capital will suddenly make sense.

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    The Greatest Of Them All

    I genuinely believe that every wizarding school is great, but lets face a harsh truth – Hogwarts will always be the first in our hearts. No matter how good Ilvermorny, or Durmstrang, or any other school is, weve all grown up watching Hogwarts Adventures and wishing to be a part of them. Thus, to quiz which Harry Potter House you are is the primary goal of all Wizarding fans.

    If you are in your 20s, you definitely need an introduction to Hogwarts houses. However, if you are a new fan and are a bit confused with the distinction, the following summary should be useful for you.

    Is This Pottermore Quiz

    Harry Potter Hybrid Houses Iron On Patches by XP

    Though the legendary Pottermore Quiz was an inspiration for the huge variety of Harry Potter House tests. And so this one is different from what you can find online. Yes, Ive thoroughly examined the Pottermore quiz and what metrics it uses to sort people into Hogwarts Houses. However, this is a fan representation of how many see them. With that said, I hope you get the House that feels the most comfortable for you.

    Enjoy this Hogwarts House quiz and share your results with us!

    Remember that its about where youll do the best. The result may surprise you!

    You may also like to uncover your spirit animal here.

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    You Get Home After A Particularly Grueling Day To Find Someone Has Devoured Your Stash Of Cauldron Cakes Which You Were Saving For A Day Like This How Do You React

    Scroll down to answer

    • Leave a passive aggressive note on the common room noticeboard
    • Bellow until someone answers, demanding to know who ate them, before retrieving a spare from your backup stash
    • Wake the entire dormitory and demand information from everyone, before heading into the corridors to interrogate stragglers. When this proves unsuccessful you leave written threats demanding replacement cake on every door in Hogwarts
    • Act nice to everyone, and manage to cleverly wheedle the information out of the culpritthen plot a subtle but deadly revenge
    • Say nothing, but slip some baby Flobberworms into the suspects pumpkin juice at breakfast the next day
    • Moan to yourself and work on a way to keep your food better hidden in future

    Harry Potter Test Only For Real Fans

    Do you think you can win this Harry Potter quiz? If you read all of that in your head with a British accent, then you will!! So everybody Wands up! Start this test and find out which house is the best match for you.

    Dont forget to share this quiz with your friends and make sure theyre all caught up!! Have fun but remember what Albus Dumbledore said, It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.!

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    Harry Potter Quiz: Which House Are You In

    Dear young witch or wizard, We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July. Yours sincerely, Minerva McGonagall Congratulations! Now it is time to buy all necessary books and equipment at Diagon Alley! But the biggest decision comes when you enter the Great Hall, and the Sorting hat is placed on your head. What house will you call your family? Where do you fit in? There is lots to take into account, and this test will give you an insight into how the hat decides your fate at Hogwarts. Keep in mind: The Sorting Hat does respect your wishes, but do not try to fool it!

    Which Celebrities Are In Gryffindor

    What is my hybrid Hogwarts house?

    In a surprising Twist, Draco Malfoy actor, Tom Felton, revealed that he is actually a Gryffindor. He Tweeted: âToday was the day. I finally did it. I joined Pottermore and was sorted intoâ¦â¦..Gryffindor. Heart broken x #slytherinforlifeâ. JK Rowling responded by saying that she could have told Tom that years ago but didnât want to spoil his motivation while playing the role of Draco.

    Luna Lovegood actress, Evanna Lynch, is a member of the Gryffindor house. Even though Luna is a proud Ravenclaw, Evanna was sorted in Gryffindor as revealed in a Youtube video.

    Actor Kit Harington revealed in an interview that he is a member of Gryffindor. He also revealed that he is a huge Harry Potter fan in general. Pretty cool to know that Jon Snow of Game of Thrones would be a Gryffindor.

    Actress after she took the Pottermore quiz. Margot also admitted to rigging some of the answers in order to end up in her favorite house.

    During an interview, Shawn Mendes said that he thinks he would be in Gryffindor.

    Bonnie Wright ended up in Gryffindor after she took a Hogwarts house test. This matches her on-screen character, Ginny Weasley.

    Tom Holland found out he was in Gryffindor after taking a test. Holland also noted that he is âobsessedâ with the world of Harry Potter.

    During Daniel Radcliffeâs Reddit AMA, he said that there is no doubt that he would be in the same house as Harry.

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    The Dark Triad Measure

    The Dark Triad encapsulates three personality traits often deemed negative : Psychopathy Machiavellianism and Narcissism . To improve reliability, we again replaced the original questionnaire with an alternative. While the original authors selected the Dark Triad Dirty Dozen, we selected the Short Dark Triad . It evaluates the three personality traits with nine items per trait on a five-point Likert-scale . Total scores for each IPIP-50 or SD3 subscale are obtained by summing the respective item scores.

    You’re Told Specifically Not To Go Somewhere What Do You Do

    Actions of some of J.K. Rowling’s characters are sometimes predictable because they match the stereotypes of their house. After all, the sorting hat would not have placed them somewhere if it wasn’t the right “fit”. Part of it had to do with their moral disposition.

    This has happened to all of us before, either being asked to cover for someone or running out of time to do our own assignments. Are you, ultimately, a team player? Or are you just trying to get others in trouble? Maybe you’re only out for yourself and don’t care either way.

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    Sorting The Hp Characters In Hybrid Houses

    Today I’m going to sort Harry Potter characters in hybrid houses.

    Ravenclaw traits

    What is a hybrid house?

    :crown: A Hybrid house is two houses combined togheter for example Ravenpuff or Ravendor.

    Harry Potter is Originally a Gryffindor which I think fits him well because he’s brave and all those other traits. This answer may seem a little bit obvious but i think he would fit in Slytherin.

    :snake: Why? As the sorting hat said he is determined to show what he’s worth and prove to him that he isn’t just the golden boy that get in because he’s famous, so he’s ambitious too. He may not be as clever as Hermione, but he’s not stupid either. After all he won the tri wizard tournament so he’s clever and cunning about the general stuff. Resourcefulness or quick thinking Harry is a quick thinker in critical situations like when he’s duelling Voldemort or another deatheater. Slytherin’s are also known to be leaders and Harry is the leader of DA and the fight against Voldemort.

    :star: He has some of the Hufflepuff traits too like loyalty he’s very loyal to his friends and dedication because he is dedicated to protect his friends and defeat Voldemort.

    As we all know Hermione is a Gryffindor but it’s pretty obvious that she could be a ravenclaw too.

    Ron is a Gryffindor and I think that’s were he belong. I mean I don’t really think he would fit in another house.

    Ginny is a Gryffindor she fits well because she’s brave and daring, but I think she would do well in Slytherin too.

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