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What Harry Potter Character Do I Look Like

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What Was Your Childhood Like

This Is What The Cast Of Harry Potter Looks Like Today

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  • It was very lonely and difficult.
  • Overall it was positive. I loved my family a great deal, even though we had some struggles.
  • I had a huge family, so there was always chaos in my house.
  • Relatively quiet and focused. My parents supported me, and I never pushed boundaries too much.
  • I did not get along well with my family. I often felt out of place or like an outsider.

Did You Know That Hogwarts Is Based On A Real British University

It may be hard to believe that there are universities as extravagant as the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but the school was actually based on Oxford University. Some locations in Harry Potter were even filmed at this thousand-year-old university, including the Hogwarts library, infirmary, and many of the hallway scenes. While The Great Hall in Hogwarts was not filmed in Oxford, it was directly modeled on the Christ Church Dining Hall at the university. What may be even more surprising is that the uniforms that the students of Hogwarts wear are not far off from the academic robes and formal dress Oxford students have to present for exams and official ceremonies. Unfortunately, the magic practiced at Hogwarts was not inspired by Oxford and it’s unlikely that its students will be seen riding brooms and playing Quidditch.

Which Harry Potter Character Would You Date

Are you wondering which Harry Potter character you should date? This quiz can be of assistance. The characters from Harry Potter did not have a lot of time to date. Some lucky Hogwarts student cannot wait to take you out on a date. Check out which Harry Potter character is likely to go out with you by taking this fun quiz. All the best and have fun!

  • Where would your;the first kiss be?;
  • A.&nbsp

    On a broom stick, flying over the castle.

  • B.&nbsp

    In the hall out side potions class.

  • C.&nbsp

    Where ever you want, he doesnt care.

  • D.&nbsp

    After a special dinner as he walks you back to your dorm.

  • E.&nbsp
  • During a long walk around the castle.

  • G.&nbsp

    In the common room on the couch.

  • H.&nbsp

    After dinner in his dorm.

  • 2.;How would you get your lover’s attention when hed just walked into the room?;
  • A.&nbsp
  • Lick youre lips at him.

  • C.&nbsp
  • Yell out his name and smile.

  • E.&nbsp
  • Give him a flirty look then bite your lip.

  • H.&nbsp

    Pretend you didnt even see him come in youre a tad shy.

  • 3.;You just completely failed your O.W.L.S, how does he comfort you?;
  • A.&nbsp

    Tells you a joke about how stupid O.W.L.S are.

  • B.&nbsp

    Confesses to you that he failed as well.

  • C.&nbsp

    Kisses you and tells you he loves you anyway.

  • D.&nbsp

    Does anything to make you smile.

  • E.&nbsp

    Ties your test paper to a firework and lets it go.

  • F.&nbsp

    Tells you that he could help you study next time.

  • G.&nbsp

    Tells you he could get his father to talk to one of the professors and get it changed.

  • H.&nbsp
  • A.&nbsp
  • C.&nbsp
  • A.&nbsp
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    Quiz: Which Iconic Female Harry Potter Character Are You

    8 March 2021, 17:49

    Hermione Granger? Luna Lovegood? Ginny Weasley? Cho Chang? Minerva McGonagall? Molly Weasley? Fleur Delacour? Nymphadora Tonks? You can only be one.

    Harry Potter may be all about the chosen one but the hit franchise would be nothing without its iconic female characters. It’s impossible to imagine the books or the movies without legends like Luna Lovegood, Minerva McGonagall and Cho Chang gracing the halls of Hogwarts. Not to mention, Ron Weasley and Harry would both be dead without Hermione Granger.

    Which iconic female Harry Potter character are you though? Are you a caring legend with a heart of gold like Molly Weasley? Are you a natural-born superstar like Fleur Delacour? Are you an underrated queen like Nymphadora Tonks? Are you Ginny Weasley? There’s only one way to know the truth and that’s by taking this quiz. Our results never lie.

    What Cartoon Character Do I Look Like 100% Match

    What the Harry Potter Characters Look Like Based on the ...

    Watching cartoons, one wonders where the characters presented on the TV screen came from. Many people probably think that the characters of the main heroes were entirely invented by their creators. As it turns out, the creators of cartoon characters are inspired by people. It is today, young explorer, that you will find out what character you are like. We will consider some important details of your external appearance to answer this fascinating question – what cartoon character do I look like?

    Art often imitates real life, but what you cannot see is that life often impressively imitates art. There are many people who are exact copies of the most popular cartoon characters.

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    You Can Use The Filter With Characters From Other Shows Such As Harry Potter And Friends

    The Shapeshifting Filter allows you to incorporate characters from other shows. All you need is a photo of the characters from the show you please arranged in a grid. You will likely find the grid photos via a simple google search. However, If the show you want is not popular, you might have to create the grid yourself.

    I Apologize In Advance About The Diversity Issue Of Which Character You Will Turn Out To Be I’m Really Sorry About That :

    Are you a boy or a girl?

    What color are your eyes?


    What color is your hair?


    What texture is your hair?


    What color is closest to your skin tone?


    Harry Potter

    Harry Potter

    You look like Harry Potter! You are a boy with messy black hair, fair skin, and green eyes.

    Ron Weasley

    Ron Weasley

    You look like Ron Weasley! You are a boy with straight red hair, fair skin, and blue eyes.

    Hermione Granger

    Hermione Granger

    You look like Hermione Granger! You are a girl with bushy brown hair, fair skin, and brown eyes.

    Ginny Weasley

    Ginny Weasley

    You look like Ginny Weasley! You are a girl with straight red hair, fair skin, and brown eyes.

    Luna Lovegood

    Luna Lovegood

    You look like Luna Lovegood! You are a girl with wavy blonde hair, very pale skin, and blue/grey eyes.

    Neville Longbottom

    Neville Longbottom

    You look like Neville Longbottom! You are a boy with curly blonde hair, fair skin, and brown eyes.

    Dean Thomas

    Dean Thomas

    You look like Dean Thomas! You are a boy with curly black hair, medium skin, and brown eyes.

    Cho Chang

    Cho Chang

    You look like Cho Chang! You are a girl with straight black hair, fair skin, and brown eyes.

    I apologize in advance about the diversity issue of which character you will turn out to be. I’m really sorry about that. :

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    What Harry Potter Character Are You Quiz

    The characters of Harry Potter series are liked by all, whether they are negative or positive. The HP series is full of dangers and dark magic, but we know how to save ourselves, because we all took which Harry Potter character I am quiz. I got Hermione while other got Harry and Ron. Do you want to become a magical wizard as well, than what are you waiting for? Answer the Harry Potter Personality Quiz now to understan which Harry Potter character you really look like.

    What Cartoon Character Do I Look Like

    Harry Potter Characters Look Like Now!!! (You’ll Never Guess)

    On what basis will we analyze your external appearance and answer which cartoon character you look like? Nothing easier. We will ask you a dozen detailed questions, thanks to which we will easily analyze your external appearance and match the perfect copy from the cartoon to you, your cartoon look alike.

    What is it about these fairy-tale characters that we like them so much? First of all, they represent the qualities that each of us would like to have – courage, selflessness, honesty. Regardless of how old we are, they are role models for us. They are our idols. They always manage to overcome adversities, make good decisions, or are just lucky. You can be jealous. 90s cartoons are the best when it comes to these qualities.

    Sympathizing with fictional characters is also facilitated by their polarization, i.e., the clear marking of differences. For a cartoon world to be well adapted to the abilities of children who meet it, the differences between good and bad must be clear. Therefore, watching the characters’ struggles, we have no doubts as to which of them is good and which is bad. It is much easier to like an individual who is always trying to do right than someone whose behavior we may sometimes doubt.

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    How He Looks In The Films

    Daniel Radcliffe certainly looks the part of Harry with one minor exception. His Harry has blue eyes, while the books tell us time and time again of Harrys green eyes just like his mothers. Theres a pretty simple reason for this, though. Radcliffe, who has blue eyes, couldnt wear green contact lenses, as he was allergic.

    Another detail that a lot of fans wondered about was the placement of the lightning bolt scar. Although the books never specify exactly where on the forehead Harrys is we all surely pictured it being in the centre Daniel Radcliffes scar was placed to the side. But dont worry, this was all J.K. Rowlings decision, who told director Christopher Columbus to make it razor sharp, just off centre.

    How The Cast Of Harry Potter Should Really Look

    The Harry Potter films have been deemed by most fans to be appropriate adaptations of the wildly popular book series, bringing the story of Hogwarts to life while bringing them to a much wider audience.

    While the films were, for the most part, faithful to the books , there were some differences in the appearance of the actors versus the way their characters were described in the books. Here’s what the Harry Potter cast would have looked like if their appearances really reflected Rowling’s writing.

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    Why Use This Test

    1. Free. This online Harry Potter Character Test is provided to you free of charge and will allow you to obtain your scores as related to seven major Harry Potter characters.

    2. Based on real psychometric items. This test was developed using genuine psychometric items and supported by peer-reviewed academic research as published in scientific journals.

    3. Statistical controls. Test scores are logged into an anonymized database. Statistical analysis of the test is performed to ensure maximum validity and accuracy of the results.

    4. Developed by professionals. The current Harry Potter Character Test was created by researchers and psychology professionals who work with psychometrics.

    This test is also available in the following languages:

    Does Your Self Image Match Up With The Way Others View You

    Original on right. My edit on left. Who do think looks ...

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    • People tend to think that Im very in control or powerful, but I often feel lost and confused.
    • People think Im intimidating, but I see myself as an underdog.
    • Yes, I think other people see me as a bit goofy which I am.
    • People underestimate me. They know that Im funny, but they miss my talent.
    • People completely misunderstand me. They think Im dangerous, but Im more gentle than theyd imagine.

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    What Is Your Harry Potter Personality Harry Potter Character Test

    One of the most celebrated stories in the world is none other than of “Harry Potter“. The Harry Potter series contains seven books and has been visualized in eight movies. The story begins with an innocent 11 years boy, living with his aunt and uncle who always mistreat him. But, on his Eleventh birthday his life changed forever. A letter sent by an unknown person makes him realize that he is not an ordinary boy, but a son of two powerful wizard magicians. It invites him to study at the Hogwarts School of Magic. From then, the life of many people change; Harry finds friends in the face of Ron and Hermione, whereas foes like Draco Malfoy, Lord Voldemort, and Peter Pettigrew. Which Harry Potter character are you? Take this Harry Potter Personality Quiz to find out who resembles you the best in 2021.

    Harry is always surrounded by enemies and their traps, but his loyal friends and teachers never let him be alone in all this. With the help of friends and the magical skills, he fights against the evil Lord Voldemort and turns out to be the most eminent wizard of all time by defeating him.

    Are You A Rule Follower Or A Rule Breaker

    Scroll down to answer

    • The rules are there for a reason, and I do NOT want to get expelled. Definitely a rule follower.
    • I like to not get caught breaking the rules, but I definitely have a mischievous streak.
    • There is a time and a place for rules, however there is also a time and place to break rules.
    • I do my best, but I always seem to be finding myself in the wrong situation, doing the wrong thing.
    • I know how important it is for other people not to have dirt to pin on me, but I cant help but break the rules sometimes.

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    How Hes Described In The Books

    Harry had a thin face, knobbly knees, black hair and bright-green eyes. He wore round glasses held together with a lot of Sellotape because of all the times Dudley had punched him on the nose. The only thing Harry liked about his own appearance was a very thin scar on his forehead which was shaped like a bolt of lightning. He had had it as long as he could remember and the first question he could ever remember asking his Aunt Petunia was how he had got it.Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

    Harry Potter Characters Quiz

    Harry Potter Look-alikes You Can Date!

    Without further ado, the Harry Potter characters quiz contains 20 questions. So it’s easy to conclude that your task will be to guess the names of 20 characters that appeared in the movies.

    Prove your dedication to the series and get the highest score possible. Of course, you can always repeat the quiz if you think you can do better. Nothing prevents you from sharing it with your friends or family. Our quiz is sure to please even the oldest Harry Potter fans. Ready?

    If you liked the quiz, you can check what your stick would be made of in the Harry Potter Wands Quiz.

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    Are You Good At Thinking Through Your Actions And Foreseeing The Consequences

    Scroll down to answer

    • People think that I dont. I do, Im just ok with more chaos than other people.
    • I try to think through my actions very carefully. People are quick to jump to conclusions about me, so I have to protect my image.
    • I think everything through carefully. Pro and con charts!
    • I often act on impulse, but when I get a chance to stop and think I see the large picture and what I need to do.
    • I am very bad at foreseeing consequences. I do unintelligent things quite often.

    Harry Potter Character Test

    The Harry Potter Character Test is an unscientific and just for fun personality assessment that will determine which of seven characters you most closely resemble.

    Online Harry Potter tests and quizzes have flourished due to the continued popularity of the franchise. This test differs from many others that may appear comparable at first glance, in that it was crafted using genuine psychometric items.

    Who is your Harry Potter personality match? For each of the following statements, indicate your level of agreement below.

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    Take Our Quiz And Find Out Who Your Harry Potter Match Is

    Weve all seen the films, read the books and have our own favourite characters but which Harry Potter character are you most like? Take our quiz down below to find out which main character you really resonate with.

    Done that? Nice one. Let us know who you got in the comments.

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    Harry Potter: How Each Character Is Supposed To Look

    Pin on Harry Potter

    The cast of Harry Potter will forever be recognized for bringing these characters to life, but what did they look like in the books?

    Harry Potter would be nothing without the witches and wizards we meet along the way, all filled with vibrant and memorable personalities. Some of these characters we have grown to know and love, while others make us want to;use the unforgivable curse on them in their sleep *cough cough Umbridge cough cough.*

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    Yet whether we love the characters or hate them, we have to admit, they all leave us amazed and they have a;genuine impact on our lives. There are some differences between the characters we meet on screen vs the characters we read about in the books. What are some of those differences and what are the Potter characters supposed to look like? Keep reading to find out!

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    Which Harry Potter Character Are You

    Harry Potter is one of the biggest franchises in the world. The immense popularity of the stories led not only to a worldwide cult following, but also eight films, the creation of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Universal Orlando Resort, and an extremely popular West End and Broadway play, The Cursed Child. There are more than 100 characters in the Harry Potter series overall, and each of these magical characters plays a vital role in the story, but who are you most like? You may already know that your favorite character is Ron Weasley or Hermione Granger, but are you actually more like Harry Potter himself, or the faithful half-human, half-giant gamekeeper Rubeus Hagrid? If you are wise and intelligent beyond compare, you might even be most like the Hogwarts headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. Take this quiz to find out which Harry Potter character you resemble the most.

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