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What Color Is Harry Potter’s Eyes

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There Was No Reason For Dumbledore’s Aggressive Reaction In The Goblet Of Fire Movie

Why Grindelwald has Different Color Eyes – Harry Potter Fan Theory

There have been countless articles dedicated to one particular scene in the Harry Potter film series: Dumbledore’s reaction to Harry’s name being pulled from the Goblet of Fire.

The book tells us that Dumbledore questioned Harry “calmly.” The headmaster knows that Harry is about to be in serious danger, and his reaction is one of fear, not anger.

So What’s This Place Called

By the time Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 rolled around, you’d think the cast and crew of the Potter franchise would’ve known what every little thing in its magical universe was called. And yet numerous characters in the movie with the exception of Harry Potter can’t seem to remember the affectionate nickname for the sprawling, teetering Weasley countryside residence. It’s properly called “the Burrow,” which is what Harry says, but he’s the only character among the lot who doesn’t call it “the Burrows.”

Harry Doesn’t Have His Mother’s Eyes

Snape, the Harry-hating, supposedly Dark Lord-serving wizard, gets his redemption and a hero’s ending in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. He dies in service of the good guys and in protecting Harry Potter, son of his childhood friend Lily, a woman for whom he’s harbored an unrequited, lifelong love. As Snape lays dying, Harry tries to provide him comfort, and Snape looks up at the boy and says, “You have your mother’s eyes.” It’s a statement that Harry has heard numerous times, including from Professors Slughorn and Lupin. But here’s the thing. The eyes of the actor who plays Harry, Daniel Radcliffe, look nothing like the eyes of Ellie May Darcey-Alden, the actress who plays young Lily Potter. Her eyes are much darker than his.

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He Was Buried At Shell Cottage As A Free Elf

In the real world, poor Dobby’s corpse might still be on view for the world to see, but in Harry Potter’s universe, his body is resting at peace at Shell Cottage. Harry refused to use magic to create the house-elf’s proper grave, and he left his friend with a tombstone that read, “Here Lies Dobby, A Free Elf.”

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone

You have your mother
  • Daniel Radcliffewho has blue eyeswas allergic to colored contacts, so in the films, The Boy Who Lived’s eyes were not green like they are in the novels.
  • Rowling described Hermione as having extremely bushy hair and large front teeth, but as we can see, Emma Watson did not.
  • In contrast to Rupert Grint’s appearance, Rowling describes Ron as tall and lanky, with a long nose and blue eyes. .
  • Aunt Petunia and Dudley are blonde, but in the films, they’re brunette.
  • The movies never mention Hagrid’s motorbike was once Sirius Black’s.
  • In the film, the snake Harry speaks Parseltongue to at the zoo is a Burmese Pythonbut in the book, it’s a Boa Constrictor.
  • In the novel, Harry met Draco Malfoy and rejected his friendship in Diagon Alley, but in the film, this happens at Hogwarts before the Sorting Hat ceremony.
  • The Sorting Hat sings a song before every ceremonybut not in the movie.
  • In the book, Voldemort kills Quirrell by leaving his head, but in the film, Harry kills Quirrell by touching his face.
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    Why The Characters Have Different Eye Colors

    Right after the first film, fans were angry about Harry Potters eye color. Daniel Radcliffes eyes are blue and not green as theyre supposed to be. And when the viewers made peace with this problem, they noticed Lilly Potter had brown eyes instead of blue ones. So how can you explain all the people saying that he and his mother had the same eyes?

    Tom Felton actually auditioned for the role of Harry and could have been him only with different colored hair.

    The Trio Helps Hargid’s Dragon Escape In The First Book But It’s Unclear How It Happens In The Movie

    To keep Hagrid from getting in trouble with Dumbledore, Harry, Ron, and Hermione help sneak his pet dragon Norbert out of his hut and into the Astronomy Tower. There, they are met by Ron’s brother, Charlie, who takes the dragon to Romania where he will care for it.

    However, Charlie isn’t in the first movie, so that storyline was completely scrapped. Instead, Hagrid just says that the dragon was sent away to Romania after members of the Hogwarts staff found out about it.

    Additionally, since Hagrid and Charlie never talk about the dragon in the movies, viewers never find out that the dragon is female, hence being renamed Norberta in the books.

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    He’s Taller Than The Average House Elf

    Dobby has a few special features that differ from the other house-elves, such as the fact that he’s taller than his peers. House-elves are generally two- to three-feet tall, but Dobby stands at three-feet, six inches tall. This means that the actress who played Dobby in the films, Diane Gibbons, was actually shorter than the character in the books.

    That’s Not Your Line Hermione

    What Colour are Harry Potters eyes?

    Emma Watson was only nine years old when she portrayed Hermione in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone which also happened to be her first movie ever. In other words, she was really green and really eager. As she discussed on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, she apparently learned not just her own lines, but those of the actors she was sharing scenes with. That’s especially true when it came to Daniel Radcliffe’s dialogue. It’s noticeable a couple of times in that first Harry Potter movie, such as near the end when Hermione, Harry, and Ron go to see Hagrid after exams. When Harry speaks, pay close attention to Watson, and you’ll notice that she’s silently saying Radcliffe’s lines.

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    Where The London Eye Came From In The Film

    In one of the scenes in the final movie, you can see the London Eye. Its a very famous wheel and most British people know that it appeared only in the year 2000 but the movie is set in 1997.

    And attentive fans have found several other mistakes similar to this one. For example, the bridge that Voldemort destroyed in the sixth film was not supposed to exist at the time, just like some of the other buildings. Also, some cars and devices appear in the films before they were actually invented.

    He Grew Up And Got An Adult Job As A Magic Cop

    You thought that epilogue was the final page in the Harry Potter journey? Think again. Just this year saw the release of the script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which revealed that Harry is now Head of Magical Law Enforcement. Plus, he has a complicated relationship with his son Albus. So, basically, Harry Potter is a Law & Order character now.

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    Harry Potter Characters With Correct Eye Colors

    Oh, finally Harry has his mother’s eyes….

    Finally his mother has his mother’s eyes.

    This. I can’t believe JKR didn’t protest against this more. I saw an interview early on where she said she was ok with other canon character changes, as long as Harry’s eyes look like his mother’s. Then they go hire a brown eyed actress!

    Has anyone ever asked JKR about this? Clearly I’m still very upset about this….lol

    Now lets give him his fathers hair…

    The eyes should also be cat like slits.

    The Voldemort one looks silly. If he has slit eyes, you can’t tell where he’s looking, and his expression gets muddled.

    If you go the cgi root, they’d also look fake, but cost a ton more and risk looking like a cheap, B movie monster. Most post-edited eyes don’t look right, and that’s going from easy colors like blue to green . Red is a far tougher sell because the shadows would get edited, too. Let me use an example for those who don’t art. If you have a yellow object in fire light, the object looks orangish, and the shadows look brownish-greenish by comparison. If you edited that object later to appear green for example, the shadows also change. The orange bit now looks green, but the shadows now look purple where everything else has a greenish shadow. It no longer looks like it fits in the scene.

    The Lack Of Glass Is Transparent

    Hit me with those green eyes

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ends the way a lot of Harry Potter movies end with Harry in Professor Dumbledore’s office, where the headmaster delivers a long speech justifying how and why he put Harry and his fellow Hogwarts student into so much danger, what with that frightening basilisk and all. During this scene, there are a lot of closeups as Dumbledore explains and Harry listens. Both characters wear glasses, and it’s pretty obvious here that neither of their spectacles have lenses in them.

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    Why Snape’s Line About Harry Potter’s Eyes Isn’t A Plot Hole

    Severus Snape’s line about Harry Potter having his mother’s eyes isn’t the problem it’s made out to be and shouldn’t be taken literally.

    Severus Snapes infamous line about Harry Potters eyes in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 isnt actually a Harry Potter plot hole. Throughout the franchise, you never really know whose side Snape is on. For years, he seemingly tortures Harry at school, but their last moments reveal the characters true nature.

    In the Harry Potter series, Snape meets his end when Voldemort kills him, mistakenly thinking he was the master of the Elder Wand. Actually, it was Harry after he disarmed Draco at Malfoy Manor. As Snape dies, Harry comes to his side and takes his tears. After putting them in the Pensieve, he learns Snape was living a double life. He’d been helping Harry all along, and he had always loved Harrys mom, Lily.

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    • Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore Release date: Apr 15, 2022

    Hey Where’d That Snake Come From

    Toward the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, all hope seems lost for the protagonists. Three tough battles are going down simultaneously, with Harry fighting Voldemort, Molly Weasley fighting Bellatrix Lestrange, and Ron and Hermione nearly falling to Voldemort’s vicious pet snake, Nagini. When the creature attacks, it lunges from the middle of a Hogwarts staircase and below an archway. After a quick cut away to Harry and Voldemort’s skirmish, Nagini is shown attacking, but somehow, she’s striking from flat ground, not the stairs. So yeah, we’re not exactly sure what’s going on with this snake.

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    How Dumbledore Didnt Know That Voldemort Made Horcruxes

    The film Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince kind of spoils the moment where the characters find out about the Horcruxes. Dumbledore acts as if he couldnt even imagine this. But he had seen the diary before and he definitely had an idea of what it really was.

    The book handles it much better: the most important piece of information Dumbledore learned from Slughorns memories was not the fact that Voldermort had Horcruxes but how many of them he made. This is way more logical.

    Harry Potter: 10 Appearance Changes Between The Book Characters To The Movies

    Harry Potter X Ulta Beauty Gryffindor Eye Shadow Palette I Review and Tutorial

    When adapting a book into a film, one thing that is important is for the characters to look the way they did in the book. Harry Potter did this well.

    The casting choices for the Harry Potter movies were undeniably close to the character counterparts in the books. Each actor and actress thoroughly embodied their respective characters and brought them to life in a magical way. However, there were some little differences between the characters in the book and their film versions that we just can’t help but point out.

    For most people who have just seen the movies, these minor details don’t really make a major difference. However, to those who have read the books, some of these details were presented as part of the character’s signature look. And Harry Potter book fans take these things very seriously. Here is a list of some of the most poignant differences between the descriptions in the book and the way that the characters were portrayed on screen. Some of this may come across as nitpicking, but we’re just here to point it out.

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    The Rules Around Underage Magic Are Explained Better In The Books

    After Dobby uses a hover charm in “Chamber of Secrets” to levitate and drop a dessert in the living room at the Dursley’s, Harry immediately receives a message reprimanding him for the use of underage magic in front of the whole family.

    This scene was left out of the film, which makes it unclear how the Dursleys know that Harry isn’t allowed to use magic outside of school in the following movie.

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    Voldemort Was Pronounced Incorrectly Throughout The Films

    HP characters with the correct eye color

    Fans of the “Harry Potter” audiobooks will know that narrator Jim Dale correctly pronounces Voldemort with a silent “t” for the first few books. In the movies, however, that “t” isn’t silent.

    Dale eventually adapted his pronunciation in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” the first new audiobook that came out after the “Sorcerer’s Stone” film, but Rowling has since confirmed that the silent “t” was right.

    This makes sense since the word Voldemort has French origins, and ending consonants are often silent in that language.

    Other names and spells like “Accio,” “LeStrange,” and “Gilderoy Lockhart” have some conflicting pronunciations between the audiobooks and film as well.

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    Ron’s Dialogue Is A Little Messy In Harry Potter And The Half

    Among some pretty dark Voldemort-related events in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Ron Weasley becomes the keeper on the Gryffindor house quidditch team. But before he can do that , Ron has to get his head in the game. In one scene he remarks to Harry, “Quidditch trials coming up. I need to practice.” At least that’s what audiences hear Ron say. On-screen, his lips utter a completely different sentence that doesn’t match up at all.

    Hermione Is Packing In Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban finds the franchise’s primary trio of Harry, Ron, and Hermione acting and looking less like children and more like teens. That means they had to update their look, largely ditching the robes and house colored-scarves in favor of mid-2000s teen fashions, like shirts with other shirts worn over them and a pink, zip-up hooded sweatshirt for Hermione. The Prisoner of Azkaban also features a lot of fast-paced, outdoor action sequences, necessitating the use of battery-powered microphone packs to capture audio. Hermione’s sweatshirt is functional, not just fashionable, as it’s meant to conceal actress Emma Watson’s mic pack … except that it doesn’t. In several shots, a bulky rectangle is clearly visible on Watson’s back.

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    Appendix: Scenes In Which Severus Snape Appears

    What follows is a complete list of the scenes in which Severus Snape appears, along with information about how he uses his eyes or about how his eyes behave or are described. An asterisk in the first column indicates that the scene has neither Snape using his eyes nor his eyes doing something on their own. The meanings of the terms used in the third column are made clear in the text of the preceding essay. The author invites comments and corrections from interested readers and can be contacted at:


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