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Spells In Harry Potter List

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Top 10 Harry Potter Spells

Trickier Harry Potter Quiz Answers. Parseltongue. The Burrow. Her brother-in-law. Petunia is Lilys sister. Badger Knockturn Alley. Ginny , Ron, Fred & George, Percy, Charlie, Bill. Gellert Grindelwald.

In-game description: Knock-back Jinx. Can be used on an opponent. Flipendo Uno is the only offensive spell in the game which does not cost any MP. It is, of course, also the weakest spell in the game. This spell will see the most use early on, since you don’t have much MP and most enemies can be dispatched with only two casts of it anyway.

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Stupefy Is Simple Effective And Extremely Popular

Stupefy, or the Stunning Charm, is one of the most commonly employed offensive spells in the Wizarding World. As Harry explains, Stupefy is “sort of a wizard’s bread and butter.” This spell effectively knocks its target unconscious without leaving any serious injuries, except those that may have been caused by the target keeling over.

The Stunning Charm doesn’t really work on magically enhanced creatures, like giants, trolls, and dragons, but humans are particularly susceptible. Stupefy’s effects can be easily countered by Rennervate, or the Reviving Spell, which reverts the target’s consciousness state. It can also be blocked by a carefully timed Shield Charm.

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Type: Charm Pronunciation: Ah-bare-toh Description: A spell used to open doors. :Type: Charm Description: Prevents people above or below a certain age from access to a target. Seen/Mentioned: Used by Albus Dumbledore to stop underage students from entering their names into the Goblet of Fire. When Fred and George Weasley attempted to circumvent it with.

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Diagon Alley Harry Potter Spells Locations

#1 Location: Pilliwinkles Playthings Spell: Tarantallegra The dancing feet spell causes trolls to dance in Pilliwinkles window

#2 Location: Flimflams Lanterns Spell: Incendio This spell lights the lanterns at Flimflams Lanterns.

#3 Location: Umbrella Sign Spell: Metelojinx Make it rain!

#4 Location: Magical Menagerie Spell: Silencio Causes a creature to stop chirping.

#5 Location: Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment Spell: Dark Detectors This ones really kind of boring. Wave your wand a bit and eyes open up in the window. Maybe.

#6 Location: Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment Spell: Specialis Revelio This one is pretty cool. It reveals an archer on a star map. He fires an arrow and his dog retrieves it.

#7 Location: Scribbulus Spell: Wingardium Leviosa Levitates a quill above a parchment.

#8 Location: Bowman E. Wright Blacksmith Spell: Reparo Repairs a suit of armor.

#9 Location: Bowman E. Wright Blacksmith Spell: Locomotor Bellows Works a bellows to stock the blacksmiths fire.

#10 Location: Mermaid Fountain Spell: Aquamenti Creates a stream of water from the fountain. The fun part? Where is the water going to hit??

#11 Location: Weasleys Wizard Wheezes Spell: Descendo Flushes a plunger down a toilet!

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Harry Potter List Of Spells 1

Template:Overly detailed Template:Pp-semi-vandalism Spells in Harry Potter occur in the fictional wizarding world of the series of books by author J. K. Rowling. Magic spells are used by many of the characters to achieve useful effects without the benefit of modern technology. The main depiction of a “spell” in the Harry Potter books consists of a gesture.

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Harry Potter Spell List Starts With C

  • Caterwauling Charm: causes a loud, high-pitched screaming noise when encountered or run across.
  • Cheering Charm: causes the person upon whom the spell has been cast to become happy, pleasing, and fully satisfied.
  • Colloportus: The spell helps in locking the door and the door will not open with magical means as well.
  • Confringo: Blasting Charm The spell causes items to come in contact and to burst into flames
  • Confundo: Confundus Charm causes the victim to become confused and disoriented at its way.
  • Crucio: causes the victim extreme pain one of three Unforgivable Curses banned by the Ministry of Magic

Make Target Object Extremely Hard & Durable

Duro is another spell that came straight out of Miranda Goshawk’s Book of Spells. The incantation makes its target turn into stone. Goshawk states in her book that this spell is usually used by students looking to prank their friends by turning something like a “pumpkin pasty” into stone right before they take a bite of it.

The Hardening Charm’s first appearance was in The Deathly Hallows when Hermione used it during the Battle of Hogwarts. A couple of Death Eaters who were chasing her, Ron, and Harry through the castle were wounded by running right into a tapestry that she turned to stone.

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Knock Target Unconscious & Stop Moving Object

Stupefy is arguably the most prevalent offensive spell in Harry Potter, appearing far more often than most others in the same category. In addition to rendering people unconscious, the Stunning Spell impedes objects in motion and forces them to halt.

Although Stupefy knocks its victims out cold, it doesn’t result in long-term injuries, making it a safe choice for schoolyard duels. That being said, the risks of the Stunning Spell are magnified when multiple attacks are cast concurrently. Thankfully, Rennervate or the Reviving Spell exists to counter the potentially harmful aspects of Stupefy.

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5 Spells SO EVIL Even Dark Wizards FEAR Them – Harry Potter Explained

May 29, 2014 – Ever since my 3rd grader finished reading all 7 Harry Potter books, I have been hearing Avada Kedavra, Crucio and Expecto Patronum at my house non stop! He even taught his younger brother all the famous spells and their favorite activity has become reenacting fight scenes from the books. The only problem they didn’t have the wands. Spells are learnt after accomplishing lessons or bought from Wiseacre’s Wizarding Supplies and can be used at any time.

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The Most Famous Spell From Harry Potter

In this case, the leading position is definitely shared by two manifestations of witchcraft spells. In fact, the entire “Potteriana” is built on this confrontation.

You don’t even have to be a fan of the teenage wizard novel series to instantly think of a Harry Potter spell like Avada Kedavra, which the dark side has been trying to reduce the number of goodies in every now and then. It was these charms that led to the death of the parents of the young wizard in due time.

Nevertheless, he was always and in everything opposed by another spell from Harry Potter – the famous word “Expelliarmus”, which the protagonist loved so much and saved his life more than once. Perhaps it is these spells that are most associated in the minds of fans of the “Potter” with “the boy who survived.”

What Are Spells From Harry Potter

All spells from Harry’s world can be divided into nine types. This is combat enchantment, protection magic, levitation enchantment, healing enchantment, occlumency, that is, direct interaction with it, counter spells– those that stop other spells, with color spells like “Lumos” and economic magic– used in everyday life. The last type of enchantment, the so-called concretized magic, represents those spells that require or use additional conditions when they are cast. They are the rarest.

The spells from the world of Harry Potter are extremely numerous, there are at least several hundred of them. Some were mentioned only in books, while others were mentioned only in films, while others were mentioned in additional sources that were published after the release of all books and films. And even more were invented by fans in an attempt to expand their beloved universe. But the common quality of all spells is their need for a conductor – a wand. The most powerful and gifted wizards like Dumbledore could use spells without a wand, but for the vast majority of wizards, this remains impossible.

Magic, first of all, requires concentration, long years of hard work. Although in his youth, Severus Snape came up with several unique spells, demonstrating his talent. Harry Potter spells and their meanings are extremely varied, and below you will find the main types of spells used in the world created by JK Rowling.

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Expecto Patronum Summons A Powerful Protector

The Patronus Charm is an incredibly difficult spell to master. Expecto Patronum is a spell used to dispel Dementors and Lethifolds. It is powered by joyous memories, as happiness is the best weapon against these dark creatures. Harry develops a particular affinity for the Patronus Charm, earning praise from his O.W.L. examiners and an Outstanding Achievement in his DADA course.

It is said that dark wizards cannot cast this spell, and merely making the attempt would cause them to be eaten by maggots. The spell can also be used to convey messages. The only Death Eater capable of casting the Patronus Charm is Severus Snape.

Harry Potter Spell List Starts With L

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  • Levicorpus: a nonverbal spell that causes the victim to hang upside down by his or her ankles. The victims head down and feet up.
  • Liberacorpus: the nonverbal countercurse to Levicorpus.
  • Locomotor: causes an object to rise above and move when the caster commands.
  • Lumos: projects a beam/flash of light from the casters wand.

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Block & Deflect An Attack Magical Or Otherwise

Protego is an excellent combat spell, maybe even the best defensive technique available, given that it’s the base for at least four overpowered Shield Charms. The barrier spawned by Protego is imperceptible but strong enough to block, deflect, and parry most attacks thrown in its direction magic or otherwise.

While the Shield Charm is impervious to ordinary forms of magic, it fails miserably before the Unforgivable Curses. Nevertheless, Protego’s benefits outweigh its drawbacks by a huge margin.

Avada Kedavra Is The Ultimate Unforgivable Curse

The most sinister of the Unforgivables is Avada Kedavra the Killing Curse an incredibly powerful spell and a favorite of Lord Voldemort’s. Nobody knows exactly how this curse works, suffice it to say that it ends life in an instant.

The Killing Curse is impossible to block with any kind of shield charm, though it can be dodged or stopped through the use of physical barriers. The only definitive counter to Avada Kedavra is the power of love, as demonstrated by Lily Potter’s sacrifice to save her son. Dumbledore outright refuses to use the Killing Curse under any circumstances, while Death Eaters cast it without the slightest hint of remorse.

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Harry Potter Spells Guide In The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Are you ready to make some Harry Potter spells? One of our favorite parts of visiting Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the interactive wand spell locations. My kids love this part of the experience. You become a wizard!

You can purchase an interactive wand to perform Harry Potter spells from numerous locations throughout Universal Orlando Resort, including CityWalk and Universal Orlando Hotels.

Inside the interactive wand box, you will get a map of all of the wand spots. We wanted to take it a step further and create a Harry Potter Spells Guide to help you navigate these spell locations.

Repair Almost Any Broken Object

OP Harry Potter Spells

Reparo is a universally valued charm in that it finds applications in every single sphere of wizarding life. As long as complex magic isn’t involved, any broken object can be instantly repaired by the Mending Charm.

There is no clear limit on the type of material that Reparo can work on, including wood, metal, glass, cloth, ceramic, and several others. The Mending Charm is obviously not meant for living creatures and might produce extreme reactions if used on living skin. Reparo is the last spell the Elder Wand casts to fix Harry’s broken wand.

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List Of Spells In Harry Potter

This is an archive of the Wikipedia article from 2007. For an archive of the article from June 2017, shortly before it was deleted, see here.

In the magical world of the Harry Potter series of fictional novels by J. K. Rowling, many things are accomplished through the use of magical spells by the characters. A more general discussion of spells and similar magic in the world of J. K. Rowling can be found in the article Magic .

This article is about spells that are specifically mentioned and/or demonstrated in the or other writings of J. K. Rowling, as opposed to spells that appear only in the movies or games.

Harry Potter Spells That Debuted Infantastic Beasts

With November 2016s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and November 2018s Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, J.K. Rowling came up with several new spells that should be considered canon. Here are the new spells we pulled from her screenplays, which were released concurrently with the movies.

Appare Vestigium: Tracking spell that materializes as a swirl of gold and shows traces of recent magical activity. Used by Newt to track beasts and Tina.

Avenseguim: Takes an object owned by someone and turns it into a way to track that person down. Newt used the spell on the feather from Kamas cap to find him.

Finite: A spell to counter Protego Diabolica. Used by Flamel and friends. Weve seen this one before, but not in this way.

Nebulus: Creates a swirling fog. Used by Dumbledore to stay under cover, descends over London.

Protego Diabolica: Creates a protective circle those who are truly on Grindelwalds side can walk through the flame. Notably, Rowling describes the flame twice as a black fire, but in the movie its blue.

Surgito: Removes a love enchantment spell. Used by Newt on Jacob to remove Queenies enchantment.

Papyrus Reparo: Repairs a torn up postcard.

Ventus: A spell to create a hurricane-force wind, used by Newt to repel the Auror Stebbins.

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Magical Language In Harry Potter

Spell incantations are drawn from words and phrases used in several languages, particularly Latin. While author J.K. Rowling studied Classics and the French language in Paris, she is not a linguist her aim was primarily to tell a good story, and not to create a consistent linguistic system. Thus various “magical terms” used in the books may not be entirely consistent most spells resemble Latin words of appropriate meaning, but are not exactly Latin themselves.

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OUR ENGLISH CLASS: Harry Potter spells

The Complete List of all Spells used in the Harry Potter Series 3 Cheering Charm Causes the person upon whom the spell was cast to become happy and contented though heavyhandedness with the spell may cause the person to break into an uncontrollable laughing fit. -All Harry Potter spells found at. 48 best harry potter spell book images harry potter. All HarryPotterspells: A – L. Chapter 1. All of the spells below have been mentioned in either the book or film series. At the end of the list, you’ll find newer spells that’ve only appeared in the Fantastic Beasts film series. – Aberto: unlocks a door first seen in Fantastic Beasts . An inferius is a corpse controlled through a dark wizard’s spells. An inferius is not alive, but a dead body that has been bewitched into acting like a puppet for the witch or wizard this manifests as a white mist in the controlled corpses eyes. They do not think for themselves: They are created to perform a specific duty assigned by the dark wizard who commands them,.

A subtle message that keeps arising in the Harry Potter books is, there is no difference between black and white magic – all magic is good as long as you do it for good things. Well, the Bible and the Church call bluff on this because both indicate that all forms of magic are demonic .

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During Magical Encounters, Harry and his friends must use spells to defeat their opponents. There’s a total of 10 spells, of which 6 have three spell levels , 1 with two , and three with one. Each spell can be obtained on a different way. The spell is used a lot by the Ministry of Magic as they try to keep the magical world a secret from Muggles. As the name suggests, it obliviates memories from someone’s mind. Protego This is also known as a shield charm. The caster is protected by an invisible shield that blocks and reflects spells.

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The Gubraithian Fire Charm Produces Eternal Flames

Fire magic is extremely commonplace in Harry Potter. Spells that produce or manipulate flames include Incendio, Confringo, and the Cold Fire Charm. In The Order of the Phoenix, Hermione mentions a spell known as Gubraithian Fire, a supposedly everlasting flame that will continue to burn under any circumstances, even underwater.

Dumbledore charms a tree branch with this spell, hoping that this gift would sway the loyalty of the Giants, but the Order’s plans go awry when the Gurg is killed and supplanted. The term is likely derived from the Gaelic “gu bràth,” meaning “eternal.” According to Hagrid, very few magic-users are capable of casting this spell.

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