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Online Harry Potter Escape Room

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Digital Harry Potter Themed Virtual Escape Room

Hogwarts Digital Escape Room | Anything but Maths!

Lets visit this super awesome entertainment, the Harry Potter Themed Virtual Escape Room which is completely free!

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This escape room was created by staff at the Peters Township Public Library in McMurray, PA. and you can complete it by yourself or with your family!

Instruct Players How To Open Unfamiliar Locks Before The Game Starts

There were two types of locks in my escape room that the players had never seen before. One was called a push button lock, which had buttons labeled with numbers that needed to be pushed in for the lock to work, but the order didnt matter. The other was a number combination lock, but it had a button to press once you entered the combination to make the lock open.

Unfortunately, for the first two games, I didnt think to tell players about these locks before the game started. Instead I had to give some hasty instructions during the game once the players found the lock, afraid that they would get the right combination but not know how to work the lock and get frustrated. This felt out of place. It interrupted the flow of the game and made the experience feel less real.

The other times I ran the game, I had pictures of the same type of locks in the room that I showed the players before they went in. They werent the exact locks in the room, but they were similar enough that I could explain how the locks worked before the game started, which worked perfectly.

Reasons To Book Our Harry Potter Virtual Escape Room:

  • Duration: 45 60 minutes
  • Hosted via Zoom
  • Collaborative team challenge

Immerse your team into the magical world of Harry Potter with our highly interactive Harry Potter Escape Room. This is a fantastic virtual team building activity that is being booked up daily by corporate clients and companies.

Explore Hogwarts with your virtual team as you try to work out a way to distract the infamous school ghost, Nearly Headless Nick, as he is blocking the entrance to the annual Halloween party.

As this Harry Potter escape room online experience is Halloween themed, it makes for the perfect virtual entertainment for virtual and live Halloween themed events.

This escape room online game is an excellent option if youre looking for a short, fun but effective online team building activity. Your remote team will be able to use multiple key workplace skills. These include communication and listening, exercising collaborative thinking and working as a team to successfully complete this virtual escape room.

Scroll down to read more about our Harry Potter Escape Room.

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The Truth About Edith By Mad Genius Escape Co

Mad Genius Escape Co. originates in Oregon but wanted to keep the mysterious fun going by writing an epic crazy cat lady story that will have you wanting to explore her apartment in no time. The Truth About Edith is great for smaller groups and is a super easy set-up.

They also just introduced a virtual puzzle game, Boobano Farm for larger groups that is fun and quirky.

Check-out The Truth About Edith here by Mad Genius Escape Co.

Escape: The Midnight Express By Escape The Crate

Harry Potter Escape Room

This no-fuss and easy set-up online escape room are great for groups looking for a fun, free way to escape into a different time to solve the greatest train mystery of the century.

All you will need is some pen and paper, and the clues given to you, the team that gets off the train first are the great survivors.

Check-out Escape: The Midnight Express here.

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People Still Have Fun

I was worried when some groups played that they would have a bad time, because of various reasons . But when everyone got out of the room, they all said what a great time they had and how much fun it was.

Ive seen this in other escape rooms Ive hosted, too. I feel like I keep chasing that one room where everything goes perfectly, but it rarely does. But even when its not perfect, more often than not, people have fun and make memories, and thats what matters.

The Crimson Room: Free Crazygamescom

Best: For retro gaming style

This Japanese game is retro in style but the premise is simple: youve woken up drunk, locked in someone elses bedroom and you need to get out before the timer is up. Its free to play and involves clicking around for hidden objects and clues to help you escape. Its a good one to play on your own if you want to kill some time.

Best: Immersive experience

Escape Rooms Durham took its game online during the pandemic. Theyve since reopened their doors, but you can still dive into their virtual escape room.

Users are tasked with finding the identity of a mysterious Mr X, a dangerous agent dropping clues in your path. It recommends using all the resources on the internet at your disposable, from Twitter, Youtube, Google Maps and local websites in your hunt for answers and will take you between 45 minutes and two hours to complete.

If you need an extra helping hand, its encouraging you can email the team behind the game or talk to the . Its free to play and is easy to involve a team or play on your own if you prefer.

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If Youre Hosting A Room More Than Once Keep In Mind How Much Setup The Game Will Take

I ended up running the room five times, and for almost everything, the setup was pretty easy. I had to rinse and refill the Insight Potion and put a few things back, but by far the hardest part to set up was the potion puzzle. Since I hosted the five games on four separate days, many of the potion ingredients had to be thrown out and then added again the next time the game was played . By the last few rounds of the game, I decided not to throw them out but just store them in the fridge. Kind of fun because it left our fridge looking like this for a day.

A Very Potter Escape Room

Harry Potter – Escape Room

Location: St. Paul, MN, USA

A Very Potter Escape Room comes with a pretty interesting story. A new regime has taken over the world-famous school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and things aren’t going well. Your job is to find the Elder Wand in the Headmasters office before time expires.

The room’s website doesn’t list any difficulty information on this one.

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Virtual Harry Potter Escape Room Lets You Visit Hogwarts From Your Couch

I am so excited about this free Harry Potter Escape Room. It is a virtual escape room online which means that no matter where you are in the world, you can visit the Hogwarts Escape Room online. Harry Potter fans of all ages can work together to visit and conquer the Harry Potter escape room.

Wildly Different Escape Rooms

Participants play Wildly Differents escape rooms through an app. One of the perks to this digital escape room experience is that the company that designs the adventures can custom build a challenge just for your crew. Gamemakers can tailor questions and clues to fit your industry or your brand to create a relevant training, video conference games, and team bonding experience all-in-one.

Learn more: Wildly Different Escape Rooms

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Puzzle 8 Solving A Riddle

At this point in the game, I needed a way to give the kids some information , but I didnt want to just tell them the combination out loud. I tried to keep myself as removed from the game as possible I was only there to give hints. So I planned to use our HomePod Mini and wirelessly play the combination over the speaker during the game, once the players mixed the potion correctly and drank it.

To do this, I needed to find something to cover the HomePod and disguise it . I went back and forth on this, searching for the perfect thing and feeling like I just couldnt find it. I envisioned something kind of see-through so you could see light shining underneath . But it couldnt be completely see-through. I was thinking at first of coming up with some metal frame and lining the inside with tissue paper.

It took a while, and I wasnt completely satisfied with the result, but I ended up using the glass cover to a ceiling light fixture I had taken out of another room a while ago. It was big enough to cover the HomePod and some color-changing LED lights. The only problem was the hole in the top of the glass dome, so I used a cheap glass cup coated with mod podge on the inside to make it not transparent, but still able to show light.

The spell book explained what to do with the Glowing Talisman: it holds the answers to all questions, and if you drink the right potion and say the right spell, it will give you the knowledge you seek.

This Harry Potter Themed Escape Room In South Carolina Is As Amazing As It Sounds

Harry Potter: ecco l

Want to follow the clues in the Harry Troter room to chance your skills at finding a way out before time runs out? Itll cost you just $18, plus tax. The room has recently been downgraded to a skill level suitable for persons as young as 8 to 15 years of age. Special pricing is available for groups and birthday parties. Reservations are required in advance in order to play. See the official website for full details. Have you escaped the Harry Troter Room at Spartanburgs Escape Room Adventures & Virtual Reality? Wed love to hear about it!

For even more things to do in Spartanburg, check out one of the many thrift stores , and make it a point to head over to The Flounder for the freshest seafood around!


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Puzzle 6 A Secret Code

The last blank was the last potion ingredient, which I called alpaca fluff.

This was probably the hardest puzzle for the first two groups, and they needed help from me to solve it, but not because it was difficult. It was more due to the puzzle design.

To make the puzzle, I found a cool font of mage-script-looking characters and switched the letters for symbols. I printed the translated-into-symbols text and hid it in the room.

Perhaps I hid it a little too well I taped it inside the rim of this box.

It did take a lot of searching. For some groups, after lots of searching it made for a fun little a-ha moment when the players finally found it. Other groups needed a hint. I also learned that leaving the box empty made it easier.

I wanted the decoder to this text to be something different and physical, so I got six strings and attached an English letter to one end and its corresponding symbol to the other. Then I put them all in a chest. The kids just needed to separate the strings to see which letter went with which symbol.

Unfortunately, the strings were a huge mess and took forever to untangle. Maybe I just made them too long. When I did the room for my husband and daughter, I intentionally jumbled them up a little before putting them in the chest. But when my husband found them, they had magically worked themselves into such an awful tangle, I sat on the floor and worked on it while they continued solving the room. It took forever to separate it out.

What Are Virtual Escape Rooms

Virtual escape rooms are online team puzzle-solving experiences. The most common versions of gameplay happen through a Google Form or a video livestream. The purpose of these experiences is to challenge participants, and build communication and collaboration skills. These activities are also known as online escape rooms and digital escape rooms, and may also be a Zoom escape room.

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Make Sure Players Cant Cheat

The most disappointing moment in hosting the room came when one group played, and they realized that with patience, they could slowly cut through the cable tie on the bottle even with the scissors locked shut. This was at the beginning of the game, and I quietly let them work on it for a while, thinking they wouldnt be able to open it and would eventually move on to the actual game, but when I saw that they were about to open it, I stepped in and said no not allowed. That didnt feel super cool to have to do , but I didnt want them to miss the whole game! I dont think they would have wanted to, either. But I should have been smarter in my game design and made sure there was no way the players could have cheated .

Luco Online Escape Rooms

“Harry Potter” Escape Room 2019!

The Luco Online Escape Rooms are perfect for smaller teams and have 3 great adrenaline-pumping storylines to choose from. All their virtual escape rooms are uniquely illustrated to create the best escape experience for your next event.

Wanting to experience mythological creatures and hunt down monsters, try-out their Monster Hunters Academy.

Check-out Luco Online Escape Rooms here.

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The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln

The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln combines the challenge of an online escape room with the fun of a choose your own adventure story. You could choose one of two scenarios to craft your own experience. Because the path differs, you and the crew can play several times. This free virtual escape room draws inspiration from history, yet entertains with a modern sense of humor by using screenshots of text messages and other anachronistic visual aids.

Learn more: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Romeo And Juliet Escape Room

A hopeless romantic, this Romeo and Juliet free online escape room will have you solving puzzles to bring Romeo and Juliet together. The Capulets will take you through the wringer and add complex mind games that will have your team working as fast as possible to get the lover birds together again.

Check-out Romeo and Juliet Escape Room here.

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How I Set Up The Escape Room

I kept the entire thing a surprise from everyone, including my husband. But after dinner I asked him to keep the boys upstairs for a little bit while I set things up.

After everything was in place, I called them downstairs and told them that I had very bad news. Peter Pettigrew , had poisoned our dinner and they were all going to die. However, the potions master, Severus Snape, had prepared an antidote, but they only had one hour to find and take the antidote in order to survive, and there were clues around the house to lead them to the antidote.

We set a timer for 60 minutes, and then I gave them a large envelope with their first clue.

Clue #1:

  • The first clue was four black witches hats that each had 1-2 letters printed on them. You can print them out HERE. I had cut out each of these hats and taped them to a wooden skewer so you could hold them up like a prop. It took them a while, but finally they figured out that the letters were backward. Once they each held one and stood in front of the mirror, they were able to unscramble the letters and see that it spelled out C-H-A-M-B-E-R.
  • They thought about Chamber, trying to decide if chamber meant a room or a space, but after a few hints from me, they realized it had something to do with book #2, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. They ran to the bookshelf, opened the book, and out fell clue #2.

Clue #2:

Clue #3:

Clue #4:

Clue #5:

Clue #6:

Clue #7:

Clue #8:

Clue #9:

Puzzle 2 Searching Through A Cauldron For A Lock And Combination

Escape Room

The second blank was another word to a spell the kids needed to say out loud. For this word, I folded up a piece of cardstock multiple times and drilled a hole in it. Then I unfolded the paper and wrote the word on it. Then I re-folded the paper and locked a combination lock on it. Because the paper was folded so many times, it was impossible to read the word without opening the lock. It was pretty impossible to even tear the paper because it was so thick.

Handy tip:Locking paper, especially cardstock, is a good inexpensive option if you dont have a box or container you can lock easily.

I wasnt quite sure what to do with this lock at first. My idea was to have the kids search through something like beans or rice. I thought it would be a fun tactile experience. I had a cauldron from our Halloween decorations which I thought would make a good container. I just needed to find something to fill the cauldron. I thought about beans, shredded paper I couldnt really find something good, not too messy, and inexpensive until I was cleaning up a craft my kids had just done. We made diorama-type boxes with animals and rocks and fake plants and all sorts of nature items. I ended up just dumping them all in the cauldron, and I think it actually worked pretty well. I hid the lock at the bottom, so the kids had to search through the moss, leaves, and rocks until they found it.

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