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How Old Was Harry Potter In The First Movie

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Lord Voldemort Ralph Fiennes


Ralph Fiennes was a very established actor before the Harry Potter films, so naturally, that has continued since the series wrapped. Lets be honest, its not like his nearly unrecognizable appearance as Lord Voldemort was going to increase his cred among the youth. When hes not starring in Wes Anderson films and Bond movies, hes kept up his Voldy chops by voicing the character for the Wizarding World rides, including Escape from Gringotts.

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Is It Any Good

The start to the Harry Potter film series is filled with visual splendor, valiant heroes, spectacular special effects, and irresistible characters. It’s only fair to say that it’s truly magical. The settings manage to be sensationally imaginative and yet at the same time so clearly believable and lived-in that you’ll think you could find them yourself, if you could just get to Platform 9 3/4. The adult actors are simply and completely perfect. Richard Harris turns in his all-time best performance as headmaster Albus Dumbledore, Maggie Smith brings just the right tone of dry asperity to Professor McGonagall, and Robbie Coltrane is a half-giant with a heart to match as Hagrid. Alan Rickman provides shivers as potions master Professor Snape, and the brief glimpse of will make you glad you’ll be seeing more of her in future movies. The kids are all just fine, though mostly just called upon to look either astonished or resolute.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is a terrific book and a terrific movie. Every family should enjoy them both.

Every Harry Potter In Order

While the story of Harry Potterhas ended, it seems like the end is nowhere in sight yet for The Wizarding World. Let’s look at every movie so far.

The Harry Potter franchise is one of the most successful young adult movie franchises in history. Through its 10 movies so far, the series has brought in over $9 billion in its worldwide box office. It is also still going strong as the prequel series Fantastic Beasts still has a lot of its story to tell.

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The story of the Boy Wizard started in books, and those novels have sold millions of copies as well, making it one of the best crossover hits in cinema history. While the flagship series has ended, it seems like the end is nowhere in sight yet for The Wizarding World. Here is a look at every Harry Potter movie in chronological order.

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Argus Filch David Bradley

David Bradley is another veteran actor who has the honor of having been in all but one Harry Potter film, the first Deathly Hallows. Hes been in many big name projects including The Strain, Doctor Who, Broadchurch, and playing one of the most hated characters in Game of Thrones. Most recently he played Ricky Gervais dad in After Life on Netflix, and hes set to voice Geppetto in Guillermo Del Toros Pinocchio.

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20 Pics Of The Harry Potter Cast That Give Us Major Nostalgia

Worldwide box office: $878.75 million

NEW YORK JULY 09: Actors Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint attend the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince premiere at Ziegfeld Theatre on July 9, 2009 in New York City.


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Budget: $250. million

Domestic box office: $302.09 million

Worldwide box office: $934.76 million

Im a little biased as they say, because this sixth film is based on one of my favorite books in the series, and yet seems to omit the very things that make the book pop. We get almost no origins of Voldemort material and very little in terms of Snapes backstory, instead saving that for one long montage in the final picture. Moreover, and this is not necessarily a criticism (because it works for this adaptation, but the film painfully telegraphs what in the book was a jaw-dropping plot twist. Even with an overindulgence in hormonal hijinks, this one still works as a visual differentiation while Tom Feltons Malfoy shines as a young man tortured by the implications of actually doing evil as opposed to merely being evil.

Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint


Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

Budget: $125 million

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Vincent Crabbe Jamie Waylett

Wayletts only acting roles were in the Harry Potter. He does not, however, get to boast having been in every Potter film, as his time was cut just short and he did not appear in either Deathly Hallows film. In 2009, Waylett was charged with possession of cannabis, and was sentenced to 120 hours of community service. Most recently he was arrested for participation in the 2011 England riots, and was sentenced to two years in prison.

Harry Potter: Coming Of Age

In many ways, Harry Potter is a coming of age story. At eleven years old, Harry embarks on a journey that will take seven years, officially taking up his teenage years. Harry, Ron, and Hermione grow up throughout the story, allowing them to feel like well-rounded people that fans really get to know.

The trio takes on more than what someone at their age should be worried about the worlds dangers are a prominent factor in their development. That doesnt take away from the more well-known attributes of growing up, though, as aspects such as jealousy, sports, and crushes all play a role throughout their Hogwarts years.

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Smith Is One Of The Most Famous Tv Actresses Of The Decade

After “Harry Potter,” Smith appeared in films like “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” and “The Lady in the Van” . She also reprised her voice role in “Sherlock Gnomes” .

Her most notable role, though, is as Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham on “Downton Abbey,” which ran for six seasons from 2010 to 2015. She also reprised the role in the 2019 “Downton Abbey” movie.

The actress also found success on the stage, most recently starring in the West End production of “A German Life” in 2019.

Smith is currently working on the upcoming holiday film “A Boy Called Christmas.”

Professor Trelawney Emma Thompson

Harry Potter Actors Saying Their First And Last Lines

After her final appearance as Trelawney in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Emma Thompson has had steady work in the film industry. Shes had plenty of acting roles like two Men in Black films, Beautiful Creatures , voice acting roles in Brave and Dolittle, as well as writing credits for Bridget Joness Baby and Last Christmas. She also starred in Beauty and the Beast with fellow Harry Potter actress Emma Watson.

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Wright Is Now An Actor Director And Environmental Activist

Wright went on to appear in and direct a few short films after the “Harry Potter” series ended.

She also appeared in “After the Dark” , “Before I Sleep” , and a 2018 retelling of “A Christmas Carol.”

Her other accomplishments include being named Star Baker on “The Great Sport Relief Bake Off” , being an ambassador for Lumos alongside Lynch, and working as an activist with Greenpeace to end plastic pollution.

Thewlis Has Had A Busy Career Since Harry Potter

In 2012, he starred in Wright’s short film “Separate We Come, Separate We Go” which premiered at Cannes.

Other notable film credits include “RED 2” , “The Theory of Everything” , “Macbeth” , “Anomalisa” , “Wonder Woman” , and “Justice League” .

Thewlis also voices the Shame Wizard on the animated Netflix series “Big Mouth” and recently had a recurring role on National Geographic’s “Barkskins.”

The actor recently appeared in “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” and “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” , and he’s slated to appear in “Avatar 3.”

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Emma Watsons Crush On Harry Potter Co

Young girls always tend to fall for the bad boys. While other girls her age gushed over schoolyard crushes, Emma Watson had a crush on a co-star while filming the Harry Potter franchise. Between the ages of 10 and 12, I had a really terrible crush on Tom Felton, she told The Jonathan Ross Show. Felton played the role of Draco Malfoy, the bad boy in the series. He was a few years older, and he had a skateboard, and that just did it really, she explained.

In 2018, when Access Hollywood asked Felton how he felt hearing news of Watsons crush, he was flattered. Eventually we became good friends, and we can laugh about it now, he said.

Fast-forward to August 2019, and romance rumors began swirling around online after Felton posted a photo of himself and Watson looking cozy on . Watson has made it clear that she has always wanted her personal life kept out of the spotlight, so there have been no comments made regarding their romance. It sounds like the world may never know just where these young stars stand!

Harry Potter And The Half

What Is

This is the sixth movie and is also when the series takes a bit of a darker turn, but not too much as its still focused on as a childrens story.

It involves the mystery of the half-blood princes identity and morality.

Without spoiling any of the details, theres quite a lot of alchemy in this one.

In this installment, Harry is sixteen years old going on seventeen years old.

Just about all high school students are juniors at this age, looking to where theyll go next as far as college and career are concerned.

In England, some people actually go to university at this age.

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Mcu: Has The Ability To Continue For Years

Some of the original Avengers may be gone, but the MCU has the ability to continue for a long time. Constantly adding new characters, the MCU has explored New York City, Wakanda, Asgard, and much more. With so many outlets and characters to take from the Marvel comics, the MCU has enough content to go for as long as it wants.

Many characters have been newly added to the franchise and have only appeared in a few movies, meaning there is a chance to expand their characters and stories beyond what they have already done. Disney+ has already started that with Wandavision and Falcon and the Winter Solider.

Daniel Radcliffe Made Nearly $100 Million From The Harry Potter Movies

In 2016, CBS reported that Daniel Radcliffe made $95.6 million from the eight “Harry Potter” movies.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the British actor earned $1 million for the first film, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” $3 million for the second, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” and $6 million for the third, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.” After the huge success of these first three films made it apparent that a bona fide franchise had been born, Radcliffe saw a boost to his salary.

For the next two films, “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” and “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” Radcliffe earned $14 million apiece. He then earned $24 million for “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” The studio opted to split the last book, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” into two movies, for which the actor took home about $50 million in total.

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Talk To Your Kids About

  • Families can talk about the Harry Potter book series that inspired Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and the other movies. Do you like the books or movies better?

  • Which themes from the first in the series pop up again in later installments?

  • What do you think about Harry and his friends going away to school? Would you ever want to do something like that?

  • How do Harry and his friends demonstrate teamwork, perseverance, and courage in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone? Why are these important character strengths?

  • In theaters: November 16, 2001
  • On DVD or streaming: May 28, 2002
  • Cast:
  • MPAA explanation: some scary moments and mild language
  • : September 4, 2020

The Phelps Brothers Have Acted Together On Other Occasions

Harry Potter Actors Recall Their Very First Filming Day | OSSA Movies

After “Harry Potter” wrapped, the twins continued to act in films.

They both appeared in the TV movie “Danny and the Human Zoo” , and they are currently working together on the upcoming films “Last Night in Soho” and “Own Worst Enemy.”

The brothers also have a podcast called “Normal Not Normal” , on which they’ve reunited with a number of their fellow “Harry Potter” stars.

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David Bradley Took On The Role Of Argus Filch

Grouchy Hogwarts caretaker Argus Filch was played by David Bradley.

Before “Harry Potter,” Bradley was known for appearing on a number of TV miniseries including BBC Two’s “The Buddha of Suburbia” , “Our Friends in the North” , and “Our Mutual Friend” .

He also appeared on ITV’s “Reckless” , “Vanity Fair” , and BBC One’s “The Wilsons” .

In between the “Harry Potter” films, Bradley continued his work on TV, and also appeared in films, including “Nicholas Nickleby” , “Exorcist: The Beginning” , and “Hot Fuzz” .

Gary Oldman Appeared In The Harry Potter Films As Sirius Black

Azkaban prisoner, unregistered Animagus, and Harry’s godfather, Sirius Black, was played by Gary Oldman.

He also briefly appeared on two episodes of NBC’s “Friends.”

During his time as Sirius Black, Oldman worked on “Batman Begins” , “The Dark Knight” , and “The Book of Eli” . He also voiced a character in “Kung Fu Panda 2” .

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Radcliffe Has Acted Across Several Genres Since The Last Harry Potter Film

After the series ended, Radcliffe starred in the horror film “The Woman in Black” , the drama “Kill Your Darlings” , and the rom-com “What If” .

He later appeared in Judd Apatow’s “Trainwreck” as the dog walker, costarred as Igor opposite James McAvoy in “Victor Frankenstein” , and played Manny in the film “Swiss Army Man” .

The actor has also appeared on TV series like Sky Arts 1’s “A Young Doctor’s Notebook” and TBS’ “Miracle Workers.”

Outside of film, Radcliffe’s theater credits include roles in the 2011 revival of “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,” “The Cripple of Inishmaan,” and “Endgame.”

Radcliffe’s most recent credit was in the Netflix interactive special “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend” .

Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone Real

How well do you know the first

The events of Philosophers Stone take place between 1991 and 1992. Filming began on September 29, 2000, and continued until March 23, 2001. Its release was scheduled for November 4, 2001.

The main character, Harry Potter, was 11 years old during the events of the first book/movie. Since the ages of characters did not differ in the books and movies, it is safe to say how old a certain character was at what time.

However, the actors were sometimes a bit older or younger. So, for example, Daniel Radcliffe was 11 years old during the filming of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

Many influenced the young British actors from the Potter films influenced Radcliffe, maybe none more so than Gary Oldman, who played Sirius Black in many of the films, most notably the last, 2004s Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Surprisingly, Radcliffe considers the film to be the time he learned he liked acting.

He claims that his parents constantly reminded him that he was not obligated to just keep doing this.

But as he grew in confidence, Radcliffe started to see his active creativity as his most valuable quality as an actor.

Ron Weasley, Harrys best friend often seems less mature than Harry or Hermione. However, he was 11, going on 12 at the time. His actor was a bit older and was exactly a year older than his character. So, Rupert Grint was 12 at the time of filming.

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Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

In this movie, the fourth one, the main aspiring wizard enters a grand competition between three different magical schools. Instead of moving up to a different school, he stays in the same Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for another four years, or at least thats whats expected.

Secretly, he suspects a plot but doesnt quite know what will happen in the end.

This is when the main character turns fourteen going on fifteen years old, which is the age that highschool students enter freshman year in the US.

He starts to learn more about the world of spellcraft and gets into some more advanced topics.

He also develops quite a few new relationships.

Who Is Emma Watson

Emma Watson was born on April 15, 1990, in Paris, France, but raised in England. The actress got her big break as a child with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, growing up on screen as she reprised her role of Hermione Granger through the franchise’s eight films. Watson went on to enjoy success in the fashion and modeling industries, and continued to prove her abilities as an actress with roles in films like My Week with Marilyn, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Beauty and the Beast and Little Women.

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Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

The fifth-year movie is when the story really starts to get interesting.

With danger just around the corner, a team of elite wizards and witches gather to prevent a global disaster in the magical world and the normal one.

Each successive movie seems to have a deeper plot and an interesting cast of characters.

The little wizard isnt as little anymore and turns fifteen years old going onto sixteen years.

This time, his workload is much bigger, consisting of schoolwork as well as dealing with the real world.

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