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How Many Children Does Harry Potter Have

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Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Why Did Harry Potter Call His Children Like That?

In the third book, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Rowling uses a time travel premise. Harry learns that his parents were betrayed to Voldemort by their friend Peter Pettigrew, who framed Harry’s godfather Sirius Black for the crimes, condemning him to Azkaban, the wizard prison. When Sirius escapes to find Harry, Harry and Hermione use a Time Turner to save him and a hippogriff named Buckbeak. When Pettigrew escapes, an innocent Sirius becomes a hunted fugitive once again. Harry learns how to create a Patronus, which takes the form of a stag, the same as his late father’s.

Harry Potter And Ginny Weasley

Harry and Ginny have found relative domestic bliss following the trauma of their teen years. They have three children: James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna. When Harrys not busy apologizing to Albus Severus for giving him the worst name of all time, he has a busy career. Harry fulfilled his dream of becoming an Auror and eventually rose to the top of the department before heading up the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. He has also followed in his godfather Sirius footsteps, acting as a father figure to Teddy Lupin, child of the late Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks.

Ginny has enjoyed an athletic career on and off the Quidditch pitch: Immediately following the Battle of Hogwarts, she played professionally for the Holyhead Harpies. After retiring her broomstick, she became the senior Quidditch correspondent and eventual sports editor at one-time fake news outlet TheDaily Prophet.

Completion Of The Series

In December 2005, Rowling stated on her web site, “2006 will be the year when I write the final book in the Harry Potter series.” Updates then followed in her online diary chronicling the progress of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, with the release date of 21 July 2007. The book itself was finished on 11 January 2007 in the Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh, where she scrawled a message on the back of a bust of Hermes. It read: “J. K. Rowling finished writing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in this room on 11 January 2007.”

Rowling herself has stated that the last chapter of the final book was completed “in something like 1990”. In June 2006, Rowling, on an appearance on the British talk show Richard & Judy, announced that the chapter had been modified as one character “got a reprieve” and two others who previously survived the story had in fact been killed. On 28 March 2007, the cover art for the Bloomsbury Adult and Child versions and the Scholastic version were released.

In September 2012, Rowling mentioned in an interview that she might go back to make a “director’s cut” of two of the existing Harry Potter books.

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Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them: The Original Screenplay

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Draft is an official book that contains J. K. Rowlings original script for the film of the same name.

On September 1, 2016, Pottermore unveiled the final covers for the screenplays UK and US versions.

Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, the designers of MinaLima, designed the cover artwork and inner illustrations.

The book does not include Rowlings original version but has been edited to correspond with the films final theatrical cut.

As a result, it has no deleted or expanded scenes and has been revised to include ad-libbed or edited dialogue.

Gellert Grindelwald arrives at a run-down chateau and kills five Aurors.

He strides by their bodies, his gaze fixed on the night sky. In 1926, a montage of newspaper articles from around the world depicts Grindelwalds many cases of abuse.

Grindelwald is being sought all over the world. The last essay depicts the Statue of Liberty. Newt Scamander is perched on a bench on a submarine as it sails past the Statue of Liberty.

Children’s Books Are Big Business

How much of a Harry Potter fan are you?

These practical effects on the world of publishing reflect one of the most significant legacies the Harry Potter books have left money.

Dr Smith says the Harry Potter series changed people’s ideas about the monetary possibilities of children’s books.

“It radically changed the importance with which children’s books were viewed,” she says.

“People began to realise children’s publishing was actually a very serious business, that you could make more money from children’s publishing than publishing for adults.”

That includes expansion beyond the selling power of the books themselves the Harry Potter movie adaptions have found phenomenal success, becoming the second highest grossing film series of all time.

Supplied: Warner Bros.

“Harry Potter is really the pioneer of opening up how young people and readers could be consumers of film and other products as well,” Dr Smith says.

“It’s been common for popular children’s novels to be adapted into film but it took Harry Potter to show you could actually turn a book series into eight successful films and the audience would support that the whole way through.

“The profit on those films and all of those books is astronomical.”

The series has also led to a film studio tour in London which opened in 2012, the Pottermore website and its regular flow of updates and insights from Rowling, and the launch of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme parks around the world.

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Not A Peaceful Marriage

This leads me perfectly to my next point. Remember how much Harry was hounded by people after defeating Voldemort? Well, that would be going on for at least a decade. They wouldnt be able to go to the supermarket without someone asking about Voldemort.

Not to mention all the conspiracy theorists who will constantly be harassing them, claiming that Voldemort is still out there.

I dont even believe that theyd be able to drop their kids off at the Hogwarts Express in peace. That puts a lot of strain on a relationship.

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

Cursed Child and the subsequent stage play, though not part of the original seven-book series, have been widely known additions to the Harry Potter canon.

This 336-page novel takes off where the Deathly Hallows epilogue left off, with Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Malfoy sending their unfortunate-named children off to Hogwarts this time, Harrys son Albus and Malfoys son Scorpius act as our protagonists.

When the boys arrive at Hogwarts, they are all sorted into Slytherin and form an unexpected relationship, which inevitably creates friction between Albus and Harry over the course of the next few years.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child can be a little frustrating at times, thanks to the many timelines and different versions of the same characters and its somewhat far-fetched plot points and dubious continuity with Rowlings existing universe have prompted some Potter fans to criticize it.

Still, at the end of the day, its yet another piece of the elusive puzzle that weve always had so much fun piecing together: this once-in-a-lifetime reading opportunity that surpasses society and centuries.

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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald The Original Screenplay

The cover was planned to match the theme of the second film, with the Eiffel Tower portraying the films main location, Paris.

In line with the first films continuation, a Niffler and Bowtruckle emerge.

The Deathly Hallows symbol represents Gellert Grindelwald, and the significance of a locket with the letters NF, a piece of jewelry, and a skull is unknown.

The initials NF could stand for Nicolas Flamel. In the end, theres even what seems to be Grindelwalds skull-hookah.

Harry Lost His Parseltongue Ability

How and WHY Did Voldemort and Bellatrix Have a Child? – Harry Potter Theory

Throughout the seven books of the Harry Potter franchise, it was pretty well established that Harry could talk to snakes, even if he didnt have the name of it until the second book when Hermione, unsurprisingly, informed him that he could speak Parseltongue. The ability would reappear on and off throughout the series until the real reveal hit.

Harry himself didnt have the ability of Parseltongue. Rather, it was a sign that he was a vessel for Voldemorts horcrux. While it was definitely useful in ridding the world of the Dark Lord once and for all, it disappeared when Voldemorts Horcrux in Harry perished. In the years since then, Harry has lost all understanding of the language of snakes.

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Ginnys Quidditch Skills Are Shoehorned In

I like that Ginny develops an interest in Quidditch, but you cant deny that it feels a little shoved in as a reason for Harry to like her.

In book five, Ginny makes the Quidditch team after Harry is cut from it.

It turns out that she is amazing at Quidditch, apparently better than Katie Bell who has been on the team for five years! If Ginny is so good at Quidditch and loves it so much, why did she wait for her fourth year to try out? This part of her would have made more sense earlier.

They Help Raise Lupin And Tonks’ Son

If anyone could understand what Teddy Lupin went through growing up, then it would be his godfather, Harry Potter. While Teddy was primarily raised by his grandmother, Andromeda Tonks, Harry and Ginny both had an active part in his life. Unlike Neville, who was also raised by his own grandmother, Teddy always had a large extended family to spend time with.

Helping Andromeda in raising the young Metamorphagus may have prepared Harry and Ginny for raising their own children. More importantly, it gave Harry some closure in regard to his godfather, Sirius. Either way, its safe to assume that Teddy had an interesting childhood that was, most importantly, full of love.

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Harry And Dudley Maintained A Relationship:

The once-estranged cousins made amends after Dudleys admission that Harry wasnt a waste of space and remained on Christmas-card terms as they grew older. However, their relationship never blossomed into a true friendship. They would visit more out of a sense of duty and sit in silence so that their children could see their cousins, Rowling told fans during a 2007 Q& A.

Harry Wasnt Fangirl Worthy

How Well Do You Know " Harry Potter"  Family Trees?

This is just something Ive never understood about Harry Potter. I never understood why Ginny started fangirling over him in the first place! Okay, yes. Harry managed to defeat Lord Voldemort when he was a one-year-old baby, but most kids are obsessed with actors, rock stars, or dashing fictional characters. Bear in mind that Ginny becomes obsessed with Harry before she saves him from the Basilisk. Her obsessive crush is over an eleven-year-old she met in a train station one time, who had yet to do anything really great. Still not sounding healthy.

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The Golden Trio Took Over The Ministry:

Following Kingsley Shacklebolts appointment as permanent Minister for Magic, he chose Harry to be head of the Auror department. Ron became an Auror as well, while Hermione worked her way up in the Deptartment of Magical Law Enforcement.

Harry and Ron utterly revolutionized the Auror Department at the Ministry of Magic. They are now the experts. It doesnt matter how old they are or what else theyve done, Rowling told TODAY, adding that Hermiones brainpower and her knowledge of how the Dark Arts operate would really give her a sound grounding.

Content That May Disturb Children

Under 8

In addition to the violent scenes mentioned above, this movie contains some scenes that could scare or disturb children under eight. For example:

  • While a group of Death Eaters sit around a dinner table at Malfoy Manor, we hear screams in the background.
  • In several scenes, Death Eaters appear as menacing, black, smoke-like shadows that swirl their way across the sky at great speed and materialise into people.
  • Several scenes contain images of a giant snake with a very threatening appearance.
  • Voldemort is a very scary character with pale skin, a bald head and a face with snake-like qualities.
  • Younger children might be scared or disturbed by the sinister appearance of the elf Kreacher.
  • When Harry and the others travel by magic, their faces and bodies distort, becoming elongated and warped.
  • The Dementors have a threatening ghost-like appearance and are dressed in long, swirling and torn black robes. They also have long skeletal fingers.
  • An old woman transforms into a giant snake.
  • When Harry opens a Horcrux locket, a gigantic, swirling black mass erupts from it. Hundreds of large black spiders come out of the locket and crawl towards Ron.
  • Several scenes feature old witches and men with ugly disfigured or sinister faces.
  • We see an image of Dumbledores dead body lying in a tomb.
  • Harrys owl Hedwig is killed.
  • Harry talks about the death of his parents and goes to look at their graves.

From 8-13

Over 13

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Nudity And Sexual Activity

This movie contains some nudity and sexual activity. For example:

  • Ginny walks into a room wearing a dress unzipped at the back and asks Harry if he can zip her up. The pair face each other, hold each other and then kiss passionately.
  • A woman kisses Ron on the lips when she mistakes him for her husband.
  • Hermiones captor strokes the side of her face in a suggestive way.
  • A projected image of Harry and Hermione pictures them standing naked with their arms wrapped around each other and kissing passionately. The images are meant to both arouse and taunt Ron.

The Tragedy In Godrics Hollow

How Much Do You Know About Harry Potter?

According to a prophecy recited by Professor Sibyl Trelawney , Harry Potter was named as the person who would stop Lord Voldemort.

The prophecy was made in 1980 and in 1981, Lord Voldemort, the leader of the Death Eaters during the First Wizarding War, went to Godrics Hollow to murder Harry Potter, after having found out about the prophecy.

Despite being protected by his parents, James and Lily Potter, Harry soon met Lord Voldemort, as he killed his parents with ease and approached the child.

A young Harry Potter meeting Voldemort for the first time in 1981

Voldemort intended to kill Harry, but his Killing Curse backfired and he was not successful. Lord Voldemort seemingly died in this incident, while Harry was left with his famous thunder-shaped scar. The rest is history Lord Voldemort never actually died, but disappeared for a while, while was sent off to his Muggle relatives until his enrolment in Hogwarts.

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Harry Potters Popularity Completely Changed The Publishing Industry And The Effect Spilled Over To Hollywood

Here are just two of the ways Harry Potter changed publishing, and how those changes affected the rest of pop culture:

1) The books made it possible to publish long works aimed at children. Prior to Harry Potter, the accepted wisdom was that kids didnt have the attention span to read long books. And anyway, the thinking went, kids werent buying their own books. Their parents were paying for everything, and they would never be willing to pay an extra dollar or two for a longer book, with its extra printing and binding.

But after Harry Potter became an unstoppable cultural force, and it was clear that fans would keep buying thebooks no matter what, it started to expand. The last four volumes of the series are all doorstoppers that clock in at well over 700 pages each.

Publishers and childrens writers took notice. Booklist found that middle-grade novels expanded 115.5 percent between 2006 and 2016, the decade in which the Potter novels were at their longest.


The Outsiders reinvented young adult fiction. Harry Potter made it inescapable.

2) Harry Potter made childrens literature an unstoppable force. Before Harry Potter, childrens literature was often considered an afterthought. Sales were falling. Children, analysts would say wistfully, just werent reading anymore.

How Many Pages Are In The Harry Potter Books Read This Opinion

Harry Potter will forever remain one of the worlds best fantasy novels for years. The storyline, plots and characters used all made it more exiting.

However, the Harry Potter novel is cumbersome, as was the movie itself. So, if you have plans to read the entire book, theres nothing wrong in knowing the number of pages the whole novel has.

Now heres the all-important question.

How Many Pages Are In The Harry Potter Books?

First and foremost, understand that Harry Potter books come in various editions. So the total pages would depend on the edition you have at hand.

In the U.K. edition, the total pages are 3,407 while in the U.S. edition the total pages are 4100. The various titles include Sorcerers Stone, Chambers Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, and Order of The Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince, and Deathly Hallows.

Keep reading for more information on this subject.

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James And Oliver Phelps

James and Oliver Phelps had never acted in films before Harry Potter but they really loved the books about the kid wizard which is why their mom took them to the audition right after she heard about it. The twins had to pass 6 audition stages before they finally got the roles. Today, they act in movies , play golf, and do charity.

Early On The Books Were Extremely Controversial And In Many Ways They Still Are

How many children does Harry Potter have?

Part of what made Harry Potter such a literary phenomenon is that so many kids were reading the books despite an unprecedented number of attempts to get them to stop reading the books.

The Harry Potter series, like many works of fantasy, involves wizardry and witchcraft. The feeling that the books thus promoted the occult proved to be the basis for constant challenges to the series presence in school libraries and bookstores by concerned conservative parents. The books first topped the American Library Associations list of the most banned books of the year in 1999, and remained in the top spot for most of the next decade.

In some regions, pressure to censor the series was so high it led to lawsuits: In 2003, a judge ordered an Arkansas school district that had removed the books from schools due to promotion of the religion of witchcraft to return them. Similar formal attempts at removal persisted into the latter half of the decade, and the books continue to rile up conservative religious leaders who warn of its demonic influence.

All of this controversy speaks not only to concerns that Rowlings work would negatively influence children, but to the reality that many of those children grew up to be arguably even more progressive than the books they grew up reading which is, in a way, a confirmation of conservatives worst fears about the series.

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