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How Long Is The 5th Harry Potter Movie

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Comparison To Other Young Adult Books

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix MOVIE REACTION & REVIEW #5 | JuliDG

If you’ve read our related article on how many words are in a novel you’ll recall that the typical word count for a novel according to is 80,000 to 109,000 words. For novels specifically in the young adult genre, the typical range is between 55,000 79,999 words. Only the first book of the Harry Potter Series falls within that range.

However, when you consider that the Harry Potter series falls within the fantasy genre, it makes sense that the books are longer than other young adult novels. There is a lot of worldbuilding in Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling had to come up with the backgrounds for each significant character. Typically, young adult fantasy novels can run 80,000 words or more.

What is the difference in word count between the Harry Potter Series and the Hunger Games Trilogy? Well, the total word count for all three books in the Hunger Games trilogy is 301,583 words. Here is that number broken down per book:

  • Hunger Games

  • Hunger Games: Mockingjay: 100,269 words.

  • Of course, the whole Harry Potter series has more words because it has four more books. But, lets compare the first three books of the Harry Potter series to the Hunger Games trilogy. The total for the first three Harry Potter books is 269,338 words. That is 11% less than the Hunger Games trilogy.

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    What Is The Shortest Harry Potter Movie

    Shortest film in the series: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, 130 minutes.

    What is the 5th movie of Harry Potter? Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

    Is Harry Potter 4 suitable for a 7 year old? From the moment the contestants enter the maze for the last challenge the tension remains high for 15 20 minutes and the fear is sustained. For these reasons we wouldnt recommend The Goblet of Fire to a child under 10 or one who dislikes long sustained scary moments.

    Which Harry Potter movie is shortest? Shortest film in the series: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, 130 minutes.

    A Chronological Guide To Watching The Harry Potter And The Fantastic Beasts Movies

    Do you want to know how to watch the Harry Potter movies in order? Doing so is meant to be a magical experience and we mean that literally.

    Starting off with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone , the film series follows every one of his seven years of studies. That includes learning from iconic wizards such as Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape as well as a procession of unfortunate Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers.

    For a movie franchise based on a best-selling novel series, it’s unsurprising that the Harry Potter films are as popular and beloved as their paper counterparts. The big-budget adaptations of JK Rowlings Wizarding World are up there with the most successful movie series in history, too, with only Star Wars and the making more money at the worldwide box office over the past two decades.

    That, then, makes the eight films essential family viewing, especially during the festive period, with new generations of kids continuing to discover the adventures of Harry and his best friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.

    But, these days, watching the Harry Potter movies in order is a little more complicated than it used to be. Warner Bros. has also released two movies in its Fantastic Beasts prequel film series , which are set in the 1920s and introduce a young Dumbledore along the way.

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    Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was the movie that showed that death was possible in the one-time children’s movie series. In this film, Harry took part in a tri-wizarding tournament that saw him battle in a series of tests to determine the school with the best young wizard.

    However, that was just to move the plot along as the true importance of this movie, directed by Mike Newell, was to bring Lord Voldemort back from the dead, setting up the main villain for the rest of the series. Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame was a Hogwarts student in this movie, killed in cold blood by the Death Eaters, and Voldemort declared war on all wizards by the end of this film.

    Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    Arguably, the top critically acclaimed movie in the franchise came in 2004 with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. While Columbus made the movie mostly about children discovering magic, and kept it solidly in the young adult genre, Alfonso Cuarón took the helm for this one and made one of the most adult films in the series.

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    Sirius Black, a man who was held at the horrific Azkaban prison, was introduced as Harrys godfather, and the film changed the tone drastically into something extraordinary. Cuarón only directed one movie, but was the most acclaimed of the franchises directors, winning two Oscars for Best Director following this movie.

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    The Ministry Of Magic

    • Harry is never shown waking up at 12 Grimmauld Place and receiving good lucks from the Order members.
    • Mr Weasley does not take Harry into his Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office at the Ministry when they arrive.
    • In the book, Mr Weasley is told by his assistant Perkins that Harry’s hearing has been changed to a different time and location. In the film, Mr Weasley is told by Kingsley Shacklebolt. Also, in the book, they were late for the hearing. Additionally in the film, when Harry asks when the hearing starts, Mr Weasley says, “In five minutes,” while in the book he says, “We should have been there five minutes ago!”
    • Perkins never appears in the film.

    Every Harry Potter In Order

    While the story of Harry Potterhas ended, it seems like the end is nowhere in sight yet for The Wizarding World. Let’s look at every movie so far.

    The Harry Potter franchise is one of the most successful young adult movie franchises in history. Through its 10 movies so far, the series has brought in over $9 billion in its worldwide box office. It is also still going strong as the prequel series Fantastic Beasts still has a lot of its story to tell.

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    The story of the Boy Wizard started in books, and those novels have sold millions of copies as well, making it one of the best crossover hits in cinema history. While the flagship series has ended, it seems like the end is nowhere in sight yet for The Wizarding World. Here is a look at every Harry Potter movie in chronological order.

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    Comparison Of Each Book In The Series

    5 Harry Potter Theories Too Good Not To Be True

    First, well look at the number of words for each book in the series. The first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, has 76,944 words. It has fewer words than the other six books, making it the shortest book in the series. Since this was the first book, Rowling had more time to edit the book and make the writing more concise. Plus, she probably didnt want to make the first book too long, or the publisher might not have accepted it. She was a new author at that point. Publishers usually dont accept long novels from first-time authors.

    In comparison, each of the other six books are longer, likely due to the initial success of the Philosophers’s Stone, which within its first two years had sold more than 300,000 copies in the U.K. alone. According to Wikipedia, the American version, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone remained on the New York Times bestseller list for 79 consecutive weeks.

    Due to the sales of the first book, the publishersBloomsbury for the British version and Scholastic for the American versionwanted more books about the world of Harry Potter from Rowling. They were willing to accept longer books because they knew to follow up books would sell well. The word count figures for the other six books, in order:

  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: 76,944 words.

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: 198,227 words.

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    Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets November 15 2002

    . 174 Harry Potter and the. Ready the first movie and balance volume. Are the last two Harry Potter movies being combined.

    Theres more magic in every moment at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child the most awarded new play in history and one of the most defining pop culture events of the decade. If you were to watch every movie. How long are all the harry potter movies combined without credits.

    How long are all the harry potter movies combined without credits Wednesday March 2 2022 Edit. Without the credits all eight Harry Potter movies combined would take a. How Long Would A Marathon Of The Harry Potter Movies Take.

    How long would it take to watch all the Harry Potter movies. How Long Are All The Harry Potter Movies Combined Without Credits. 26½ Hours – 52 Hours.

    You could run a one-day marathon. Discover once again all your favorite moments from the Harry Potter series retold with the inimitable charm and cheeky sense of humor of. 24 Gifts For Anyone Who Likes Harry Potter More Than People Harry.

    Answer 1 of 12. Which Harry Potter Movie Is The Shortest. The fourth film Order of the Phoenix is.

    Deathly Hallows Part 1 is 146 minutes long. After all with the book being a huge. Part 1 146 minutes Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

    3 Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire. Sirius Black appeared in the 3rd 4th and 5th Harry Potter movies Harry. The first two films were around a half hour longer.

    Pin On Doll Rooms

    Pin By Adrian On Harry Potter 2001 2011 Harry Harry Potter Potter

    Alcohol Drugs And Other Substances

    • At a family dinner some of the adults have full glasses of beer in front of them, but they are not seen drinking.
    • At a Christmas dinner, glasses of wine are on the table, but people are not seen drinking.
    • Dolores askes Professor Snape to give Harry a truth potion but Snape refuses. He says that he has run out of the potion because he has used up all of his supplies on Harry in previous attempts.

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    Emma Thompsons Net Worth Is A Reported $50 Million

    At Insider, Emma Thompson is a popular choice when playing which celebrity would be your mum? primarily because of her great performance in Love, Actually and her role in Nanny McPhee. But lets not forget she is a two-time Oscar-winner. She won best actress for Howards End and best adapted screenplay for Sense and Sensibility. In Harry Potter, she played Sybill Trelawney.

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    Which Harry Potter Is Half

    Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Quiz: How Much Do You Remember?

    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is the sixth book in the Harry Potter series. The first book in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, was first published by Bloomsbury in 1997, with an initial print-run of 500 copies in hardback, 300 of which were distributed to libraries.

    How long is Half-Blood Prince?

    With a runtime of 153 minutes , Half-Blood Prince is the third-longest film in the series, behind Chamber of Secrets and Goblet of Fire .

    Why is Harry Potter a 12? As with the other three Harry Potter films, no cuts were needed to give Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire the 12A rating. We actually rarely make cuts to films. What we normally do is recommend a higher category, as cuts can sometimes ruin the continuity of a film. In this case, we gave the film a 12A.

    Why is Harry Potter Rated PG-13? Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was rated PG-13 for some sequences of intense action violence and frightening images. The franchise has had a somewhat interesting ratings history.

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    Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2

    After destroying one Horcrux and discovering the significance of the three Deathly Hallows, Harry, Ron and Hermione continue to seek the other Horcruxes in an attempt to destroy Voldemort, who has now obtained the powerful Elder Wand. The Dark Lord discovers Harry’s hunt for Horcruxes and launches an attack on Hogwarts School, where the trio return for one last stand against the dark forces that threaten both the Wizarding and Muggle worlds.

    Most Read In Celebrity

    The actor helped in production for a Korean film called The Stone in 2012 and was assistant production coordinator for American series The B*****d Executioner in 2015.

    Most recently he starred as the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz.

    Chris is popular on social media and goes by the name That Ginger Bloke.

    He boasts 183.3k followers on Twitter, 57.7k on Instagram and 3.71k subscribers on YouTube.

    The star has set up camp in South Wales with his partner Ness and their two pooches Stanley and Boo.

    Hes also worked with charities such as Brecon Little Theatre, Transfiguring Adoption and raises awareness for the LGTBQ+ community.

    Over the past month Chris has been busy on tour with The Magical Music of Harry Potter.

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    Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix: 5 Characters With The Most Screentime

    In the Order of the Phoenix, did Harry Potter himself get the most screentime? Who got the least in the film?

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the fifth movie in the series, hitting screens back in 2007. It was the second biggest blockbuster of the year, with only Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End making more money worldwide. The film, directed by David Yates, fended off Spider-Man 3, Shrek the Third, and Transformers to take the silver medal and is commonly regarded as one of the best movies the Potter series has to offer.

    But which characters were prominent in the blockbuster, and who got shelved? We’ll now take a look at five of each.

    Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 & Part 2

    Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone | *FIRST TIME WATCHING* | MOVIE REACTION!

    Finally, the last book had been so big that it was actually split into two movies.

    This is Harrys seventh and final year of what was supposed to be a full study at Hogwarts.

    With so many enemies abound, this turns out not to be the case.

    These two movies contain some of the biggest adventures in the series as they take place in various locations.

    Our sensational wizard in both of these movies is seventeen going on eighteen.

    Keep in mind, as with all the movies, that his birthday is shortly after the beginning of the movie.

    So, in the case of the first movie, hes briefly sixteen years old, and in the second hes seventeen throughout the whole picture.

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    Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone

    Where to Stream: HBO Max / Fubo / Peacock / Spectrum / Direct TV

    This opening chapter in the saga also known by its British title, Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone introduces Harry Potter and his friends Ron and Hermione as they discover both delights and darkness during their first year at the fantastical Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Chris Columbus, who had had scored blockbuster family hits with Home Alone and Mrs. Doubtfire, directed this first entry in the franchise. Columbus had proven his facility with directing kids and he got charismatic performances out of the young actors that would set up the series for long-term success.

    Critics and fans alike found Rowlings story world fully realized on screen in all its enchanting splendor. The movie also established the series hallmark of stuffing the cast with famous British actors, with Richard Harris, Maggie Smith, Alan Rickman, John Hurt, Julie Walters, and John Cleese in just the first entry alone. The movie was an enormous hit, earning more than a billion dollars globally and setting up Warner Bros. for a long and profitable run.

    Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them Explores Themes Of Prejudice & Grooming

    Following the success of the Harry Potter movie franchise, Warner Bros. Pictures released a film adaptation of another of Rowlings books, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in 2016. The story follows Newt Scamander, a former Hogwarts student who was expelled under questionable circumstances.

    Newt, the self-proclaimed Magizoologist passionate about magical creatures, travels to New York to investigate an Obscurus or dark magical energy. Soon, Newt is accused of plotting with Grindelwald by the Director of Magical Security, Graves, who Newt must convince of his innocence. This darker version of the wizarding world explores themes of prejudice and grooming while also having enough moments of comic relief to brighten things up when needed.

    Where To Stream: DirectTV

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