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Harry Potter Puzzles And Spells Game

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Harry Potter: Puzzles And Spells Walkthrough Guide Tips And Tricks

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells Worldwide Launch Trailer

You have a lot of information regarding the said game that can help you dominate all of its challenging puzzles. Still, if you are stuck on any specific level and didnt find any solution, then read out Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells Beginners Guide Tips and Tricks. Weve compiled a complete guide with useful tips, strategies, and tricks to enjoy your magical adventure. Here are some best Tips and Strategies to use for the completion of stages:

  • No Need to Rush
  • Dont use too many hits
  • Start matching gems from bottom to top

Comprtelo Con Todos Tus Amigos

Con una lista de emocionantes eventos que no para de crecer, ¡jugar con amigos nunca ha sido tan divertido! Alardea de una inteligencia digna de Ravenclaw y conquista el desafío del club emplea la astucia de un Slytherin para confundir a tus rivales en Travesura mágica haz gala de tu valentía para ayudar a Gryffindor a ser la mejor de la clase con Orgullo de la casa o demuestra la lealtad de Hufflepuff compartiendo vidas para ayudar a tus compañeros a alzarse con la victoria.

Un Nuevo Juego De Puzles Estilo Candy Crush Para Dispositivos Mviles De La Franquicia De Harry Potter Es Anunciado Por Portkey Games Para Ios Y Android

Zynga y Portkey Games han anunciado un nuevo juego para dispositivos móviles iOS y Android basado en un sistema de puzles similar al popular Candy Crush pero ambientado en el universo de Harry Potter. Estará disponible para descargar próximamente en Android e iOS en nuestro territorio y ya disponemos de un primer tráiler que muestra sus claves. A pesar de no tratarse del rumoreado gran juego de Harry Potter que seguimos esperando, esta nueva experiencia para smartphones apunta a gustar a todos aquellos jugadores de títulos como el mencionado Candy Crush de King, uno de los reyes indiscutibles entre los juegos para móviles.

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Deal With Level Objectives And Obstacles

Upon playing, you will discover that some levels require you to deal with challenging obstacles and objectives to clear the field. Therefore, we figured this would be a great time to share some strategies to help you solve tricky levels. During the game, the first obstacle that will appear ahead of you in the field is feathers. Feathers will cover the massive area of the board and stop you from completing the stage. Therefore, removing those feathers should be your priority.

How to remove feathers?

Removing feathers isnt a big issue if you know how to use spells. First, unlock and cast the Wingardium Leviosa spell to remove all feathers from the field, and it could only be possible when you match spell gems to fill the meter.

How to Unlock Treasure Box?

Unlocking treasure chests is relatively easy, thanks to magic spells. On several levels, you discover treasure chests in different places that require Alohamora Spell to unlock. You should keep in mind that no unique trick will work to unlock these chests therefore, you need to complete the gauge as soon as possible to cast spells.

Chocolate Frogs

The most challenging objective to complete is Chocolate Frogs. The said creatures are trapped in a container that requires a match next to them to get freed. Every turn allows the chocolate frogs to take a few steps around the board, and the gem will smash as the frog lands on it. Prevent frogs from landing on unique gems otherwise, they will destroy.

Harry Potter: Puzzles And Spells Beginners Guide

Harry Potter: Puzzles &  Spells Now Available On iOS and Android

Although players dont need any guide while playing traditional Match-3 games, only tips can help them overcome all challenges. But when the game releases with story-driven gameplay, players always search for the best walkthrough or guide to overcoming all hurdles. Similarly, the Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells video game incorporates several elements from the series and brings you a chance to interact with a beautiful cast of characters who warmly welcome you to their magical school to learn new magic spells discover be-friendly creatures.

Moreover, the game takes you to a beautiful Wizarding World, where no one can survive without puzzle-solving skills. As the game starts, you find yourself in the Harry Potter Universe, where your epic journey toward Hogswart began with the aim of proving your intellect by merely playing match-3 stages while casting powerful magical spells.

Furthermore, the game gives you a chance to rewrite the history of Harry Potter and witness iconic sense as you spend your time in a magical environment. It is the dream game for the fans of Harry Potter and many other Puzzle lovers. The intuitive controls give you a better grip over the game and make playable levels easier.

Start Making Power-ups

First Power-up

Second Power-up

Third Power-up

Fourth Power-up

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Un Emocionante Juego De Puzles

¡Ayuda a las ranas de chocolate a saltar y a las llaves aladas a volar en cientos de puzles de conectar gemas! Utiliza mejoras y potenciadores para eliminar obstáculos basados en los míticos objetos de Harry Potter. Participa en eventos impartidos por profesores de Hogwarts para mejorar hechizos. ¡Resolverás puzles basados en las clases de Defensa contra las Artes Oscuras, Pociones y otras asignaturas de Hogwarts para conseguir recompensas fabulosas!

Harry Potter Puzzles & Spells: A Superparent First Look

Complete match-three puzzles in the Wizarding World.

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells is a match-three puzzle game from Zynga, the company behind games like Wonkas World of Candy and Words With Friends 2. The game takes players to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, where they can create their own wizard and complete puzzles to collect spells and magical creatures.

In Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells, youll experience a story inspired by Harrys own trip through the Wizarding World, starting with the arrival of the Hogwarts acceptance letter. Youll need to complete level-based puzzles to progress through different scenes that move the story along.

In each level, youll be challenged to complete one or more tasks before running out of moves. For instance, one level may ask you to collect specific kinds of symbols by making matches with them on the board, while another may ask you to collect train tickets by making matches next to them, and so on.

You can make matches by swapping the locations of two touching symbols to create a line of three or more matching symbols. When you create a match of four or more symbols, or matches in a special T, L, or square shape, youll trigger the appearance of power-ups on the board that can help you complete levels .

In some levels, you may need to cast a spell to unlock a chest or clear obstacles from the board . Youll start with only two spells , but you can eventually unlock up to 21 spells as you progress.

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What Parents Need To Know

Parents need to know that Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells is a match-3 game for iOS and Android devices. It has no objectionable content . Players use in-game currency to keep playing when they run out of turns or lives, and this currency can either be earned by solving puzzles or bought with real money from the game’s store, including in packs with power-ups. The game’s also part of a multimedia franchise that includes books, movies, other games, toys, and many other items. Read the developer’s privacy policy for details on how your information is collected, used, and shared, and any choices you may have in the matter, and note that privacy policies and terms of service frequently change.

Introduce About Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells Club Challenge event

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells is a match-3 puzzle game, but built with content and themes based on the famous Harry Potter series. Therefore, the journey that you are about to experience will become much more interesting.

Pick up your magic wand, prepare to face the challenges and wicked wizards of the magical world.

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Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells Guide: Tips & Cheats To Beat More Levels

The Wizarding World is about to get a lot trickier! Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells is an all-new match-3 puzzler set in the Harry Potter universe. Your journey at Hogswarts is about to begin and you will need to prove your intellect by playing through match-3 puzzles while casting powerful spells!

Play through the history of Harry Potter and witness iconic scenes as you pass the time at Hogswarts. This game is the perfect fit for fans of Harry Potter and puzzle games. Touch Tap Play will help you through your adventure by giving you some general tips and tricks to make the levels easier. Lets get started with our Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide tobeat more levels!

Harry Potter: Puzzles And Spells Walkthrough Level 2 Puzzle

The start of puzzle 16 takes you to a new location where you head a character known as Ron Weasley. After completing a few stages, the game has reached a new difficulty where completion of match-3 levels is challenging. As the level starts, you find the Gobstones blocking all puzzles. You should remove them all to make more space for matches. Once you complete level 16, the game rewards you with three Cards.

Character Customization The game features an extensive character development feature, offering you an opportunity to design your character as per your play style. It doesnt matter whether you love to play with the default character or go with a customization feature to design your character. Completing the challenging puzzles does matter, and well share some Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells Beginners Guide to help you reveal all locations and characters.

Puzzle 17

The game welcomes you upon arriving at Hogwarts and brings a lot of new stages to complete. This time, your ultimate goals are the following: Blue and Purple Gems.

Note During the game, some puzzles need a spell to complete. Therefore, you should always look for opportunities to unlock new spells.

From level 17, the completion of each puzzle will unlock a new spell to use. In the game, you have only 20 moves, and your goal is to gather up to 40 gems of two different colors. Use power-ups and boosters to smash several identical gems at once, and make space for more matches.

Level 18

Level 19 and 20

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Is It Any Good

While this is a fairly typical match-3 puzzle game, it does have a bit of Harry Potter magic, as well as fun nods to the franchise. Like all match-3 puzzle games, Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells has you using the touch screen to move pieces on a board so that three or more of them line up or are next to each other. Doing so removes them from the board, and hopefully fulfils the condition of that puzzle before you run out of turns. And as these kinds of games go, this one is fairly typical. As always, matching more than 3 in a row, or in a different shape, earn you the same kind of special pieces they do in other games, while your objectives are also similar, whether it’s just clearing the board of certain color pieces or removing pieces next to an item to remove it as well, and so on.

What makes this different is that it has a bit of that Potter magic. For instance, there are times when, by matching items, you unlock spells, ones that can unlock chests full of gold or reveal parts of the board hidden by feathers. There are also some distinctly Potter-esque mechanics, such as chocolate frogs, which you have to remove from the board, except that unlike the removable objects in games, these hop around the board like, well, frogs. Best of all, while Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells is tailor made for Hogwarts alumni, the puzzles are still clever and inventive enough that even muggles will appreciate this .

Dealing With Unique Level Objectives

How Harry Potter Puzzles &  Spells redefined Match 3 level design and ...

Some levels will require you to deal with unique obstacles and objectives in order to clear the level. We have some strategies to help you solve them!

The first unique obstacle you will encounter are the feathers. These things are huge and cover up quite a lot of the board, so removing them should be your first priority. Match spell gems to fill up the spell meter, then you are able to cast Wingardium Leviosa to remove the feathers.

Next, you will encounter securely locked chests that require the Alohamora spell to unlock. There is no special trick to these chests, you just need to fill up the spell meter as fast as you can.

The most tricky objective are the chocolate frogs. These guys are trapped in their containers at the start of the level, but they will be freed as soon as you make a match next to them.

Every turn, chocolate frogs will jump up a few spaces around the board, and any gems they land on will be destroyed. Be careful, chocolate frogs can destroy special gems, so make sure to use them before they are wasted!

Next up you will go against the surprising every-flavor beans. A bunch of dark colored beans will cover the board, and you will need to sift through the darken beans and fight the colored beans. The colored beans will be obscured by the dark beans, so make sure to uncover it all if you cannot find them!

There are many more objectives to deal with, but when in doubt always remember this: just match next to the objective and you should be fine!

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Harry Potter Puzzles Game Features

  • Challenging Gameplay
  • Endless Levels That Require A Little Creativity
  • Memorable Characters Helping The Player Along The Way
  • Amazing Art Design

Begin a magical puzzle gameplay now and download Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells on your PC for free!

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Our system now supported by 32 and 64 bit.

Graphics And Character Customization

Im surprised to see how intensive character customization features are there in Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells. It seems Im playing an extensive RPG video game released with an expensive character customization feature. However, the game has implemented the said feature by keeping each aspect in mind and incorporating it with the Match-3 twist. I found graphics are very juicy, as it seems incredible, and enough to take your gaming skills to the next level. Sound effects are attractive and will keep you engaged for dozens of fun-filled hours.

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Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells Launches Its New Club Challenge Event

This exciting update is a new, recurring, limited-time event series that invites you and your Club to take on a brand-new interactive map packed full of rewards, hidden obstacles and special encounters.

Clubs is a fantastic social feature of the Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells game, where players work with their Clubmates to unlock bigger rewards and earn points and trophies for their Club.

For the first ever Club Challenge, you and your fellow Clubmates will collaborate to conquer the interactive map, as you leave the safety of Hogwarts to explore the eerie Forbidden Forest. Here you will navigate your way through obstacles, tackling new levels and discovering revered wizarding world Artefacts, such as the House Cup and the Sword of Gryffindor, before facing the final puzzle.

The fantastic final showdown features some of the scariest and most dangerous creatures that inhabit the Forbidden Forest. With mountain trolls, a Hungarian Horntail and even Aragog himself to face, you and your Club will need to work together to figure out how to defeat these monstruous foes.

Not only do you get to navigate your way through thrilling puzzles in the spooky Forbidden Forest, but you also get to do this while surrounded by the music, voiceovers and characters from the original Harry Potter films.

Harry Potter: Puzzles And Spells Walkthrough Puzzle


Completing the first level refills all lives and takes your skills and abilities in a forward direction. The 2nd scene takes place in Hogwarts Express. Many exciting other locations await to be revealed by you. Polish your match-3 and customization skills to be the master in the game. Indeed, you may guess the location after reading the name. A trains name ran between the Cross Station Platform9 3/4 and Hogsmeade Station of London King.

Puzzle 6

In puzzle 6, you have to collect at least ten tickets by making connections between identical gems. Navigation of other parts isnt possible without tickets. The level completion reward depends on Puzzle Win and Unused Move Bonus.

Daily Events The game features an exciting aspect, known as Todays Events. Completing the side missions will reward you with extra coins.

Puzzle 7

Following the previous levels footsteps, the game brings you to head a new screen where lots of tickets are placed, and the game tasks you with collecting up to 23 tickets using only eighteen moves to complete the scene. You cant complete the stage without using power-ups therefore, keep your concentration on matching four or more identical items following the orders to grab free power-ups.

Puzzle 8

Puzzle 9

Puzzle 10

What is the Vault? Everyone has a vault therefore, the game suggests you check back daily to gather free Gold.

Puzzle 11 to 15

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