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Harry Potter Cards Against Humanity

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Where Can I Find/buy The Game

CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY #4 (Star Wars, Harry Potter and Doctor Who))

The Cards Against Muggles can be found at our store and bought online as a download PDF copy only. Those who want to get this game, should buy it online and then print it at a printing company.

Those to do so in thicker paper, so it is not immediately ruined after one game. You can also get the special plastic-like paper to print the game on, so it is more durable.

The good thing about getting the game this way is that you do not have to wait for the shipping.

Cards Against Muggles Free Pdf Download Printout

Digital copies of Cards Against Muggles mysteriously went missing in late 2017. At this time, PDF digital copies of Cards Against Muggles are unavailable, potentially due to copyright issues.

However, thereve been some people selling . There is also this well-reviewed version on Etsy. Buy these at your own risk, as they are not guaranteed to be perfect quality.

The Cards & Some Combinations

Of course, the most important part of the game is cards. Whats a book without the pages on it? Probably just a cover. And the card game without the cards, is just a box.

The official set of the game contains 1440 cards, 990 white cards, and 450 black ones.

The content is of course related to Harry Potter, but not as innocent as you think. Here are some of the funniest combinations:

This seems like horror. Too dark

I heard you thought of playing this with a kid. Whats a dildo- theyll ask

Ron and Hermione are besties, leave them alone!

Harry, are you using weed?! Nah, I dont think so.

You people have an evil- mind. Imagine this as a book really.No. Stop giving me bad ideas.

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Cards Against Disney Testimonials

Before you run out and buy your pack of Cards Against Humanity Disney edition or race to purchase your Cards Against Disney, theres more you should know.

First, there are the basics. You can play anywhere from 4-20 people and it will take 30-90 minutes to finish a game. This is considered an R-rated game, so players should be at least 17 .

This game is the perfect addition to any adult game night that needs a good laugh.

To show you just how fun Disney Cards Against Humanity can be, we wanted to share some testimonials.

Heres one from Candace, and one from Carmella, whose mom thought she was purchasing an innocent Disney game.

So awesomeI actually ordered a couple more after I got the first box and gave gifts to my Disney-loving friends. We are ALL laughing when we play. Great gift!! Lots of sick humor with a Disney twist.

Candace J. McNeal

My mum bought Cards Against Disney thinking it would be a nice innocent game and its really not quite what she expected. She followed her comment with several laughing emojis. Im sure it had nothing to do with cards like Tinker Bells tiny titties or Tom Hanks repeatedly saying the word moist.

Carmella D. Johnson

Cards Against Disney Examples

Cards Against Muggles Harry Potter Cards Against Humanity 1356 Cards ...

To level the playing field, we think its only fair to provide you with a few Disney Cards Against Humanity examples.

This is the perfect way to illustrate what you are in for Should you make a Cards Against Disney?

Your view of Disney may never be the same again, but its all in adult fun.

There is fun to be had by everyone playing.

And take no offense to the Disney switch-up. This wont be the Disney you remember as a child but one you can laugh about all the same.

The Disney Cards Against Humanity examples will show you that they are filled with raunchy humor that you never would have dreamed up for Disney.

Here is a great example for you.

Black Card: is the most horrible thing to happen in the Disney universe.

White Cards:

  • Mrs. Potts giving a steam job
  • Joining the mile-high club with Carl Fredrickson
  • Sneaking on the set of 101 Dalmatians with peanut butter on your balls
  • Do you see my point? Hilarious humor, and definitely not a childrens game!

    Cards Against Disney Samples

    Here are some more examples of Disney Against Humanity cards. These are all white card examples.

    • Unreasonably laying claim over everything the light touches
    • The vibrating toy in Andys mums bedside table

    Some cards are just silly things to make you giggle while others are the things that just might make you blush.

    Here are some black card examples for you as well.

    • Let it go. Let it go. Never bothered me anyway.
    • For a time, Ariel thought was for .
    • Me, Tarzan. You, .

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    You Can Now Get A Harry Potter ‘cards Against Humanity’ Style Card Game

    16:04, 08 January 2021 GMT| Last updated 16:17, 08 January 2021 GMT

    Now we’ve been put in lockdown for the third time, we’re all looking for ways to pass the long, cold evenings in.

    We feel like we’ve completed Netflix at this point and there are only so many films a human can watch, after all.

    Luckily, there’s a new card game we can sink our teeth into should we find ourselves stuck for an evening activity – and it looks promisingly naughty.

    Harry Potter fans, listen up – the franchise has its very own Cards Against Humanity-style card game which is perfect whether you’re a superfan of the series or more of a casual observer.

    Titled Cards Against Muggles, the decidedly adult party game requires one player to read out one of the black cards posing a wizarding scenario and fill in the blanks from one of the cards in your hand – the one that gets the most laughs wins.

    Some of the scenarios include: ‘When I look at myself in the Mirror of Erised, I see myself ” and ” is the worst thing a Ravenclaw has ever been accused of doing.”

    Of course, the answers are when things get inappropriate, with some options including: “Appearing naked on the cover of Witch Weekly” and “Beaubaxton’s Nipple Hats” – and those are some of the milder ones.

    Some combinations are more than guaranteed to see Professor Dumbledore deduct several house points, so play at your discretion!

    The popular game – which encourages people to think of shocking card combinations – can be played on

    Nsfw Harry Potter Game Cards Against Muggles Exists And Its Too Riddikulus

    Harry Potter grew up, and so did his fans, some of whom have modified the legendary Cards Against Humanity game into something more suitable for a darker sense of humor.

    Its called Cards Against Muggles and it features topics aimed strictly for adults with a bunch of swear words and phrases like Peeves finding you masturbating or putting my basilisk in your Chamber of Secrets.

    The game is made of 1,300 cards, and its sold for $19.95. The catch is that youll be paying for the digital download, so youll have to print the cards yourself. But hey, at least you wont have to wait for shipping.

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    Where Can You Buy It

    You might be wondering how you can get your hands on this wonderful creation. The simplest way is to follow the links on this page to buy set of Cards Against Muggles. The original creators were overwhelmed by the incredible amount of support the game received from fans and decided to focus on the online method of distribution.

    This comes with numerous positives since it means you wont have to wait for shipping to hold the cards in your devious hands. Plus, Cards Against Muggles is a remarkably cheap expansion pack. The entire box set can be bought for $9.95. This means you are only paying a penny per card!

    If you are a major Harry Potter fan and would like this expansion to play with your friends and family, you will find no better deal. Get it today and see just how messed up the wizarding world can be when put to the test by your perverted minds.

    A Short Biography About Cards Against Muggles:

    PICTURES Against Humanity – Cards Against Humanity Online!

    Released year: 2017Game time: 30-60 minutesPlayers: 4-10

    Now, when you hear about Harry Potter, you may assume that its kid-friendly. You know theyll use their imagination and creativity.

    But believe me, it isnt. It is ages 17+, but in fact not for every adult.

    You should all be Potterheads, not someone who says he loves Harry, but you have to explain every little detail.

    Also, not for the sensitive ones. For those who say we dont talk dirty. It is for open-minded people and those who really have a sense of humour.

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    But Do People Like Cards Against Muggles What Are They Saying

    Among the best ways to evaluate a product, are of course the clients.

    What they think & what they say about the game matters a lot, and gives us a very clear overview, so well know if it is what were looking for. Here are our favourite reviews:

    • Fun game! Best for a large group of adults, accompanied by beverages & high spirits -Nilambari
    • My 23 yr old son is a huge fan of Harry Potter and Cards Against Humanity so this was the perfect gift for him. He loves it. The cards are very nice quality and so funny!- Liam
    • If youve got a Harry Potter event coming up, or if you simply know some fans with a good sense of humor, I cant recommend Cards Against Muggles enough.- Tom

    There are also lots of videos where you can create a first impression about the game. Here are some of them: Cards Against Muggles- Unboxing video, Cards Against Muggles- Cards Video, Game Play.

    Quidditch Is No Longer The Only Harry Potter Game In Town

    Getting together with friends to play a raucous game of Cards Against Humanity just got a lot more magical. Some enterprising Muggles created a Harry Potter-themed version of the game and you dont need to attend Hogwarts to play.

    But judging by some of the raunch, you should probably have at least graduated high school.

    Cards Against Muggles was created by a bunch of Potterheads who clearly thought Cards Against Humanity didnt have enough jokes about wizard sex.

    The game is available for $19.95 and is downloadable only, so it has to be printed before you bust out the butterbeer.

    The cards are as outrageous as youd expect from the game its based on, but once you incorporate J.K. Rowlings famous characters, things really get kicked up a notch.

    With questions covering decidedly off-book topics like enchanted wizard weed, dragon dildos, and sexting via owl, its safe to say that the game is truly 18+, and would probably do a pretty decent job leaving younger Harry Potter fans with scars that run much deeper than Harrys signature lightning bolt.

    A few runs through the deck and its clear while theres plenty of R and X-rated material, theres also a ton of inside Potter stuff that even the staunchest Potterheads will get a kick out of.

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    The Harry Potter Version Of Cards Against Humanity Cards Against Muggles Is Perfect

    Now all we need is Gryffindor Common Room.

    Harry Potter fans have made their own version of Cards Against Humanity called Cards Against Muggles – and it sounds AMAZING.

    So along with a ticket to the Warner Brothers studios, this incredible Harry Potter inspired ring and a lifetime supply of chocolate frogs, we’re gonna add this card game to our Happy Potter wish-list immediately.

    First created way back in 2017, the game follows the same format as Cards Against Humanity, which involves players completing fill-in-the-blank statements to create sentences*.

    *And by sentences, we really mean ‘absurd sentences usually involving swear words and/or obscenities’.

    Is There A Hidden Card In Cards Against Muggles

    Cards Against Muggles

    No, there is no hidden card in the Cards Against Muggles box.

    I believe this question crossed your mind because of the secret card people found on the bigger blacker box of Cards Against Humanity.

    But unlike the Cards Against Humanity, Cards Against Muggles doesnt surprise the fans with a secret card within the box.

    Having that in mind, we know that there is always room for improvement.

    Who knows, maybe in the near future you will be first to know that we have put a secret card inside the Cards Against box.

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    Cards Against Avengers $995

    Its time for the fictional team of heroes Avengers!!! It has of course the same rules as the core Cards Against Humanity, but here, every card is related to Avengers.

    Yes we know that Avengers can be watched by kids, 9+ ages, but this game cant be played by them. It is ages 17 and older.

    Youve already seen the competitors prices.

    What Does It Mean By Cards Against Muggles

    An incredible invention by the hardcore fans of Harry Potter who have been intended to offer us an unofficial exhilarating expansion pack of the Cards against Humanity called Cards Against Muggles. The most hilariously pervy card game that you cant even imagine. Now, the question comes to mind: what does Cards Against Muggles actually mean?

    Well, the answer is also going to be kind of funny! As extreme fans of Harry Potter, we all know that the world of Harry Potter is full of magic, witches, and wizards. Therere also muggles as well who dont have any magical power or who havent the blood of any wizard. So, the word muggle means a person without magical powers.

    As youve already known, the Harry Potter Cards Against Muggles set has more than1000 cards featuring white and black cards. The black cards contain questions while you will get the answers in the white cards. Those questions and answers are too pervy as well as funny based on the magical phenomena of Harry Potter.

    Now its clear that the card game isnt a normal game at all. Whoever played this game they say, Cards Against Muggles is the best party game for horrible wizards! It means this amazing card game is for those who love to create truly horrifying sentences and statements expressing their pervy mind. But its not applicable for playing with family members. This card game gives an entertaining vibe with an evil sense of humor!

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    My Game Experience & How Do We Play Cards Against Muggles

    As we mentioned in the other articles, every game that is a Cards Against Humanity edition has the same rules.

    You have to find a good white card to fill in the blank or to answer the black card. Yeah, the basic Cards Against Humanity rules.

    Well, sharing my experience is one of my favourite things to write about.

    I wasnt really a fan of Harry Potter. To be honest, I really couldnt understand how someone could be so addicted to something thats just fantasy.

    But, as the years went by, I started to watch the series. Lets make something clear. Not just once. I watched a movie several times. I dont know how, but I became a fan. A really big fan.

    Since my family and all already knew Im a Potterhead, my sibling got me the Cards Against Muggles for New Years Eve.

    Actually, I was the last friend in the group to watch the Harry Potter series. Thats why I already had friends who were Potterheads and I had people to play the game with.

    I invited 3 of my best friends to a game night and chose to play the Harry Potter edition. They all loved the idea. This was back in 2019, 2 years after the game was released.

    We took turns being the Card Czar because we had the minimum number of players, 4.

    The game couldnt start better: I didnt expect the Room of Requirements to give me ______________. was our first black card.

    These were our answers: gloryholes, Daniel Radcliffes delicious as*hole, Harry Potter erotica.

    The last black card said: I got this bruise from ________.

    How To Play Cards Against Muggles

    STRAIGHT TO HELL FOR US | Cards Against Humanity

    First, its only for adults. There are a lot of dirty jokes and dark humor. Trust me, you dont want to play it on family get-together.

    The rules of playing Cards Against Muggles are similar to playing Cards Against Humanity. There are 450 black Question cards and 990 Answer cards. You can play it by following these steps:

    • Step 1, To set up a game, choose one player to be the Card Czar or judge for that round. Then deal 10 white cards to each of the other players.
    • Step 2, The Card Czar flips a black card over and read it out loud.
    • Step 3, Wait for every player to choose one white card from their hand to answer the question or fill-in-the-blank. The point is picking the funniest answer to the black question card or the answer the Card Czar may like most. Players pass their white card facedown to the Card Czar.
    • Step 4, Once everyone has submitted a card, the Card Czar shuffle them and then read them out loud to the group one by one. When theyre finished, the Card Czar chooses their favorite answer. Whoever submitted the winning white card is awarded the black card for that round and keeps it in front of them to keep track of how many black cards theyve won.
    • Step 5, After each round, the player to the right of the last Card Czar becomes the new Card Czar and flips a new black card over. The game continues until you run out of black cards or decide to call it quits. The player who has the most black cards at the end wins the game.

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