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Who Played Wood In Harry Potter

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Peter Pettigrew Timothy Spall

Oliver Wood explaining Quidditch

A household name before and after Harry Potter, Timothy Spall has been in countless films and television shows over the course of his career. Since Deathly Hallows: Part 2 his most notable roles were in both Alice in Wonderland films alongside numerous other Harry Potter stars, as well as starring in Mr. Turner in which he was nominated for many Best Actor awards.

Harry Potter’s Sean Biggerstaff Pens Touching Tribute To Alan Rickman

Harry Potter actor Sean Biggerstaff wrote Alan Rickman a tribute letter that will have you in tears.

The 32-year-old actor, who played Oliver Wood in the Harry Potter movies, penned a very touching tribute to Alan, who passed away on Thursday .

I dont know what I did to deserve a friend like Alan. He looked out for me for twenty years and I loved him. I dont know what to do now, he shared on , before posting a longer tribute.

In 1994 I, an 11-year-old idiot, walked into a rehearsal room in the Old Athenaeum in Glasgow and was welcomed by the fucking Sheriff of Nottingham in a voice which made the room tremble. We sat down and my audition started, reading straight off the page dialogue so unavoidably brilliant that all you needed to do was read it straight off the page.

I did not get the part.

I was too young.

I did, however, receive a long, hand-written letter from Joyce Nettles, the casting director, thanking me for auditioning and expressing regret that it hadnt worked out. The only time this has ever happened. I think Alan may have had something to do with that.

When I left school and wanted to try and do this sort of thing for a living, Alan arranged a meeting with his agent.

The first audition that agent got me was for Harry Potter.

When I arrived at Leavesden Studios for the first time and met David Heyman for the first time, he told me hed just had a call from Alan telling him how wonderful I was and that hed be mad not to hire me. He hired me.

Most Attractive Harry Potter Characters


  • Tom Riddle. Obviously, we are talking about pre-Voldemort Tom Riddle, while he still had a nose and a soul. It almost seems like whenever young Voldemort is mentioned he is described as being handsome.
  • Draco Malfoy. Although the opinion that Draco Malfoy is attractive seems to be universally accepted the books never explain it in such a way. This is also supported by J. K. Rowling who once in an interview said that she never pictured Draco as being attractive.
  • Fleur Delacour. We get introduced to Fleur during Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire. She is a student from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and gets introduced to the story when she gets chosen to be the Beauxbatons champion during the Triwizard tournament.
  • Harry Potter. Harry is another character whose description is not fully focused on his appearance. He is vaguely described as a sweet boy who wants to help everyone and who is overall well-liked.
  • Hermione Granger. Hermione Granger is one of the main characters from the beginning of the series and makes up one-third of the main protagonist trio.
  • Cederic Diggory. This choice was even confirmed by J. K. Rowling who said that Cederic is probably the most attractive character in the book series. He is described as Hogwarts golden boy who is good at everything and popular among all of the students.

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Clmence Posy Fleur Delacour

Ron proper fancied Fleur, so it was always going to be weird having her end up with another Weasley but thats exactly what happened and thats okay!

Clémence Poésy who played Fleur is now 38 which makes us all feel horribly old, and boy has she been busy in the years after being the quietest Harry Potter character to ever exist .

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She has appeared in some BIG series such as Tenet, Gossip Girl and 127 Hours, and she has a son named Liam.

Dolores Umbridge Imelda Staunton

Where Is

After a perfect performance as the villain you loved to hate, Imelda Staunton went on to star in multiple theatre roles in London in which she received 5 Olivier Award Nominations, including a win for her performance in Gypsy. She has also kept up appearances on the silver screen with roles in both Maleficent films, both Paddington films, and an appearance in the Downton Abbey movie, alongside her husband, and Downton Abbey star, Jim Carter.

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Hero Beauregard Faulkner Fiennes Tiffin Tom Riddle

Hero Beauregard Faulkner Fiennes Tiffin is the actor who played 11-year-old Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Just looking at the photo you can tell they smashed the casting he has one of those cold faces that is evil through and through.

Hes done it all since, modelling for Dolce and Gabana and appearing as Hardin Scott in the film After. Hes really made a name for himself as a respected actor, and it clearly runs in the blood for his uncle is Ralph Fiennes, the man who played Voldemort.

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Speaking of After, the film was based upon a Wattpad fanfiction about One Direction, in which it portrays Harry as abusive and in a negative light. Nice.

What Are The Slightly Irrelevant Cast Of The Harry Potter Films Up To Now

Colin Creevey actually became a photographer

Harry Potter was chock-full of actors big and small. You had the heavyweight British actors like Kenneth Brannagh, Ralph Fiennes and Helena Bonham Carter, whilst some other pretty popular faces brought up some of the more minor characters such as Warwick Davis as Professor Flitwick. However, as is the case with all films, there needs to be a load of supporting cast knocking about to ensure that the scenes look as impressive as they need to be.

And oh are there some good ones. Youll be surprised by how youll recognise everyone on this list considering how largely irrelevant they were to the franchise. Im not being mean by saying irrelevant, but rather I simply suggest that their parts werent quite as important as the main cast that we all know and love, you know? Anyway, instead of watching hours of TikToks that go: Ive got guns in my head and they wont go, weve compiled all the before and afters here for your quick perusal heres what some of the less relevant cast members have been up to since.

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Luna Lovegood Evanna Lynch

Evanna Lynch has always been a symbol of hope for Harry Potter fans, getting hired on for Order of the Phoenix as a massive fan of the series. Besides appearing on MuggleCast several times, she has also starred and appeared in several smaller movies since Deathly Hallows wrapped, including 2015s Addiction, starring Pretty Little Liars actor Ian Harding. Notably, she also came third in season 27 of Dancing with the Stars. She currently hosts a vegan and sustainability podcast called The ChickPeeps.

Narcissa Malfoy Helen Mccrory

Oliver Wood All Scenes in Harry Potter [HD]

Originally cast to play Bellatrix, McCrory had to step down from the role due to pregnancy. Fortunately she had another chance to star in the Potter films, and was later cast as Narcissa Malfoy. McCrorys continued to hit it big post-Potter, scoring major roles in Penny Dreadful and Peaky Blinders, as well as voicing Stelmaria in His Dark Materials

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Harry Potter: Every Actor To Play Lord Voldemort

Lord Voldemort is the arch-antagonist of the entire Harry Potter story, but the dark wizard was portrayed by a number of actors on the big screen.

Lord Voldemort is one of the most famous characters in the;Harry Potter book and movie franchise, but he’s been portrayed by a succession of different actors on the big screen. Initially spoken of in hushed tones, J.K. Rowling introduces the legend of Voldemort in the very first book,;depicting;a fearsome wizard who terrorized the entire magic world, only to be defeated while attempting to kill a young Harry Potter.

After his clash with the most dangerous baby of all time, Voldemort loses his physical form and spends the first few books attempting a revival. The first time fans witness Voldemort, he’s secreted on the rear side of a teacher’s head, for example, and can later be seen as a deformed, blanket-covered bundle of evil. Only in;The Goblet of Fire does Voldemort regain his true form, and this regular changing of appearance necessitated a series of actors when adapting;Harry Potter for film. Furthermore, Rowling often delves back into Voldemort’s past as the Hogwarts student Tom Riddle, resulting in an even wider selection of actors playing the villain.

While one or two Voldemort actors are widely known, others may only be recognizable by sight, and some perhaps flew under the radar altogether. Here are all the actors who played Lord Voldemort on the big screen.

Lucius Malfoy Jason Isaacs

Since Lucius Malfoy made his cowardly exit from the Harry Potter series, Jason Isaacs has enjoyed many roles. Some braver than the blonde Death Eater, and some not. Isaacs has appeared in some movies, but hes largely found his homes on TV. Hes starred in Netflixs The OA and Star Trek: Discovery, and has lent his iconic voice to Star Wars Rebels and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

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Freddie Stroma Cormac Mclaggen

Cormac fancied Hermione. Who didnt? AND he was willing to trample all over Ron to get to her, which is either really arrogant or admiringly persistent depending on which way you look at it. Cormac was played by Freddie Stroma, and weve seen him a few times on our screens since.

Whether it was playing a minor role in Pitch Perfect as a radio station manager or Game of Thrones like his costar Natalina, hes got some pretty impressive credits, but the best I hear you ask? Well, that has to go to this douchey guy from The Inbetweeners Two:

Freddie became engaged in 2015 to his UnREAL costar Johana Braddy, and they were married in 2016.

#celebratewithimpossible Thank you for buying these incredible burgers! My favorite burger in the world!

Freddie Stroma

Sean Bean As Sirius Black

Remember Harry Potter

Kind, but internally scarred. Rough as nails, but soft around the edges. How does one pull this off without ending up with a completely hackneyed job at the end of the day? Well, for one, Gary Oldman pulled it off with near-effortlessness. Also, if there was ever an actor who could manage this duty just as skillfully, it’d be Sean Bean. The fact that he’s played;his fair share of both villains and heroes definitely aids in his defense. Bean has a history of portraying tragic characters, so when it comes to playing Sirius Black, he’d simply be satisfying a trend in his filmography. Honestly, though,;Sirius Black is as tragic a character as they come, so Bean should feel right at home.

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Cormac Mclaggen Freddie Stroma

Freddie Stroma may not have had a large part in the Harry Potter series, but he left an impression. Its hard to forget his less than subtle romantic advances towards Hermione in Half-Blood Prince, of which Stroma played with the perfect amount of charm and slime. After Deathly Hallows, Stroma earned a role in Pitch Perfect, Game of Thrones, Unreal, and is set to be in Bridgerton alongside Julie Andrews, airing sometime this year.

Magical Abilities And Skills

Fred and George about Oliver’s Keeping skills

Oliver prevents a Slytherin Chaser from scoring a goal during a 1991 match

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Sirius Black Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman might have been unrecognizable as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour, but you definitely recognized him when he won the Oscar for the role! Hes starred in many acclaimed movies since he wrapped on HP, the most notable being The Dark Knight Rises as Commissioner Gordon, The Hitmans Bodyguard and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Oliver Wood Is All Grown Up

oliver wood being legendary

If you live your life like you’re just one Hogwarts letter away from dominating at the Quidditch Cup, then you obviously know former Gryffindor captain Oliver Wood. Wood appeared in both Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone in 2001 and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in 2003, and though he had a relatively small part in the film adaptations of J.K. Rowling’s novels, his character became an instant fan favorite. Maybe it was his skills on the Quidditch field; maybe it was the fact that he had the most adorable Scottish accent ever. Either way, Wood’s appearance onscreen has led Harry Potter fans to wonder what the actor who plays him, Sean Biggerstaff, is doing off the Quidditch pitch â and what the former Gryffindor player looks like today.

Biggerstaff has been quite busy post-Potter, and if you consider yourself a Whovian, you may already know at least part of what he’s been up to. Biggerstaff voiced Chris Parsons on Doctor Who: Shada. Shada was an unaired BBC broadcast from the ’80s â it was cut due to a BBC strike â that was later turned into an audio play accompanied by limited flash animation. You can watch out the first episode of the series below… or close your eyes and just listen.


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Severus Snape Alan Rickman

Rickman unfortunately passed away in 2016 at the age of 69. The actor had a huge career outside of the Harry Potter film series, starring in well-known films like Die Hard, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and Love Actually. His final film was a voice role in Alice Through the Looking Glass as Absolem. He also voiced the Blue Caterpillar in Disneys 2010 iteration of Alice in Wonderland.

Cillian Murphy As Severus Snape

If there were to ever be a remake, no actor who is cast as Severus Snape will get off easy. Snape is such a beloved character in the series, and the late Alan Rickman is such a revered talent, that “replacing” him seems sinful. Still, if a remake is inevitable, then recasting is as well. So, to cast the role as perfectly as possible, one would have to seriously shake things up. Playing it safe and attempting to remake Rickman himself, so to speak, would surely only end up in a disaster, but casting someone like Cillian Murphy, the pale, romantic, but also dangerous-seeming thespian breathes some new life into this complicated, multi-layered character. We’re not saying that he’d be better than Rickman, but he would certainly bring something;refreshingly dark to a new generation of films.

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Gregory Goyle Josh Herdman

Herdman played the other half of Malfoys cronies in the Harry Potter series , and is one of the few actors who has been in every film. Hes had a few acting roles since then, including 2018s Robin Hood. Hes next set to appear in the television adaptation of Anthony Horowitzs Alex Rider book series. In addition to acting, Herdman also began a career as an MMA fighter in 2016.

Professor Sprout Miriam Margolyes

Whatever Happened To

The perfectly portrayed Pomona Sprout has had an illustrious career in film, television, and theatre. Aside from two appearances in the Harry Potter films, Margolyes has most recently appeared in season 8 and 9 of , and in 2019 played Miss Shepherd in a production of Lady in the Van. Interestingly, the 2015 film version starred Margolyes fellow Potter professor, Maggie Smith.

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Viktor Krum Stanislav Ianevski

Hermiones first boyfriend was played by Stanislav Yanevski in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He filmed scenes with Emma Watson for Bill and Fleurs wedding in Deathly Hallows: Part 1, but this scene was cut from the film. After Potter, Yanevski has had a quiet career in the film and tv industry, but he is set to attend LeakyCon Orlando this summer.

Other Harry Potter Cast Members

Katie Bell Georgina LeonidasSlytherin twins Amber Evans, Ruby EvansRoger Davies Henry Lloyd HughesPenelope Clearwater Gemma PadleyPiers Polkiss Jason BoydDudleys friend Malcolm Richard MacklinGryffindor Quidditch team Danielle Taylor; Leilah Sutherland/ Rochelle Douglas; Emily DaleSlytherin Quidditch team David Holmes, Will Theakston, Scott Fearn

Luke Youngblood Lee Jordan

Ah, Luke Youngblood of Tracy Beaker fame and Tracy Beaker fame only. If youre scratching your head over where youve seen him other than these two credits then do not fear, for hes been very busy since the days of befriending Potter and Beaker.

Thats right, you have seen him since, whether you realise it or not he appeared in Scooby-Doo 4: Curse of the Lake Monster as none other than Mr Doo himself, although he is credited as Scooby Suit Performer. Yes, I tried to find behind the scenes pictures of this so that we could all have a good laugh. No, I couldnt find any.

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Now that hes all big and grown-up, hes lent his voice to an animated Fast and Furious series on Netflix as well as, oddly, appeared in an episode of Glee in 2010.

If you told 10-year-old me that Ben from Tracy Beaker would appear in Glee one day, I wouldve said: What is Glee? I am 10 and Glee hasnt been invented yet.

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