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Which Harry Potter Movie Is Most Like The Book

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Harry Potter Series From Most Accurate To Least Accurate

The Weirdest Things Cut From the Harry Potter Books | OSSA Movies

From best to worst, which films I think depicted the books better.


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PG|152 min|Adventure, Family, Fantasy

An orphaned boy enrolls in a school of wizardry, where he learns the truth about himself, his family and the terrible evil that haunts the magical world.

Director:Chris Columbus| Stars:Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Richard Harris, Maggie Smith


We as fans should understand best of all that book to film adaptations can only squeeze so much in all at once. With that being said I feel that the Sorcerer’s Stone did beautiful justice. It was the first movie that set the tone for the ones to follow, and they subtracted things that didn’t alter the story line. Great work Columbus!

PG|142 min|Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione return to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for their third year of study, where they delve into the mystery surrounding an escaped prisoner who poses a dangerous threat to the young wizard.

Director:Alfonso Cuarón| Stars:Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Richard Griffiths


Azkaban is my favorite to watch out of the series, it practically mirrored the book! Sure, some things were a little different but it maintained that constant magic feel that Rowling expresses so wonderfully in her books. I’ll never grow tired of this movie.

PG|157 min|Adventure, Family, Fantasy


Even People Who Hate Reading Love Reading Harry Potter

One of the best things about the Harry Potter series is that it encouraged thousands of people who previously claimed they “hated reading,” to pick up a book and actually enjoy it. And allowing so many people to enjoy the written word and collectively experience such an enchanting story is a magic in and of itself.

Images: Giphy , Warner Bros

The Fantastic Beasts Movies

When it comes to finding movies like Harry Potter, theres no better way to do that than by watching a movie set in the same universe. The first Fantastic Beasts movie is based on Rowlings Hogwarts Library Book that talks about all kinds of different magical creatures. The movie features a whole new cast of characters, although you may hear some familiar names thrown around. Despite the new characters, though, the whole movie is very much in the vein of Harry Potter.

The second movie is even more similar to the Harry Potter flicks and features younger versions of some well-known characters like Albus Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall. Dumbledore relies on a young, slightly nerdy, inexperienced man named Newt Scarmander to help him in a great battle against the evil Grindelwald, a man who gives even Voldemort a run for his money in the powerful bad guy department.

If you havent seen these yet or if you purposely passed them up because you thought they couldnt possibly compare to the original eight films, go watch them. Youre sure to love them.

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Missed The Mark: Percy Weasley

Similar to Remus Lupin, Percy’s character suffers from a lack of screentime. Percy is not close to Harry in the books, but he is far more part of the Weasley family drama. As Percy moved up in the Ministry, he became attached to Minister Fudge, siding against his family on several occasions. Percy’s betrayal caused hurt feelings amongst the Weasley family until Percy’s reunion during the Battle of Hogwarts. In the movies, Percy is shown beside Minister Fudge. Still, the conflicts with Percy’s allegiance and how he hurt his family, along with his own personal transformation, are left out, leaving him not to be remembered well at all.

Harry Never Gets His Signed Hogsmeade Permission Slip In The Movies

Harry Potter: 15 Most Interesting Facts From The Books ...

After trying and failing to get Vernon Dursley to sign his Hogsmeade permission slip at the beginning of “Prisoner of Azkaban,” Harry is forced to stay at school while everyone else enjoys the nearby wizard village.

The book includes a scene near the end where Harry receives a signed Hogsmeade permission slip from Sirius, who he recently discovered is his godfather and legal guardian.

However, that scene is left out of the movie, which creates some confusion in later films when he’s suddenly able to visit the village.

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A Darker Shade Of Magic By V E Schwab

Kell is the prince of Red London who spends his time delivering messages to the other royals of the other Londons. How many you ask?

  • Grey: No magic and currently ruled by an insane king.
  • Red: magic is held in an especial awe, and a flourishing dynasty exists.
  • White: ruled by whoever has recently murdered their way into power, this version of London fights against magic and magic battles against oppression. As you can guess, this hasnt worked out so well for those who wish to suppress magic.
  • Black: No one speaks of this one anymore.

Unofficially, Kell is a smuggler.

He takes people to see what the other versions of their city look like. Being a smuggler he is no stranger to danger which is good because meeting the cut-purse Delilah Bard introduces him to more than he can bargain with.

If you loved Harry Potter for its world-hopping, then you will certainly enjoy V. E. Schwabs A Darker Shade of Magic.

Dedicated to The ones who dream of stranger worlds this is a splendid tome worth your hard earned ducats and far more important than what you are watching on TV or reading right now .

A Gathering of Shadows finds Red London preparing for the Element Games, a grand and international magical competition

But amidst all the excitement and grand pageantry, Black London has risen the way a shadow that was gone in the night reappears in the morning.

And shes right.

Dumbledores Death Seemed Even Sadder

Dumbledores final moments will always be poignant, whether on page or on screen. But its even worse when you realise how Harry watched Dumbledore die in the book.

In the film Half-Blood Prince , Harry did as Dumbledore wished, lying low on a floor below as Snape did his foul deed.

In the book, however, Dumbledore Petrified Harry, so he couldnt even try to save the headmaster he was utterly helpless, forced to watch his mentor die before his eyes. So Harry is perhaps even more tortured than it may seem from the film.

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The Movies Eliminate Information

Speaking of cutting for time… the movies cut SO MUCH INFORMATION. I’m still peeved that the movies didn’t show Harry mending his wand with the elder wand, or Wormtail’s hand turning on him, or even Rita Skeeter as a beetle. The books have a much richer world because of all this extra information. Not only do these big events raise interesting and important themes, small details such as descriptions of Hogwarts make the book that much richer.

Magical Books Like Harry Potter

The LARGEST Harry Potter Book Collection in the World | Over 1,700 Books

When Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released, some of us thought wed never find another worthy book series again. But little did we know that there are tons of other amazing books like Harry Potter out there you just have to know where to look!

Fortunately, as Albus Dumbledore said, Help will always be given on the Internet to those who ask for it. Here are 20 magical books like Harry Potter that will Portkey you right back to your Hogwarts days.

Psst think that you’ve got what it takes to call yourself a true Potterhead? Take our ultimate trivia quiz below to find out!

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The Films Ignore An Important Warning From Professor Mcgonagall

In the “Sorcerer’s Stone” movie, when Harry is gifted with a Nimbus 2000 from Professor McGonagall, he opens it at the table in the Great Hall in front of all the other students.

But because first years at Hogwarts aren’t technically allowed to have brooms, in the book McGonagall’s gift comes with a very explicit note telling him not to open it at the table or else everyone else will want one.

His Dark Materials By Philip Pullman

Pullmans works are perfect for the reader who craves an intellectual challenge. Taking place across multiple universes and containing some pretty complex religious references , His Dark Materials grounds itself in the journey of Lyra Belacqua, a 12-year-old girl with a knack for lying. Lyra and her dæmon travel the worlds of the series in search of kidnapped children, and a mysterious elemental matter called Dust. These quests reveal mind-bending twists and turns that Pullman masterfully narrates over the course of this epic trilogy.

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Neverwhere By Neil Gaiman

Though the TV series technically came first, Neil Gaimans novelized adaptation of Neverwhere has become a fantasy staple in its own right. Businessman Richard Mayhew gets sucked into the world of London Below, a Stranger Things Upside-Down-esque version of the city where Knightsbridge is not a posh shopping district but an actual bridge with a knight, and where the trains runs on its own random schedule. Though Richards only intention is to right the wrongs that have transpired in London Above, he quickly becomes wrapped up in the drama of this neverwhere, following a mysterious girl named Door who may or may not lead him to his doom.

The Percy Jackson Films Show You What It Means To Be Poseidons Son

20 Movies To Watch If You Like Harry Potter

The Percy Jackson films take us to a world where demigods are roaming the Earth and improving their powers & abilities in a hidden campsite in the forest. The film stars Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson. He is joined by Alexandra Daddario, Brandon T. Jackson, Sean Bean, Pierce Brosnan, Melina Kanakaredes, and Rosario Dawson.

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The Letters From No One

  • Dudley appears to know about Hogwarts, as he stares worriedly at Harry like his parents do. In the books, Dudley does not know about magic when Harry gets his letter.
  • The scene when Harry gets Dudley’s second bedroom is omitted. He does get the room in the second film, with the latter film implying that the Dursleys supplied Harry with the room after the First Year.
  • The scene where Harry and the Dursleys go to a random hotel to get away from the letters was omitted from the film, so instead they went straight to the hut.
  • Because of this, Dudley’s line of “Daddy’s gone mad, hasn’t he?!” was moved to immediately after Uncle Vernon declares that they are going to move far enough away to ensure that the owls can’t find them. In the book, Dudley says this line only after Vernon pauses driving long enough to do a glance around to see if any owls are following them on a bridge.
  • The scene with Harry and the Dursleys using the rowboat of the toothless old man to get to the hut is omitted Therefore, the old man is also omitted from the film, but he appears in concept artwork only.
  • Literary Characters Of Harry Potter

    choices. Huckleberry Finn, Sherlock Holmes, Matilda, and Harry Potter are just a few of the thousands of popular characters in literature. Many are so popular that a film is created from their novels. One of the most recognized novel collections that have been made into a movie franchise is the Harry Potter collection. This is a multi-billion dollar franchise that has captured the world for decades. It is based on a young boy named Harry Potter, who faces many struggles throughout his magical journey

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    Bet You Cant Get 15/15 On This Harry Potter Trivia Quiz

    How well do you know the Harry Potter series? Take this quiz to get your O.W.L. score!

    Often hailed as “Harry Potter meets college,” The Magicians follows disillusioned 17-year-old Quentin Coldwater as he comes to discover much, much more than the magic of freshman parties. On the day of his supposed Princeton interview, Quentin instead gets interviewed and accepted to Brakebills a highly selective university of bona fide sorcery.

    While he initially finds the Brakebills curriculum frustrating and tedious , Quentin ultimately rises to its challenges, forming strong bonds with his fellow classmates. Good thing, too, because hell need them when trouble comes knocking trouble which, as we know from HP, is never far away from any given magic school.

    Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2

    Harry Potter Actors’ LEAST Favorite Scenes To Film

    As for the top two Potter films, Azkaban is the most inventive and artistically ambitious of the series, but Deathly Hallows 2 is the mightiest.

    So many film series and trilogies have, to varying degrees, stumbled in the final outing, leaving fans nitpicking or altogether unsatisfied. The Harry Potter series ended with a streamlined crash of thunder. The filmmakers saw the potential here, and they made the right choices across the board to realize it its hard to imagine this turning out any better than it did. Thats what makes this the best Harry Potter film in the series.

    This is an action movie, pure and simple, set piece after set piece. Each is excavated for maximum emotional impact after a decade of world and character-building. Its the kind of gigantically-budgeted-yet-heartfelt entertainment that only comes along every so often and reminds us of what were hoping for when we go to the movies.

    Deathly Hallows 2 received universal critical acclaim and became only the ninth film in history to gross over $1 billion. It received three Oscar nominations, and frankly it deserved a Best Picture nod.

    The best part: As in the first film, its Snape again. The poetic flashback in the Pensieve changes everything weve seen before. Snape is this epic series heartbeat.

    Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the livingand above all, those who live without love.

    From Warner Bros. Pictures, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is now playing.

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    Red Queen By Victoria Aveyard

    This one sounds like a fairytale retelling, but its actually a biting, brutal examination of class hierarchies and blood feuds literally. In Red Queen, the population divides and conquers or is conquered based on the color of their blood. Young, red-blooded commoner Mare Barrow is a lowly worker at the Silver Palace, until a sudden twist of fate launches her into their upper ranks. The Silvers immediately see that this red-blooded girl threatens their sovereignty, and they hatch a plan to claim her as a “lost Silver princess and get her on their side. Little do they know that Mare has a few of her own tricks to play and that she knows that blood alone moves the wheels of history .

    The Deathly Hallows And The Book Vs Book

    Harry Potter has lots of differences between the movies and books. Even if they may appear similar on the surface, they are very dissimilar once you look beyond the outer similarities. The best movie/book to contrast is the first movie of the deathly hallows and the book, mainly because it has the greatest similarities between the book and the movies. The possible reason why the movie has the least amount of major differences is because, It was split into two parts which allowed it to remain more

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    Comparing Jesus Christ And Harry Potter As Heroes Essay

    would definitely be Harry Potter, and the other would surely be Jesus Christ. On one hand, Harry Potter is known as the protagonist of the best-selling Harry Potter book series, which was written by JK Rowling. He is a boy wizard who encountered many different trials and tribulations during his stay in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The seven books have been read by millions of children and adults all over the world, and its popularity was evident when four books in the series were

    Netflixs A Series Of Unfortunate Events

    harry potter and the sorcerer

    Three siblings are orphaned and are then adopted by an evil man who wants to kill them so he can inherit their fortune. On the surface, it doesnt seem very Potter-like, but it absolutely is.

    Despite the loss of their parents and their horrible home life, the siblings are like Harry and his friends in one other important way: Theyre constantly placed into horrible, dangerous situations that require each of them to use his or her own particular gifts and skills to get out safely.

    Theres no magic, but youll see so much of Ron, Harry and Hermione in the Baudelaire siblings that youll instantly understand why this series is so high up on the list of movies like Harry Potter, and although he doesnt have magic powers, Count Olaf is easily as evil and dark-natured as Lord Voldemort.

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    Harry Potter Books Vs Movies 20 Major Differences

    Its been ten years since the last Harry Potter movie was released, and over a decade since the final novel hit shelves, and yet Potter-mania has never been so alive. Fans still have enduring adoration for the ever-popular movie franchise, yet like us, are still bummed out that the movie adaptations were so different from the books.

    Like with any book to film adaptation, there are many discrepancies between their plots, characters and scenes.

    While we know its impossible to fit in every little detail , we have however, spotted some differences between the Harry Potter books and movies

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