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What Houses Are There In Harry Potter

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A Secret Playroom Under The Stairs

The Harry Potter Themed House in Orlando Florida Near Universal Studios | Wizard’s Way!!

Another ambitious parent had the same idea as Courtney;and saw an opportunity to recreate;Harry’s makeshift bedroom in the cupboard under his stairs when he bought a new house in Connecticut. The project was blogged by dad Peter on his;Chronicles of a New Dad;showing the;transformation of a drab and dreary storage space into a fantastical Harry Potter-themed hideout for his two young sons.

More On The Founder Salazar Slytherin

Salazar Slytherin was said to have valued those who were cunning, had great ambition, and were pure of blood.

According to Pottermore, Salazar was very skilled at Legilimency and was also the first recorded parselmouth .

Salazar ended up getting into a fight with the other founders and decided to leave Hogwarts. There is a great legend that Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor got into a big duel prior to him leaving the school.

Which Celebrities Are In Gryffindor

In a surprising Twist, Draco Malfoy actor, Tom Felton, revealed that he is actually a Gryffindor. He Tweeted: âToday was the day. I finally did it. I joined Pottermore and was sorted intoâ¦â¦..Gryffindor. Heart broken x #slytherinforlifeâ. JK Rowling responded by saying that she could have told Tom that years ago but didnât want to spoil his motivation while playing the role of Draco.

Luna Lovegood actress, Evanna Lynch, is a member of the Gryffindor house. Even though Luna is a proud Ravenclaw, Evanna was sorted in Gryffindor as revealed in a Youtube video.

Actor Kit Harington revealed in an interview that he is a member of Gryffindor. He also revealed that he is a huge Harry Potter fan in general. Pretty cool to know that Jon Snow of Game of Thrones would be a Gryffindor.

Actress after she took the Pottermore quiz. Margot also admitted to rigging some of the answers in order to end up in her favorite house.

During an interview, Shawn Mendes said that he thinks he would be in Gryffindor.

Bonnie Wright ended up in Gryffindor after she took a Hogwarts house test. This matches her on-screen character, Ginny Weasley.

Tom Holland found out he was in Gryffindor after taking a test. Holland also noted that he is âobsessedâ with the world of Harry Potter.

During Daniel Radcliffeâs Reddit AMA, he said that there is no doubt that he would be in the same house as Harry.

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Luna Lovegood Actress Evanna Lynch Has Been Placed Into Gryffindor Both Times She Took The Quiz

Lynch took the original sorting quiz when Pottermore first launched in 2011 and got Gryffindor. She was hesitant to take the quiz a second time when Pottermore relaunched in 2016.

“I almost didn’t do it because I was like, ‘I don’t want my Gryffindorness taken away.’ Then I thought, a Gryffindor wouldn’t be afraid of that,”;Lynch explained during a Q&A at Universal Studios Resorts’ 2016 Harry Potter celebration.

Awesome Harry Potter Things To Do In London

Harry Potter: The Best And Worst Traits From Each Hogwarts ...

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Youve read the books, watched the movies and maybe even played the games, but now its time to bring your Harry Potter fantasy to life by walking in the footsteps of some of the UKs most beloved fictional characters.

In this post, youll not only find a rundown of the most famous Harry Potter filming locations in London you can visit for yourself, but also the best London Harry Potter attractions as well as trips to other Harry Potter locations around the rest of the UK.

What you’ll find in this post

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Which Hogwarts House Have You Been Sorted Into And What Does It Mean

So, you’ve just been sorted into your Hogwarts House. It’s an exciting time in any new witch or wizard’s life, but it naturally comes with a lot of questions.

  • What does it mean to be sorted into a particular house?
  • What does it say about your personality? Your strengths and weaknesses?
  • And, most importantly, your house is the best one out of them all, right?

This article explores some of the key traits that define members of each of the four Hogwarts houses; Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. It lists the main characters associated with each house and delves into the strengths and weaknesses that define the culture of the four houses.

The emblem of Gryffindor House is a lion, symbolising strength and courage.

Head of House: Professor Minerva McGonnogall

Ghost: Nearly Headless Nick

House Colours: Red and gold

Main Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Albus Dumbledore, Neville Longbottom, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, and Ginny Weasley

Gryffindor is arguably the most focused-on house in the Harry Potter series and gets the most page-time devoted to explaining the story of its foundation and culture. This makes sense considering the three main characters of the series are all sorted into Gryffindor. However, amongst the series’ fans, there are surprisingly few people sorted into Gryffindor house, making it almost like an exclusive club. If you’ve just been sorted into Gryffindor, congratulations!

Madam Malkin’s Robes For All Occasions

Madam Malkin’s is a clothing shop next to Flourish & Blotts. It sells robes and other clothing, including the standard Hogwarts-required plain black work robes, and dress robes. Inside the shop, Madam Malkin and her assistants will tailor the robes to fit. Malkin is an archaic term for a crotchety old woman.

Harry has two meetings with Draco Malfoy in Madam Malkin’s shop. This is where Harry meets the first wizard of his own age, Malfoy, for the first time, in Philosopher’s Stone. Harry is rather bewildered by the questions Malfoy asks, because Harry is still unfamiliar with many aspects of the wizarding world. A second meeting occurs just before the beginning of Harry’s sixth year, in Half-Blood Prince. This meeting is far more unpleasant, and escalates quickly into a near-duel before Malfoy and his mother leave in disgust.

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Slug And Jiggers Apothecary

The Apothecary sells scales, potions and potion ingredients. The shop is quite fascinating despite its very bad smell . The inside includes barrels of slimy stuff on the floor, jars of herbs, dried roots and bright powders on the shelves, and bundles of feathers, strings of fangs and snarled claws hanging from the ceiling. Harry regularly buys ingredients, as well as his scales, from the Apothecary.

Some of the ingredients available are silver unicorn horns , glittery-black beetle eyes , and Dragon liver .

Hogwarts House Quiz Warming Up A Little

Showcase: Harry Potter’s childhood house for sale

The four founders picked students for their houses in the early days of the school. But after that, Godric Gryffindor took off his hat, and they each applied expertise to it, enabling the Sorting Hat to choose the students by judging the attributes of each student and putting them in the most suitable house.

Gryffindor values courage, bravery, nerve, and chivalry, and its mascot is the lion, with scarlet red and gold color.

Hufflepuff values hard work, patience, justice, and loyalty. The house mascot is the badger, and canary yellow and black.

Ravenclaw values intelligence, learning, wisdom, and wit with a mascot of the eagle and the color of blue and bronze.

And the last house, Slytherin, values ambition, cunning, leadership, and resourcefulness. The house mascot of Slytherin is the serpent, and its colors are green and silver.

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More About The Founder Godric Gryffindor

Godric Gryffindor was said to value courage, determination, and also strength in students that represented his house.

Godricâs Hollow is named after him. This is the village where Harry lived when he was a baby. This was also the place where Harryâs parents were murdered by Lord Voldemort.

Godric was said to be the most accomplished dueler of his time.

Godric and Salazar Slytherin were originally great friends but they grew apart in their later years.

Is Slytherin A Bad Place To Live In

Slytherins can be cruel and snide, as Harry Potter can attest.;We dont think that being a Slytherin makes you a bad person.;Draco, to us, is proof that Slytherin wasnt a breeding ground of evil and Dark wizards. Instead, Draco shows us that wizards are just as flawed and desire the same things as everyone else.

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See The Location Of Harry Potter’s House On The Bermuda Free Fire Map

Hello Buddy Booyah!

Free Fire has different houses with lots of mentions. One of them is the Harry Potter house. I dont know where the naming of this house came from, it seems that the choice of this name was inspired by the houses in Harry Potter.

A house with 3 floors with a style similar to the house in Harry Potter, this is called this one house. This time, BOOYAHCOID will tell you the location of Harry Potters house on the Bermuda map, see below.

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Hermione Granger: Horned Serpent

Watch as your favorite

If there’s one sorting from this group that’s a no-brainer, it’s that Hermione belongs in Horned Serpent. At Hogwarts, she ended up in Gryffindor because, although she’s very smart, and values learning, she values bravery and standing up for others more. At Ilvermorny, you are not sorted based on your values, but rather how you embrace those values – and more often than not, Hermione embraces hers through learning and preparation.

She’d fit right in with the other bookworms in Horned Serpent, and would love spending time in their quiet, peaceful common room – but after a while, she would probably get bored and end up seeking the companionship of her friends in other houses.

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Gryffindor Strengths And Characteristics

Courage: Gryffindors have courage in the face and display it in everything they do.;This could be obvious , or subtle .

Daring: Gryffindors dont mind putting themselves at risk for a noble cause.;Harry, Ron and Hermione have repeatedly put themselves at risk.

Gryffindors feel a strong sense of responsibility and are able to protect the weak. They will also act with integrity, putting others first.;Gryffindors are charming and loved by many.

Gryffindors are morally strong because they see the world divided into right and wrong. They will go to great lengths for the good and fight the evil.

Harry Potter: The Best And Worst Traits From Each Hogwarts House

The Hogwarts Houses in Harry Potter are known for being very distinct – and that means each house is known for some good things… and some bad ones!

The wonderful wizarding franchise of;Harry Potter;has morphed into a phenomenon of which few are bigger or better in the pop culture sphere. Penned by J. K. Rowling before being brought to life on screen across;a decade, there is an immense iconography birthed from the movie, from Harry himself to Voldemort to Dumbledore to Hogwarts.

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One of the most well-known features of the franchise and Hogwarts are the houses; Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Every Potter fan has their house and has likely done the official sorting quiz more than once. Each individual within the four houses is chock full of traits and qualities that have led to the Sorting Hat;sorting them into that specific house, and these traits can be both good and bad. So, what are the best and worst traits of each of the Hogwarts houses?

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Discover Your Hogwarts House On Wizarding World

Are you Gryffindor? Are you Hufflepuff? Are you Slytherin? Are you Ravenclaw?

Find out with the Hogwarts Sorting Experience created by J.K. Rowling.

Now, were assuming youre more than familiar with the four houses of Hogwarts, but heres a quick refresher, just in case.

Hogwarts was founded over a thousand years ago by four powerful wizards: Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff. They chose to split the students into four houses, each bearing their surnames and featuring young wizards and witches who displayed abilities and personalities they wanted to nurture.

To do this, Godric Gryffindor used his magical hat henceforward known as the Sorting Hat to decide which children should go into which house, and so it has been ever since with a yearly Sorting Ceremony that places each new pupil into their own new home.

The four houses have different entry requirements, and nobody summed them up better than the old Sorting Hat itself in its welcoming song…

What Is Your Harry Potter House

We Stayed at the Harry Potter House! Wizards Way Airbnb

Its one thing to know the colors, but its just as important to know what each Hogwarts house represents.

Heres a quick breakdown of each house in Harry Potter: ;;

Favorable Traits: ;Brave, Chivalrous, Noble, Competitive, Daring, Adventurous, Willing to Stand Up for OthersUnfavorable Traits: Impulsive, Stubborn, Hot-headed, Arrogant, Reckless

Favorable Traits: Sly, Clever, Ambitious, Prideful, Resourceful, DeterminedUnfavorable Traits: Cunning, Ruthless, Selfish, Entitled, Manipulative

Favorable Traits: Wise, Intelligent, Creative, Clever, Knowledgeable, QuirkyUnfavorable Traits: Know-it-all, Vain, Standoffish, Dismissive, Overly Proud

Favorable Traits: Hard-working, Dedicated, Fair, Patient, Loyal, Kind, Humble, HonestUnfavorable Traits: Too Trusting, Absent-minded, Naive, Spineless, Easy Taken Advantage Of

The color schemes work hand-in-hand with the traits of each house. Gryffindors are flashy, so they use gold. Slytherins are sly and envious, which is why they have green. You get the idea.

The colors you use always matter, so keep that in mind if youre creating a crest of your own, whether its a small image to print on your wedding invitations or a business logo. Your choice of color could make all the difference in the message youre sending.

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Harry Potter House Quiz 100 Times Better Than Sorting Hat

Every real Harry Potter fan wants to know which Hogwarts house is the best for him. It is not very hard, and you can find your house by answering some simple questions.

Today we have a Harry Potter house quiz for you to make it easier to find out. If you are a potter superfan, you would probably know about the four houses, but if you dont, we are going to walk through it in this test for a quick refresher!

Hogwarts is divided into four houses that are named after their founder: Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Helga Hufflepuff. Throughout the school year, these houses compete for the House Cup, winning and losing points based on acts such as class results and rule violations.

Harry Potter house quiz will suggest you to one of the four classical elements: Fire , Earth , Air , and Water . Each of these also represents one of the four states of matter: Plasma , Gas , Liquid , and Solid .

Slytherin Strengths And Characteristics

All Slytherins share the characteristic of ambition.;They strive to be the best, whether they are the brightest in their class, the most popular with their friends, or the boss at work.;These people often reach these heights and become valued members of society. They also have the ability to be influential in their job field due to their hard work ethic and tremendous desire.

Slytherins have high intelligence, but not as much as Ravenclaws.;Slytherins dont seek to expand their knowledge. Instead, they simply discover ways to make the most of their current abilities.;They are able to be creative and shrewd, which can make them more successful in their quest for fame and power.

Slytherins can be resourceful and make the most of any situation.;They can be creative and flexible and will find a way to turn even the most challenging situations in their favor.

Like Hufflepuffs and Slytherins are determined.;They are more self-centered, however.;Their excellent work ethic will help them achieve their career goals.;Although this might seem self-centered, Slytherins know that by focusing on their own improvement, they can become closer to family and friends, and be more useful to society in general.

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To All The Boys I Loved Before Star Noah Centineo Claims He’s A Gryffindor

While promoting the “To All the Boys” sequel on Netflix, Lana Condor asked her costars their Hogwarts houses.

“They had someone put a hat over my head and they’re like Gryffindor,” said Centineo during a People interview.;

Jordan Fisher, who joins the film in the sequel, said that doesn’t count and that he has to take the actual online test.

What Are The Characteristics Of Hogwarts Houses In Harry Potter

Holy Hogwarts! There

Notable members are Luna Lovegood, Filius Flitwick, and Cho Chang. Ravenclaws ghost, The Grey Lady, is notable in helping Harry in finding the Ravenclaw diadem, and her story may reflect themes of power, betrayal, envy, and pride.

In members like Luna Lovegood, Ravenclaw might be interpreted in the fact that there is knowledge in everything, even in that that might not even exist, or seems impossible to believe.

HUFFLEPUFF is described as the house of the loyal and the fair. The mascot is a badger- the colors are yellow and black.

The founder is Helga Hufflepuff, and the earth is their element. The Hufflepuff ghost is The Fat Friar. Hufflepuffs are seen as loyal, having a good sense of fair play, and are hard-working and kind.

They are, however, slighted by others, and are seen as people who do not fit into the other three houses, or are seen as weak or untalented.

Notable members are Cedric Diggory, Nymphadora Tonks, and Newton Scamander. Hufflepuff might have been used as a way of seeing how other misfits are unjustly seen within society and maybe saying that these supposed oddballs have deeper depths and have their own interests, skill sets, and talents.

SLYTHERIN is described as the house of the ambitious and the cunning. Their device is the serpent, and their colors are green and silver. Its founder is Salazar Slytherin, and their element is water.

They are seen as the worst house in the series and produces the darkest wizards and witches.

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