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Lego Com Harry Potter Sets

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The Franchises Greatest Moments

New sets and LEGO® Designer Q& A – LEGO Harry Potter- LEGO® CON 2021

Since author J.K. Rowling wrote the first entry in her synonymous book series, The Philosophers Stone , the franchise has expanded into various forms of media, the most notable examples of which are the live-action films distributed by Warner Bros: The Philosophers Stone , The Chamber of Secrets , The Prisoner of Azkaban , The Goblet of Fire , The Order of the Phoenix , The Half-Blood Prince , The Deathly Hallows Part 1 , and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 .

To capitalise on the immense hype surrounding the wizarding world, The LEGO Group acquired the license to design and manufacture toys based on the cinematic adaptations, including recreations of scenes, buildable vehicles, and characters in the form of Minifigures and BrickHeadz. Their first Harry Potter LEGO sets were released alongside the initial film, and this side-by-side launch schedule continued for most of the later instalments. Similarly, this applied to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and The Crimes of Grindelwald , which introduced new characters and locations to join those established in the old sets.

Lego Harry Potter Craft Activity #: Be Your Hogwarts Houses Champion

With wands and pets at the ready, all you need now is to show us whether you are a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin student!

With your bricks on the table in front of you, ask the builders to build a piece of your mind. That instruction should be open-ended enough to encourage some true inner-soul builds

After 10 minutes of building has elapsed, then its time for the rest of the table to discuss and guess what Hogwarts House your build best belongs to!

Some might be easy. Perhaps a young Ravenclaw-in-waiting in your family has built themselves a bookcase? Or if you built a snake, then welcome to Slytherin, my cunning friend! Others will be trickier

One thing is for sure, it will lead to lots of interesting discussion with more than a few opportunities for family members to show off their Harry Potter trivia knowledge.

After all, Harry Potter himself proved that you can influence the Sorting Ceremony with which House you would prefer

Top Tip: For maximum effect, the reader of this article shouldnt reveal to the room that this is a Harry Potter Sorting Ceremony, until after the building time has elapsed. Sneaky

These are just some of the ways to get started on your Harry Potter Crafts night. As ever, the best people to figure out what game is best for your family is you!

After all, what was it Dumbledore said? Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.

Hogwarts Moment: Defense Class

Set no: 76397

Release date: 2022Age: 8+

The 2022 Hogwarts Defense Class Harry Potter Lego set is another compact edition, filled with unique details any demanding fan will appreciate perfect for ages 8 and up.

Ideal for displaying, this 257-brick model consists of three minifigures and detachable accessories from potion bottles to a blackboard, desks, and chairs.

This set is compatible with other models and makes an excellent gift for kids, whether they want to carry their playset to school or display it proudly in their bedrooms.

Once completed, the layout will measure over 5 inches high, 3.5 inches wide, and 1.5 inches deep.

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Best Lego Harry Potter Sets For Christmas

Accio fun! With a wave of your wand you can bring home the best gifts of magic and fun around with these sparkling LEGO® Harry Potter sets. Find unexpected magic in every corner of Hogwarts, with interconnecting sets, huge character display items and all the familiar faces from the films. Mischief managed!

Final Thoughts On The Best Lego Harry Potter Sets

LEGO Harry Potter, ufficiali i set della seconda metà del 2020

Because the Harry Potter LEGO universe is so vast, it can make choosing the right Harry Potter set overwhelming, even for the well-educated LEGO enthusiast and Harry Potter fan. And its hard to not feel like you need to spend a lot of money to get a good enough set. However, just one of the things I love about LEGO is that the company has always done a great job of creating worlds within different price ranges and aimed at various ages. Harry Potter is no different.

As I said earlier in the article, my favorite pick out of them all is Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets based on what you get and the price of it and it might be yours as well.

So when choosing your next LEGO choice, take a look at the Harry Potter options, especially the exciting 20th-anniversary sets that have recently come out! I can guarantee you wont be disappointed!

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Where To Find Retired Harry Potter Lego Sets

As a Lego enthusiast, youre bound to find yourself scavenging the internet at one point or another in the hopes of finding discontinued sets you feel you simply cant live without!

While this isnt always simple, there are still many Harry Potter Lego sets you can purchase if you look in the right places.

Unfortunately, many of the current sets are scheduled to retire still this year , although specific dates havent been established for many.

That said, be sure to grab them while you can!

If youre looking into sets that have already been officially discontinued, Amazon is probably the best place to search.

And while the official online Lego store may display many of their retired sets in their catalog, they wont be available for purchase.

Below are some of the more recent Lego Harry Potter sets you can find on Amazon:

/25 Worth A Fortune: Motorized Hogwarts Express 10132

The Hogwarts Express is another iconic feature of the Harry Potter franchise which has been immortalized in Lego several times. While many of the sets are expensive I can see why this one commands the highest price.

The main attraction is that the train is motorized.

While this is a nice touch in itself the set also contains a nice looking Hogsmeade station as well as Harry, Ron, Lupin and dementor minifigures, recreating a scene from The Prisoner of Azkaban.

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/25 Worth A Fortune: Dumbledores Office 4729

This 446 piece set from back in 2002 is another really well designed set with secret passages and an array of moving parts as well as 3 mini figures.

Set in a three-story building it includes a swiveling armchair, secret hiding place, secret entrance, and moving staircase. It also connects to the Hogwarts castle set from the same year.

The set was also the only set to contain Professor McGonagall until the 2010 Hogwarts castle, which features a redesigned version.

Hogwarts Express Collectors Edition

LEGO Harry Potter Diagon Alley | LEGO Designer Video | 75978

Set no: 76405

Release date: 2022Age: 18+

If you already happen to own or have a soft spot for the Hogwarts Express Lego set, youll get a kick out of this brand-new Collectors Edition!

Filled with authentic details, realistic movement, and lights for the real deal, this incredible model comprises an impressive 1:32 scale replica of the emblematic steam train.

A three-room passenger car packed with movie references, a cast of 20 characters, and so much more can all be found within this single deluxe set youll love all the surprise features!

This edition is more elaborate and, therefore, targeted at brick-builders 18+. The model measures over 10.5 inches high, 46.5 inches long, and 8 inches wide.

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If Youre Sure Better Be Gryffindor

It all began for us with Harry being sorted into Gryffindor at the start of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone with set 4701. Yep, that was the first LEGO Harry Potter set EVER. Its designer, Henrik Saaby, explains that we wanted for kids to be able to do the Sorting for themselves. So we made it as a spinning wheel.

Harry Potter Toys And Gifts

  • Piece count: high to low New
  • Average rating3.7out of 5 starsPrice£429.99
  • Average rating4.8out of 5 starsPrice£409.99
  • Average rating4.4out of 5 starsPrice£389.99
  • Average rating3.6out of 5 starsPrice£29.99
  • Average rating4.8out of 5 starsPrice£259.99
  • Average rating4.1out of 5 starsPrice£114.99
  • Average rating4.7out of 5 starsPrice£79.99
  • Average rating4.5out of 5 starsPrice£44.99
  • Average rating5out of 5 starsPrice£39.99
  • Average rating4.5out of 5 starsPrice£79.99
  • Average rating4.2out of 5 starsPrice£24.99
  • Average rating3.3out of 5 starsPrice£89.99
  • Average rating4.9out of 5 starsPrice£21.99
  • Average rating4.8out of 5 starsPrice£24.99
  • Average rating4.5out of 5 starsPrice£59.99
  • Average rating4.7out of 5 starsPrice£89.99
  • Average rating4.6out of 5 starsPrice£34.99

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Spellbinding Lego Harry Potter Crafts And Activities For All The Family

As you watch the Harry Potter movies as a family for the bajillionth time, has there ever been a point where you wished you were actually at Hogwarts?

No? Stop lying

On this page, were going to tell you about four awesome, creative activities that will get you and your whole family ready for the new Hogwarts year

All you need for these awesome family play activities are a few LEGO® bricks and a vivid imagination

History Of Lego Harry Potter

LEGO Harry Potter Summer 2020 Sets Officially Announced  The Brick Fan

Celebrating highly detailed, adventure-filled models for over two decades, Lego Harry Potter announced its first set in 2001, coinciding with the release of the first-ever Harry Potter feature film: Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone.

Between 2001 and 2007, more sets were released as new movies came out, but came to a halt after the 2007 film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was debuted.

Fun fact: Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone was the first Harry Potter Lego set ever!

In 2010 and 2011, things picked up again, but only in 2018 were new sets announced, with models primarily based on the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie and its sequel, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

In 2021, Lego Harry Potter celebrated its 20th-year mark , resulting in lots of new releases with even more unique features, modular possibilities, and accessories.

In addition, in 2022, Lego Harry Potter came up with a treat for brick-builders 18+ the Icons Collectors Edition sets: beautiful, display-worthy models designed to make any old-school Harry Potter fan swoon!

Over two decades later, Lego Harry Potter sets continue to excite brick enthusiasts in every corner of the globe, whether theyve grown up with the books, watched the movies, or have passed on their love for the most cherished wizard of our time to their children.

Dont miss out and discover all of the best Harry Potter Lego sets in our guide!

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/25 Worth A Fortune: The Burrow 4840

This 2010 set of the Weasleys family home makes me both happy and sad simultaneously. I love the design of it, which perfectly captures the quirky building. The addition of a floo network is also a nice touch. What upsets me is that they based it on the scene where the house is set on fire.

The heartbreaking decision, however, comes with an upside as it includes an exclusive set of one of my favorite villains, Bellatrix Lestrange. This plus the Molly Weasley figure means this set is almost worth the hefty price for the minifigures alone.

Hogwarts: First Flying Lesson

Set no: 76395

Release date: 2021Age: 7+

The small yet action-packed Hogwarts First Flying Lesson Harry Potter set is the perfect gift for 7+ Lego lovers.

Featuring levers to operate transparent levels to elevate minifigures on broomsticks, the model can be divided into five rearrangeable modules.

Besides minifigures of Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, and Madam Hooch, a golden minifigure of Professor Quirrell is another treat Harry Potter Lego fans can expect!

Easy to connect with other sets, the finished model measure over 6 inches high, 8 inches wide, and 2.5 inches deep.

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Best Harry Potter Lego Sets

Check out the best Harry Potter sets below, including recent releases, 20th-anniversary models, and special Icons Collectors Editions!

Age: 18+

First on our list is the awe-inspiring, deluxe Hogwarts Icons Collectors Edition set.

Adults 18+ will relish assembling over 3,000 pieces to create a one-of-a-kind display and enjoy a brick-building experience like no other: the perfect match for longtime Harry Potter fans.

This set stars an impressive structure of Hedwig the owl, along with some of Harry Potters most iconic themes to complete your layout: Harrys emblematic round glasses, Hermiones potion bottles, Tom Riddles diary, the Golden Snitch, an invitation to Hogwarts, three golden minifigures, and more!

Ideal for an older audience, this set makes a unique gift for any Harry Potter enthusiast and measures over 17.5 inches high, 19.5 inches wide, and 13 inches deep.

/25 Worst: Quality Quidditch Supplies 4719

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castles Combined (Every 2021-2022 Set)

The title of this set is incredibly misleading. I cannot see how any of this is quality and even the Quidditch supplies are in short supply.

I have to admit I like the sign but I think Harrys going to need more than 1 broom and a couple of capes to put together a quality Quidditch match.

Im intrigued to see what appears to be a snitch in the window but Im not convinced it can save this set which is decidedly average.

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Lego Harry Potter Hungarian Horntail Dragon

Danger awaits LEGO Harry Potter fans this Christmas with this realistic, moving model of one of the most fearsome creatures in the Wizarding World: the Hungarian Horntail!

With moving wings that flap up and down at the turn of a lever, this formidable fire-breathers jointed wings stretch out to over 15 in. , making the LEGO® Harry Potter Hungarian Horntail Dragon a striking collectible figure to build and display alongside a Harry Potter minifigure astride his broomstick.

Lego Harry Potter Collection

In June 2009, it was officially announced by Lego that a video game, Lego Harry Potter: Years 14, was in production and released in June 2010.Lego Harry Potter: Years 57 was released in November 2011. The video games were released for the PlayStation 4 on October 21, 2016, as part of the Lego Harry Potter Collection, and was also released for the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on October 30, 2018.

The crossover toys-to-life game Lego Dimensions developed by Traveller’s Tales features content based on both the original Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. A “team pack” includes an additional level that recreates the events of the original film and adds Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort as a playable characters. A “story pack” offers an extended six-level story campaign retelling the events of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and includes Newt Scamander as a playable character. Additional “fun packs” add Tina Goldstein and Hermione Granger as playable characters.

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/25 Worst: Harry Potter Quidditch Tower Tru01

This set is one of the smallest made for the series, it is also the only one which has no minifigures with it. The reason for its inclusion here, however, is not down to either of these facts.

The set itself is a Quidditch tower which matches the style of the Quidditch practice set out at the same time.

While it looks basic my main issue with it is the color. Allegedly it is Ravenclaw and Hufflepuffs tower but the Hufflepuff side is a sludgy brown rather than the vibrant yellow it should be. Why? We know yellow bricks exist so theres no excuse for this.

/25 Worst: Diagon Alley Shops 4723

New LEGO Harry Potter Kits Land This August

Another day-glo monstrosity, this set is made worse by the fact that its a Lego set which appears to heavily involve cardboard backgrounds. Not only do they look tacky but they really arent helping sell the set to me.

I expect some weirdness from Diagon alley but I cant figure out what these shops are supposed to be. I think one is potions and the other animals but really its hard to tell. Still, if your mini-figures ever need a rat as big as their head you know where to go.

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/25 Worth A Fortune: Hogwarts Castle 4842

Hogwarts castle has had no less than different 6 Lego sets dedicated to it over the years. Each one is worth more than the retail price once out of stock, making Hogwarts a worthwhile investment for Lego collectors.

With 4842 pieces and 9 minifigures it features the great hall and 3 towers. The set also contains a variety of other quirky pieces including an Invisibility cloak, sortiung hat and the Sword of Gryffindor. What more could you ask for?

Hogwarts: Polyjuice Potion Mistake

Brew a powerful Polyjuice potion. Take a drink and transform! Join Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger as they create the magical potion in the Hogwarts bathroom and experience some unexpected changes! There are other surprises too: a secret tunnel beneath the sink, an exclusive, golden, anniversary Harry Potter minifigure, plus 2 random wizard card tiles to collect.

LEGO® Harry Potter

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Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Magical Trunk

The colorful LEGO® Harry Potter Hogwarts Magical Trunk makes a perfectly portable Christmas gift for kids aged 8+.

Complete with customizable minifigures to bring characters old and new to life and fun furniture accessories, this set packs up neatly into the trunk so kids never have to stray far from the magic.

That Thing Has A Name

LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar (76390) – 2021 Set Review

The movie famously saw Harry, Hermione and Ron meet three-headed pooch Fluffy. In our more recent Hogwarts: Fluffy Encounter, you can play out that hackle-raising moment in a modular set which forms part of Hogwarts. You even get a celebratory anniversary minifigure of the OG golden girl, Hermione!

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