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How To Make Harry Potter Cloak With Hood

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S To Make A Hooded Cloak With Sewing

How To Make An Invisibility Cloak From Harry Potter!

Here is the step-by-step guide for you.

Step 1: Structuring the Pattern

The best way is to sew your cloak with the help of a customized sew-pattern. Take any sew pattern and use your Photoshop skills to design it in your own way. While designing, consider the things mentioned below:

  • For adults, the size keep a large amount of fabric in store
  • Keep the fabric folded just as you bought it
  • Hood top on a fold in a circular pattern cut two on the selvages
  • Cut another one on the fold
  • For the hood, cut down two of the hood exterior on double folded fabric
  • Measure from the neck to the bottom to get the right length measurement
  • Cut three big pieces with straight selvage edge for the body part pf the cape

Step 2: Stitching

Take the three big pieces for the long body of the cloak. Then you will need to sew together the diagonal lines with the help of 2 big stitches. Also, make sure you sew on the edges in order to connect all three pieces together.

Lastly, round off the edge using hemstitch. Also, do it for selvage edges and sides of the fabric frays.

Step 3: Hoodie Craft!

Since the hood is the most highlighted part of the cloak, so it is allowed to make it a little bit over the top. Hoodies can be both pointy and round, depending on your preference.

Hoodie Craft

Sew the cut piece of your hoodie according to your catalog. Stitch it and flip the right portion out. The rest part is about connecting the hoody neck to the cape neck.

Step 4: Connecting Hood and Cape

S To Make A Hooded Cloak Without Sewing

Here well walk you through the step-by-step process.

Step 1: Making the Hoodie Part

Measure 17-inch from top or bottom of the fabric cloth while the fabric is still folded. Draw two small dots where the 17 inches are so it will help you cut the fabric later. Begin to cut from one dot to another. Again, draw dots 22 inches from the fabric and cut it as well.

So, the ideal measurement is 17 into 22 inches. Glue a half-inch of the raw edges for a neater look. Then flip it over and fold in half. Now, this will become 17 into 11 inches. After being folded, glue the top of the hood and then flip it inside out and there you go!

The hoodie is ready. Fold one inch on the bottom of the hood and make silts. The holes are needed to be a ribbon in and out of the hood and body, as can be seen later. First, cut one inch of the hole and then 2 inches the rest of the way.

Step 2: Making the Cape Part

Now, use the extra fabric for the body part. Size the fabric according to your desired length and width. Remember to fold 2 inches before cutting. Just like the hoodie, cut silt at the one-inch mark and then after every 2 inches.

Step 3: Attaching Both Parts

Cut a one-inch long ribbon that will be needed to tie the hood with the body part. Place the ribbon into the middle silts of the hood. Find the two middle silts on the body of the cape and wrap the ribbon in.

Step 4: Add Something Extra

Diy Harry Potter Costume

  • Sewing machine
  • Clothing needed: white button up shirt, black pants, black shoes, gray sweater vest

Measure your child from wrist to wrist and then from shoulder to floor. Add a couple inches for seam allowance and adjustments that might be needed. .

These are the measurements for a giant rectangle. From the rectangle cut a T shape which created the body and the sleeves. The sleeves can be wide and loose. The body can also be wide and loose.

Cut two Ts. Cut one on center front. Do the same to the lining.

Cut two squares for the hood. I cut mine 12 inches by 12 inches and wished I had made it just a little bit larger.

Cut a hood from the lining fabric.

With right sides together sew the side seams and the shoulder seams with a 1/4 inch seam allowance and a straight stitch. The shoulder seam will stop about an inch past the body. Do the same to the lining.

With right sides together sew two adjacent sides and pivot at the corner. Do the same to the lining.

With right sides together pin the hood to the neckline of the robe. The front of the hood should match up with the center front of the hood. The seam in the back of the hood should match up with the center back of the robes neckline. All the seams should be open.

The shoulder seam might need to be sewn in closer or opened more so that the hood fits into the neckline. Sew the seam at 1/4 inch with a straight stitch. Back stitch at both ends.

Topstitch the lion onto the shield.

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Diy Harry Potter Costume Robe Instructions

Use a 3/8 seam allowance.

Fold your fleece in half and line up the fold arrow of the pattern on the fold. Unpin your pattern from the fabric and set aside.

Then cut 2 fronts not on the fold using the front neckline.

Place the front pieces down on the black piece with right sides together. Pin along the shoulders and underarm/sleeve. Sew along the seams you just pinned. When sewing fleece I like to use a wide zig zag stitch. Backstitch at the ends of each seam.

Repeat on the other side. Turn the robe right side out.

Sew or hot glue two 4 pieces of ribbon to the inside of the front, right at the neckline opening to tie the robe closed. Other options for closures include a button, snap or velcro. Glue or sew patch to the front of the robe.

How Much Do Harry Potter Robes Cost

Wizard Black Robe Hooded Child Cosplay Cloak Wizard Pocket ...

The official Universal Studios Harry Potter robes cost $115. This is within the park grounds and are at the highest price. You can, however, purchase robes elsewhere before you come to Universal Studios at a more affordable rate and save the extra money and put it towards a wand or magical creature.

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Transfer The Body Pattern To Fabric

OK, when you purchased your fabric it was folded in half length-wise with the “back” of the fabric on the outside. And remember I told you NOT to unfold it. To make the project easier you may even consider ironing the fold so it is even more creased and easier to see. That fold and keeping the long edge of the fabric alined is really important.On a flat, hard surface lay out about 2-3 yards of your fabric. On the left side will be the center fold and the right side will be the edges. The fabric is folded inside out, so the back surface is showing and ready for us to mark on with our fabric marker. We do NOT want to make our mark on the “face” of the fabric. The face is the side of the fabric that is intended to be the outside. Lay your body pattern on the fabric. I am using a dark brown which does not take pictures well so I am using Paper for illustration. See Picture #1Picture #2 – Put your body pattern on the fabric with the center edge flush with Fold edge. Trace with your Fabric markerPicture #3 – I made two mistake on the Picture – To Minimize waste material, the body pattern should be upside down. That is the neck hole should be near the bottom of the picture.Put the Center line of body pattern on the right edge but NOT flush. Back off from the edge 1-2 inches. Trace the pattern.Picture #4 – Cut out the Fabric. Do NOT cut on the line. Cut 1 inch outside the line.

Disguise Unisex Adult Harry Potter Gryffindor Robe Prestige Accessory Costume Outerwear

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Get The Free Sewing Pattern Below:

DIY Harry Potter Robe – No Pattern Needed

Make a wand to complete the glance take a look at that educational here.

Free Witch’s hat development sizes child and grownup

Mini Witch hat

Looking for extra gown ideas? You can see all my loose gown patterns right here.

Want extra Potter inspiration? Try this lovable Golden Snitch skirt by way of pieces of Polly.

More Teen Costume Ideas:

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Diy Harry Potter Costume House Robe Pattern

Welcome to See Kate Sew! If youre new here, sign up for my email newsletter for access to free patterns, tutorials and all the latest sewing news! Tour my sewing room HERE!

Make your own DIY Harry Potter Costume for any house with the house robe pattern. This robe pattern works for Harry, Hermione, Ron, Draco, Luna Lovegood and more! This simple Harry Potter costume is great for a group and simple to make.

The DIY Harry Potter Costume is made for kids size around 8-14. If you need a larger or smaller size, you can trace the pattern down or draw your own similar pattern.

Harry Potter Robe Pattern

Free Sewing Pattern: This Harry Potter Robe Pattern Free is very best in your little Hogwarts Student. With step by step directions and images so easy, even a muggle could perceive them. Download the loose sewing pdf pattern so your little wizard or witch can also be able for the sorting hat.

For this mission you will want:

Fleece Fun’s loose pdf trend

44 Black Cotton or 58 Black Poly Cotton broadcloth

1 and 1/Three yards cotton in your home color cor kids’s sizes or 58 Poly cotton broadcloth 1.Five yards for grownup sizes

House Patch

3 yards hem tape

Stuff the liner into the hooded robe external.

Line up the notches and

Pin the hood to the robe neck, proper facets of the outside touching.

Sew to the robe. Set the gown apart.

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I Reveal To You The Pattern

Now we use the measurements in step 3 to a make a pattern out of paper.PRINT out the picture below. Notice the color code? Where did RED go?Take your print out and write your measurements on the colored lines.For RED we need to do a little Math.Take the Red measure and Divide by 2.Take that number and Subtract yellow.That is the Neck Hole size.Example: I have a Chest of 22″ / 2 = 11″11″ – 6″ = 5″ for the neck hole.Using the above measure, the pattern measure from Arm Hole to Center should be 11″. Oh, the straight line connecting the neck hole to the bottom of the pattern is the Center of the body.How about the other RED – the HOOD. take the Hood Measure and DIVIDE by 2. That is the Measure for the FRONT of the Hood.PRINT out the picture and write in all you Measurements.EDIT:SECOND PATTERN pictured is for NO Shoulder seam and will require a VERY LARGE piece of fabric. I did not provide measurement procedures for that one since that’s not what this instructable is about but someone asked me for an alternative pattern to use.

New Kids Harry Potter Costume Hogwarts Black Velvet Robe/cape W/ Hood 4

Adult Kids Harry Potter Hooded Wizard Cloak Robe Cape ...

Free shipping for many products,Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for NEW, Kids HARRY POTTER Costume HOGWARTS Black Velvet ROBE/CAPE W/ HOOD 4-6 T at the best online prices at ,Wholesale Price,Online orders and shipping fast,Discount Shopping,Quick delivery,Wholesale the latest products, quality assurance!, HARRY POTTER Costume HOGWARTS Black Velvet ROBE/CAPE W/ HOOD 4-6 T NEW Kids, T NEW Kids HARRY POTTER Costume HOGWARTS Black Velvet ROBE/CAPE W/ HOOD 4-6, NEW Kids HARRY POTTER Costume HOGWARTS Black Velvet ROBE/CAPE W/ HOOD 4-6 T.

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Draw The Patterns On Your Fabric

1.1. The front pieceStart with the front piece. This one is the most difficult. If you have this one, the rest is a piece of cake I tried to get pictures of me drawing on the fabric but it was too hard, the measurements being too big to get it clearly on camera. So Im drawing it step by step on paper.

  • Double fold your fabric
  • Draw a vertical line : length of person + 16 . Mark the crossing: point 3.
  • 3.Draw a vertical line of 4 inch wide from the bottom of the robe till the neck . This is where the front lining stripe will be attached. This line is not a cutting guide!

    4. For the shoulder: Where the hood and the robe come together you draw a horizontal line. This one measures: 4″ + the shoulder length. This is point 5.

    5. The armhole: You need the upper arm width/ divided by 2 and add 2. If you want wider arm holes, add more inches. This is the depth. Go down from point 3 and draw point 6. From 6 you draw another horizontal line for the armhole point : measure 4 + shoulder width + 3″.

    6. Draw the curved armhole line from point 5 to 7.

    7. Draw a straight line from 7 till 2.

    8. Draw a line from 4 to 1 and put a marking at half the neck length. This is point 8

    1.2. The back pieceDraw the back piece on the fold. You can copy the front piece without the hood, so cut out the front piece first.

    To draw the neckline, you draw a diagonal line of half the neckline dawn towards the fabric fold

    1.3. The front lining strip

    1.4. The sleeves

    How Do You Sew A Harry Potter Robe

    Harry Potter Robe Pattern Free DIY Tutorial:

  • Step 1 Cut out the Hogwarts Robe.
  • Step 2 Begin to Sew the Robe.
  • Step 3 Begin to sew the Wizard Robes hood.
  • Step 4 Prep the lining.
  • Step 5 Add the lining to the sleeves to the Wizard Robe.
  • Step 6 Hem the Harry Potter Robe Pattern.
  • Step 7 Finishing touches.
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    How Does Harry Wear The Invisibility Cloak

    In the first movie, and some scenes of subsequent movies, Harry puts it on like a regular cloak . This is also the sense that I often got from reading the books. However, when the camera shows someone wearing it later, it is like a blanket over the wearer and the camera, not like a cloak being worn. Is the cloak supposed to be worn like a cloak or a blanket? And, incidentally, how do people see out of it when there are more than one person under it if the inside is opaque?

    The first time Harry puts on the cloak it is described as follows:

    Harry threw the cloak around his shoulders and Ron gave a yell.

    “It is! Look down!”

    Harry looked down at his feet, but they were gone. He dashed to the mirror. Sure enough, his reflection looked back at him, just his head suspended in midair, his body completely invisible. He pulled the cloak over his head and his reflection vanished completely.

    Though he first puts it on his body and then on his head, which would seem consistent with a regular cloak with a hood, the phrase pulled the cloak over his head actually seems to imply that it is one piece of blanket-like material that just needed to be shifted in order to cover his head.

    Indeed, there are several other passages that imply your second option as well. For instance, the books often describe a person as being under or beneath the Invisibility Cloak, such as in Chapter Twenty-Five of Goblet of Fire:

    Later in that same chapter we have the following passage:

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