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How To Get To Harry Potter Studio Tour

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Warner Bros Studio Tour London With Round

Harry Potter Studio Tour ULTIMATE Secrets, Tips & Tricks!

A. The Harry Potter Studio is in London, UK.

A. You can get to the Harry Potter Studio by bus, train, or car. Shuttle buses to and from the studio are available from Watford Junction.

A. The fastest way to get to the Harry Potter Studio is by driving there or by taking a local taxi/Uber.

A. The closest bus stop to the Harry Potter Studio is Watford Junction.

A. The closest train station to the Harry Potter Studio is the Watford Junction Train Station.

A. Yes, you can park at the Harry Potter Studio.

A. Yes, there are several parking spots available for disabled persons close to the entrance of the Harry Potter Studio in London.

A. Yes, you can walk to the Harry Potter Studio and can explore the city at the same time. However, the walk from Watford Junction takes about 50 minutes. We suggest taking the shuttle bus instead.

A. The Harry Potter Studio opening times are from 8:30 AM to 10 PM. The studio is closed on March 30, November 7 to 11, and December 25 and 26.

The Top 5 London To Harry Potter Studios Tours

  • Departure point: Victoria coach station, London
  • Whats included: Transport, entry fee
  • Whats not included: Lunch, hotel pick-up, extras

This is one of the easiest ways to get to Harry Potter World from London, especially if youre staying closer to Victoria than to Euston. Victoria is more central for many, whereas Euston lies to the north. Three Underground lines including the District and Circle lines also have stops at Victoria as compared to two for Euston.

This trip allows you four hours at the studios, with the rest of the time being taken up with travel to and from London. Another key advantage of this inclusive ticket is the fact that you will get to skip the line .

  • Departure point: Bulleid Way, Victoria, London, SW1W 9SH
  • Whats included: Transport, entry fee
  • Whats not included: Lunch, hotel pick-up, extras

This family tour is like the previous option but designed for a group of up to four. Transport is provided by Golden Tours, the partner that Warner Bros Studios recommend for coach travel from London to the Wizarding World.

During the day youll also have four hours at the studios, and you can choose how to spend that time. Will you try a Butterbeer, board the Hogwarts to London steam train, drop into some of the shops on Diagon Alley or have your picture taken in the Gryffindor common room?

Departure point: London zone 1 hotel or meeting point

Whats included: Transport, entry fee

Whats not included: Lunch, hotel pick-up, extras

Departure time: Varies

Platform 9 & The Hogwarts Express

  • Suggested time: 30-45 minutes depending on lines

If you successfully survive the Forbidden Forest, youll enter a massive room with one of the most iconic prop/sets in the entire Harry Potter universe: the Hogwarts Express at Platform 9¾!

It is super easy to spend ages in this room, so heres a quick breakdown of what to see and do:

  • Platform 9¾Signs & Carts If you havent yet visited Kings Cross Station in London to take your photo there , heres another photo opportunity.
  • Hogwarts Express Exterior You can walk the entire length of the Hogwarts Express in this hall, taking photos from almost every angle.
  • Hogwarts Express Interior Youll need to queue up to walk the inside of the train, past compartments styled from different films.
  • The Sorcerers Stone Compartment Once you exit the train, move to the very end to step inside the compartment with props and costumes from Sorcerers Stone, as well as the food trolley.
  • The Souvenir Shop Theres a cool small souvenir shop in this room if you cant wait until the end of the tour.
  • Ride the Hogwarts Express Just before leaving the area, you can queue up for another green screen SFX experience. This time, youll be seated aboard the Hogwarts Express!

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Why Visit Harry Potter World

This is the only place to go and see the making of Harry Potter and experience The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Behind the scenes, you will be able to wander in the footsteps of the actors who were made famous by these films, and a wee inside secret for you, often you can bump into these actors who love to revisit these studios again and again.

Some of the extras who were in the films, are now guides for the tour and are full of information that you have always wanted to know! As you wander through the film lots, you will be on a treasure hunt for Golden Snitches.

You can learn to ride a broom, have your pictures taken in Hagrids Hut, watch in wonder as the Dragon breathes fire at any who try to steal the treasures of Gringotts and see the spiders in the Forbidden Forest.

Is it just for kids?

No! I am a 40 something and I have done the Harry Potter Studios Tour in London, five times now.

Each time I go, there is something new to see, but dont take my word for it, come and see for yourself. Muggles and No Majs welcome!

Find out more in myvirtual tours guide!

Hotels Near Euston Train Station

The Harry Potter studio tour!

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Shuttle Bus From Watford Junction

Your journey to the Studio Tour is carbon-free as our buses are powered by electric. This journey is included as part of your entry ticket.

Regular shuttle buses operate from Watford Junction to the Studio Tour with a journey time of around 15 minutes. Buses run at least every 30 minutes from 9.20am . The last return shuttle bus back to Watford Junction will depart the Studio Tour when the Tour closes. For more information regarding this, please see the opening times calendar.

Buy Tickets On The Website

Now, Im not going to lie trying to get your hands on the Harry Potter studio tickets is like trying to conjure a genuine smile from Professor Umbrige. As in, it will take all of your wits and whiles to make it happen. Unlike trying to coax a smile from Umbridge though, it will be totally worth the effort.

First of all, let me be clear. You have to buy tickets in advance there will be no turning up on the day and hoping to strike lucky.

That shizz just doesnt fly .

So, you need to plan your trip in advance. Preferably as far in advance as you possibly can.

Tickets for the Warner Brothers Harry Potter tour sell like hotcakes and months ahead.

Dont be all blasé like me, hopping onto the website and thinking youll pick one up for the next day. I was totally sucker punched when I saw that tickets were pretty much booked out for two months in advance. Thats not a typo and yes youre reading it right. Two months.

Now, there are a couple of workarounds, which I am going to go into more detail below but that is the standard position.

So if youre thinking about taking a trip to London and you want to get a ticket, do it the moment you book your flights. I only wish I were joking.

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Why You Should Take Harry Potter Studio Tours

There are 2 types of people in the world Potterheads and Non-Potterheads, youre either a fan of the wondrous world of Harry Potter or youre not. For decades the wizarding world of Harry Potter has enthralled adults and children alike, and weve all some time or the other day-dreamed or imagined getting a Hogwarts letter, shopping at Diagon Alley, getting a wand at Ollivanders, and riding the Hogwarts Express. Well, now is your chance to fulfill those dreams by taking a Harry Potter Studio Tour London.

With your Harry Potter studio tour tickets, enjoy a day of unforgettable fun exploring the wizarding world. Become a part of the film, learn about its mysteries and behind-the-scenes secrets, and see real props from the movie. And of course, everyone will be rewarded with a fascinating glimpse into the filming process of the legendary franchise.

Read on, to learn all about the options for a Harry Potter Studio Tour, the attractions, the prices, and what to expect from this marvelous Harry Potter Tour experience.

Ask Lots Of Questions

A Day Out To The Harry Potter Studio Tour!

The curators are there to help, so if you have any questions, ask them! Some of the curators might actually surprise you with their encyclopedic Harry Potter knowledge.

For example, a gentleman we spoke to in the wand shop area told us he had worked on the actual set during filming. He had plenty of stories to share and was able to explain the origin of every character name we threw at him.


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Get In Robes And Fly On A Broom/magical Car

Many of the worlds attractions now have official photo opportunities and the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is no exception. Here you can ride a broom and/or pretend to drive in a flying Ford Anglia, both set against a green screen.

Our tip is to simply enjoy both experiences. Theres genuinely no expectation or pressure to buy anything, unless you really want to.

Frequently Asked Questions About Harry Potter World In London

Is the Harry Potter studio tour worth it?

In my opinion it really is. If youre a fan of the Harry Potter universe then youre gonna love the Harry Potter studio tour.

Where are the Harry Potter Studios in London located?

Theyre actually not located in London, but in the city of Leavesden right outside of Watford. You can reach Watford Junction in about 20 minutes from Euston Station i Central London.

Or you can book an all-inclusive Harry Potter Studios ticket with bus transport from London included.

How long does it take to go around Harry Potter World London?

Usually you wouldnt spend more than around 3 to 4 hours in the Studios. On my first visit I was there for just under 3 hours and Im a massive Harry Potter fan who absolutely loved every minute.

Can you stay overnight at Harry Potter World?

Although Harry Potter World in London is not currently open for overnight stays, that may change in the future. While there are no plans to make Harry Potter World an overnight stay destination at this time, it is possible that this could change in the future. So if youre hoping to spend a night at Hogwarts, keep your fingers crossed that the powers that be make it happen!

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What Will The Apprentice Be Doing

Contact Centre:

  • Provide a first-rate experience by ensuring incoming telephone calls, emails, letters, and other forms of communication are answered within agreed service levels, and to achieve revenue targets.


  • Ensure that our visitors are welcomed warmly to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour and that they experience the very highest standards of customer care and interpretive support in an exciting, intriguing and safe environment receiving a fond farewell on departure.


  • Proactively engage and assist visitors in how best to maximize the enjoyment of their day using interpretation skills, Harry Potter film awareness, film making knowledge and scripted support sheets. Sharing interesting facts, stories, statistics and information, of the full range of experiences, products and services available to them.


  • To assist the special events department in both operation and administration of events at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London and Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition to maximize revenue, convert sales opportunities and provide industry leading standards of customer service for visitors and clients

The Wb Harry Potter Studio Tour Shop

Harry Potter Studio Tour Diagon Alley

Once you finish the tour, you of course exit through the gift shop. There are tons of shirts, scarves, costumes, wands, and more there. You can outfit yourself from head to toe in your favorite Hogwarts house merchandise. Theres even some pricy jewelry you can browse but theres also some cheap costume jewelry too thats more my speed.

I passed most of the merchandise because I already have way too much Harry Potter stuff and its hard for me to buy it at places like the studio tour or Universal Studios when I know I can get similar stuff for half the price at home. For my money, Id rather shop ahead of time for a lot more affordable merchandise. Hot Topic has long been my go-to for Harry Potter merchandise, but Target, Kohls, and also have loads of products. I did, however, spring for a custom engraved keychain made to look like my Hogwarts letter.

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Getting To Harry Potter Studios Faqs

Q. Where are the Harry Potter Studios located?A. The Harry Potter Studios are located about 20 miles from London at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, Studio Tour Drive, Leavesden, WD25 7LR.Q. Is parking available at the Harry Potter Studios in London?A. Yes. You can avail the free parking services outside the Harry Potter Studios by simply displaying your ticket. Priority parking is also available for visitors next to the studio entrance however, you would have to book and pay for your spot in advance. Q. What is the best time to opt for a Harry Potter Studio Tour?A. If you’re looking for lesser crowds, November to March is the best time to go for a Harry Potter Studio tour. However, if you’re looking for a magical experience, you can go for a tour during the Christmas season and witness the magical festivities first-hand. Q. What is the best way to get to the Harry Potter Studios in London?A. While you can take a bus and/or train to reach the Harry Potter Studios in London, the best commute option is to opt for a return transfer as part of your tour. This way you don’t have to plan to commute back and forth to London. Q. Are Harry Potter Studio tours wheelchair-accessible?A. Yes. All Harry Potter Studio tours are wheelchair-accessible. Some locations might be difficult to navigate like Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Bridge.

Take Note Of The Fine Details

Study the exhibits! Props, scenery and equipment are still daubed in scribbles and the level of care and attention that has gone into everything is quite staggering. From handwritten labels on bottles of potions, to clever and complicated animatronics its all really wonderful to see it in person.

One more thing look out for the conceptual artwork adorning the walls and galleries that inspired the design and conception of scenes and aspects of the films. Theyre a really lovely addition to the tour.

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Option : Getting There By Tour Operator

As you might expect, there are a large number of tour operators offering their services to get you safely to the studios from central London Most of the available options bundle an entrance ticket with a bus transfer from various central London locations.

Weve shopped around and we think the best selection of options can currently be found on Viator.

Before you book, check that the deal you like the look of is good value.

To do this, total the following costs

  • The current entrance ticket price on the official website.
  • The cost of a return train ticket from wherever you are in London to Watford Junction. You can use the National Rail website to find this out.
  • The cost of a journey on the shuttle bus .

Once you have this figure, compare it with the prices on offer from the tour operators.

We very much hope you found this post useful. If you have any questions or you have information to share about your visit, please let us know in the comment below.

Have you been to Harry Potter Studios? Do you have any tips to add to mine? If so, drop a comment into the box below.

Are There Any Harry Potter World Tickets Without Transport

Harry Potter studio tour tickets to go on sale

Yes and no.

The entrance tickets for the official website do not include the transport.

Instead, the tickets from resellers include bus transport to the Studio. However, if you would like to reach the Studio with your private car and you are looking for Harry Potter Studio tickets without transport, you can still buy the ones including the transportation and contact the tour operator after booking it, saying that you will meet your guide directly at the Studio. Please remember to communicate it to the company otherwise, you will not be able to meet the guide at the Studio and get the entrance ticket. Unfortunately, you will not be able to get a discount for not using the transport.

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Harry Potter Walk In London

If you do not want to board a bus, then there is also a Harry Potter walk in London, which is cheaper than the bus trip.

On the walk we see among others the following locations:

You could obviously take this walking your by yourself, but consider taking the organised trip as the tour guides are very knowledgeable.

See more about which sites are visited and book tickets at GetYourGuide here.

I hope you find this guide to Harry Potters London interesting and that you now are ready to experience the magic of the English capital. I hope that you do go to the Harry Potter Studios and that youll enjoy your time in London.

If youve got any questions about Harry Potter studios, Harry Potter sights in London or London in general youre more than welcome to post a comment below.

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