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Harry Potter World Fast Pass

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How To Do Both Universal Parks In One Day

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Global Trailer

Below are helpful tips on how to do Unviersal Studios Orlando in one day.

  • Stay at a hotel that offers Early Park Admission
  • Review the theme park maps before your trip
  • Arrive to the park before it opens
  • Head to Universal Studios first
  • Head to the back of the park first
  • Place mobile food and drink orders
  • Avoid going to the parks on weekends
  • Go to the park with a small group
  • Use the single rider lane
  • Plan the next ride you want to go on while waiting in line at your current ride
  • Plan your schedule around show times
  • Ride the Hogwarts Express
  • I recommend buying the 1 Day Park-To-Park admission online.

    Purchasing tickets in advance should be a no-brainer, but many people wait until they get to the park to purchase their tickets at the gate.

    This can cause unnecessary delays if you are short on time since you may experience long line ups. Please dont make this rookie mistake!

    This will give you access to both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. It also gives you the option to add a name to your ticket to make it personalized. Below are the prices per ticket as of February 1st, 2022.

    • Adults 2-Park 1-Day Ticket: Starting at $164 per person
    • Children 2-Park 1-Day Ticket: Starting at $159 per person

    Print the tickets before you leave home and skip the long ticket lines by heading straight to the gate to get your ticket and fingerprint scanned.

    Universal Express Pass Pricing

    Lastly, is the Universal Studios fast pass worth it due to the pricing. Universal Orlando parks are usually open between 8-12 hours a day, with a lot of fun to pack in. You have to decide if it is worth it to risk waiting in stand-by lines and only being able to ride a handful of rides or if you want to purchase an Express Pass and ride them all!

    There are 14 Express Pass attractions in Universal Studios Florida and 13 in Islands of Adventure, meaning, you will have to ride more than one ride an hour to do them all! That can be very possible if you visit during a slow season, but impossible if you visit during a moderate-peak time of year. With the basic Express Pass, you are guaranteeing you can ride the majority of all attractions in either theme park, and with Express Unlimited, you can ride them as many times as you want.

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    Why You Should Never Buy Your Express Pass Online

    One of our friends learned this the hard way. She spent $300 buying Express Passes for her family online the night before their first visit to the parks. Why? Because they only had one day and wanted to see as much of both parks as they could in the limited time they had.

    It turned out to be a costly mistake. They were visiting in the off season mid-week in February on a rainy day. The parks were nearly empty, the lines were short and the Express Passes werent needed.

    So wait until you get to the parks to buy the passes. And dont even buy them at the entrance. Wait until you get inside and get a feel for the crowds. Express Passes are available for sale at gift shops throughout the parks. Theyll be available if you need them.

    If you did buy them ahead and dont need them, you may be able to get a refund if the passes have not been used.

    The exception to this rule is visits during holiday weekends and Spring Break. In those cases Express Passes can and do sell out.

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    A Guide To Disney Fastpass Tiers

    Disney FastPasstiers are like grading system. Just like the grading system, each tierindicates the popularity of the ride that it reserves.

    Tier 1 ridemeans it is the most in-demand and sought-for attraction in the park. All therest of the rides are automatically categorized as Tier 2.

    Hipster PowerTip: To reiterate information from a previous section, you can onlyreserve one Tier 1 ride. But, once you have exhausted all the three passes,you can book a new Tier 1 ride as your fourth one.

    Universal Annual Passholder Express Pass After 4 Pm

    Universal Wizarding World!

    Something exciting that you might not know but already have access to, is that with a Premier Annual Pass to Universal Orlando, you get access to Universal Orlando Express Pass everyday after 4 p.m.!

    I love that this is an included perk with the highest level annual pass but just remember, itll only work one time per attraction at either park, after 4 p.m.

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    Visit Hogwarts Castle Then Ride Harry Potter And The Forbidden Journey

    After whizzing through the forest, take a tour of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry before getting on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

    This high-flying attraction takes you through the school to iconic moments from the movies like a quidditch match, through the Forbidden Forest, and coming face-to-face with the villains from the movies.

    One thing to note about this attraction: if you have any sort of motion sickness you definitely should not ride. You can still go through the queue if youre traveling with friends or family to see the moving photos and the precise detail of the castle, then exit just before boarding.

    What Is The Universal Express Pass

    Express Pass is Universals paid offering for shows and attractions. A valid Universal theme park ticket is required before you can get the Universal Express Pass upgrade.

    With the standard Universal Express Pass, guests are permitted to bypass the regular lines only one time per participating attraction.

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    What To Know About The Hogsmeade Shops At The Harry Potter Orlando Theme Park

    There arent nearly as many shopping locations in Hogsmeade as there are in Diagon Alley, but there are more than enough to meet all your wizarding needs.


    Honeydukes sells many of the same treats found at Sugarplums Sweet Shop in Diagon Alley. If candy isnt your thing, go for the Butterbeer Fudge or Cauldron Cakes in the bakery case.

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    Ollivanders Wand Shop

    To ensure there are enough wands to go around, there are Ollivanders locations in both of the Harry Potter lands at Universal Orlando. Both locations have stacks upon stacks of interactive and non-interactive wands, and both hold wand selection ceremonies throughout the day.

    Dervish and Banges

    Dervish and Banges is your home for Golden Snitches, brooms, and Hogwarts clothing and accessories. Dont forget to check out the real live textbook, The Monster Book of Monsters. Luckily, its in a cage because this book bites!

    Filchs Emporium of Confiscated Goods

    This is another good souvenir stop where youll also find authentic-looking replica props from the Harry Potter films.

    Owl Post

    In addition to letter-writing supplies, you can mail letters and postcards to your friends and family with a real Hogsmeade postmark.

    What I Loved About Harry Potter World Japan

    Harry Potter And The Cursed Child (2022) Teaser Trailer | Warner Bros. Pictures’ Wizarding World

    The entire design of the Harry Potter World Osaka was simply awesome.

    Hogsmeade Village is fantastic.

    Hogwarts Castle looks amazing. Its really beautiful though we couldnt help but wonder what the rest of the castle is being used for?? Its so big but we only saw a tiny bit of it. But you can see Dumbledores Office and the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom! We definitely enjoyed the walking tour A LOT more than the ride, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. .

    The details inside Hogwarts Castle are impressive and the holograms of Harry, Ron, and Hermione inside the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom look very real.

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    Universal Express Passes Faq

    Weve covered a lot already, but theres still so much more to discuss! Weve gathered the biggest questions you may still have about Universals Express Passes and collected them together for you below.

    Do Express Passes have return times?

    Unlike Disneys Lightning Lane or Universals own Virtual Lines, there are no return times for Express Passes you get to use your Express access at whatever time you want to.

    Quick tip: if you have a basic Express Pass, which means you can only use it once per attraction, its best to save it for when there is a line longer than 15 minutes if the wait is shorter than that, you might as well jump into the standby queue.

    How much do Express Passes cost?

    Just as hotels adjust room rates and airlines modify plane tickets based on demand, Universal also tweaks the price of its standalone Express Passes based on anticipated park attendance. As a result, the prices for the theme parks Express Passes fluctuate throughout each day of the year. Prices start at $69.99 for the basic Universal Express, $89.99 for Universal Express Unlimited, and $19.99 for Volcano Bay Express.

    Check out the pricing for your travel dates by , selecting the type of Express Pass you want, and then choosing select dates.

    Do Express Passes sell out?

    Express Passes may sell out, especially during Universals busiest times, like the last week in December. Thats why, if you are going in a peak busy season, you should buy your Express Passes now .

    Is There Anything Else Open In The Theme Parks Besides The Wizarding World

    Yes! When Early Park Admission is at Universal Studios Florida, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem will be open to delight guests when its at Islands of Adventure, meanwhile, early attendees can hop on Jurassic World VelociCoaster . Remember that these are the attractions available in addition to all those within The Wizarding World.

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    Should I Get A Universal Express Pass During Christmas

    The busier the parks, the more valuable your Universal Orlando Express Pass becomes.

    And so, considering that during the Christmas season Universal Studios and Universals Island of Adventures can hit park capacity, Id definitely say YES a Universal Express Pass will definitely save you LOTS of time and headaches during this time of year.

    AND if you want to save money on your Universal Orlando Express Pass, use one of my tips above. Either:

  • Purchase your Universal Orlando Express Pass NOW since the price will only increase as the Christmas season gets closer
  • Stay at one of thepremium resorts listed above for FREE UNLIMITED Express Passes for everyone in your party!
  • How Can I Upgrade My Universal Studios Hollywood Pass To A Front

    reidesignsforyou: Hotels Harry Potter World Orlando Fast Pass

    If you have a Platinum Annual Pass, you dont have to do anything as you get a one-time per day express access to each attraction.

    If you have one of the other pass or ticket types, you can upgrade your pass for the day by adding Universal Express at the park at the Universal Box Office, subject to availability.

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    How Does The Disney Fastpass+ System Work

    With this pass,you get three chances to skip lines at three Disneyattractions of your choice.

    All admissionforms offer the same number of FastPasses and every FastPass is free at WaltDisney World.

    After you haveexhausted all three passes, you are free to get another one, depending onavailability.

    When talkingabout availability, it is important to note that Disney can increase or dumpthe passes at once without any warning.

    If you are notbooking the tickets to the park in advance, chances of enjoying these passes dobecome slim.

    To ensure youreceive you favorite FastPasses, book Disney tickets 60 days in advance if youare planning to stay on Disney property and 30 days in advance otherwise.

    This might soundcrazy planning two months ahead for an attraction way before visiting thepark.

    It doesnt have totake so many efforts. You can choose FastPasses for the rides you areabsolutely sure you want to experience.

    Everything elsecan be sorted out later. Read on to know how.

    Hint: Modify the pass.

    ORDER NOW to secure your ticket reservation in the parks!GET MY DISNEY TICKETS!

    Tip # : Go To The Park With A Small Group

    Or if youre traveling with a large group, break up into smaller groups so you can move from ride to ride quickly.

    Most rides are built for 2-4 people to ride together. If you go to the park with a large group, I recommend breaking up into groups of 2-4 people and exploring the park this way instead of as a large group together.

    Smaller groups can get on rides quicker than larger groups and they also move a lot faster around the park. We were in a group of two and this was a great size since we could move from ride to ride with good speed.

    If you are with a large group and split up into smaller groups, keep a cell phone handy and arrange for spots to meet during the day, as needed.

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    Are There Any Universal Express Pass Discounts

    Yes and no. While Universal Orlando often runs promotions for discounted park tickets to FL residents,when it comes to Express Passes, getting a good deal works a bit differently

    You can get one FOR FREE!

    Thats right, Universal Orlando gives out FREE UNLIMITED Express Passes to ALL guests who stay in one of their premium resorts: Loews Hard Rock, Loews Portofino Bay, and Loews Royal Pacific.

    And while that may seem like a pricey bundle, it could save you A LOT of money if youve been considering staying at one of those resorts anyway and want the Unlimited Express Pass perk too!

    Unfortunately, Annual Passholders DO NOT get discounts on the Universal Express Pass. However, keep reading for one perk they do get!

    ORDER NOW to secure your Universal Studios theme park ticket! GET MY TICKETS.

    Take Your Posed Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Photos During Early Entry

    Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts | Official Teaser | HBO Max

    Your kids will gladly pose for photos in Hogsmeade if you are patient and wait to take them on day two of your adventure during the early entry hour.

    Yes, you want a photo of your kids in front of the Hogwarts Express at the entrance to Hogsmeade. Yes, you want a picture of them in front of the gigantic, life-sized Hogwarts Castle too. But dont be that parent who forces their kid to stand still and pose every two-minutes while theyre entering Hogsmeade for the first time, it is a recipe for disaster. Take candid shots instead and let them embrace the magic as they enter the park for the first time.

    Save posed photos for your second day of your Harry Potter trip. Your kids will be relaxed, and you can ask them to pose for classic photos without issue. Enjoy the open space and take advantage of peak lighting.

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    HEADS-UP: It isnt uncommon to have a mid-day sprinkle. If you have light raincoats, pack them!

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    Guide To The Harry Potter Rides In Hogsmeade

    Hogsmeade is the Harry Potter theme park land to visit in Orlando if youre most interested in experiencing the different Wizarding World-themed rides. There are three of them here.

    Hagrids Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure

    The Wizarding Worlds newest ride is arguably the best of them all. Billed as a story coaster, this Harry Potter ride follows a haphazard motorbike lesson with Hagrid. Ride it twice so you can experience both the motorcycle and the sidecar.

    This is the only attraction in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter that doesnt utilize Express Pass, but it does often use a virtual queue rather than a typical line. Check the Universal Orlando app or ask a Harry Potter world team member for assistance joining the virtual queue. The minimum height for Hagrids Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is 48 and, as with most of the other Wizarding World rides, child swap is available.

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    Flight of the Hippogriff

    This kid-size coaster has a minimum height requirement of only 36, but its thrilling for kids of all ages . Its a very quick ride and the wait to board through the normal queue can stretch for hours on busy days. With an Express Pass, though, you can often do the ride as many times as you want with very little waiting.

    Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

    Give Your Witch Or Wizard Plenty Of Time To Explore Diagon Alley And Its Hidden Treasures

    Diagon Alley is full of hidden treasures. Once youve visited Gringotts Bank, be prepared to give your kids plenty of time to experience Diagon Alley. Find a park bench in the section of Diagon Alley, if your kids are older, let them explore and wander with their interactive wands. Stumbling into Knockturn Alley will surely be a highlight of the day!

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    Is There A Friends And Family Discount To Universal Studios Hollywood

    If you are a Platinum, Gold, or Silver Season Pass holder, one of the many perks included is discounts on general admission for friends and family. The discount can be as low as $95 per ticket, while one-day general admission tickets typically range between $99 $134. If you are a season pass holder, this is an opportunity you wont want to pass up!

    How Does The Express Pass Work

    Universal Keys For Writers: Fast Pass Universal Harry Potter

    Present your Express Pass to the ride attendant at the entrance of the attraction to be scanned. In most attractions, youll merge with the line much closer to the front, cutting your wait time.

    Your Express Pass will not get you to the front of the line, but it will cut your wait time considerably.

    If an attraction has a virtual line, you can get a return time like everyone else. However, your Express Pass also gives you the option to walk in immediately, rather than getting in the virtual line.

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