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Harry Potter Tour From Edinburgh

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How Long Do Harry Potter Tours In Edinburgh Last

Magical Harry Potter Tour Of Edinburgh // Van Life UK

Most Harry Potter tours last around two hours while the train tour lasts upwards of 12 hours. The train tour starts with a 4-hour coach ride and is then followed by a 2-hour train ride before taking the bus back to Edinburgh.

Audio tours last around 40 minutes but you can take your time and listen to the audio at your own pace.

Alnwick Castle As Featured In Harry Potter And Scottish Borders Day Trip From Edinburgh

Another excellent Harry Potter Edinburgh tour is this day trip to Alnwick Castle! Its a full-day trip, and the tour is about 9.5 hours total, including transportation time. If you are visiting Edinburgh and want to visit Harry Potter spots in another location, this is definitely the one for you!

The tour includes an air-conditioned vehicle with wifi and a local guide. Entrance fees to Alnwick Castle are not included, so you will have to pay your entrance fee to get in and purchase your own food and drinks throughout the day.

The tour begins at around 8:15, when the tour departs! Then, the first stop is at Bamburgh Castle for an hour, which dates back to the 5th century. After, youll spend about 3 hours exploring Alnwick Castle, which looks an awful lot like Hogwarts! End the day at Coldstream for thirty minutes, a small town in Scotland.

Harry Potter In Scotland

Its no secret that J.K Rowling has fallen in love with Scotland since moving here in 1993, and we cannae blame her! The Harry Potter books were dreamt and written in Scotland, taking inspiration from Edinburghs enchanting streets, architecture and our stunning Scottish scenery.

One of the most instantly recognisable locations from the films is the Glenfinnan Viaduct, known to Potterheads around the world as the Harry Potter Bridge. The only way to travel across the iconic arches is, of course, on the Hogwarts Express! Enter into your own wee world of wizardry with a ride on the classic Jacobite Steam Train voted one of the most scenic railway journeys in the world. It won’t take you to Hogwarts, but we can take you on a magical journey to some of the film’s top locations such as Glencoe, which was used as the backdrop for the gatehouse – and also Hagrids Hut.

Are you even a fan if you dont experience these Harry Potter filming locations for yourself?

Check out the tours below for a chance to ride the Hogwarts Express or visit Alnwick Castle and learn to fly a broom on our 1-day castles and broomsticks tour…

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The Lewis Chess Pieces

In the first book of the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Ron introduces Harry to the magical game of Wizard Chess a slightly more violent version of the classic game, where pieces are enchanted and defeat often results in being smashed to bits.

Did JK Rowling get her inspiration for the style of the characters from the Lewis Chess Pieceson display in the National Museum of Scotland?

Dating from the late 12th early 13th century, the 11 pieces on display were part of a large hoard buried on Lewis and discovered in 1831. Remarkable in their carved detail, each piece is different and they remain one of the most intriguing items in the museum.

Harry Potter Tour Of Edinburgh

The complete Harry Potter tour in Edinburgh

Jump aboard our vintage double-decker London bus for a truly spellbinding bus tour of Edinburgh and take in all of the most spellbinding sights that the city of Edinburgh has to offer, including those that inspired the tales the famous boy wizard.

Our Harry Potter bus tour will travel to many of the locations in Edinburgh which inspired J.K. Rowling to write the Harry Potter series. This includes Greyfriars Cemetery where J.K.Rowling found inspiration for some character names such as Voldemort, aka Tom Riddle , Spoon Cafe where she was a regular and wrote some of the first book, George Heriots School which was believed to be the inspiration for the architecture of Hogwarts plus many more locations to spy some wizards!

Arrive at the bus and you will be sorted into your house where you will be greeted with a drink. Non-alcoholic and alcoholic options will be available.

To eat, you will be able to choose between our Italian Antipasti & Wine or Pizza & Prosecco options:

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About The Edinburgh Harry Potter Tour

You might already know that J.K. Rowling wrote much of Harry Potter here in Edinburgh, but you might not know how much Edinburgh inspired the books. Join your expert local guide – and true Harry Potter fan – for a 2-hour walking tour through the magical world of Harry Potter.

Your Harry Potter walking tour begins on 130 High Street , on the corner with Stevenlaw’s Close.

Where Harry Potter characters were born

Your expert local guide and Harry Potter aficionado will help you to discover where multiple characters came to life. See where Lord Voldemort is buried, and find the inspiration for Hogwarts Professors like McGonagall.

Find the inspiration for famous Harry Potter locations

Once you know where to look in Edinburgh, its easy to find where J.K. Rowlings inspiration for Harry Potter locations came from. Spot the real-life school that gave life to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and even see the street that inspired Diagon Alley! Moreover, if youve joined the Edinburgh Dark Side tour, youll completely understand how Edinburghs own dark history is reflected in the magical world of Harry Potter.

Learn more about J.K. Rowling and her life in Edinburgh

Harry Potter Walking Tour

Enter the magical wizarding world with a guided walking tour through the streets of Edinburgh to visit the places that inspired the most famous books in the world. J.K. Rowling moved to Edinburgh with a few notes in hand, but the ambiance of Edinburgh is what brought her stories to life.

Walk through cobbled streets and Greyfriars Kirkyard to see the locations that breathed life into her fantastical books. Pass by the café where she spent her time writing in a dark corner and see her golden handprints outside the city chambers. You will hear anecdotes about the books and learn about the symbolism and meaning behind some of the names and places in the stories.

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How Much Do Harry Potter Tours In Edinburgh Cost

Most Harry Potter walking tours in Edinburgh cost between 15 and 20 per person while a private tour is around 100 per person. For a budget-friendly option, you can book an audio tour for around 8.

The Harry Potter Train Tour is 180 per person but is a much longer experience than the tours in the city.

Where Do Harry Potter Tours In Edinburgh Start

Edinburgh Scotland Walking Tour – The Castle Grassmarket Harry Potter Shop Royal Mile

Most Harry Potter tours in Edinburgh start at the William Chambers Monument on Chambers street while others gather on the Royal Mile of High Street.

The train tour also gathers on High Street where a coach will be waiting.

The audio tour gives you the most freedom and you can start the tour when and where you like.

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Edinburgh: Greyfriars Kirkyard Walking Tour

First up on this list is an Edinburgh Harry Potter walking tour that focuses on Greyfriars Kirkyard! This graveyard is said to be a place that J.K. Rowling often frequented while living in Edinburgh and writing Harry Potter, so youll be able to see where she got a lot of her character inspiration from throughout this tour.

The tour is about one hour long and includes a guide in costume. During the tour, youll learn all about the church that dates back to the 16th century, as well as the lives that those buried in the cemetery live.

Plus, you will probably even recognize some of the names throughout the graveyard!

Jk Rowlings Edinburgh And The Writing Of Harry Potter

This next Harry Potter Edinburgh tour is only four hours long but includes tons of great stops throughout the city! It includes stops at The Balmoral, McEwan Hall, George Heriots School, the Elephant House, Lothian Chambers, and more!

The tour guide makes it very clear that this tour, in particular, does include spoilers, so make sure youve read all of the Harry Potter books or at least watched the movies. This tour is incredibly detailed, and because there are so many spots along the way, it is pretty fast-paced.

What makes this tour different from others is that it seeks to tell the story of Rowling from rags to riches and does include some dark aspects of her story. So, while kids can technically go on the tour, its better suited for older audiences.

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Harry Potter Tour Edinburgh

This post is a free, self-guided tour of Harry Potter sights in Edinburgh, along with a map and route, put together by Free Tours by Foot’s resident Muggle, Margaret.

You can expect to walk nearly 2.2 miles or just over 3.6 kilometres.

You could also elect to take this as a GPS-led audio tour .

The tour will last, on average, just under 90 minutes. Although this may change depending on your walking pace or stops you wish to make along the way.

You can use the map or this to get the written directions.

You might also be interested in a free Harry Potter tour with a live guide.

It takes place most days of the week at 13:30 , except for the month of August when it runs only on weekends.

GPS-Enabled Audio Tour

We also offer an audio tour of Harry Potter sights in Edinburgh, researched, written, and recorded by one of our own tour guides.

Heres a sample.

Be sure to check out our other self-guided tours and free guided tours of Edinburgh.

We also offer Harry Potter tours, both guided and self-guided in London and Porto.

The Rowling Parking Meter


Sorry, folks, one thing we can be certain of is that Rowling did not utilise the services of a parking meter when she was writing the Deathly Hallows.

This may be one of the more comical landmarks attributed to the Potter series. And, although a tour was overheard purporting that Rowling used an Edinburgh parking meter, she has confirmed that she cannot drive!

My favourite bit of utter nonsense about Potter landmarks is still this one. I cant drive.

J.K. Rowling May 21, 2020

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Edinburgh: Harry Potter Magical Guided Walking Tour

Last but not least is the Harry Potter Magical Guided Walking Tour! This tour is just two hours, making it perfect if youre visiting Edinburgh in a day. Along the way, there are also fun Harry Potter trivia questions to keep you on your toes.

The tour includes stops at Tom Riddles grave in Greyfriars Kirkyard, the handprints J.K. Rowling left by City Chambers, and more. The tour is also usually capped at a small number, so it will feel private without the private tour price.

Even though the tour is about Harry Potter locations, it also includes lots of history about Edinburgh! Youll leave the tour having learned a lot about the city and Rowlings relationship with it.

Check out current rates and availability for the Harry Potter Magical Guided Walking Tour here!

The Bank Of Scotland Headquarters

This grand building at the top of The Mound is home to the Bank of Scotland. Its domed roof and imposing facade will remind you of Gringotts Bank. I dont think any of the tellers would be too happy to be called goblins, though!

While youre here, visit the Museum on the Mound, which is located under the headquarters. Amongst lots of historical artefacts, youll be able to see a million pounds in real life!

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Priority Access More Time To Explore

Long line? We’ll show you how to skip it. Packed out sights? Follow us to the secret quiet spots. On Originals tours, you can explore in ways that others can’t.

Long line? We’ll show you how to skip it. Packed out sights? Follow us to the secret quiet spots. On Originals tours, you can explore in ways that others can’t.

Harry Potter Tours In Edinburgh

The FREE Harry Potter Tour in Edinburgh You NEED To Do | Scotland

Harry Potter fandom has ensured that Edinburgh has been put on the map and Potterheads flock to this charming city to walk in the footsteps of the seriess creator. Book a Harry Potter tour in Edinburgh to see where J.K Rowling found inspiration for the wizarding world.

Walk past castles and graveyards, down cobbled streets and to the places where she put pen to paper and brought her masterpiece to life.

You will find below all you need to know about Harry Potter tour, one of the most fun sightseeing tours in Edinburgh.

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Free Harry Potter Tour

Edinburgh is the birthplace of Harry Potter and its magical world. Or is it so magical? Come along to our Free Harry Potter Tour and let us show you the real places where J.K. Rowling got the inspiration to write her impressive series!

Can you imagine seeing Diagon Alley in real life? Are you ready to stand in front of the gates of the most famous school of wizardry? Do you want to hear the story of the real Sorting Hat? Do you want to see where Lord Voldemort is buried?

If the anwer to all of these questions is absolutely yes, then you are in the right place!

Edinburgh is a city of fantasy, full of mysterious stories and legends. A city of magical hidden places, secret alleyways, and enchanted spots. J.K. Rowling had a strong connection to Edinburgh, making it the perfect place to provide her inspiration for this young wizard, who became a hero, and won the hearts of millions of fans, all over the world.

Come along to our Free Harry Potter Tour, to experience a fascinating walk through a city where reality and fiction come together, led by our expert guides, who will bring the magic of this best-selling series of novels come to life in front of you!

*Disclaimer: The Harry Potter Free Tour has been designed by fans of the series, to show the magical world of Harry Potter in Edinburgh. Our tour is not an official tour and is not endorsed by or affiliated with Warner Bros. Pictures Inc., J.K. Rowling, or any other officially associated party.

Jk Rowling’s Handprints At The City Chambers

Just off the Royal Mile you can find the famous author’s handprints reproduced on a flagstone in the quadrangle in front of Edinburgh City Chambers. The prints were produced when JK Rowling was awarded the Edinburgh Award in 2008.

Awarded to honour a person who has made a positive impact on the city and gained national and international recognition for Edinburgh, a wander around the courtyard reveals the handprints of other reward recipients including author Sir Ian Rankin, cyclist Sir Chris Hoy, artist Dame Elizabeth Blackadder and former rugby union player, Doddie Weir OBE.

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Love Where You’re Going Guaranteed

With a GetYourGuide Originals tour, you can enjoy complimentary rescheduling if youre late or plans change, and a full refund if youre not completely satisfied after taking your tour.

With a GetYourGuide Originals tour, you can enjoy complimentary rescheduling if youre late or plans change, and a full refund if youre not completely satisfied after taking your tour.

Harry Potter Train From Edinburgh

The complete Harry Potter tour in Edinburgh

Want to experience the journey to Hogwarts for yourself? Take this one-day tour to experience some of Scotlands stunning scenery, visit the sites in the Highlands that inspired Rowling and take the Hogwarts Express from Fort William!The tour leaves very early in the morning from Edinburgh and the price includes the train ride from Fort William to Mallaig over the Glenfinnan Viaduct.The train itself is a smoking Jacobite Train! History and Harry Potter rolled into one.

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Private 5 Hour Harry Potter Tour

This longer Harry Potter tour is a great way to explore all of the Edinburgh Harry Potter locations fully! The tour covers spots like the Museum of Scotland, Old Parliament Hall, the Royal Bank of Scotland HQ, and more!

Start the tour right at Edinburgh Waverley Station, where you can catch the train to go all over Scotland. Instead of taking the train, though, youll be looking out for your tour guide in a red robe wearing Spectrespecs!

The tour is excellent for Edinburgh visitors of all ages, especially children who love the Harry Potter franchise. The tour guide truly gets really into the tour and is so passionate, so you will for sure leave with a huge smile on your face.

De Stad Van Jk Rowlings Harry Potter

Iedereen weet dat je in de hoofdstad van het Verenigd Koninkrijk verschillende tours kunt doen langs bekende Harry Potter locaties. Daarentegen kunnen de fans van Rowlings beroemde boekenreeks ook hun hart ophalen in Edinburgh. Bezoek bijvoorbeeld de Greyfriars Kirk en Kirkyard, één van de vermeende inspiratiebronnen van Rowlings geesteskindje. Of wandel door het charmante Victoria Street, de straat die als inspiratie werd gebruikt voor de tovenaarswinkelstraat Diagon Alley.

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Victoria Street Candlemaker Row Or Cockburn Street

Diagon Alley is a must on this route. These are some of the streets that most visually relate to the place where wizards buy their books and school supplies. It is true that Rowling was fond of walking in the area, but she has neither confirmed nor denied that the alley was inspired by these streets. In any case, it is a charming walk.

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