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Harry Potter Studio Tour Los Angeles

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Warner Bros Studio Tour Faqs

A Tour of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Universal Studios Hollywood
How Long is the Warner Bros Studio Tour?

Expect the tour to take approximately 3 hours. That includes 2 hours guided tour and 1 hour self guided at Studio 48 at the end of your tour.

Can You Take Pictures on the Warner Bros Tour?

You can take photos but only at certain allocated times. Your guide will inform you at every stop and in between whether or not photography is permitted but video is not permitted at any point of the tour.

Which Movies Are Associated With Warner Bros?

We cant list every film from such a historic and comprehensive catalogue but some more recent movies include The Matrix Trilogy, The Hobbit , Batman , Harry Potter, Inception, Sherlock Holmes, The Hangover, 300, Twister, The Departed, Mad Max, Oceans 8, 11, 12 & 13 and the distinguished list goes on!

The Warner Bros Deluxe Vip Tour

Note that the Deluxe VIP tour has not resumed in 2021. Stay tuned for updates. What follows is based on the tour as it was in 2012.

The VIP Deluxe Tour begins with a movie overview of some of the classic films and TV shows that were filmed on the lot, and it makes for quite an impressive resume. Beginning with The Jazz Singer in 1927, and continuing with films like The Maltese Falcon, A Streetcar Named Desire, The Music Man, Whats Up Doc, The Matrix Trilogy and all the versions of Oceans Eleven, Warner Bros. has been responsible for many great films too many to name here.

Plus, dozens and dozens of our favorite TV Shows come from Warner Bros., like ER, Friends, Pretty Little Liars, Ellen, The West Wing, The Drew Carey Show, and so many more. Youll see clips of many of them in the presentation and immediately wish you had them all in your Netflix queue.

Sempre Diferente Sempre Original Sempre Entretido

Hollywood Made Here. Fique ainda mais perto do entretenimento que você ama. Nosso novo Storytelling Showcase destaca quase 100 anos de história da Warner Bros. O novo grand finale encanta os fãs do DC Universe e The Wizarding World of Harry Potter e Fantastic Beasts com cenários recriados, adereços originais, figurinos e oportunidades de fotos memoráveis.

O que você verá?

Explore 100 years of storytelling

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Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywood

Attractions & Tours Family Friendly

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood gets you closer to the entertainment you love with a visit to an actual working studio. The Studio Tour gives guests a revealing look behind the camera at how Hollywood magic is made.

The recently expanded tour center provides the opportunity to experience more action, more magic, and more fun than ever before on the lot. Visitors ages 5 and up will have new ways to explore where storytelling comes to life, starting with the Storytelling Showcase celebrating Warner Bros. nearly 100 years of TV and movie-making history, and culminating in an interactive grand finale called Action and Magic Made Here, highlighting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and the DC universe of superheroes and supervillains.

Upon finishing the tour, guests visit the incredible new Studio Store, providing access to exclusive merchandise from their favorite film and TV titles. For operating schedule and to reserve your tour, visit for more information.

Dc Universe: The Exhibit

Harry Potter Studio Tour: First Review

In this part of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour of Hollywood, you go through the interactive DC Universe.

Dont miss out on the latest Aquaman section, which brings to life the visually breathtaking underwater world of Atlantis.

And the Wonder Woman section, where you get to see the set design and wardrobe from the movie.

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How To Get To Warner Bros Studio Tour In Hollywood

Warner Bros Studio tour is located in Burbank, Los Angeles. The easiest way to find it on a map is by looking to the North West corner of Griffith Park.

LA is huge and traffic is renowned for being congested. If you have your own vehicle and dont mind driving across the city, there is an underground parking garage right beneath the WB building.

No matter if your hotel is in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills or Hollywood, your most efficient route is to drive up Cahuenga Boulevard. Take the right turn at Barham Boulevard which transitions into W. Olive Ave. Turn right onto West Riverside Drive and right onto Warner Boulevard. Follow signs for tour parking.

Note: Driving in LA is not a lot of fun so consider arriving by other means if youre not the most confident driver!

If you dont have your own vehicle or youd prefer to leave it parked at the hotel, youll need to use the metro and/or Uber or Lyft.

  • Cheapest option Metro B Line stops at Universal City/Studios. This is the closest you can get by Metro and your options are either walk 2.4 miles or take a Lyft/Uber.
  • Most convenient option Simply have a Lyft/Uber pick you up wherever you are in LA. But this will cost more!

Tour Guides At Warner Bros

Well take a wild guess you consider yourself a bit of a TV and movie buff? We thought so too, but we were wrong.

Our tour guide set the benchmark for being considered a bona fide movie buff. Shout out to Erik, this guy lived for it!

These giant world beating movie studios want to give the best possible experience for those who travel from around the world to get behind the scenes of their favorite TV shows and movies.

The guides have to be fantastic, it is as simple as that.

Our advice to you is speak up whenever you have a question about anything. Ask away and your guide will enjoy responding!

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Academy Awards For Everyone

On your tour, youll get to do something only members of the Motion Picture Academy usually get to do: hold an Oscar! Its surprisingly heavy, just like all the actresses say when they win and its like a little dream come true when you get your photo taken. At least it was for me.

After that, your tour guide greets you and your group and leads you out to your private golf cart which will ferry you around the 10-acre lot for the 5-hour Tour. Photography is permitted in most places on the lot, however, some spots are off-limits and your tour guide will keep you informed.

Celebrity sightings are not uncommon on tours during the week , and of course these can be a highlight of the experience, but since this is where the actors are at work, tour attendees are encouraged not to yell or accost the stars they may see. Photos with celebrities are not unheard of, though, especially if the rules are followed, so keep your eyes peeled and your fingers crossed.

The tour takes you through the backlot, which has doubled for every major city in the world over the years, and the jungle, which plays home to the exterior scenes of Pretty Little Liars and True Blood currently, but many others over the years as well.

ER was a major player on the Warner Bros. lot for the 15 years of its run, and so there are many spots on the tour that turn out to have been filmed as part of the show.

New Warner Bros Studio Tour

FULL TOUR of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter | Universal Studios Orlando

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The Warner Bros. Studio TourHollywood is a wonderful chance to peek behind the curtain and see how movies and TV shows are made, and visiting the Warner Bros. lot means youll get a big dose of Hollywood history while youre at it.

The tour was totally redesigned in 2021, having been completely upgraded with never-before-seen experiences and interactive exhibits sure to delight fans of Warner Bros. movies and TV shows. And for the first time, the tour is welcoming kids ages 5 and up.

And in 2022, SoCal residents can purchase their tickets at a special discounted price. Check their website for all the details.

From the new Welcome Center and expanded Studio Store, youll get to experience the new Storytelling Showcase, a new Action and Magic interactive exhibit featuring the DC superheroes and characters from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts series, an expanded Central Perk Café and Friends Boutique, and quite a bit more as a guest on the Studio Tour.

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Getting Around The Studio Complex

The tour is well organized, theyve been doing it a long time and have cracked the guest arrival efficiency code. You will wait in a lounge type area for your designated time slot before beginning the tour.

A brief welcome movie in an intimate cinema setting introduces you to the day ahead, then its straight on with meeting your guide and hitting the road.

You will be transported around the Warner Bros studio tour by 9-10 seater electric powered carts. However, there are plenty of walking parts where you can stretch your legs so no need to worry about being cramped up for a few hours.

You are not allowed to wander off on a rogue mission to find famous people and the guides will keep a close eye on your group.

It is important to remember this is a working studio, which means there could be several tv shows and movies being filmed at the time of your tour. Correct etiquette is non-negotiable!

Driving from San Francisco to San Diego? Dont miss these 23 unforgettable Pacific Coast Highway road trip stops along the way.

Harry Potter Studio Tour Price 2022

  • Harry Potter Tour London with transportation 106.86 onwards includes premium coach transfers and valid for 1 day
  • Harry Potter Studio Tour Tickets 49 onwards , best Price for the Warner Bros studio tour London and valid for 1 day
  • Harry Potter Film Studio Tour 18 onwards does not include Warner Bros Studio tours.
  • Warner Bros studio tour & Oxford Day Tour from London 142.88 onwards tour of University of Oxford and professional guide.


  • As tickets normally sell out fast for the Harry Potter Studio Tour and warner bros studio tour London, please make sure to book your tickets well in advance. Choose the number of tickets you require, then the date of your visit. The calendar displays the current availability of tour tickets for both online and phone bookings.
  • The tour guests are also advised to reach the agreed location for transportation early or reach the studio gates at least 20 minutes in advance to collect their pre-booked Harry Potter studio tour tickets.

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What Is A Fair Price

We personally thought the Warner Bros studio tour was worth US$ 69 each. We probably would have paid up to around 80-90 dollars but any more and we would have written it off.

Its not every day you get to go behind the scenes of a movie studio, especially when youre a big fan of movies.

You have to set a reference point, like paying 10 bucks for a beer at a Dodgers ball game or US$ 100+ on a meal out in Beverly Hills and entrance to Warner Bros wont seem so high!

If you love movies and have a morning or afternoon spare on your Los Angeles itinerary, we think the Warner Bros studio tour could be the one for you.

It certainly didnt disappoint us.

Toujours Diffrent Toujours Original Toujours Divertissant

Harry Potter studio tour at Leavesden Studios.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour HollywoodHollywood Made Here Rapprochez-vous encore plus du divertissement que vous aimez. Notre nouvelle vitrine Storytelling Showcase met en vedette près de 100 ans dhistoire de Warner Bros. La nouvelle grande finale ravit les amateurs de DC Universe et du Monde des sorciers de Harry Potter et des Fantastic Beasts avec des décors recréés, des accessoires authentiques, des costumes, et des occasions de prendre des photos mémorables.

Que verrez-vous?

Explore 100 years of storytelling

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Harry Potter And Fantastic Beasts

We predict Harry Potter fans are going to love this section of the tour. There are several interactive experiences they can choose to try, like taking a lesson in wand choreography, sitting on Harrys bed under the stairs, mixing a few potions in Professor Snapes classroom, or possibly the best one: letting the Sorting Hat choose which house you belong to at Hogwarts.

There are other great photo opportunities and interactives just within the Harry Potter section, and as a bonus, if you download the free Harry Potter Fan Club App, keep an eye out for the Enchanted Keys placed throughout the exhibit, and scan them when you see them, youll unlock hidden surprises.

Adventures By Disney: Disney Backstage

You had to figure that Disney was going to be a little more expensive, but the actual cost of this week-long experience might shock you.

To be fair, the package includes meals and accommodation at both the Loews Hollywood Hotel and Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.

This Disney backstage adventure includes a tour of the Walt Disney Studios & Archives, an Imagineering tour, a Hollywood walking tour, and a tour of the Jim Henson Company.

Most of these tours are only available via this week-long package. The entire itinerary takes six days to complete, and it will keep you busy with plenty of fun activities from start to finish.


As you can probably imagine, the testimonials for this experience are quite positive .

Some guests even noted that they made friends with their tour guides and continue to stay in touch with them to this very day.

Additionally, customers also appreciated the opportunity to see some behind-the-scenes areas that bring the history of Walt Disney to life.

One visitor even suggested that this trip allowed them to become kids again as they explored secret and wonderful locations at the happiest place on earth.

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Celebrity Homes Tour Combo Packages

These combo deals provide both a celebrity home tour and a movie studio tour.

Each option includes transportation not only around Hollywood but also to and from the studios.

While some of these services use a mini-bus, others actually drive you around town in a luxury sedan or an SUV.

Each company offers both hotel pickup and drop-off.

Expect these outings to last for between 6-8 hours on average.

  • Universal Studios Tour & Movie Star Homes Tour – $193 per person
  • Warner Bros. Studio Tour & Movie Star Homes Tour – $130 per person
  • These combo deals are not currently available as of March 2022.

Alternatively, we offer our own self-guided celebrity homes tour.

This might be a good way to save even more money if you don’t mind doing a bit of driving around Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

History Of The Warner Bros Studio

Harry Potter Studio Tour London | FULL EXPERIENCE | Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Not just a name, Warner Bros. was founded by four actual brothers: Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack Warner. The group officially established the film studio in 1923, making it the third oldest in America behind Paramount and Universal. Innovators early on, Warner Bros. began synching speech with sound in motion pictures. One of these talkies, the 1927 film The Jazz Singer, became a runaway hit and revolutionized the entire industry.

Thanks to the financial success of the The Jazz Singer, Warner Bros. was able to acquire a 68-acre studio lot from First National Pictures and move its headquarters from Hollywood to Burbank, where it remains today. The studio introduced tours in 1973, offering the general public a rare peek behind the scenes.

These days, the lot covers 110 acres, with 10 backlots and 30 soundstages. The Warner Bros. library has expanded to include both box office and TV hits, such as Casablanca, Spider-Man and Friendsall filmed here. Even the tour itself has evolved. Studio 48: Script to Screen opened in 2015, and new DC Universe and Harry Potter experiences debuted in 2021.

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Which Is The Best Studio Tour In La

Now you know what to expect and the price of Warner Bros, its important you know the most pertinent information about each of the competition.

There are 4 major movie studios to choose between in Los Angeles.

What are the most important aspects for you to consider when choosing which studio you want to visit?

Is it price, which movies they made, location , what you will see or something else entirely?

We created this Warner Bros, Sony, Paramount and Universal comparison table to look at pros, cons and differences of each tour and to help you determine if Warner Bros studio tour is the one for you.

Whats New On The Warner Bros Studio Tour

The first new thing youll experience on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour is the Welcome Center. This is where youll check in for your tour and where you can shop at the expanded Studio Store as well. Note that the store is open to the public even if youre not taking the tour. Its filled with merchandise from both classic and contemporary Warner Bros. movies, as well as their beloved TV series.

Theres a Starbucks in the Welcome Center, just in case you need some coffee, and youll be greeted by an impressive oversize sculpture from the Triwizard Tournament , and both Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny .

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Things To Know Before You Arrive

Even if youre remotely interested in the enchanting world of Harry Potter then a Harry Potter studio tour in London is a must. But, before you set out for what is sure to be a magical experience, read this for everything you need to know so you can enjoy a mind-blowing Harry Potter experience without any problems or concerns.

  • Face coverings will no longer be required to visit the Studio Tour due to a change in government regulations. Wearing masks is no longer compulsory but encouraged for safety so decide on it at your own discretion.
  • Throughout the day, the shuttle bus service will run as usual. Enhanced cleaning will occur regularly, and visitors are encouraged to use the hand sanitizer offered when boarding.
  • Please postpone the visit if you or any of your party members are ill. Subject to availability, your Harry Potter studio tour tickets can be rescheduled to a later date and time.
  • Throughout the Warner Bros studio tours, there will be hand sanitizer stations. Visitors are respectfully requested to maintain the greatest level of hygiene by hand washing and using hand sanitizer on a frequent basis.
  • The Studio Tours entry times are set to help control the flow of guests and prevent overcrowding.
  • The Harry Potter Studio Tour functions on a one-way system for the time being.
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