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Harry Potter Inspired Engagement Ring

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Maybe Gigi Turned Down Zayn’s Proposal Because He Didn’t Have A Golden Snitch Ring

DIY Harry Potter Golden Snitch Engagement Ring Box

Christmas is the time of engagements. Give it two days and Instagram will be full of boy done good engagement ring pictures complete with that staple Tiffany blue box and a sparkly sparkly gem. But this year we dont want a standard ring no no, we want a bloody golden snitch ring.

This is all hypothetical of course, were not getting engaged because were still mere babies but hear us out. An Australian-based jewellery shop has launched a range of Harry Potter inspired engagement rings. A golden snitch ring and a Deathly Hallows ring to be precise.

Created by Sapphire Studios in Melbourne, they bloody magical. Mr Golden Snitch ring features a casual 1.40 carat diamond, and actually isnt that spenny. Your fella can get his hands on it from prices starting at £291. Sold.

Perhaps this is the reason Gigi supposedly turned down Zayn Maliks proposal? Did he turn up to her door, get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage with a Golden Snitch ring? We think not, Gigi wouldnt have been able to turn down that would she? Who would be able to turn down that? I dont plan on getting married until im at least 32 and if someone turned up with a Harry Potter ring I would most definitely reconsider.

We thank you Sapphire Studios for bringing these into our lives just in time for Christmas.

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The Best Harry Potter Engagement Rings

For a gorgeous, subtle ring, we love this wood-effect rose gold band.

Inspired by the lost diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw, this beautiful ring is perfect for a magical proposal.

If you like the darker side of Harry Potter, this ring is a great option.

Switching things round and proposing to your man instead? Why not try this unisex deathly hallows ring.

Proposing in parseltonge? A pretty snake ring with emerald green eyes is your best bet.

The deathly hallows sign, but elegant and classy.

Another beautiful ring for your Ravenclaw S/O, this time with unique bird-like features.

A more subtle tribute to Harry Potter, with the heartfelt sentiment of “always” etched inside the ring.

A bling-laden version of the classic deathly hallows design.

Caught yourself a golden snitch? Prove it with this fun snitch ring.

/10 The Deathly Hallows

If you are more of a fan for dainty rings, this Harry Potter engagement band is to die for. The thin band is embedded with stones all the way around, with matching crystal right in the middle of the Deathly Hallows.

You can just make out the patch of gold that represents the Elder wand, with the triangular base clearly displaying the Invisibility Cloak. And, of course, the main attraction is the Resurrection Stone.

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From Harry Potter To The Neverending Story Here Are 20 Fantasy

For decades, the internet has brought fans together creating ultimate fandoms. While many of them have grown from adapted books such as Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Lord of The Rings, cult movies and TV shows can also spawn large fandoms such as Doctor Who, Buffy, and Game of Thrones.

For those of us who are in deep when it comes to our favorite TV shows, its not too out of the ordinary to want to have a fandom-themed wedding! And if youre into the idea of a destination wedding, it can basically take place anywhere from Mordor to Endor, depending on the theme!

A post shared by Claire Magowan Brown

on Feb 16, 2017 at 3:06pm PST

From superheroes to mythical beasts, the fantasy and reality mesh when true fans saturate their lives with their fandom. Why should a fans wedding be any different? Luckily, it doesnt have to start with the actual celebration fantasy-themed engagement rings are available for so many different franchises.

A post shared by WED2B on Sep 26, 2015 at 10:43am PDT

Harry Potter Inspired Engagement Ring Will Make You Say Accio Marriage

Custom Magical Owl Engagement Ring

If youre a Potterhead, then this engagement ring have have you itching to get married ASAP. One woman took to reddit this week to show off her stunning engagement ring that was designed to reflect her love of everything Harry Potter. Reddit User Katiemack777 posted the following photo of her engagement ring, created by jeweler Shane Co., which shows 5 colorful jewels that reflect the colors of the Hogwarts houses red , green , yellow , and blue . My fiance knows that I love harry potter almost as much as I love him, so he designed a pretty

If youre a Potterhead, then this engagement ring have have you itching to get married ASAP. One woman took to reddit this week to show off her stunning engagement ring that was designed to reflect her love of everything Harry Potter.

Reddit User Katiemack777 posted the following photo of her engagement ring, created by jeweler Shane Co., which shows 5 colorful jewels that reflect the colors of the Hogwarts houses red , green , yellow , and blue .

My fiance knows that I love harry potter almost as much as I love him, so he designed a pretty special ring for me.

The post has since garnered over 24k votes and 381 comments of users congratulating Mack on her engagement and showing appreciation for her unique ring.

The best comment deservedly goes to reddit user watanabelover69 who commented:

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Owl You Need Is Love Wizard Natural Emerald Engagement Ring

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The biggest Harry Potter fans are not shy about showing their love. We’ve seen Muggle couples even theme their weddings after the books and movies, so it doesn’t surprise us that there are Harry Potter-inspired engagement rings out there, too. Luckily, we were able to discover some gorgeous varieties that even nonfans might consider one day. From rings engraved with the word “always” to stones inspired by the four houses, the options are enchanting. Get ready for an engagement as unique as the series itself with the fanciful rings ahead.

Additional reporting by Nicole Yi

How To Plan The Perfect Harry Potter Proposal

If theres one common theme in the Harry Potter series, its love. In its many forms, love is a powerful force throughout the series and greatly affects Harrys own journey and ultimate success against the Dark Lord Brie and I discuss the power of love all the time in our Harry Potter podcast, the Glittering Bell Jar.

If youre feeling that powerful force for someone in your life, you might have a mind to ask them a very important question and take a next step in your relationship together. While we never see any proposals in the Harry Potter series, we know they must happen: Bill and Fleur, Remus and Tonks, Hermione and Ron , and Harry and Ginny are just some of the marriages we know happen in the Wizarding World during the series. Since we dont have any inspiration from the books, I had to come up with my own plan for what the perfect Harry Potter proposal must look like.

Below youll find a suggestion for putting together your own engagement proposal based on elements of the Wizarding World and Harry Potter series. Even if youre not a huge HP fan, this post will guide you to covering it all from the details of the scene to the ring, ring box, and even a small suggestion on how you might phrase your proposal to show your beloved that you honor and respect their love for Harry Potter as much as you will honor and respect them.

Featured photo courtesy of The Bridal Rose on Etsy.

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Harry Potter Fan Gets Engagement Box Made Like Golden Snitch

Auckland designer creates customized jewelry which opens up to reveal ring.

Asher Freeman was contacted by a customer who wanted to make that special moment an extra special surprise by gifting a very different engagement box.

The 31-year-old from Auckland, New Zealand who creates bespoke jewellery was commissioned to create a piece of Harry Potter inspired art.

Last year, a Harry Potter fan and customer of Ashers came to him in hopes of making his proposal all the more special and thus, the Golden Snitch was commissioned.

While, all his creations must be stunning, his incredible Golden Snitch engagement ring box ticks all the right boxes!

The ring box features the original Golden Snitch design, replete with golden wings and all and opens up to reveal the engagement ring.

Though Asher cant say for sure as to exactly how long the ring box took him to create, he said he spent many an hour pondering on the best way to do it before even starting.

Asher, whos an avid Harry Potter fan, and admits hes in House Slytherin with his Patronus being the fearsome Chow Dog, says he has many plans for future Harry Potter-themed Jewellery.

Harry Potter themed engagement ring box

Love My Suble Hp Rings

Making a Deathly Hallows Engagement Ring Box

I LOVE my Patronus wedding and engagement rings. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and I love small but unique jewelry. I like how easy it is to wear the two rings together, but the wedding ring also looks great on its own!

I dont like heavy jewelry, so I chose palladium which gives me the white metal look without the fading of white gold, or the weight of platinum.

If you order two rings together, it comes in an adorable box with two slots. I could not recommend Do Amore enough.

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/10 The Ultimate Hogwarts Crest

This Reddit post by Katiemack777 from last year has recently picked up steam. Harry Potter fans have been gushing over this customized engagement ring. The base is a plain gold band held together by an uncomplicated diamond. Wrapped around it, however, are four small, colorful gems that meet together to represent the four Hogwarts houses. Red for Gryffindor, green for Slytherin, yellow for Hufflepuff, and blue for Ravenclaw.

The lucky lady told the internet, “My fiance knows that I love Harry Potter almost as much as I love him, so he designed a pretty special ring for me.”

Smile For Magical Engagement Photos

If you really want to put the cherry on top of a very happy day , I recommend arranging a photographer to capture the special moment. After all, youve put a ton of energy into setting the scene, and getting all the elements and details just so you want to record that for posterity!

Heres what I recommend: Hire a photographer to document the surprise if it makes sense, or to arrive after your proposal to capture the first happy moments of your engagement. If youre traveling for your proposal say to London, one of the best HP destinations in the world! you could hire a Flytographer.

For props in your photos, you could secretly pack their favorite Harry Potter book and yours too, if they differ. Or you could buy a brand new set for this next chapter of your life together, and use them in your photos as shown above. Dont forget to bring your wand too. Finally, you might use signs as props, like this one or this one. This all takes some advance planning, but since youve put so much energy into planning the perfect Harry Potter engagement, this is just the final step to ensure you have great pictures to commemorate the occasion.

Once youve done all of this, your Harry Potter proposal is complete and hopefully successful. Congratulations! I wish you both the best in your life together. Its time to celebrate with a bottle of Muggle bubbly, or perhaps a glass of Amortentia to honor your love.

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Some stones look more magical than others, so it’s best to do some thorough research before you buy.

Opals and moonstones have a glowing quality and so would make perfect engagement rings. If your budget is a little higher, you could try black or pink diamonds for that extra-special, other-worldly look.

Other features that would make a great Harry Potter inspired engagement ring would be snakes, skulls and wooden-effect rings.

Rose gold also gives off that extra-special feel, especially with an interesting texture or unusual stone.

If you’d like a simpler design, something with a silver band and oval-shaped stone would make for a beautiful ring.

Harry Potter Obsessed Fiance Flaunts Hogwarts

Geeky Rings

13:36, 15 July 2019 BST| Last updated 13:37, 15 July 2019 BST

Featured Image Credit: PA

A marriage proposal is supposed to be an unadulterated show of love from one person to another. However, one groom-to-be decided to build the big moment around his now fiancée’s other love by offering her a Harry Potter-inspired engagement ring.

Clearly it worked, as she said yes and, slightly less importantly, felt compelled to show it off on Reddit.

The ring is constructed from three separate rings, which are built around one central diamond. Surrounding the diamond are four smaller stones, with each representing a house from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

It appears there is a ruby to represent the red of Gryffindor, an emerald for the green of Slytherin, a yellow something or other for Hufflepuff, and a green something or other for Ravenclaw.

Captioning the post, user Katiemack777, wrote: “My fiancé knows that I love Harry Potter almost as much as I love him, so he designed a pretty special ring for me.”

Judging by the response to her post, it seems people think the man who went down on one knee with that ring is some kind of sublime romantic.

One person said: “My goodness this is stunning. That’s very sweet of him to custom design such a special ring for you.”

Another added: “Wow I don’t even want to get married but I want this ring.”

A third said: “He was a chaser, now a keeper.” … That’s Quidditch-based marriage bants, by the way.

Truly magical.

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These Harry Potter Engagement Rings And Wedding Bands Are Truly Magical

Planning a Harry Potter-themed proposal for your one and only? You need an on-theme ring! While Harry Potter-inspired engagement rings and wedding bands were difficult to find just a few years ago, muggles have finally caught on, and there are now many magical options for witches and wizards alike.

From golden snitch-adorned rings to always inscribed bands, the Harry Potter engagement rings and wedding bands are sure to leave your soon-to-be-fiancé spellbound.

Accio magical wedding rings! Any Harry Potter fan would be love these Harry Potter wedding rings from mooredesign13.

150 points to whoever purchases this beautiful golden snitch engagement ring from BoxHeadJewellery for their SO.

This rose gold and moissanite Dealthy Hallows engagement ring from EppiJewelry is simply magical.

Add a geeky flair to your everyday look with this Harry Potter wedding ring from AllThingsGeekChic.

GraceAlchemy strikes again with these stunning Harry Potter house-inspired engagement rings.

*This post contains affiliate links.

What Size Diamond Is Best For An Engagement Ring

The most popular diamond size chosen for engagement rings is a 1.0 carat center stone. However, couples can opt for both smaller and larger diamonds. Another great and more affordable option at James Allen is lab-created diamonds. Lab-created diamonds are the next generation of diamonds that give you the benefit of purchasing a larger size diamond at a more affordable price.

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You Can Now Buy A Harry Potter Engagement Ring For Your Hogwarts

10 December 2020, 15:52

But will they prefer a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw-inspired ring?

If you’re looking to pop the question this festive period, and your partner is obsessed with all things Harry Potter, then look no further for the perfect ring.

That’s because you can now buy Hogwarts house-inspired rings for your other half.

Whether they’re brave like a Gryffindor, cunning like a Slytherin, loyal like a Hufflepuff or smart like a Ravenclaw, these gothic rings are so beautiful even Voldemort would want to make a Horcrux out of them.

Ben Jarrett at EST 1897 said: “When looking for a Harry Potter-inspired ring focus on finding coloured stones and diamonds and look for gothic features on a gold or silver band.

“As a pre-owned specialist, we have a range of rings to suit everyones needs and our Harry Potter inspired engagement rings are the perfect addition for any Wizarding fans”.

For the Gryffindor-loving Harry Potter fan, the jewellers recommend the 22ct Yellow Gold Red & White Stone Cluster Ring and the 14ct Yellow Gold Red Stone Ring, both set with red stones to resemble the house’s colours.

For a Slytherin, the 9ct Yellow Gold Peridot Ladies Trilogy Ring and the 18ct Yellow Gold 0.81ct Diamond & Emerald Cluster Ring both scream Harry Potter with their gothic designs and extravagant finishes.

Elegant & Uniquely Designed


I love my Patronus wedding band and engagement ring. My husband and I picked it out. I wanted to know it would be a ring that was relatively unique in design and personal. I loved Harry Potter growing up and we chose this due to its subtlety. Our set is in rose gold and has a brilliant sparkle. I am so happy!

5 out of 5

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