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How Much Are Tickets For Harry Potter World London

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Official Trailer 2012 | Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

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Cafes And Eating Places At Warner Bros Studio Tour London

If you have any extra spare time before your tour begins, you can grab a drink in the Cafe, which also sells a range of snacks.

There are a number of cafes at the Warner Bros. Studio including The Chocolate Frog Cafe at the beginning of your tour, serving indulgent treats such as the specialty hot chocolate and ice cream.

There is also the Hub Cafe serving Starbucks drinks and snacks, and the Food Hall which includes breakfast, sandwiches and hot and cold meals, and lots from the bakery.

You can bring your own food with you but it must only be eaten in the Backlot area or outside picnic area. The Backlot Cafe is located halfway round the tour and it is here you can sample the ever-popular drink, Butterbeer!

Butterbeer is non -alcoholic and has quite a sweet froth to it, with a slight taste of butterscotch. In addition the Backlot also serves hot food â both childrens and adults – from a daily specials board, sandwiches and salads, snacks and hot and cold drinks.

You can choose to eat and drink inside or out, where there are nice views of the next section of the tour – the Knight Bus, Hogwarts Bridge, Godric’s Hollow and Privet Drive.

Places In London That Inspired Jk Rowling: Cecil Court And Goodwins Court

Both Cecil Court and Goodwins Court did not feature in the Harry Potter films. However they are both very atmospheric places and are thought to be JK Rowlings inspiration for Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley respectively. They can both be found just a couple of minutes walk from Leicester Square tube.

Cecil Court is a great place for book lovers in its own right, so naturally, is one of Rowlings favourite streets in London. It is home to individual bookshops with unusual books, including, naturally enough, books on witchcraft and magic. You might even pick up a first edition Harry Potter!

Goodwins Court is a medieval and later Georgian alley, dating back to 1627. It has oodles of character. If you can, check it out at night when it comes to life with three large original gas lamps.

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Warner Bros Studio: Fully

What’s the tour all about?

  • A fully guided tour of the Warner Bros. Studio with a dedicated tour guide who will provide you will ample in-depth knowledge about the movie series!
  • Harry Potter London tickets allow you a timed entry to the Studio, with headsets when needed so that you can properly hear your tour guide
  • Unique and exclusive information and knowledge about the films, cast and props and costumes

Highlights of the tour

  • Priority re-entry after the guided tour so you can have some time exploring it on your own
  • See all the most magical sets such as Hagrid’s Hut, Diagon Alley and Platform 9
  • Experience a plethora of props and costumes that were used in all eight Harry Potter films

The Warner Bros. Studio fully guided tour is one of the most expensive Harry Potter World tours you can embark upon but it’s definitely worth every penny.

If you book far enough in advance, you may also be able to get Warner Brothers Studio Tour discount from the likes of eBay or Groupon. This tour is one of the most popular ones to enjoy while in London simply because it’s home to the most magical experiences of the Harry Potter universe.

Duration: 5 hours

How Can I Sell My Show Tickets

Wizarding World of Harry Potter London

10 Ways To Sell More Tickets For Your Upcoming Show

  • 1) Create the visuals.
  • 2) Find past performance videos that reflect your music.
  • 3) Create Facebook event and create ads.
  • 4) Create event listings online.
  • 5) Reach out to local newspapers and radio stations.
  • 6) Use your email list.
  • 7) Reach out to friends/connections personally.
  • 8) Invite your friends to play.
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    Experience The Magic On Stage As One Show

    Accio trophies: winner of six 2018 Tony Awards! The latest chapter in the Harry Potter saga is here! Transferring over from a hugely successful run on Londons West End AND on Broadway, The Cursed Child is a brand new Harry Potter story, co-created for the stage by JK Rowling and Bafta-winning screenwriter and playwright Jack Thorne. Experience twice the magic with this incredible production as the story takes place across two separate parts!

    Leaving London critics impressed and fans bowled over, The Cursed Child recaptures the magic of the books, while crafting a totally unique world of its own. The story is brought to life with an intelligent script, wondrous costumes and a whole Defence Against the Dark Arts class worth of great theatrical special effects. The wish of every Potter fan to find out what happens after the final line of The Deathly Hallows has just been granted!

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    Warner Bros Studio Tour London The Making Of Harry Potter

    Visit the real sets used in the Harry Potter films and delve deeper into the magical world of Hogwarts! A must see for Harry Potter fans families will all enjoy this day out which showcases the most fantastical sets as well as props, costumes and all things Harry Potter. Highlights of the Studio include the brand new Gringotts Bank exhibit, including the Lestrange Vault, The Great Hall at Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, the Hogwarts Express and the Forbidden Forest. Not in central London but in Watford, an hour away by coach or train and shuttle.

    Family ticket: from £140

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    Arriving At Warner Bros Studio Tour London

    J.K. Rowling quote

    If coming by bus, it will take you to just a hundred metres or so from the entrance, and then you are left to walk inside independently.

    There are now more queues for security if you didn’t get your tickets delivered to your home address, you will need to pick them up from the ticket machines and a box office outside, you will need to queue for this.

    You will then need to queue to go through security which includes a bag check and personal scan. If you are going on an organised tour, your arrival time will allow you about twenty minutes to queue, ready for your pre-booked entry time into the Studio itself.

    Set Designs And Paintings From The Harry Potter Films

    Harry Potter Walking Tour of London

    See how they created the magnificent sets

    Leading out from Diagon Alley you go through to a room where you can see lots of drawings and blueprints of all the set designs, such as Hagrids Hut, the Burrow, Hogsmeade and of course Hogwarts itself.

    If you like artwork there is a white gallery with lots of beautiful paintings of the characters, with notable scenes from the books.

    If architecture is of interest, here you will also see amazing scaled models of all the buildings featured in the films such as Diagon Alley, Ollivanders Wand Shop, Hogsmeade and classrooms in Hogwarts. The models themselves are highly intricate and fascinating to see.

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    Harry Potter Studio Tours London

    After all this time?Always.Theres no other quote that perfectly encompasses the spirit of the world of Harry Potter. JK Rowlings fantasy book series on the Boy Who Lived is a worldwide phenomenon, humanely tackling complex subjects like love, death, loyalty, friendship, and the eternal dilemma of good vs evil.

    The 8-part Harry Potter films brought Rowlings words to the silver screen, not just by bringing wholesome characters to life, but by creating elaborate, detailed sets of locations like the Great Hall and the Forbidden Forest and true-to-word costumes, along with investing in stellar artwork and special effects.

    Years after the release of the final book and film in the series, the magic lives on. Fans of the series now have the opportunity to visit the famous sets and go behind-the-scenes on a Harry Potter Studio Tour at the Warner Brothers Studios in London. Examine character costumes, visit Diagon Alley, ride Hagrids motorbike and do so much more!

    While you wait for your acceptance letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, embark on a magical Harry Potter tour in London.

    Warner Bros Studio Tour London With Transportation And Hop

    What’s the tour all about?

    • Skip the stress of London transport with this incredible tour on the Hop-on Hop-off bus tour
    • Incredibly convenient option for first time visitors to London who also want to experience the magic of Harry Potter

    Highlights of the tour

    • Customisable sightseeing itinerary that’s personalised to you
    • Explore the entire Warner Brothers Studio and learn all about the Harry Potter films and props and costumes!
    • See the wonderful sights of London as well as some of the most famous filming locations of the films

    The Hop-on Hop-off bus tour is popular with many people in and around London and this tour is even better as you get to experience the full Harry Potter magic too!

    Your ticket includes entrance to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, as well as a four hour Hop-on Hop-off bus ticket, all for just £99!

    Duration: 11 hours

    WD25 7LR

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    Hogwarts Castle The Original Scale Model Used In The Films


    When you enter the next room there is, in a quietly blue lit room, a very wonderful scene: Hogwarts Castle, the original large castle used for the films, resplendent on its mountain side, with pine forests surrounding.

    It is a 1:24 scale model of Hogwarts this is very large and fills a great space, allowing you to walk all the way around it. The lighting is very effective, changing through day-time to night-time, giving very different perspectives.

    Every part was detailed so you can see the astronomy tower, the Owlery, the bridge and the courtyard as well as the Great Hall.

    Around the model castle are many interactive screens â great for kids â giving information on how it was constructed and how it was used in filming.

    Whats Better Hogsmeade Or Diagon Alley

    Get all Harry Potter Studio Tickets here: https://tower ...

    Shops and magical products aside, Diagon Alley is superior to Hogsmeade because of the opportunities to bump into friends outside of Hogwarts! Hogsmeade might be pretty, but its practically next door to the castle. Sorry Hogsmeade, you just cant compete with this bustling hub of wizarding activity!

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    How To Sell My Extra Harry Potter Ticket

    I know this Board has a low tolerance for ignorance, but please bear with me. I have an extra ticket to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. One Orchestra seat for 7:30 on May 31 and 7:30 on June 1. Whats the best way to sell these? How does the money transfer and delivery work? Im just looking for face value, not looking to make a profit. They were purchased through Ticketmaster and it looks like the only delivery method offered is an eTicket which will be available on May 28. Ticketmaster will not refund because its within 28 days of the performance. Is returning them to the Lyric Theater an option? Thanks for your help.

    I just turned on PMs. You can PM me for the price.

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    Harry Potter Walking Tour Of Film Locations In London

    Indulge in an enchanting tour of the popular filming locations of the Harry Potter movies and other iconic sights of London with these walking tours. After meeting your guide at the designated meeting point, you will be shown the various locations one by one. Some of these locations include Diagon Alley, Gringott’s Bank, Platform 9 ¾,Daniel Radcliffe’s school, King’s Cross station and much more. Your guide, a fellow Potterhead, will regale you with fascinating tidbits from the movies and will answer all your questions. Apart from this, your tour will also include fun activities like finding out which house you belong to.

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    Sneaky Trick Number One For Getting A Ticket To The Warner Bros Studio Tour

    Book a tour or transport inclusive ticket from a tour operator.

    I have to be honest I am prettyyyyyy disorganised a lot of the time and Ive often found that hunting around for a tour can mean that you can nab a last minute spot when all other hope is lost.

    Have a look on Get Your Guide and simply work your way through the different operators until you can find one with a ticket for the date that you want. Simple and oh so crafty *cackles uncontrollably in the manner of Bellatrix Lestrange*.

    PS I talk more about tours and transport inclusive options in the How to Get to the Harry Potter Studios Section Below.

    London Harry Potter Studio And Locations Tour Tickets

    Enter Gringotts Wizarding Bank | Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

    What’s the tour all about?

    • Start at King’s Cross Station to see the iconic Platform 9 and then head to the studios where you’ll be taken on a tour of where the beloved films were made
    • Enjoy a whole day of exploring and learning and develop your Harry Potter knowledge even more with some exclusive facts that can only be found at the studio!

    Highlights of the tour

    • Go behind the scenes to learn all about how the movies were made over the course of ten years
    • Board the Hogwarts Express and pretend to be a Hogwarts student on their way to the castle for the first time!
    • Get up and close with some of the most famous props and costumes, including Buckbeak, the Ministry of Magic and Diagon Alley

    The Harry Potter Studio and Locations Tour is a popular excursion to embark upon while in London. You’ll get to see a number of filming locations that were used for the Harry Potter films such as Platform 9 at King’s Cross Station.

    You’ll also get the chance to experience the costumes and sets that were used to make the films first hand.

    Duration: 1 day

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    Harry Potter Studios Faqs

    A visit to the magical world of the Harry Potter film series at Harry Potter World is a must for fans of the worlds most famous wizard. In this article, we explore some frequently asked questions, provide travel advice and recommend the best way to travel to Warner Bros Studios from Central London.

    If youre looking to buy tickets online, our fantastic selection of tours are the easiest, most convenient way to explore this magical world.

    How long does it take to get to the studio from London?

    Travel times vary depending on your chosen transport method. For more information, see our handy travel guide

    What time does the studio close?

    The studio closes at 22:00 Monday to Sunday, although closing times will vary depending on public holidays in the UK

    How much are tickets?

    Ticket prices vary depending on whether you book directly with the studio or not. Tickets purchased directly do not include travel and are cheaper for this reason. However, packages that include entrance and travel to and from Central London are often more convenient and have a host of other benefits.

    How to get to the studio from London

    The best, most hassle-free way to get to the studio from London is by purchasing a ticket that includes travel to and from the attraction. For visitors making their own way to the studio, it is possible to travel

    Where is the studio located?

    How long does the studio tour last?

    Can I buy tickets at the studio?

    Where can I buy tickets?

    When did the studio tour open?

    Are There Any Discounts

    From the official website, there are special prices available for primary, secondary schools or sixth form colleges within the UK who follow the National Curriculum. But, again, very often the tickets are sold out and, therefore, discounts and exclusive offers depend on the websites reselling the tickets. Use TourScanners search to compare tours and prices. They usually offer discounts or sell good ticket packages.

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    When Is The Best Time To Visit Harry Potter World

    Obviously, the answer to the best time to visit Harry Potter World is your 11th birthday but, realistically, the best time to go is a low traffic day. Ideally, pick slow or moderate days, not busy or very busy traffic days for your visit using a crowd calendar online for Universal. The best time to visit Harry Potter World is anytime in September, the first half of February, or anytime in November except the week of Thanksgiving and the next few days after it.

    If you go during busy or very busy days, you’re going to spend so much time TRYING to see and do things, rather than actually doing them. On these overwhelmingly busy days, the lines are going to be awful for everything rides, shops, restaurants and kiosks and rather than wandering around HPW and taking it all in, you will have to choose what you want to see and do because you just won’t be able to do it all otherwise. Typically, summer is too hectic at the parks as well as any school holidays.

    How to save money on your trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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