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How Do You Defeat The Basilisk In Lego Harry Potter

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Once It’s On It’s Last Life Aim And Shoot It With The Red Curse It’ll Move To

Lego harry potter walkthrough – The basilisk [2/2]

once it’s on it’s last life, aim and shoot it with the red curse. It’ll move to above hishead. When that happens, Riddle will leave his spot guarding the green pipe. Once you usewigardium levosa on the pipes, it will takes you to the hat. You only have enough time toget the sword out of the hat before Riddle pushes you away and you can’t get near it anylonger. What you do is you jump and cast wigardium levosa, hold it and the sward will killthe snake. Hope that helps 🙂


Level : The First Task

  • Yellow Crest: There will be 3 large rocks in the first area. You need to hide behind them so the dragon will smash them, then finish the rest of it with Dark Magic. They are all in the first section, you won’t have any trouble finding them.
  • Green Crest: There are small rocks that you can levitate with Dark Magic. Hold them until they are destroyed. You need to destroy 3 for the crest The first is in the starting section, between two larger rocks . The next one will appear after the first rock barricade is destroyed. It will be thrown from off-screen midway through the next part . The last one is after you put out the fire barricade .
  • Red Crest: Near the end of the first section, there will be 3 blocks you need to place to get up to the egg. They need to be placed in a certain order for the crest. The order is red on the left, blue in the middle, and green on the right. The crest will appear on top of the green block.
  • Blue Crest: When you are being chased by the dragon, it will be in the third room on the left.

Who Is Voldemorts Son

Tom Marvolo Riddle, their son, was born on 31 December 1926 Merope died in childbirth, leaving the baby to grow up alone in an orphanage. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, it is revealed that Voldemort murdered his father and grandparents, leaving himself the only surviving member of the Riddle family.

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Level : Out Of The Dungeon

  • Red Crest: There are 9 vases you have to hit. They are all in the first area. The first two are right beside the Rune Bookcase at the start, on either side . The next 4 are in the fountain area, after the pipe puzzle. There are two on the left, one of them on the upper level . The next two are to the right of the fountain. . The next two are on either side of the red chair to the very right. . The last one is to the right of the bathroom entrance, partially obscured. You need to be close to it to see it.
  • Blue Crest: There are 7 orbs you need to light with Wingardium Leviosa. The first 4 are in the first area, the last 3 are in the bathroom. The first two are on either side of the pipe puzzle . The next one is to the right of the painting. . The next is to the left of the bathroom entrance. . Two in the bathroom are in the left wall where the stalls are. . The last one is to the very left, next to the door .
  • Yellow Crest: In the fountain area, use Reducto on the silver wheel, then use Wingardium Leviosa to turn on the water. Then climb up onto the upper level and jump to the crest.
  • Green Crest: After the Scabber’s puzzle, you will be in front of a fountain. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the 3 drumsticks in front of the fountain to get this crest.

Basilisks In The Wizarding World

LEGO MOC Harry Potter Minifigure Scale Basilisk by ...
The first recorded Basilisk was bred by Herpo the Foul, a Greek Dark wizard and Parselmouth, who discovered after much experimentation that a chicken egg hatched beneath a toad would produce a gigantic serpent possessed of extraordinarily dangerous powers.
Newt Scamander, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Dark Wizard Herpo the Foul, while in Ancient Greece, was the first to breed a Basilisk. He accomplished this by hatching a chickenegg beneath a toad which resulted in the creature known as a Basilisk. Herpo was able to control Basilisks due to the fact that he was a Parselmouth and thereby could speak snake language.

Basilisk breeding was banned in Medieval times. The British Ministry of Magic had said that all chicken coops in the wizarding world were subject to police inspection in order to thwart Basilisk breeding. However, the ban was quite easy to evade, by simply removing the egg from underneath the toad whenever the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures came to check. A more natural and effective limit on breeding was the simple fact that the creatures were uncontrollable except by Parselmouths, and therefore every bit as dangerous to Dark Wizards as to other wizards and Muggles. For this reason, the serpents remained mercifully rare in fact, until the incident in 1943 described below, there had been no confirmed reports of Basilisks in Britain since the 16th century.

Salazar Slytherin’s Basilisk fighting with Fawkes

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Why Does The Basilisk Take Ginny

Why did Ginny get taken into the chamber of secrets if shes a pure-blood? Tom Riddle took Ginny in order to lure Harry into the Chamber so that he could kill him. He specifically says at one point that killing mudbloods doesnt interest anymore and that getting Harry has been his real purpose for a while.

Level : Crabbe And Goyle

  • Red Crest: Use a Strong character to pull the orange handle on the left wall, and then put together a bouncing plunger. Hop on and clean up the green goo on the floor. There are 6 puddles and they are all easy to see.
  • Yellow Crest: After you enter the second area, there is a pool of water with fish around it. 2 are on the left, 1 on the right. Use Wingardium Leviosa to put each fish into the pool.
  • Green Crest: The moment you enter the third area there is a black ball beside you. Use Dark Magic for this crest.
  • Blue Crest: There are 6 lamps on the wall that you need to interact with. The first two are on the wall next to you as you enter . There are 2 more to the right . The last two are on the far right hand side of the Common Room .

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How Do You Beat The Basilisk In Lego Harry Potter Year 2

Youll create a potion to increase your strength. Take a swig of that, then head back left and climb the ledge to where a lever is positioned on the wall. Give it a tug and youll release the phoenix, who will fly out and peck your enemy in the eyes repeatedly. The Basilisk is almost defeated at that point.

Level : The Dark Tower

Lego harry potter walkthrough – The basilisk [1/2]
  • Blue Crest: There are 5 lamps you need to melt with Wingardium Leviosa and hit. The first is near you as you start . The second is just down the path, before the wall of ice . The next is just after the wall of ice . The next is just ahead, next to the fountain . After you use the flowers to go up to a higher ledge, it is right near you as you land .
  • Green Crest: In the second area , at the end, near the barricade, there is a safe on the left. Use a Key character to open it for the crest.
  • Yellow Crest: In the area where you need pull the orange handle to progress, there are 6 silver statues you need to destroy with Reducto. The first is right above where you entered . Two are near where the ladder is, jump down to get them . There is one on the tower across from you, on the far right. Move as close to the wall as you can to get it . When you pull the orange handle, move halfway across the bridge. It is just to the north . For the last one, go back to where you shot #4, and you have a better camera angle to shoot the one on that tower. Move close to get it. .
  • Red Crest: In the section where you need to make a Strength Potion to form a bridge, it is just to the right of the Rune Bookcase that you need to solve to get an ingredient for the Potion.

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How To Use Owl In Lego Harry Potter

How To Use Owl In Lego Harry Potter?

How do you use potions in Lego Harry Potter? Open it with magic, then shake around its occupant with the same spell. The final item will drop. Carry it over to the cauldron and drop it inside to create the Strength Potion. This is an ability that will be handy throughout the remainder of the game.

How do you get to Owlery in Lego Harry Potter? Info: Travel to the owlery, which is accessible by passing through the lower archway beneath the tower with the swinging pendulum. Once you climb up the trail and enter the owlery, have one of your characters use the Time-Turner ability in the lower right portion of the room.

How do you change spells in Lego Harry Potter Years 5 7? User Info: TGSnowwy. You cant open the spell wheel at the very beginning of the game . When you are able to switch spells, you can also switch them using two of the shoulder buttons.

Level : Secret Of The Egg

  • Yellow Crest: There are three torches you need to interact with. Two are on the right wall, while the last is on the far left wall.
  • Red Crest: When you get the green shell out of the tank on the far left, use a Strong character to use the orange handle and get the crest.
  • Green Crest: There are 4 brown cabinets on the walls. One is on the far right wall, in the middle of the windows, and the other 3 are above the sinks on the far left wall. Hit each of them to get the crest to appear.
  • Blue Crest: After putting the 4 green shells in place and going to the second area, there will be a Rune Bookcase nearby. Use a Book character to open it for the crest.

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Ravenclaw Common Room + Dormitory

  • You need to hit 5 yellow books both in this room and the Ravenclaw Common Room . In the Common Room, the first book is bouncing up and down on the left. You need to hit the thing it’s bouncing on in order to get it. . The second is either on the bookshoelf at the back right or near it. The third one is on the same bookshelf, but to the right. . In the Dormitory, there is one under the second bed from the left and one under the rightmost bed . You need to hit the beds to get at them.
  • Level : The Shrieking Shack

    The Basilisk (2
    • Red Crest: During the battle with the Whomping Willow at the start, there is a dig spot on the ground. Use a pet to dig up a black chest. Destroy with Dark Magic for the crest.
    • Yellow Crest: When you are underground after the battle, there will be a yellow flower right at the start. You need to destroy 5 of these, so destroy the first one here . The next one is just after you drop down, to the right. . Just before the web-and-root platforms is the next one . Just before the source of the green root is the next flower . The final one is just before the exit stairs. .
    • Blue Crest: When you start, there will be a dig spot to the left. Use a pet to dig up a glass case. Leave it for now and continue until you are on top of the nearby ledge. You will see an orange handle to the right. Use a Strong character to pull it, then climb the yellow platforms. Use Reducto on the silver lock, which is guarding an earmuff closet. Get some, and then backtrack a bit. There will be a Mandrake just before you drop off the ledge. Grab it, and take it back to the glass case at the start for the crest.
    • Green Crest: Destroy 5 big rocks with Dark Magic. The first is just as you get up on the high ledge . The second is just to the right, next to the orange handle . To the right of that one is the next one . The last two are when you climb the ladder .

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    Level : Dementor’s Kiss

    • Blue Crest: At the start, hit the bird cage on the left for the token .
    • Green Crest: When you get to the forest, fill up the part to the right with water, then hop on the frog and go through the two poles until you get the crest.
    • Red Crest: After you fill up the water and build the record player, you need to play 2 black records. One is near the record player, and the other is to the left of the water. Use a pet to dig a hole in the dig spot there, and then bring the second record to the record player to get the crest.
    • Yellow Crest: After you knock the boulder into the water, the pieces of the part in the middle will go over to the right. Ignore the Dementor’s and go to where the pieces are, and build a path up. Next, knock down the leafy part up in the top left. Next, make one of your characters a Dark Wizard, and switch to the non-Dark Wizard character. The AI will jump on the leaf , so lift them up with Wingardium Leviosa, wait til they jump off, then switch to them. The crest is in the middle boulder you can destroy with Dark Magic.

    How Do You Beat Harry As Voldemort In The Graveyard

    Do the level as normal until you reach the end of the maze and go to the graveyard. Switch to the second player and turn him into Harry, then switch back to the original player and turn him into Voldemort. Now choose Avada Kedavra , press , Harry will be demolished and you will receive this trophy.

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    Level : A Jinxed Broom

    • Red Crest. There are 7 Gryffindor flags you need to raise with Wingardium Leviosa. The first is immediately to your left as you start . The next one is just down the stairs . The next one is after the broom part, it is down toward the screen . The next two are in the corners next to the pipe puzzle . After you use the Rune Bookcase to smash the way through, the last two are in this area. .
    • Blue Crest: When you are making the stairs with the blocks, make them go left instead of right, then jump towards the crest .
    • Yellow Crest: After you make the block staircase to the upper level, destroy the barricade in the background . Kill the pixies holding the chest, then hit to the chest for the token.
    • Green Crest: Just before you climb a ladder to go to the second area, go left, hit the obstacles to remove them. Jump around the wooden barricade . Use Dark Magic on the black barrel.

    What Happened To Crabbe And Goyle In Harry Potter

    LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 Part 18 – Year 2 – The Basilisk

    During the Battle of Hogwarts, Goyle, Crabbe, and Malfoy did not flee with the other Slytherins instead, they tried to ambush Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley in the Room of Requirement. Crabbe was engulfed by the flames and killed. Harry and his friends then left Draco and Goyle to mourn Crabbe.

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    Level : The Dark Lord Returns

    • Blue Crest: After you get past the 3 suit of armour mazes, there will be a black wall to your left. Use Dark Magic to destroy it, then go through, and at the end, use a pet to dig up the token.
    • Yellow Crest: There will be 5 Devil’s Snare plants to kill with Lumos. These types are the tentacles with the round tips. The first two are after the second set of hedge pushers . The next one is after another 2 sets of hedge pushers . The next one is as soon as you go through to a new area, on the left . The last one will be directly right from the sphinx .
    • Red Crest: In the place where a pixie is holding an arrow, there will be a black wall to the north. Destroy it and enter the green mist to be in a previously blocked off area. The crest is just in here.
    • Green Crest: In the boss battle, you must interact with three skeletons in the area. It is a pretty small area, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them.

    Year : Part 5 Follow The Spiders

    The video will show you what is required to 100% the level with additional detail below for each part. Each level of the core story requires you to collect the following:

    • Three Character Tokens
    • Four House Crests
    • A Student in Peril

    Please support our YouTube channel by subscribing and liking this video. We aim to provide easy to follow guides and any feedback is welcome.

    House Crest 1 :There are ten plants to destroy with magic in the first part of the level. All of the plants are easy to spot on the story path as long as you explore a little. Destroy all ten for the crest.

    House Crest 2 :After crossing the water on the broomstick, build the ramp and then from there shoot the silver-bricks grate over on the other side of the water. This will bring out a couple of frogs. Ride a Frog through the gates that appear and then the crest will show up on a lily-pad.

    House Crest 3 :During the Aragog battle, head to the left to find a dark magic boulder. Use a dark wizard to destroy it for the crest.

    House Crest 4 :As you drive away from the spiders, there are five huts to ram into for the crest. The first two are on the left, so stay to left until you hit them. Then swap to the right for the next two. The final one requires you to turn around after a jump. Worth watching the video for this one.

    Student In Peril:The student can be found during the Aragog battle, theyre wrapped in webbing off to the right of the giant spider.

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