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Harry Potter House Glasses Frames

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Diff Charitable Eyewear Releases Harry Potter Collection

GETTING MY FIRST GLASSES // My Harry Potter Glasses

Diff Charitable Eyewear is teaming with Warner Bros. Consumer Products for its latest collaboration.

The eyewear brand is releasing a Harry Potter collection on Friday, which takes inspiration from the iconic franchise. The collection includes five eyewear styles, four inspired by Hogwarts houses and one inspired by the titular character. The styles come in sunglasses and blue light glasses.

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The magical capsule collection will make you feel like you just stepped off the Hogwarts Express and into the wizarding world, reads a statement from the brand.

Each eyewear style is designed with subtle nods to the Harry Potter franchise, such as the Hogwarts house name and crest etched onto the frames.


The Gryffindor style, for example, is designed in a brown tortoise shell frame and features arms designed to resemble a wand. The Harry Potter-inspired style gives a nod to the characters own round glasses. The style is designed with a thin black frame and features a subtle lightning bolt design, paying homage to the characters famous scar.

The glasses are all packaged in custom Harry Potter-themed glasses boxes and include themed cleaning cloths.

The collaboration is one of many that Diff Charitable Eyewear has embarked on with film series. The brand in the past has done collaborations with Marvel Studios Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame films and the Star Wars series.


Best Hp Glasses For Blue Light

I swear by the blue light lenses. I, unfortunately, sit in front of a screen all day and since I switched to blue light glasses, Ive noticed a major reduction in eye strain.

  • Price Range: $50 $100
  • Materials: stainless steel frame, polymer lenses
  • Size: 51 20 140

With a design based on that of Harry Potter, we have these Harry Potter blue light spectacles. Finish lenses, soft nose pads, lightning bolt, and golden snitch insignia on the temple tips round out these classic blue light glasses. They measure 51 20 140 and are perfect for those who love to adopt the Harry Potter look even while sitting in front of the computer.

Pair Eyewear’s New Harry Potter Line Allows You To Rep Your House With Pride

If you need to wear prescription glasses, you already know the struggle: Do you buy a simple, if not too exciting frame that goes with everything you wear? Or do you purchase something a little more daring and fun, but that has potential to clash with your clothes?

PAIR Eyewear has the solution. The company, which received deals on Shark Tank from Lori Greiner and guest Shark Katrina Lake in March, creates frames that are compatible with magnetic “tops,” allowing you to change up your eyewear look without shelling out major cash for a whole new pair of glasses.

Now, Harry Potter fans can get in on the action. PAIR recently launched a collection with the iconic franchise, and naturally, that means you can now buy tops that correspond with your preferred Hogwarts house.

Each top costs $30 on its own, but they’re also available in bundles of two for $55. You can’t mix and match, however: to score the deal, you need to buy the tops from the same house, which come in both plaid and striped options. For those who still can’t decide which house they’re best suited foror just aren’t crazy about their house’s colors!the “Hogwarts Bundle” is also available, featuring both lightning bolt and blue star-patterned tops.

As a card-carrying Hufflepuff PAIR was kind enough to send me a Hufflepuff top to rep my house, and a Ravenclaw-styled one, just in case I felt like switching things up.

Here’s the Hufflepuff:

Check the Harry Potter collection out over on PAIR Eyewear’s website.

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Best Gryffindor Glasses For Blue Light

As much as I want to be a Slytherin, Im totally a Gryffindor according to every quiz I take. These medium-sized blue light spectacles, designed to resemble Professor McGonagalls wands temples, are perfect for brave Gryffindors who want to show their house pride. The temple tips feature the house name and symbol.

  • Price Range: $50 $100
  • Materials: stainless steel and acetate frame, polymer lenses
  • Size: 46 23 142

The glasses measure 46 23 142 and come with a frame made from hand-cut acetate and stainless steel. The lenses are made from scratch-resistant polymer.

What Kind Of Glasses Does Harry Potter Wear

Harry Potter Thin Round Reading Glasses All Strength Free Hard Case (+2 ...

Harry Potters Glasses were made by Savile Row, a boutique manufacturer once located in Londons East End. Savile Row is an offshoot of Algha Works, a 100 year old company that was at one point the largest manufacter of Vintage Frames in the UK and the company that manufactured all eyeglasses for the National Health System in England until 1988.

The Specific model of Harry Potters Round Glasses worn by Daniel Radcliffe in the Harry Potter Films is called Savile Row Warwick. They are perfectly round glasses in Black and Silver, basically a replica of Windsor Glasses invented in Windsor, England 100 years ago. They are handmade in London and coated in Rhodium. Savile Row uses the same machines and manufacturing procedures from 100 years ago!

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The Meaning Behind Harry Potters Glasses

You might be wondering: What about Harry Potters round eyeglasses resonates so strongly with readers and movie fans alike? In an interview with J.K Rowling herself, it was revealed that his trademark round frames were a play on the fact that we, as fiction readers, are constantly experiencing fantasy worlds through our main characters eyes. By making Harrys frames round in shape, they embody a kind of cheeky reader peeking through the looking-glass metaphor.

In another interview, Rowling also stated that the choice to have Harry wear glasses stems from the lack of bespectacled heroes in her own childhood.

As a young student, the author wore glasses herself and was befuddled by how fictional characters with them were always relegated to backseat roles. By giving one of the fantasy genres most prevalent heroes glasses, Rowling ensured that other glasses-wearing kids had someone to look up to.

Best Harry Potter Inspired Sunglasses

Show your love and loyalty for Hufflepuff by rocking these gorgeous black shades with a golden frame. Advanced edge technology and high-quality materials are used to create our premium sunglasses, which have a sumptuous appearance and feel.

  • Price Range: $40 $50
  • Materials: mixed
  • Size: multiple size options

In addition to having more expansive lenses, these square sunglasses have a trendy, bridgeless design with an eye-catching brow bar element.

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Take A First Look At New Harry Potter X Pair Eyewear Collaboration

Harry Potter and his spectacles are now an iconic image in pop culture and this official collaboration from Warner Bros. Consumer Products and PAIR eyewear is the perfect celebration.

The New York-based childrens eyewear brand champions customisable glasses, and now theyre coming with a Wizarding World twist.

The four frames will honour the four Hogwarts houses, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, and come with a lightning bolt topper and a thematic icon for wearers to customise to their liking. If you don’t know your Hogwarts house, discover it with our online sorting experience!

The collection will also be available in all five of PAIRs base frame shapes, so theres plenty of variety in store for fans to browse through.

And remember, if you break them, simply say Oculus Reparo!

To learn more about the eyewear range, simply visit PAIRs official website.

Best Glasses For Oval Faces

“Oculus Reparo” Hermione Fixes Harry’s Glasses | Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

The Slytherin house is often frowned upon, but its a house that stands for ambition and determination. These are traits that could be put to good use. To bring out the best in your Slytherin persona, how about these round glasses with a green frame?

  • Price Range: $20 $30
  • Materials: acetate
  • Size: multiple size options

These stainless-steel rods integrated into the temple arms of this full-rim acetate design allow for easy adjustment, while the spring hinges provide additional comfort and breakage resistance. Note that the actual pattern on the frame might differ slightly compared to what you see in the picture.

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Harry Potter Inspired Glasses Celebrating 20 Years Of Wizardry

Lets face it, who doesnt love a fantastic literary character? We all have our favorites and love them for different reasons. We at Zenni obviously have a special place in our hearts for those special characters who also wear glasses. No frames needing character is dearer to us than Harry Potter. Since it is the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book, we knew it would be fun to choose frames we thought represent, some of the four houses traits. Also, if you dont know which glasses you should choose based on which house you would be sorted into, take the Harry Potter house quizto find which house you would be in or checkout some house info below collected from

Hufflepuff: Represented by the badger and the colors yellow and black. They were founded by Helga Hufflepuff and find value in hard work and patience. They are also known for their loyalty and fair play. One notable house member is Newt Scamander who wrote Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which makes sense due to their close connection with the earth.

Gryffindor: These lions value courage and bravery, making it no wonder that their colors are scarlet and gold and their element fire. This is a house who thrives on the virtue of determination and was founded by Godric Gryffindor. Obvious notable members are three of our favorite Hogwarts wizards: Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and, of course, Harry Potter.

Childrens Harry Potter Glasses

And dont think weve forgotten about all the fledgling Hogwarts students out there. If your young one is a fan of the book and wants their own inspired pair of round Harry Potter glasses, look no further. Available in blue and yellow is our Circo frame, built to last with durable materials and smart construction.

Whether youre a clever and resourceful Slytherin or a bold and brave Gryffindor, round glasses can add a little touch of fashion to any outfit you have. So what are you waiting for? Get your very own pair of Harry Potter style glasses today!

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Best Harry Potter Inspired Glasses

Have you ever wanted to take your Harry Potter love to the next level, but you werent sure how? Aside from the wand and the mark on his forehead, Harry Potter is also known for his spectacles. When you see those round-shaped glasses, you cant help but think of the boy who lived. So, Im here to show you the best Harry Potter-inspired glasses in 2022. Aparecium!

What Type Of Glasses Does Harry Potter Wear

Harry Potter Metal Frame Glasses with Gold Harry Potter Logo

Harry Potters glasses are a sensation by now. The little wizard wears spectacles similar to those worn by his father, James.

Some fun facts about Harrys glasses:

  • The movie showcases a spell called Oculus Reparo to fix broken glasses.
  • Harrys glasses were designed by William Luff.
  • For safety reasons, film production took Harrys glasses off the screen and replaced them with black rims and lenses.

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