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Does Itunes Have Harry Potter Audio Books

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Can I Stream Harry Potter Audio For Free Online

[ASMR] Harry Potter Audiobook | Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire | Book 4 | Chapter Fourteen

Overdrive is one of the websites which offer reliable service for you to borrow audiobooks for free. If you have a library card, you can give it a try.

For other websites, I’d rather not recommend. When searching Harry Potter from Google, I found a lot of pages which boast free download online. But that is not true after entering the web pages. Most of them asking for paying a membership. Even if some provide free streaming online, there are a lot of pop up Ads. The listening experience is not good at all.

How To Download The Harry Potter Audio Books From Itunes Store

Nowadays, iTunes has become more and more attractive among users, and youd better know about how to download the Harry Potter audiobooks from iTunes store to take full advantage of them. Therefore, the procedure of downloading the Harry Potter audio books from iTunes Store is presented as follows.

Step 1. Launch the iTunes program on your computer.Step 2. Enter the Apple ID and password when prompted, and then click on the Sign In tab.Step 3. Open the pull-down list on the sub-menu bar, and select Audiobooks.Step 4. Search Harry Potter in iTunes Store. And when the results come out, click See All on the right side of the Audiobooks label or Audiobooks under All in the right column.Step 5. Scroll down and you would see a lot of Harry Potter audiobooks labelled J.K.Rowling and those are the audiobooks you are looking for. Click one of them to enter the page with detailed information about the audiobook. You would see that the narrator of the Harry Potter audio book series is Jim Dale.Step 6. Click the Buy Audiobook button to purchase and download the audiobook to your computer.

How To Download Harry Potter Audiobook Collection On Itunes

Harry Potter is a series of fantasy novels written by J.K. Rowling, who captured the inspiration during a train transportation and created the novel that draws the attention of millions of readers. It received warm acclaim and huge popularity among youngsters all over the world, and has become the best seller in history. Harry Potter described the student life and appealing adventures of a young wizard named Harry Potter in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The main plot is about the combat between Harry Potter and the wicked wizard Lord Voldemort, who aims to conquer all the wizards and muggles. The intense development of the plot and distinct characters of it are something you will become attached to and develop a yearning for. Thus, it is proposed that you buy Harry Potter audio book to take full advantage of it. Here we show you how to download Harry Potter audiobook collection from iTunes, and then remove DRM protection from it. At the same time, you can stream iTunes DRM audiobook to Roku.

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Official Harry Potter Audiobooks Now On Itunes

Steve Jobs announced today at an Apple press event in San Francisco that JK Rowling has signed an exclusive deal to make all six and the to-be-released final Harry Potter audiobooks available for purchase and download on iTunes, effective immediately.

Additionally, a special edition Harry Potter iPod will be made available featuring the Hogwarts school crest, designed by the author. Read all about it and see pictures of the new iPod at Apple’s web site.

The news coincided with the release of iTunes 5.0 and an announcement that Madonna has given Apple permission to sell all of her music on the download service.

You can read what Ms. Rowling has to say about the release on her site.

UPDATE: In less than 24 hours, the Harry Potter audiobooks have soared to the top of iTunes’ charts. At the time of this writing, they have taken seven of the top 25 “most downloaded” spots, including #1, #3, #4 and #5.


How Does Audible Charge

Audible has the first Harry Potter audiobook (as read by ...

Does Audible charge if I download the app or when I sign in?

Does Audible charge you a monthly fee?

Audible can charge you either on a monthly basis or a larger sum upfront if you choose its annual plans. Depending on the plans, monthly fees can be either: $7.95 with 0 credits, $14.95 with 1 credit or $22.95 with 2 credits per month.

Does Audible charge you for books?

You can obtain any Audible audiobook either by redeeming a single Audible credit, which you receive as part of their monthly or year subscriptions, or by purchasing an audiobook with money.

How much does Audible charge sales tax?

Whether or not Audible charges sales tax depends on the laws of your own state. Be sure to consult before purchasing.

Does Audible Charge for customer service?

Customer service is included in Audible free of charge, whether you are on an active Audible subscription or simply an audiobook from the platform one time.

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Stream The First Harry Potter Audiobook Free On Audible Stories

As part of the Harry Potter At Home initiative to help children, parents, caretakers and teachers confined at home, Audible is making the audiobook of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone free as part of our recently launched Audible Stories collection.

Children everywhere can stream the first Harry Potter audiobook instantly for free in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Japanese. The English language version will be performed by Stephen Fry, in both the UK and, for the first time, in North America. can be accessed on a desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. No login or membership needed.

Audible Has 500000+ Audiobooks Both Fiction And Non

Audible has 500,000+ audiobooks in its library, which is by far the biggest out of any competing service.

The only competitor that comes close is with a library of 250,000+ titles.

As an example, Audible has 41,000 titles in its Fantasy section alone, split into multiple subgenres.

If youre into fiction audiobooks, below you can find some numbers for the biggest categories.

  • Mystery, Thriller & Suspense: 58,682 titles
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy: 57,233 titles
  • Literature & Fiction: 60,140 titles
  • Adult & Mature Oriented: 25,517 titles
  • Romance: 59,046 titles
  • Teen & Young Adult: 17,711 titles

Audible also has a sizeable non-fiction library in categories such as science, psychology, medicine, engineering, mathematics, etc.

In terms of numbers, Audibles library is split roughly equally between non-fiction and fiction books.

  • History: 30,343 titles

Finally, Audible also comes with a library of some 100,000+ podcasts.

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Go Through Each Book/movie In Order

Reading, listening or watching out of order can obviously be confusing. But beyond that, reading, listening or watching in order is a valuable way for language learners to prepare themselves for whats next in the series.

The books become increasingly advanced. The movies get increasingly dark. All in all, starting at the very beginning is an important way to ease yourself into the Wizarding World in your target language.

Plus, starting at the beginning can familiarize you with magical vocabulary before the plots get more complex. You dont want to be trying to learn tricky vocabulary when you have to give your full focus to the Battle of Hogwarts!

How To Download All Harry Potter Audiobooks On Audible

[ASMR] Harry Potter Audiobook | Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire | Book 4 | Chapter Twenty Six

First of all, thanks to modern technology, Harry Potter fans: The Series Harry Potter audiobooks are now available, and you can download them all through Audible. The well-known audiobook site, Audible, is now providing its users Audible Harry Potter of United States editions, which are narrated by Jim Dale. You can also go for the German editions and the U.K. editions narrated by Felix Von Manteuffel and Stephen Fry, respectively.

Recently, Andy Gaies, Audibles Chief Content Officer, said that the platform is thrilled to offer its customers the opportunity to enjoy the Harry Potter audio catalog seamlessly through the platform. With such a facility, the fans will be able to enjoy trailblazing series effortlessly and affordably. Why not buy books when you can enjoy them all quite comfortably! Now, let us have a look at how you can download and enjoy the audiobooks of Harry Potter.

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Can I Convert Harry Potter Audiobooks To Mp3

No matter where you buy the audiobooks, they are all protected with copyright and DRM. iTunes audiobooks are in M4B format and Audible are in AA or AAX format. You can’t transfer them to unauthorized devices such as MP3 players, portable speakers, home TVs or so on.

If you want to play Harry Potter without any limitations, the best way is to convert them to MP3 files with DRmare Audio File Converter for Mac/Windows. It is very easy to use with only 3 steps. In addition, it supports up to 30X faster speed and lossless converting technology, so you don’t need to worry if it takes you a lot of time or reduce the output quality.

Step 1. Launch DRmare software and then import the Harry Potter audiobooks from iTunes on your computer.

Step 2. Select the most popular format “MP3”.

Step 3. Click “Convert” button, it will convert and export the audiobooks to the default output folder of your computer.

Harry Potter Series Now Available In Digital Ebook Format

Harry Potter fans everywhere can now enjoy their favorite series straight from their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The books are available exclusively through the Pottermore shop.

All seven of the Harry Potter books are now available for download. The first three books in the series are available for $7.99 each while the last four books are available for $9.99. If you’d prefer to purchase all of them, you can save yourself a little bit of money by buying all of them together for $57.54.

While it’s great to be able to read the Harry Potter books in eBook format on many platforms, I’d have to say I’m a bit irritated with the process users will have to go through in order to get them on their devices.

Since they’re only available via the Pottermore shop, you’ll have to download them to your computer and either transfer them to iBooks via iTunes or open them natively from your device and choose to open them in iBooks. It’s not the most convenient way to download a book and definitely a bit more aggravating than just opening the iBooks store and making a purchase with your iTunes account.

I have a feeling a lot of hardcore Harry Potter fans will probably overlook the minor annoyance of getting the content onto their devices and will just be glad to finally have Harry Potter available in digital format. I’ll personally be using the Kindle app as it seems to be the most convenient as of now. Any of you plan on picking up HP in digital format?

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Listening Time Badges And Stats

Audible has a neat feature that logs how much time youve spent listening to audiobooks in total, as well as a per day and per month breakdown.

Another feature is the badges you can earn while using the app. These badges are handed out whenever you complete a certain challenge.

There are no practical benefits to completing challenges and acquiring badges. Its just a light-hearted, fun feature that can draw a smile with how silly some challenges are worded.

You Dont Really Own The Audiobooks

Harry potter i wizie azkabanu audiobook za darmo ...

With any digital media whether its digital copies of movies, music you buy from iTunes, ebooks you buy from Amazon, or audiobooks from Audible, you dont actually own the item even if you paid for it. You are actually buying a license to use the file.

Thus, if a publisher or author removes their audiobook from Audible, then that audiobook disappears from your library and you cant listen to it again, even if you paid for it.

The only exception is if you downloaded the audiobook to your device before it was removed. Audible wont touch audiobook downloads already on your device so those are safe .

What makes this even more problematic is that Audiblewill not notify you if an audiobook you paid for was removed. You essentially have to keep track of the audiobook library yourself, or else risk losing out on credits you pay a subscription for.

To Audibles merit, however, their customer support will always refund credits if this happens to you.

So how often does this happen? In close to 2 years, this user had 2 books out of 60 or so removed from their library. Both books were bought using credits, and both credits were quickly refunded.

To be fair, this lack of ownership over digital products isnt isolated to Audible. Its a feature of the digital economy and youll encounter the same problem with every other such platform, be it Apple iTunes, Steam , Google Play etc.

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How Does Audible Work

How does Audible by Amazon work?

Audible is an audiobook subscription service that gives 1-2 credits per month you can use to redeem any audiobook on Audible no matter the price. Subscriptions also include Plus Catalogue, a collection of 10,000 free audiobooks.

Does a monthly Audible subscription give you unlimited streaming of audiobooks?

Out of a total of 500,000+ audiobooks, a monthly Audible provides unlimited, free streaming to only 10,000 audiobooks in its Plus Catalog. Audiobooks outside Plus Catalog must be purchased with money or credits.

Does Audible work internationally or in countries like Japan, Canada, Guam?

Audible works in nearly every country in the world, including Japan or Canada, as long as you have Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or Amazon Store Card. However, some audiobooks may not be available in certain countries.

Does Audible stream or download audiobooks?

Audible can both stream and download Audiobooks. Downloading audiobooks saves them to your device so you can listen to audiobooks while offline, while streaming lets you listen over the Internet without using your device memory storage.

How Audible And Amazon Prime Work Together

Does Amazon Prime include a free Audible subscription? How does Prime work with Audible?

Amazon Prime does not include an Audible membership, so you will have to subscribe to Audible separately. However, Prime members receive an extra 2 credits when first subscribing to Audible. 1 credit can be used to purchase any Audible audiobook.

Does Amazon Prime membership give a discount or do anything for Audible?

Currently, an Amazon Prime membership does not provide any discount towards your Audible subscription, the only benefit is that Prime gives 2 extra credits when first starting your membership. Afterwards you will receive 1 credit per month like any non-Prime memberships.

Does Amazon Prime replace Audible?

Audible is a completely separate subscription from Amazon Prime, meaning Amazon Prime will not include Audible or take its place.

Does Audible require Amazon Prime

Audible is a separate subscription service from Amazon Prime, so you do not need to use your Amazon account to subscribe to Audible.

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Play Harry Potter Audiobooks Freely And Collect Them On Any Devices

Even you have purchased and downloaded Harry Potter from iTunes Store, it would be unavailable to transfer them to other devices such as your Android phone, tablet, or MP3 player for listening. This would be quite a pity for those fans of Harry Potter who want to collect these audiobooks.

The failure of transferring and downloading iTunes purchased Harry Potter audiobooks to other devices and media players is mainly due to the DRM protection, which is used by Apple to protect the copyright of its digital contents. If you want to make iTunes purchased Harry Potter audiobooks playable on Android or Windows devices, you have to remove DRM from these audiobooks.

To achieve this goal, a third-party program needs to be used. It is TuneFab Audible Converter, a program developed for removing DRM from Audible AAX and AA audiobooks.

Advantages of Using TuneFab Audible Converter

â Freely unlock DRM encryption of protected audiobooks

â Convert Audible AA/AAX books to M4A, MP3, etc.

â Keep ID3 tags and audiobook chapters

â Useful audiobook splitter to break books into different parts

â Up to 60x higher conversion speed

â Support both Windows and Mac platforms

Steps taken to remove DRM from iTunes purchased Harry Potter audiobooks:

How To Remove Drm From The Harry Potter Audio Books With Tunefab Apple Music Converter

[ASMR] Harry Potter Audiobook | Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire | Book 4 | Chapter Twenty Nine

TuneFab Apple Music Converter is a dedicated Apple Music to MP3 converter which lets you convert Apple Music M4P songs to MP3, M4A, AAC or other popular audio formats. You can play the music on any device you want afterwards! Here we use it to remove DRM from Harry Potter Audiobooks.

Step 1. Add Source iTunes Harry Potter AudiobooksOn the main interface of TuneFab Apple Music Converter, click “Audiobook” category on the left side. Then, select the M4B files you want to remove DRM on the right side.

Step 2. Select MP3 or M4A as Output FormatNow, you can select MP3 or other audio formats like M4A as the output format. You can also adjust the bitrate to get the best audio quality.

Step 3. Start to Remove DRMWhen everything is ready, click “Convert” button to start removing DRM and converting M4B to MP3 or M4V. Please note that the free trial version can only convert the first 3 minutes of each audiobook.

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The Benefits Of Learning With The Harry Potter Movies

Harry Potter movies can bring you hours of enjoyment and valuable language learning material.

But while the Harry Potter movies are available dubbed into a wide array of languages, youll need to work a little harder to get your hands on them. Most of these options are only available abroad, which means youll have to either pick up DVDs on your travels or order them online and have them shipped internationally. Sometimes, you might need to use your language skills just to purchase the DVD.

However, once youve used the accio charm to make the DVDs yours, there are plenty of great ways to use them for language learning.

One fun way is to have a viewing party with your language learning friends. First, watch a movie in English, then watch it in your target language. This way, it will still be fresh in your mind, making it easier to understand. And with eight Harry Potter movies, youll have plenty of material to keep your weekends full of learning fun.

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