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Who Is The Strongest Wizard In Harry Potter

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Merlin Power Rank: Howler

10 Most Powerful Wizards In Harry Potter

So weve had some dangerous men on this list, but who is the most powerful wizard in the Harry Potter franchise?

Surely, it has to be Merlin.

Merlin isnt your run of the mill wizard. His name has been passed down through the ages, becoming synonymous with shocking and incredible moments. An incredibly powerful wizard who guided King Arthur during his reign, Merlin has become a fable, a legend, almost god-like.;He is biblical in his legacy.

We know little about him, but we do know is his power and influence has stood the test of time. We also know that he definitely did exist within the Harry Potter universe, having been a confirmed Slytherin.

Surely even Dumbledores name wont live on like his? If you put Merlin and the old Hogwarts headmaster in the ring, I know who Id bet on.

Matilda Wormwood Matilda Film

Next on our list ist is a six-year-old young witch. After severe emotional abuse from her parents and the school principal, Matilda develops powers of telekinesis.

How does she use these powers, you may ask? She can move objects with her mind and has hyper-sensitive reflexes. Her magic powers are like how the Jedi use the Force. They emerge inexplicably but are clearly motivated by strong negative emotions.

Throughout the movie, she terrorizes others . For example, Matilda uses her powers to keep her fellow classmates from getting seriously injured. When her brother throws a carrot at her, she stops it in mid-air.

With great power comes great responsibility, and Matilda knows that. Indeed she uses them for the collective good.

Shazam The Wizard Comics

The wizard is an ancient Egyptian sorcerer, who chose the red superhero, Billy Batson, aka Shazam. He gifts his power to deserving mortals over the centuries.;

He is near-godly in his powers. The powerful wizard shares the same power as other thunder gods. This power grants him the ability to form perfect storms of rain, lightning, and thunder.

He has the wisdom of;Solomon, the strength of;Hercules, the courage of;Achilles, the power of;Zeus, the stamina of;Atlas, & the speed of;Mercury.

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Bonnie Bennett The Vampire Diaries Tv Series

The teenage tv series has magic, vamps, wolves, sirens, siphons, and witches.;Bonnie Bennet, is a powerful witch. She has achieved;the;most power in her lifetime compared to all;the;other witches in the Vampire Diary.; She uses, spirit and dark magic, she actually destroyed hell, and turned people to stone.

Snape Power Rank: Werewolf

The Most Powerful Wizards In The Harry Potter Universe, Ranked

The Half-Blood Prince, Snape is a greatly underestimated wizard.

At a young age, he was not only a master of potions but was even creating his own spells an art said to be so incredibly complex and dangerous, few witches or wizards are able to do it successfully.

He was also instrumental in the plans of both Dumbledore and Voldemort, able to convince the dark lord of his trustworthiness and gifted in the ancient craft of occlumecy.;

Just another Hogwarts teacher? Think again.

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Tom Riddle/voldemort Power Rank: Horntail

Lord Voldemort is perhaps the most dangerous wizard ever to have existed, but he had limitations.;His arrogance and ego proved to be out of control on many occasions, eventually leading to his demise. If he hadnt insisted Harry Potter die by his hand, he could have lived on and perhaps won control of the wizarding world. But he was just too damn stubborn. He also didnt inspire much loyalty and fear can only get you so far. If he wasnt toppled during the Harry Potter series, he would have fallen eventually.

Still, he was unimaginably powerful. His command of magic was near perfect and his agile mind always kept him ahead of his opponents. He could crush any wizard that stood before him except of course, our next contender.

Its tough to separate Voldermort and Grindelwald when it comes to dark wizards and power. You could argue that the latter was a better leader and more adept wizard in many respects. However, Voldermort unlimitedly comes out on top, purely because of his determination to be not just a conquerer, but a powerhouse of magic. The experiments he underwent, the things he endured that twisted and sculpted his tortured body, are testament to how far hed go to obtain ultimate power.

Skeletor Masters Of The Universe Animated Tv Series

The blue-skinned sorcerer, and He-Mans arch-enemy, Skeletor is skilled in black;magic;and all forms of combat.

Skeletor;was King Randors long-lost brother Keldor, who had tried to master;magic;and in a failed experiment was lost in a dimension beyond time, which is probably where he lost his face and became Hordaks pupil.

He;is easily capable of the same kind of powers as the strongest wizards from the Harry Potter series.;In addition, Skeletor knows science and swordplay and;cracks jokes while casting spells. He is extremely cunning and intelligent which makes him a powerful wizard indeed!

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The White Witch The Chronicles Of Narnia Film

Queen Jadis ,;the;White;Witch;of Narnia, is extremely powerful. During 900 years of her banishment, she grows stronger and stronger in dark magic. The white witch is half jinn, a species with innate magical abilities, and half-giant, a species with sub-human intellect and high physical prowess.

Jadiss max attack is;the;deplorable word, which kills everyone but;the;person speaking it. Her powers are quite amazing but still limited to influencing the weather and turning people to stone. In several ways, she is like a powered-down version of Saruman.;

Harry Potter Movie Series

Voldemort VS Grindelwald.. Who Is MORE Powerful? – Harry Potter Theory

The obvious pick is of course! The boy who lived the chosen one is good at spells, or rather one spell. Thats right! But he always produces a Patronus Charm stronger than Hermiones.

Other than that, he is merely mediocre at spells, even though he runs the DA. However, he makes up for a lot of that with his teleportation skills. Potters go-to attack is always Expelliarmus, as the wand is FAR more important in Potter-magic.

Harry;Potter, has powerful;magic;inside him, and most of this power is wasted cause he didnt dedicate to studies so more skilled wizards or witches would be able to defeat and outrank him.

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What Makes A Witch Or Wizard Powerful

Voldemort and Harrys connection is obvious, with Voldemort himself having conferred power on Harry as a baby. His actions created a link that accounts for Harrys scar, his Parselmouth ability, the connected visions and the inexplicable behaviour of their wands.

Less is known about Dumbledores relationship with Voldemort, but they are also entwined: after all, Dumbledore is the only one Voldemort has ever feared. So why is that?

Perhaps part of the explanation lies in the ways they define power. For Voldemort, it is about dominance his, over other wizards, wizardkinds over magical creatures, and the magical worlds over Muggles. Within this twisted hierarchy there are numerous sub-divisions, with Muggle-born wizards and non-humans subject to abuse and derision.

Dumbledores definition of power, by contrast, is about love. This, he tells Harry time and again, is the thing he has that Voldemort does not. Love drives Voldemort out. He cant possess Harry when he is thinking of Sirius; he couldnt even touch Harry because of his mothers sacrifice. And from love springs friendship, humility, equality and other things Dumbledore identifies as powerful. Voldemort does not comprehend this kind of thinking and so he cannot understand Dumbledores motivations, which helps explain his fear.

Kiki Kiki Delivery Service Anime Film

Kiki is a magical girl and a witch/spellcaster. Even though the Animemovie is about a witch, the only supernatural acts in the movie are;Kiki;flying on a broom and talking to her cat. Kiki was simply born a witch and stays a witch.

The anime film features no powerful superheroes, no evil monsters, and no fight scenes. So why are Kikis included in this list? Not using her skills doesnt mean Kikis not powerful, so its up to you to decide.

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Harry Was Very Good At Certain Things

Aside from these things, Harry did show exceptional strength in the practical application of magic. Harry was capable of post N.E.W.T. level magic in his third year: a corporeal Patronus. He was an extremely accomplished duelist, having faced down Voldemort numerous times, and having defeated Draco Malfoy numerous times. Harry’s flying was top notch, as you mentioned, as was his affinity to deal with magical creatures . He was shown to be immune to the effects of the Imperius curse, demonstrating his strong will and character. Harry was shown to have aptitude in the Dark Arts as well: he could cast the Imperius Curse effectively, use all manners of jinxes and hexes, and was able to use a Dark Art spell correctly and almost lethally the first time he casted it . Harry was complemented by McGonagall in his sixth year on his Transfiguration ability; an impressive feat, considering McGonagall was widely considered to be the most powerful Transfigurer in the Wizarding World. Harry was talented at Charms, possessing a powerful and long ranged Accio. His Patronus charm was well known for its potency, as well. He was also capable of casting the protective charms Hermione used to protect their tent while traveling. Harry could also cast non-verbal spells, and was able to cast Lumos in Order of the Phoenix when his wand was a few yards from his body.

Weak: Crabbe The Elder

The four most powerful wizards in Harry Potter : OneyPlays

The father of Draco Malfoy’s lackey, Vincent Crabbe, Mr. Crabbe was a Death Eater for Voldemort. Like Lucius Malfoy, Crabbe managed to escape punishment for his role as a Death Eater during the First Wizarding War, likely by claiming he’d been Imperiused. He joined Voldemort again after his return and was later sent to battle members of Dumbledore’s Army at the Department of Mysteries. In the Time Chamber, Harry Potter easily incapacitated Crabbe with a stunning spell. He was sent to Azkaban afterwards, but was later broken out and participated in the Battle of Hogwartsbut it is unknown if he survived.

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Mcgongall’s Wand Is A Stalwart Survivor

When Hogwarts is under attack, there’s no one you want manning the defense more than Professor McGonagall. McGonagall isn’t really about flash, but she doesn’t need to be her incredible feats of magic speak for themselves.;The Transfiguration professor’s;fir wood wand sits at a respectable nine-and-a-half inches, and its strength should come as no surprise given that a dragon heartstring powers it up.

Never one to shy away from a story, Ollivander’s Wizarding World;piece notes that his “august grandfather” referred to the fir wand as a “survivor’s wand,” which makes sense given all of McGonagall’s hardships. He adds that these “resilient” trees make “wands that demand staying power and strength of purpose in their true owners … they are poor tools in the hands of the changeable and indecisive.” They’re also suited to Transfiguration, and wielders who are “strong-minded” and “intimidating” now, if that isn’t our girl to a T.

When McGonagall isn’t performing incredible feats of Hogwarts warding and protection magic, she’s stunning her students with impressive displays of Transfiguration. Moreover, she’s an Animagus, a distinction that requires rare magical skill. McGonagall has taken on the likes of Bellatrix and Snape and come out the other side a survivor indeed.

The Founders Of Hogwarts

Now, anyone can lay claim to a piece of land and found a school, but the founders of Hogwarts were no ordinary wizards and witches. They were all skilled individuals, but all have their niches; Gryffindor was a master duelist, Ravenclaw was a genius architect, Slytherin was a master Ligilimens and Hufflepuff was skilled in Charms. Taking all of this into account, intelligent wizards such as these are more than capable of teaching students magic.

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Other Duelists In Harry Potter

As we can see, all the best duelists come from Hufflepuff. <- Sarcasm.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reviewing the mightiest wizards in Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling introduced so many talented champions that it was challenging to squeeze in just ten, but for now, vote for your favorite of the younger duelists, and I’ll see you at our next countdown!

Dr Strange 2016 Movie

Top 10 Harry Potter Most Powerful Wizards & Witches

Member of the Avengers Doctor Strange, serves as the Sorcerer Supreme. He is the most skilled and most powerful wizard in Marvel, the god of magic.

He summons a group of cosmic entities known as the Vishanti. The Vishanti are a trio of supernatural, god-like beings.

In addition, he uses a wide range of supernatural abilities including The Eye of Agamotto and Cloak of Levitation;to perform magic and Time stone;as a power source to manipulate Time. That includes telepathy, invisible and intangible powers, telepathy, energy blasts, and time manipulation. The Wand of Watoomb increases his powers and allows him to absorb mystical energy.

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Albus Dumbledore Harry Potter Movie Series

Dumbledore is pretty much one of the most powerful wizards in all of history. He knows that there is a lot more to magic than wand waving.

Dumbledore fought and won against some of the darkest and most powerful wizards including Voldemort, Kingsley, and Percy Weasley. He has experienced failures throughout his life, but the sum total of his work is overwhelmingly positive.

Albus Dumbledore gets a very high score for magical power. How magically powerful Albus Dumbledore is? Dumbledore has access to a vast array of spells and magical devices that do all kinds of useful things. Rowlings magic is indistinguishable from advanced technology and is used with the same ease and facility as technology.

Gandalf Lord Of The Rings Movie Series

In The Lord of the Rings movies, magic is far more subtle than traditional fairy tales. He is wise, composed, and fierce. ;

Gandalf, is known as a wizard, but in fact, was not. Gandalf is actually a Maiar, essentially made of magic. He is the avatar of an angelic being who is sent to earth to help mankind. He has limits but seemingly no personal weaknesses apart from a short temper.

In terms of powers, he is still immensely a powerful wizard, his spells summon storms, light, and flame, control the weather, read minds, and is a master strategist and planner.

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Sauron The Lord Of The Rings Movie Series

Sauron, like Gandalf, is a;Maia;. However, he is in a higher order than Maiar, higher than Gandalf.

Saruman and two blue wizards were sent to Middle-earth by the Valar to give advice and;assist;the people of Middle-Earth. Thus, they were severely limited in power and were given the bodies of old men because they were not meant to take action, but merely assist.

Sauron is not human, nor a mortal. He is not limited, like a wizard. Sauron is the embodiment of the industrial evil and dangerous Maia.

Harry’s Character Is What Makes Him A Hero

25 Main Harry Potter Wizards From Weakest To Strongest ...

The strength of Harry Potter lies not in his ability as a wizard, but in his character: his perseverance, his goodness, his unfailing courage, and his strong bond with his friends. These are universal to anyone reading a story; not every reader is a genius or some kind of prodigy. Those characters are there for readers to identify with, but Harry is an everyman.

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Most Powerful Wizards And Witches In Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series is full of well-written characters with detailed personalities. As such, some aspects of their personality often show in one way or another in their magical abilities. Many different characters were extremely talented, but which ones are the most powerful?

Our list may vary from your own opinions, so to check if you agree with us make sure to read the article all the way through since the article presents the 30 most powerful witches and wizards in the Harry Potter universe and a short breakdown of their magical abilities.

Top 10 Most Powerful Witches And Wizards From Harry Potter

1Albus DumbledoreProfessor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

Not only is he a great wizard, but we must look at one important fact! Some time after Dumbledore’s sister died, he stopped looking for power! He knew that power was his weakness! If he continued to gain more power, along with the elder wand, he would have been with out a doubt the most powerful wizard in History. He never used magic to hurt people his sisters death, he instead became a teacher and was able to become the wizard he is and always will be. Voldemort at full power could only bring Dumbledore to a stale mate. Dumbledore never tried to defeat him, because he Knew that it was HARRY who must defeat him. Other wise, our beloved headmaster was kind, loving, yes flawed, great, powerful, wise, and always Supreme to all other wizards of his time.

Albus Dumbledore is correct to be here. He is surely the most powerful, smart, and wise character in the series. More than the teachers, or Voldemort. His wiseness shone out a lot. When Harry needed advice or was in trouble, he was told to go to Dumbledore. Dumbledore always had the advice you would need when you were in trouble. That beard and wise-looking face make him look even wiser. He protected Harry even when it infuriated Harry, and made sure Voldemort did not get him. And if you defeat the Elder Wand… well, that almost seems impossible. Dumbledore is very much the wisest.


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