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What Order To Read Harry Potter Books

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Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

The Weirdest Things Cut From the Harry Potter Books | OSSA Movies

Can’t get enough of the fantastical creatures that fill Harry Potter‘s pages? You’re in luck. As detailed by J.K. Rowling , Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is the definitive compendium to the magical beasts that roam the wizarding world. You’ll find some familiar companions such as the Hippogriff, the Basilisk, the Hungarian Horntail but you’ll also discover many, many new creatures to befriend. This is the text that inspired the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie trilogy, so if you’re looking to catch up on the source, this is where to start!

List Of Harry Potter Books In Order

As you can see, it is important to read at least some of the Harry Potter books in order! Since youre watching Harry grow up, its important to follow along on the journey in the right chronological order.

If youre looking for a fun reading challenge for the year, how about working your way through ALL the Harry Potter books in order!

That would be all 20 Harry Potter books for the year! Thats doable!

Final Thoughts On Harry Potter Books In Order

Reading the Harry Potter books in order is an enchanting experience. At the core of these books are themes of good vs. evil and the power of love and sacrifice.

The original seven books are essential reading and then you can take your Harry Potter reading journey in whichever direction you would like. Either diving deeper into the world with the complimentary material, or reading the Fantastic Beasts prequels.

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The Official Harry Potter Baking Book

If you love Harry Potter, why not try baking some of his favorite treats? This collection includes recipes inspired by books and movies, including everything from pumpkin pasties to treacle tarts. Whether youre an experienced baker or a complete novice, theres something here that everyone will enjoy!

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

In what order should I start reading the Harry Potter series?

In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry and friends return to Hogwarts with a bang the bang of a flying Ford Anglia as it crashes into the Whomping Willow, that is. After being spotted by Muggles and narrowly avoiding expulsion, youd think that the rest of Harrys second year would be smooth sailing in comparison right?

Wrong. When the school caretakers cat is found petrified along with a bone-chilling message that the Chamber of Secrets has been opened, fear and suspicions start to arise and of course, only worsen when students start getting petrified too. Nobody can figure out who the culprit is, only that he refers to himself as the Heir and seems to be on the warpath.

But as our young heroes know well by now, if you want a mystery solved right, you have to do it yourself. Which they do through a combination of Polyjuice potion brewing, mysterious flashbacks provided by a sentient journal, and a truly horrific excursion to see a giant spider called Aragog. The book culminates in a visit to the titular chamber, which lies underneath Hogwarts and contains yet another deadly threat that Harry must face.

But of course, this being an early Potter book, its not all din and danger. Comic relief comes in the form of moronic, egocentric professor Gilderoy Lockhart, and toilet ghost Moaning Myrtle who, in true Rowling fashion, ends up being key to the central plot twist of the story.

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Hogwarts: An Incomplete And Unreliable Guide

Sourced from the short reads on and gathered into one book for easy reading, Hogwarts: An Incomplete and Unreliable Guidegives you all of the background information that you might want to know about Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly. Ever been curious about what the Hufflepuff common room looks like ? Did you ever wonder about the origins of Platform Nine-and-Three-Quarters? Here’s the book that will provide all of the answers.

So What’s The Recommended Reading Order

Fortunately, Harry Potter isn’t one of those series like Star Wars has a sprawling number of canon novels, film novelizations, reference books, and comics to read. Instead, it’s a finite universe which makes catching up on it much easier. We recommend reading the main series chronologically so that you can see Harry and his friends grow up. Then if you’re still thirsting for more of the Wizarding World you can see where your interests most strongly lie , and start again there.

If you still havent read Harry Potter, just know that its never too late to start and even for those who have, youre never too old to go back and relive the magic.

Can’t get enough? Check out our list of the 20 best books like Harry Potter, or 60 best fantasy books for kids!

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Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone

Chris Columbus may have overstayed his welcome with Chamber of Secrets, but the Home Alone director was the absolute perfect choice to kick off the Harry Potter film series.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is a wonderful coming-of-age tale that introduces fans to a hidden world of magic and mischief. It’s much more family oriented than later entries and Columbus absolutely nails the tone. From that very first shot of the candles floating in the great hall, it’s clear that the film is pulling back the curtain on something you’ve never experienced before.

It’s impossible to talk about Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone without talking about the greatness of John Williams. The greatest composer in history had already created countless iconic film scores before joining Harry Potter, yet somehow managed to do it again.

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Why Couldn’t Voldemort KILL Dumbledore in the Ministry Atrium (Book VS Film) Harry Potter Explained

The third book in the series introduces Sirius Black, a deranged mass murderer whos just escaped from the wizard prison of Azkaban. As a result, swarms of Dementors dark, faceless beings that suck the soul out of their victims and serve as the guards of Azkaban infiltrate Hogwarts to patrol for Black, whos supposedly after Harry next. To make matters worse, our normally steadfast hero has a bad reaction to the Dementors, which cause him to faint on a train and even lose a critical Quidditch match.

Again, though, its not all doom and gloom. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban also features Professor Remus Lupin, the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and a school friend of Harrys late father. Lupin and Harry quickly forge a father-son-like relationship themselves, and Lupin teaches Harry the Patronus Charm to protect himself from Dementors.

Meanwhile, Ron and Hermione are squabbling even more than usual over their respective pets, Crookshanks the cat and Scabbers the rat. But what seems like a lighthearted subplot turns out to be a major factor in one of the biggest twists of the series, revealed in the last few chapters and which naturally involves Black and Lupin as well. Oh, and hippogriffs and time traveling, in case that wasnt enough to sell you on it.

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Harry Potter Books: Reading Order Where To Start And Gift Guide

Find out the reading order for the Harry Potter books and discover which stories are included in the Wizarding World series

The Harry Potter books have been dominating our imaginations for decades, and the series has now ballooned into spin-offs, stage plays, and beyond. If you’re a newcomer, that can make it tricky to know where you should start. How do you read the series in chronological order? And are there new Harry Potter novels on the way? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the full lowdown here.

Because the Harry Potter books aren’t limited to the boy wizard anymore, we’ve also included info about the series as a whole. Do the Fantastic Beasts scripts ‘count’? Is The Cursed Child a sequel to the Harry Potter novels or films? All will be explained below.

  • Harry Potter books:

Strap in for some gift ideas as well. We’ve listed a few suggestions for yourself, a friend, or a loved one within this guide, and they rank amongst the best Harry Potter merchandise overall.

Harry Potter: The Illustrated Collection

If you love Harry Potter, why not get the full illustrated experience? This boxed set includes the first three books in J.K. Rowlings series Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban fully illustrated by Jim Kay.

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Short Stories From Hogwarts Of Power Politics And Pesky Poltergeists

Not everything about Hogwarts and the Wizarding World is bright and shiny indeed, the series has birthed some of most memorable villains in literature, from Dolores Umbridge to Lord Voldemort himself. Short Stories from Hogwarts of Power, Politics and Pesky Potergeists delves deeper into this darker side of Harry’s universe: in particular, it’ll walk you through the politics of wizards and the backstories of Hogwart’s villains, like Profess Umbridge.

Harry Potter Related Works:

Harry Potter Box Set: The Complete Collection

This is a list of 4 books that J. K. Rowling has written that are mentioned in the stories in the Harry Potters series. She actually went ahead and wrote them and donates most of the proceeds to childrens charities.

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • Using pen name Newt Scamander
  • Mentioned in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
  • Quidditch Through the Ages
  • Using pen name Kennilworthy Whisp
  • Mentioned in several Harry Potter books
  • The Tales of Beedle the Bard
  • Mentioned in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  • Harry Potter prequel
  • 800 word untitled short story written for a charity event
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  • Short Stories from Hogwarts of Power, Politics and Pesky Poltergeists
  • Short Stories from Hogwarts of Heroism, Hardship and Dangerous Hobbies
  • Hogwarts: An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
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    All The Harry Potter Books In Order: Your Jk Rowling Reading List

    Of all the zeitgeist-defining fiction to come out of the past twenty years, perhaps none has been more universally beloved than the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. An incredibly imagined fantasy bildungsroman, it follows the eponymous boy wizard as he attends the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and contends with his destiny to fight the Dark Lord, Voldemort. Fortunately, he always has clever, loyal friends Ron and Hermione by his side plus the invaluable mentorship of eccentric but wise Hogwarts headmaster, Dumbledore.

    As fellow Potterheads will know, its virtually impossible to rank these books from best to worst, since each one is brilliant in its own way. Thats why weve decided to simply present all the Harry Potter books in order of chronology/publication, hitting the highlights for longtime fans to happily reminisce and to help budding fans get a taste of the series genuine magic.

    Heres a quick catalog of the series, so that you know what youre in for:

    Harry Potter And The Half

    Things take a turn for the expository in this penultimate installment, which sees Harry learn all about Voldemorts family and origin story, so to speak. Dumbledore gives Harry these lessons to prepare him for a grand future battle with Voldemort, presumably in the vein of keeping his enemies closer. What Harry doesnt know is that Dumbledore is planning something even bigger a plan that he, Harry, becomes more inexorably entangled in with each passing day.

    At the same time, Harry suspects Malfoy to be colluding with Voldemort, and begins obsessively tracking him on the Marauders Map. But each new lead just seems to be a wrong turn, and Harry grows increasingly frustrated with the lack of evidence when he knows that Malfoy is guilty. His only good luck, funnily enough, is in potions class. After receiving a secondhand textbook filled with tips and tricks from the mysterious Half-Blood Prince, Harry shines under the tutelage of their new potions professor Slughorn. Hermione, meanwhile, is jealous of Harrys newfound academic success, and attempts to uncover the Princes identity to prove hes crooked.

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    All Harry Potter Books In Order

    Harry Potter has been one of the biggest success stories in the childrens fantasy genre over the past two decades.

    J.K. Rowlings 8-novel series has sold over 500 million copies worldwide, becoming a cultural phenomenon in the process.

    All the screen adaptations of the books have also been huge hits, grossing over 7 billion collectively.

    With all this much success, comes a lot of fake stories and books that use the Harry Potter trademark to make money illicitly. Because of that, a lot of people do not know the exact number and order of Harry Potter books.

    That is until they land on this post. Among other J.K. Rowling-related stuff, this post has all eight books of the Harry Potter series.

    Lets get started.

  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Harry Potter Books In Publication Order

    Ranking The Harry Potter Books
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerers / Philosophers Stone
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
  • Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
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    Why Read The Harry Potter Books In Order

    The fact of the matter is that reading the Harry Potter books in order is important!

    The books follow the life of young Harry Potter from 11 years old through 18 years old. Each book is a complete school year, so the order of the Harry Potter books is pretty important. It could get very confusing if you dont know the storyline.

    What Is Harry Potter

    Harry Potter is a series of 7 books about an orphan named Harry Potter who receives a letter to attend a magical school of mischief, mayhem, and magic.

    He discovers his parents were great wizards but were murdered by the horrifying villain, Voldemort a monstrous immortal wizard who Harry is prophesied to defeat.

    The series starts off when Harry is eleven with plenty of shenanigans amongst friends and magical creatures. There are mysteries to solve and life at a wizarding school to survive.

    Its like the ultimate boarding school series, but theres also monsters and witchcraft and trolls and some serious evil that isnt going away.

    Your heart gets tangled up with the golden trio, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, as they tackle homework and sports tryouts and magical chocolates And also the dark arts.

    The world is swirling and vast and enchanting. This is why readers fall in love.

    Its not just the plot: its this chance to taste magic and deep unshakeable friendship and explore a history of wizards and witches.

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    Harry Potter And The Sorcerers / Philosophers Stone

    A mysterious letter, delivered by the friendly giant Hagrid, wrenches Harry from his dreary, Muggle ridden existence: We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Of course, Uncle Vernon yells most unpleasantly, I AM NOT PAYING FOR SOME CRACKPOT OLD FOOL TO TEACH HIM MAGIC TRICKS! Soon enough, however, Harry finds himself at Hogwarts with his owl Hedwigand thats where the real adventure humorous, haunting, and suspenseful begins. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, first published in England as Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, continues to win major awards in England. So far it has won the National Book Award, the Smarties Prize, the Childrens Book Award, and is short listed for the Carnegie Medal, the U.K. version of the Newbery Medal. This magical, gripping, brilliant book a future classic to be sure will leave kids clamoring for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Ages 8 to 13 Karin Snelson

    Best Way To Read Harry Potter Books In Order

    [Best] Harry potter novel books series in 2020

    Do you read books? If you are a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, you know how important it is to read the Harry Potter books in order.

    Whether youre reading them for the first time or going back for a re-read, following along chronologically will help you fully immerse yourself in the magical world of Hogwarts and all its inhabitants.

    There are seven books in the Harry Potter series, and each one is just as magical as the last. So if youre thinking of starting from scratch or re-reading your favorites, lets take a look at how to read Harry Potter books in order. Here is the list.

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    Other Book Series You May Like

    Readers who read Harry Potter also marveled at the Dragonriders of Pern series of novels by Anne McCaffrey. This sci-fi genre is a historical recount which is tinged with various types of preset-day technology, and it revolves around the inhabitants of a fictitious planet called Pern. Suchlike readers also liked Song of Lioness book work series, which is fantasy fiction and is especially all about siblings on the quest for knighthood. By the same token, Eoin Colfers works, called the Artemis Fowl series, revolves around a young ringleader who has kidnapped a captain.

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