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Is Percy Jackson Better Than Harry Potter

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Why Percy Jackson Is Better Than Harry Potter

percy jackson is better than harry potter & here’s why

Percy Jackson is my new favorite series. I just finished the first five books and the next series, with the same characters, should arrive any day now.

Ever since I was little, I loved Greek literature and had such a fascination with the gods. If my brothers were learning something, I was learning it too. In early elementary school, I was reading all about gods, oracles and demigods.

When quarantine hit, I started reading a lot more. This series got me out of my reading slump. A reading slump is when someone finds themself wanting to read but their brain refuses. It feels like the cursed spinning rainbow wheel.

What is a demigod, you ask?

A demigod is someone who has a godly parent. One thing that I like about Percy Jackson is that demigods usually have dyslexia and/or ADHD. Rick Riordan, the author, explains that a demigod has dyslexia because they are supposed to read ancient Greek which is a very complicated writing system. In addition, ADHD is what keeps warriors active in a battle.

The basic premise of Percy Jackson is: the Greek Gods, just like in the height of their day, have children with mortals . In the first series, the reader discovers that a demigod, of either Zeus , Poseidon or Hades , will cause either the destruction of the gods or will save them.

So, they make a deal between them, after World War II, to no longer produce any more offspring. Lets just say, the gods are not great at listening.

Why Did Percy Kill Annabeth

Annabeth becomes extremely worried because it was her mother that turned her into a monster because she was caught kissing Poseidon in one of her temples. During the fight, Annabeth convinces Percy to kill her as she knows he has the better weapon and because Medusa hates her and her mother, Athena.

Harry Is Better Because

Harry Potter is completely original whether, Percy Jackson is a copy of Harry Potter. P:S, Harry Potter was written before Percy Jackson so there is no debate in who copied first. Lets see…5 letters in Percy – ALSO IN HARRY8 letters in Annabeth – ALSO IN HERMIONE6 letters in Grover – ALSO IN RONALDPercy and Harry both are the main characters with green eyes, black messy hair and no dadAnnabeth and Hermione both have brown frizzy hair, both are smart, both are smart with no wizard/god dads.Grover and Ronald are both the outcast, loyal friends of Harry and Percy, Always saving there backside etc.Camp Half Blood is the stupid equivalent of Hogwarts with all the houses and the headmaster .Thankyou.

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How Did Alex Fierro Die

The Hammer of Thor Alex Fierro Died defending homeless demigod from Fenris wolfs children, returned as Einherji. Thrynga Kiled by Thor at the wedding. Thrym Killed by Thor at the wedding. Randolph Chase- Died from breaking the curse on the snofnung sword and jumping in to an abyss leading to Helheim.

Percy Jackson Is Better Than The Harry Potter Series

Is Percy Jackson

As much as I love Harry Potter I love the Percy Jackson better, the characters are more interesting and being the children of Gods I think that’s pretty dam cool. Percy Jackson isn’t as dark and miserable as Harry Potter and in a lot of ways, the two stories are similar, I guess when we get to Heroes of Olympus it changes but in the percy Jackson series we have three main characters, Percy, Annabeth and Grover and in hp we have Harry, Ron and Hermione. In the last book of both series two of the main characters will eventually get together. But as far as movies go, Harry Potter is better, I’ve been to the actual set and it’s as similar as the books, they have privet drive, the bridge, the door to the chamber of secrets and etc. the pjo movies sucked! They got the ages completely wrong, annabeth is brunette! grover is nothing like, well, grover! And don’t get me started on Percy! So for the books percy Jackson is better but for the movies Harry Potter is!

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    Why I Like Percy Jackson More Than Harry Potter

    Percy Jackson and the OlympiansHeroes of OlympusThe Lightning ThiefnotSea of MonstersThe Titan’s CurseSea of Monsters The Mark of AthenaSea of MonstersshowsSectumsemprathanksPetrificus Totalus?Reducto?anotherThe Demigod DiariesThe Last OlympianExpelliarmusAvada KedavraAvada KedavraCrucioImperioAvada KedavraThe Lightning Thief, notThe Battle of the Labyrinth The Last OlympianThe Son of Neptuneis The Son of Neptunemust

    Percy Jackson Is Better Period

    Yes, Harry Potter has sold more copies but that can also be credited to the fact that Rowling wrote the series eight years earlier and also had awesome movies to hype up the series . And this is not a winning argument since popular is mot always better. Riordan’s world was unique, Fun and educational whereas Rowling’s was interesting but not all that educational. The Percy Jackson series had better representation. Better representation for people of colour, LGBTQ+ and disability. You can also see in Rick’s writing that he learnt as he went along and that is admirable. While both plots are brilliant I related more to Percy’s situation. But each to their own.

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    Which Books Are Better Harry Potter Or Percy Jackson

    On a technical level, Harry Potter is a better character. Most people would say Harry Potter is best written as a whole and JK Rowling is a fantastic author who uses descriptive language to great effect. She is a talented narrator, and her portrayal of the world keeps people interested.

    There are far more fights in Percy Jackson than in Harry Potter. Sure, Harry battles something in every book and film, but its usually short and lacking in action. Percy Jackson has been battling demons since he was twelve years old.

    He is either stalking them or being pursued by them. Even though neither of them actively seeks trouble, it always finds them. It just so happens that Percy has more fights ahead of him.

    Percys deadly flaw is family loyalty, which means he will go to any length to help those he loves. He struggled to let go of Annabeths hand in the Mark of Athena since he loves her. He has saved the gods of Olympus many times because they are his closest.

    It is impossible to decide since critics and fans would argue forever. But, since Percy Jackson books are shorter, the story is more saturated and focused. Maybe that is the reason we can say Percys books are better in a way. But this is only one factor.

    Harry Potter Vs Percy Jackson: Battle Conditions

    Percy Jackson Vs Harry Potter

    The battle takes place in the shopping mall from the movie Mallrats.

    Percy with his Riptide sword.

    Harry with his wand.

    Both know of each others abilities as well as what they are

    Morals Off.

    The combatants will be put through three excruciating rounds in the following key factors:

    Powers, Biggest Feats, and Fighting Skills.

    Whoever wins more rounds overall wins the battle!

    Harry Potter and Percy Jackson movies and books versions combined.

    Starts at 100M.

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    Harry Potter Vs Percy Jackson: Who Wins

    Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson! Two teen characters who have taken the genre of fantasy by storm. As such, they make one of the most fascinating match-ups that pop culture has to offer.

    These two powerful wizards share so many similarities. Harry and Percy are Half-Blood heroic kids. Harry Potter is half wizard and half muggle, and Percy Jackson is half human and half god.

    Both have old mentors, Albus Dumbledore and Chiron, who are leaders in their own right.

    Both are given magical objects by their mentors, which their fathers intended to pass on to them.

    Likewise, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are accompanied by female friends, Hermione Granger and Annabeth Chase. They are extremely clever and always seem to have a plan.

    Mind you, this battle report is not a battle to determine who is a better character, who is more likable or has a more charming personality, etc. We are here to determine who will win in a fight to the death.

    So, without further ado, lets get to it.

    Harry Potter Is Kinda Mediocre

    Harry Potter is like a sugar high. Its amazing until you read something better, Then it all comes crashing down. I used to be obsessed with Harry Potter, But then I read the Hobbit for school . After basically harassing my mom for Lord of the Rings, I got it. I read all 1000+ pages in 8 hours, And my Harry Potter bubble popped. I realized, Harry is a walking plot device, A jerk, And pretty average. Ron is terrible, And most of the characters are on dimensional. I couldnt bring myself to re-read Harry Potter. Then, I took my friends advice and read Percy Jackson. WOW. Basically everything is better. Im a sucker for Greek Mythology, And just found everything more appealing. Harry Potter does have better movies, But that might change with the new Percy Jackson Disney+ series coming out.

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    I Love Percy Jackson And Harry Potter But Harry Potter Wins

    Harry Potter is an amazing series. With wonderful characters with each, their own characteristics, personalities, and motivations. While, yes I do understand he wrote it for his son Haley, “My son Haley asked me to tell him some bedtime stories about the Greek gods and heroes. I had taught Greek myths for many years at the middle school level, so I was glad to comply. When I ran out of myths, he was disappointed and asked me if I could make up something new with the same characters.” …….Rick Riordan. But J.K Rowling wrote for her depressed times in her life. In the last book, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” Harry welcomes death. Harry grew up with no parents, and has to grow up with his abusive Uncle, Aunt, and Cousin. In conclusion, Harry Potter is the best!

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  • Harry Potter Is Waaay Better

    The VS. Book Of Fandoms

    Rick Riordan based the Percy Jackson series with greek mythology. However, this makes it more boring. For instance, if you had never even heard of greek mythology, you’re probably never gonna get the story. Some people actually like it just because Percy Jackson is based on greek mythology. J.K Rowling, however, had to gain her followers through her own imagination, not with greek mythology. I think because J.K Rowling wrote all of these make-believe stories of the boy who lived makes her more creative. In Percy Jackson you could always tell that Percy’s gonna win, thereâs no surprises. Unlike Rick, J.K Rowling gets you keep guessing, excited, and always wanting to read more. Like when it was Quirrell and not Snape who helped Voldemort? Big suprise! Also when Snape killed Dumbledore? When Dobby died? All of these surprises makes you want to read more, always excites to read more. While Mr, Riordans stories could be sometimes predicting. So is it really the Harry Potter series that are boring? Nope!

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    Harry Potter Vs Percy Jackson In The Real World

    This is where things get much more complicated.

    In the real world, there arent any rules like those found in a duel. That brings many more possibilities for each of the characters to take advantage of.

    However, neither of them would likely do anything considered evil or illegal, placing at least some rules in place.

    Either one of them could win in a battle, making the aspects of the different variables in place the decision-maker.

    Around a large body of water such as the ocean, Harry Potter would have a difficult time defending himself against Percy Jacksons onslaught.

    Such a substance can take on just about any shape or form, particularly when someone is controlling it with superhuman and mythological powers.

    However, there are ways around this by using magic.

    For instance, there must be a spell that allows the user to breathe underwater.

    Also, wizards are quite powerful by themselves with just a wand thats easy enough to carry around.

    This allows them to bring their powers wherever they go.

    They can also enchant regular objects to become something much more magical, such as a piece of clothing.

    This brings a lot of versatility, making it incredibly difficult to determine what a witch or wizard is going to do in terms of action and reaction.

    Magic is really only limited by imagination.

    Additionally, theres a strong element of randomness when it comes to the real world.

    Round : Feats Of Strength

    Throughout the series, Harry Potter has done some genuinely impressive feats.

    He has killed the giant serpent Basilisk by stabbing it with the Sword of Gryffindor.

    He has fought off two Dementors on his own.

    Harry made an improvement on the Patronus charm and made it usable for even basic skilled wizards to pull off. That is definitely a major accomplishment for the wizarding race against the worst of beasts.

    He has survived Voldemorts Killing Curse with just a scar.

    He has defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort.

    However, Percy Jackson is no slouch either.

    He had split Mount Saint Hellens and his feat affected the entire West Coast of the US. That was when he was younger, weaker, and less experienced.

    He fought off an entire legion of undead, thousands strong, and well-armed, and held them back though they couldnt die. The moment they could die, he immediately defeated all of them.

    In Tartarus, which amps monsters and weakens Demigods, Percy jumped hundreds of feet.

    He has tanked lightning from Jason and got up like 5 seconds later.

    He killed Arachne, a major monster, in a single sword stroke.

    Since we couldnt find a single feat that would clearly tip the scales in favor of one of the opponents, we will call it a tie in this department.

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    Best Young Adult Fantasy Series: ‘percy Jackson’ Or ‘harry Potter’

    Fans of “Percy Jackson” are campaigning for Netflix to reboot the series. The books were adapted into two films back in 2010 and 2013, but some critics argue the movies stunk and the franchise is deserving of a reboot. Although “Percy Jackson” never eclipsed the commercial success of “Harry Potter,” some fans still compare the two. While “Percy Jackson” might deserve its due, the “Harry Potter” movie franchise has already made $7.7 billion globally at the box office. But which series is your favorite?

    Fans want that Netflix reboot or, heck, some will take another movieâif it’s better. The fans of “Percy Jackson” are showing just how mobilized they are on the Internet after years of being ignored.

    Teen Vogue‘s Lauren Rearick reported on the fandom’s mobilization.

    Fans on Twitter have been expressing their disappointment over how the movie adaptions of the book were handled. “Ever think about how Percy Jackson had the potential of Harry Potter as a franchise and have the opportunity to grow up with the character but instead we were given two sh*tty movies,” one fan wrote on Twitter, in what became a viral thread. Their thread continued, touching on how now would be a good time for Netflix to possibly revive the films, especially with the series’s representation of LGBTQ, disabled, and POC characters.

    if netflix made a Percy Jackson series ……. boyyyyyy

    Percy Jackson Is Better

    Harry Potter VS. Percy Jackson: 55 Similarities Between the Two Series

    While Harry Potter is amazing, Percy Jackson is better. Harry Potter may be more “deep”, But if you take Nico di Angelo’s story for example, He loses his mother as a child, And is left to be raised by his sister. His sister then leaves to join the Hunters of Artemis, And then dies on a quest, Despite Percy’s promise of keeping Bianca safe. Nico is left alone, Feeling manipulated, Defeated, Sorrowful. And in Percy Jackson, We actually have a well-developed, Complete story, And not filled in later with twitter posts, And interview statements that sometimes make no sense in the story. We even learn a lot about Greek mythology. Also, Oh my gods, The representation. We have gays – Solangelo – which is clear, Unlike with Dumbledore. We have asexuals – The Hunters of Artemis – that is not just the main VILLAIN. We have Alex Fierro, A gender-fluid, While JK Rowling is TRANSPHOBIC. And Percy Jackson is way more humorous and can be entertaining for all ages, While Harry Potter was way too serious for me when I read it at a young age. Harry Potter is probably the only fandom I fell out of so quickly. So there, I believe Percy Jackson is better, But I admit both series are absolutely amazing.

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    Harry Potter Or Percy Jackson

    Trilemma Jr.

    The Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series are some of the most popular children’s book series of the time. But which one is better?

    The Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series are some of the most popular children book series of the time. There have been millions of sales for these books throughout the world, and the authors of these books have become incredibly famous for their work. However, one question has been hanging in the air for almost two decades now. Which series is better? Heres where the trilemma is presented- Is Harry Potter the better series, is Percy Jackson the better series, or is there a neutral perspective?

    Harry Potter is Better:

    Many people believe that Harry Potter is better, and for good reasons. After all, 500 million copies of these books have been sold, compared to Percy Jacksons 35 million copies. Also, according to Warner Bros and Disney, the movie franchise has brought in $8.64 billion dollars in box office sales worldwide, unlike the $430 million dollars brought in from the Percy Jackson movies.

    The Harry Potter movie series is made up of seven movies. However, the Percy Jackson movie franchise was canceled after the first two movies were released. This is because the reaction the movies got from viewers was mostly negative,because of the inconsistencies with the book. The Harry Potter movies definitely got a better reaction from viewers than the Percy Jackson ones.

    Percy Jackson is Better:

    Neutral Perspective:

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