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Why Did Draco Save Harry

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The Elder Wand Debacle

Did Draco Malfoy actually save Harry Potter’s life a second time in the Room of Requirement?

If youre a Potterhead and have read all the books, then youll understand that Draco was the one who disarmed the Elder Wand from Dumbledore and thus, won it. Voldemort mistakenly thought it was Snape and therefore killed him to become the wands master. Whilst that was going down, Harry had stolen Dracos wand and was therefore the Elder Wands new master.

We reckon this deleted scene may have been a last minute attempt to help explain this to non-reader Harry Potter fans .

Why Was Dumbledores Death Such A Shock

The headmaster of Hogwarts had been established as one of the most powerful characters in the wizarding world. He had also acted as a mentor to Harry since the young wizards arrival at school. He had guided Harry into the world of magic and helped him uncover his family history as well as the truth behind the return of the dark wizard that Dumbledore insisted on calling by his actual name: Voldermort.

From the outset, we knew that Albus Dumbledore was more than just headmaster of Hogwarts. As the books progressed, we saw his plots and plans develop along with Harry and his friends. It was Dumbledore who assembled two generations of the Order of the Phoenix to combat the dark wizards Death Eaters.

In the build-up to Half-Blood Princes publication, there were rumors that one of the series main characters was going to die. While many correctly predicted Dumbledores demise, few expected events to unfold the way they did. But Rowlings tightly-plotted novels laid hints before and after Dumbledores death that proved it was unavoidable.

Narcissa Actress Almost Played Bellatrix

Actresses considered for the role of Narcissa Malfoy included Natasha Richardson and Allison Doody. On the other hand, Helen McCrory, the actress we now know as Narcissa, was originally cast as Bellatrix Lestrange for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Though, from the current point of view, no other actress would have been a better fit for Bellatrix than the great Helena Bonham Carter, and the same goes for Helen McCrorys brilliant portrayal of Narcissa Malfoy.

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Did Neville Really Like Luna

Luna and Neville were almost a couple In the end this didnt amount to anything, but J.K. Rowling has revealed that they were almost an item. She once told USA Today that she started to feel a bit of a pull between them but added that if they were together by the end it would have felt too neat.

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Did Hermione Kiss Draco

How is it possible that Snape could reverse the injuries ...

The first time Draco Malfoy kissed Hermione Granger, she denied it ever happened. She did her best to tamper with her memories, to imagine it was Ron, Viktor, even Harry! Anyone but Malfoy. Didnt want to acknowledge that she enjoyed their intense kiss immensely.

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Jk Rowling Reveals What Happened To Draco Malfoy After ‘harry Potter’

“Family gatherings were often fraught with tension, she wrote. Find out why.

Tom Felton, Not Really Draco Malfoy

— In Monday’s entry of J.K. Rowling’s 12 days of Harry Potter stories on her site Pottermore, the Potter mastermind revealed what happened to Slytherin villain Draco Malfoy after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”

According to MTV News, Draco refused to “follow the same old pure-blood line” and saw things differently after Potter saved him in the final moments of “Deathly Hallows.”

For those not privy to the “Potter” books, Malfoy came from a pureblood family, who taught him that only those coming from a mother and father both of magical decent were worthy. Any coming from one parent of magical origin mixed with another without such powers was lower class, according to the Malfoy family.

Malfoy married pureblood Astoria Greengrass, who did not raise their son to believe Muggles or others were less than purebloods.

“Family gatherings were often fraught with tension, Rowling adds about when Draco would get together with his parents Narcissa and Lucius.

In the end, Rowling said she actually felt “pity Draco.” Malfoy was a product of his upbringing and felt like Potter disrespected him by not being friends.

The author left one final note about Malfoy, that she finds readers attraction to Malfoy a unhealthy fantasy.

Both Of Them Are Seekers

Though they are bitter rivals, Harry and Draco have some things in common. One is their love for the sport of Quidditch. They even play the same position for their respective House teams. Both of them are Seekers, always hunting for the elusive Snitch. In another version of the world of Harry Potter, this may have led the two of them to bond. As it is, this only further inflamed their rivalry. With Quidditch, they found another thing to compete about.

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Both Of Them Have An Uncomfortably Close Relationship With Voldemort

Harry wears his as a scar, showing his connection to Voldemort all the time. With Draco, it’s more subtle. Obviously, his family is on Voldemort’s side and he is eventually given a job by Voldemort himself. Yet he is not fully comfortable with this job he’s given, to eliminate Dumbledore. Nor is he prepared for the possible consequences of such a job. Draco is definitely an antagonist, however, he is not entirely a villain. He has some good somewhere deep inside him.

He’s Related To Harry And Ron

Why Didn’t Draco Identify Harry At Malfoy Manor Extended + Updated Version

When you understand the Malfoy family history, their hatred for the Weasley family becomes very ironic. The way Draco acts, you would think he’s part of some master race, but because there are so few pure-blood families in the wizarding world, it eventually became impossible to maintain pure-blood status without marrying between families.

Cedrella Black married Septimus Weasley, bearing 3 children, one of whom is said to be Arthur Weasley, Ron’s father. Narcissa Malfoy, Draco’s mother, was born Narcissa Black. Harry’s father James was also born of the Black family.

This means that in some convoluted way, Harry, Draco, and Ron are all related via the Black family.

You will be hard-pressed to find Draco or his family admitting to the connection, seeing as how the Weasleys are not wealthy nor do they have the same agenda.

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Emma Hit Tom For Real While Rehearsing The Punching Scene From Prisoner Of Azkaban

Hermione Granger punches Draco Malfoy in the face in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. But before producers agreed on a punch, Hermione was supposed to slap Draco. Tom Felton agreed to help Emma Watson rehearse the slap scene, thinking that it would be a theatrical slap. But, Emma slapped him for real, and it hurt.

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He Gets Punched By Ron

Harry, Ron, and Hermione save the lives of Draco and Goyle after theyre all nearly burned to death inside the Room of Requirement. This comes close to happening because of Crabbe casting a spell he cant control, one that gets out of control and ends up costing himself his own life as a result.

Afterwards, Draco is seen begging a Death Eater to let him join their cause. Ron, seeing this, then punches him in the face and labels him a two-faced b******. This would have been fun and satisfying to see, but Warner Bros chose to omit it from the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. The colorful use of language may potentially be why

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He Studied Outside Of Class

It may seem like Draco is a carefree, know-it-all wizard who gets everything handed to him on a silver spoon. While that may be a part of who he is, we’ve learned that when it comes to his studies and spells, he actually takes things seriously.

Draco has been known for using spells that his other classmates aren’t skilled at.

Does this mean, like Hermione, that Draco is spending time in the library combing through books of spells to learn all he can? Some that stand out are the dancing feet spell he used on Harry, and jinxing badges to say “Potter Stinks” during the Triwizard Tournament.

The Battle Of Hogwarts Begins

Why Draco Malfoy wasnt a typical villain

Among the changes: In the book, McGonagall sends younger students, those who do not want to fight, and the untrustworthy Slytherins to the ”evacuation point” . In the movie, there’s no mention of evacuation and she orders that the Slytherins be taken to the dungeons. Badass! A wonderful addition in the movie: McGonagall encourages Neville, Seamus, and Co. to blow up one of the bridges, which yields some levity, dead Snatchers, and more Neville awesomeness. But one thing is missing: Hagrid. In the movie, we don’t see him until he’s being held captive by Voldemort’s Death Eaters in the Forbidden Forest. In the book, Hagrid, Grawp , and Fang show up at the castle to fight before Harry finds the diadem. Hagrid eventually gets caught up in a swarm of spiders retreating to the Forbidden Forest, which must be where the Death Eaters grab him. Capturing him so he’ll be there to carry Harry Potter’s ”dead” body back to the castle that’s planning ahead.

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He Had Feelings For Pansy Parkinson

More often than not, Draco seems to keep people in his circle as a benefit to himself. Take Crabbe and Goyle for instance, they are basically Draco’s minions, agreeing with everything his says and doing whatever he wants. Many of Draco’s friends stick with him out of fear, but also out of respect for who he is. Pansy Parkinson, for instance, is basically the female version of Draco, and saw him as a great opportunity to further her status at Hogwarts.

While this may all be true, it’s still fair to point out that Draco only kept people around he really liked. He had a relatively small circle, and if he really didn’t like someone, he would not tolerate their presence. Draco and Pansy’s relationship lasted years, so he did not completely hate her– as many fans argue.

Harry Potter: 25 Wild Revelations About Harry And Draco’s Rivalry

When fans think of Harry Potter, they think of his lightning bolt scar, his pet owl, and his rivalry with none other than Draco Malfoy.

Ah, Harry Potter. The series of books and movies that took the world by storm. When you think of Harry Potter, you think of Harry’s lightning bolt scar, his friendship with Ron and Hermione, his battles with Voldemort, and his rivalry with one of his classmates, Draco Malfoy. These two rivals are iconic. They’re definitely one of the most recognizable rivalries in any form of media. Even those who haven’t read or seen Harry Potter have probably heard about this famous rivalry. And why? Well it’s definitely easy for fans to relate to. Many people have met a Draco in their lives. And it’s hard not to root for Harry, where this rivalry is concerned. Even though the two rivals are more alike than you might believe they are.

Here are 25 Wild Revelations About Harry and Draco’s Rivalry.

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Harry’s Return To Hogwarts

Among the changes: In the book, Luna brings up the lost diadem of Ravenclaw and takes Harry to the common room to show him what it looks like on the statue of Rowena . It’s there that Alecto Carrow spots Harry and touches her Dark Mark, letting Voldemort and the rest of the Death Eaters including Snape know she has Potter. Luna, still under Harry’s Invisibility Cloak, stuns Alecto. With Harry back under the Cloak, Amycus Carrow arrives, as does Professor McGonagall. Amycus says he’ll blame the false alarm on kids who made Alecto press her mark so they’ll face Voldemort’s wrath. When McGonagall says she won’t go along with it, he spits in her face. That’s when Harry pulls the Cloak off and uses the Cruciatus Curse on Amycus. McGonagall secures the Carrows’ wands, binds them together, and ultimately leaves them dangling from the ceiling. Snape enters the fray, asks McGonagall if she’s helping Potter, and they end up dueling. After Flitwick and Sprout make it three on one, Snape flees. In short: The Great Hall scene in the movie where Snape threatens any student or professor who withholds information about Potter during a monologue that masters the art of the pause and Harry steps out from the ranks to announce himself and Snape’s security problem isn’t in the book at all. In the film, McGonagall learns of Harry’s return there, jumps to his defense, and manages to incapacitate the Carrows and scare off Snape on her own.

Finding Out Theyre The Happy Memory You Use To Cast Your Patronus Charm

Why Narcissa Malfoy LIED to Voldemort about Harry – Harry Potter Explained

Barty Crouch Jr: Barty would be in disbelief for a while, but the idea of him being your happy memory would fill him with glee. Hed want to shout it from the rooftops. Hes really honored.

Bellatrix LeStrange: Bellatrix would be surprised at finding out shes part of your happy memory, but once over the shock, shed gloat about it a bit.

Draco Malfoy: Draco would pretend he didnt care that he was your happy memory, but it would actually be quite touching for him.

Minerva McGonagall: Minerva would find it quite heartwarming to know that you use a memory of her to help you cast your patronus charm.

Molly Weasley: Molly would be so flattered at being your happy memory. Shed think its positively adorable that you think of her when casting your patronus charm.

Narcissa Malfoy: Narcissa would take pride in being the memory you think of when casting your patronus charm. Shes not arrogant about it, and wont lord it over you, but shed be quietly satisfied that its her you think of.

Rita Skeeter: For Rita, being your happy memory would be the highest honor. Shed be delighted for days after she found out and would be in a very dreamy state about it.

Severus Snape: Snape would be in utter disbelief that anything to do with him could possibly be such a happy memory as to he used to help cast your patronus charm.

For anon

Warnings: Mentions of fear/anxiety, but really its mostly fluff.

Its not you, Mr. Stark, you explained. Its the robots. Your suits and the others.

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What Happened To Draco Malfoy

At the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, it was revealed that Draco and his mother avoided Azkaban. And, as he lived out the remainder of his teenage years, Draco had a change of heart. Draco and his wife, Astoria Greengrass, decided early on that they would raise their son without pure-blood beliefs.

Lives In Malfoy Manor

We have also learned from The Cursed Child, as well as Pottermore, that adult Draco and his family live in Malfoy Manor. What is there to say about Malfoy Manor?

It is in Wiltshire, England and weve managed to see a decent amount of the manor since it was a major base of operations for Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters. In the movies and books, we can see that the Malfoys were rather uncomfortable with that turn of events. Not really a place with warm memories is it? Voldemorts most loyal girl, Bellatrix , thought it was an honor though.

Theres nothing worse than an intimidating house guest, is there?

According to Pottermore, the cellar is escape-proof, so it can be used to hold prisoners. Such prisoners included Mr. Ollivander, Luna Lovegood, Griphook, and Dean Thomas. Besides prisoners, the people who have lived in its halls include a long line of Malfoys and I suppose Dobby as well for a time.

How the family got the manor goes far back to Armand Malfoy. He was lucky enough to arrive in Britain with William the Conqueror. Due to his subtle and magical services to the king, he got the land in Wiltshire and thus Malfoy Manor was born.

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Draco And Harry Are On Better Terms As Adults

Though they are still not friends, they get along better as adults. This shows how both of them have developed as characters since the time they were children. They fought a lot and had their differences, but in the end they can still get along. This could inspire the audience to connect with the Dracos in their lives. Or maybe not. Draco, and those like him do have unpleasant personalities. So it takes a lot of patience to deal with them. Luckily, Harry is a very patient person and therefore is equipped to deal with Draco and those like him.

Are there any things we missed about Harry and Draco’s rivalry in Harry Potter? Let us know in the comments!

Jason Isaacs Reveals What Happened To Lucius Malfoy After Harry Potter

Pin on Drarry

Spoiler: there’s no happy ending here

Just how did the Urak-hai in Lord of the Rings know what a menu was? Did Dorne ever matter in Game of Thrones? And what happened to Lucius Malfoy after the events of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows?

All great questions of great fantasy works, but all unanswered. Until recently. Jason Isaacs, the actor who played the silver-haired patriarch in the Harry Potter movies, may have just cleared up the last one.

As fans of JK Rowlings story will remember, although a Death Eater, Lucius survived the battle of Hogwarts after defecting from Lord Voldemort, to save his son Draco. And while the Malfoys were safely reunited in both the book and movie, Lucius later fate isnt made clear.

So, did he have a happy ending? Was he successfully reintegrated into society, free to enjoy a long life with his family? In short: probably not.

Heres my theory, Isaacs tells Hes stuck between two worlds. He didnt run in with the Death Eaters in the battle of Hogwarts. But nor did he leave his wife and kids. There was no world for him if Voldemort won, theres no world for him if the Death Eaters lose.

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